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Dick Drenched by Joncy
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Theyíve just opened this new health club near me. I got me a summer job there as a masseur. Iíd like to call myself a physiotherapist but I havenít got all my diplomas yet although I give a mean massage. The club is called ĎBlue Aphroditeí and blatantly caters for what I call gay tourists. It will probably cum as no surprise to you to hear that an increasing number of so-called heterosexuals, metrosexuals and bisexuals are letting it all hang out nowadays and are happily up for grabs if you know when and where and how to grab them. Inhibition has given place to exhibition. And how. Even in my little backwater on the Isle of Wight.

This is especially true in the summer --- and weíve had a lot of that recently. Guys go around in pec-plunging necklines and tight white pants. To turn you on further, the studs sweat like stallions when theyíre dancing and leave nothing to the imagination particularly as theyíre not too particular about wearing underwear. Their cum-on smells together with their heady body lotion soon turn sensitive pups like me into horny Dobermans. Believe you me itís never been easier to pick up a trick and take him home for a nice treat. As you probably know by now Iím blue-eyed, fair-haired and what they call fresh-faced and have been known to turn on quite a few macho males myself.

Of course Iím also at an advantage working in a massage parlour. I tell you man I get fresh with a lot of flesh on that massage table. My particular speciality is glutes. I guarantee you I can get any guy Ė gay, straight or pending -- as horny as hell with my butt massage. Many a so-called straight has lifted his butt off the table and let me slide my hand slyly over his scrotum and up his dick shaft. If Iím just doing it for the client and not getting any kicks myself, I can charge extra for it too. Officially. Itís called ĎRelief Massageí and I sure provide some of them with a lot of relief.

Anyway I want to tell you about this particularly hot day in May when business was rather slow due to the match with Italy and Manchester United. Most of my colleagues had clocked off early and I was left to lock up. I had just one fat elderly client who I hoped and prayed wouldnít ask me for relief massage and there was a young skinny guy sitting on the big blue bubble seat just outside the massage room but he didnít have an appointment.

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He was getting it off trying to get me on. His long lanky legs were stretched out in front of him and the bulge in his very brief briefs was directly in line with my line of vision. His face didnít exactly launch my thousand ships but he had a well-defined torso and a sexy six-pack and obviously quite a sturdy young muscle threatening to burst out of his briefs. These had Pierre Cardin written on the elastic. In fact shifting my gaze momentarily from his hips to his lips I came to the conclusion that his sensual pouty Angelina Jolie mouth could only be French.

Boredom led me to encourage him. He seemed pretty bored too. Heíd yawn and stretch so I got to see the tufts in his horny armpits and every so often heíd spread his hand over his six pack and push down the narrow elastic of his briefs with the tips of his fingers. That way I got to see a few tufts of his pubes too. Very few unfortunately. In common with a lot of guys nowadays he was almost clean-shaven down there. It really pisses me off. I do so love to nuzzle my nose in a manís nest and itís getting more and more impossible.

To keep my interest heíd slip his hand inside his briefs as if to check that his dick was still there. From what I could see it most definitely was. This porno pantomime went on for a long, long time with little variations on a theme but in spite of my feigned indifference he got me so hot and horny that as soon as Iíd gotten rid of my elderly client I decided to go to the sauna room. And of course he followed. He didnít say a word but stretched out on the slats and shimmied his Cardin briefs over his boner and down his hips. His dick immediately stood to attention.

English to the core I kept my little white towel firmly clasped round my waist and pretended not to notice although I was getting a bit of a boner myself. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him playing with his dick as if he was trying to make up his mind whether or not to jerk off. The sauna is not exactly the ideal place for that, as it gets too darn hot. All you can do is sweat and sweat. And then sweat some more. I got up to put some water on the hot coals and smiled to myself at the image that flashed into my head. Looking at his red-hot dick I was tempted to pour some water over that too and watch the steam rise.

He saw me smiling and asked me in heavily accented English what was so funny so I told him.

ďWhy donít you do it?Ē he said. So I did.

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Naturally the effect was very horny especially when he asked me to wipe his wet dick with my towel so that my nine-incher came into full view as I rubbed him down. Rubbed him up would probably be more like it as we were both thoroughly aroused and took it in turns to douse each otherís dicks and wipe them dry. Or as dry as we could in all that steam.

One thing led to another as it always does and we ended up making hot passionate love under a cold shower. Anybody could have come in at any moment but they didnít. They were too busy watching the Match of the Year on TV. I had absolutely no interest in football. Footballers yes. Football no. I couldnít understand why half the men in the world were suckers for soccer. I mean I just didnít see the point in chasing that ball round the field. I needed two balls to keep me happy. Something I was presently and pleasantly enjoying at the moment. And a nice juicy French cock to go with them.

We didnít consummate our passion in the shower room but, after locking the front door, I laid him out on the massage table and massaged the fuck out of him in comparative comfort. First I gave him my special glute treatment using some of my special oils. Then I fist-fucked his French funnel. Iíve called it that because of the inordinate amount of pre-cum that came streaming out of him. And that was only for starters. When he came later I could have iced a cake with the thick creamy jizz that covered my fist and later his chest. Iíd never seen anyone with so much cum inside them. I was positively drenched with the beautiful ambrosia. Tasted good too. Those French have always been famous for their food and this was real first-class-five-star-cum-cuisine.

His name was Denis. Rhymes with the sweetest little pink fuck-hole you ever did see. He was stretched out before me like a juicy suckling pig on a platter. I brought him to his knees and used my tongue as a fuck-feather to tickle his fancy and titillate my appetite. After groaning and moaning like a French horn for a while, his ass began to grow moist and I knew it was mushroom planting time. I dampened my fingers with his pre-cum and stroked his love hole so that it opened enough for me to search for his love button. I hit home and he nearly hit the ceiling. Then his hot ass lips clamped down on my fingers like an iron vice. He was taut as a violin string. I was patience itself. I licked his six-pack and ran my tongue slowly up to his nipples till he shuddered with pleasure and I could feel his anal muscles begin to relax. Then I rolled him over onto his back and greased his butt crack with some of my special oils and a whole lot of the home made lubricant that was seeping out of his dick and eased and oozed my mushroom head right on in there. I planted my rock-hard rod in his tight little ass and looked straight into his eyes to measure his reaction. Wanted to know how much of my nine inches I could get in there. Iím happy to report his greedy ass swallowed the lot. Eventually. He didnít say much but he sure as hell kicked up a storm as I went to battle with his butt so I had to grab hold of his ankles and wrap his flailing legs around my neck. As I fucked him he made all those horny guttural sounds the French do so well. That brought my cock up another notch or two which of course made him scream even more and I had to plug his mouth with my tongue as I invaded the warm womb of his wonderful ass. So essentially I was fucking him at both ends. I humped and I thumped and used his body like a human flapjack as I flipped him over so as to fuck him in as many positions as possible and give us both absolute satisfaction. As I say the cherry on my pie was the oodles of cum cream he produced. If only I could have bottled it. Hopefully youíll get a photo or two to give you some idea of the result of loveís sweet steaming streams. Which reminds me I didnít do so badly myself and came all over his face. In fact we were both dick drenched. Of course, just like a dirty street after a rainstorm, itís all washed away now but the memory sure lingers on.

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