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Deep Jungle Fever Part 2 by Will
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Morris, the black factory foreman didn’t have to suck much longer on Danny’s scrotum, because the kid’s balls were tightening – his cock thickened and lengthened -- as he felt his young juices beginning to boil and percolate in the depths of his teenage nuts. Soon floods of semen rushed upward as Danny Sorenson cried out in orgiastic glee. He tried to stifle his excitement but the climatic release was just too overpowering. He whimpered, he sobbed, he cried out as his sweet young juices relentlessly shot and blasted into the big black man’s warm, moist welcoming throat.

The 18–year-old white boy had tightly grabbed onto Morris’ big shiny bald black head for leverage; he now clung to it as he whimpered and moaned softly in the aftermath of his first powerfully satisfying sexual ejaculation.

Gently, Morris released the tasty semi-erect teenager boner from within his hot sucking mouth and eased back. He smiled broadly up at the well-spent teenager as he lasciviously licked his full thick lips.

“You okay?” he asked Danny.“Yeah, Yeah. I’m okay,” replied Danny, pulling himself together.

“We’d better get ourselves dressed and organized and back to work, or else your Uncle Jessup will cut our balls off. And we don’t want to lose our balls yet, do we? Especially since we haven’t even begun to explore each other, right?”

Danny eyes sparkled wide and bright. A huge smile crept across his almost angelic face as he blurted out, “Yeah! Right!”

“Cool,” said Morris. “So if you’re game for some more fuck-fun later today, that’d be great!” continued the black man as he dragged his pants up over his big, thick, semi-erect cock.

“Oh, yeah, please!” swiftly chimed in the excited teenage-rebel, “I’m game for more, any time you say so! You got me addicted to that big black pecker you got. It’s my first time with any man. I don’t really know what just happened here, but I sure as hell want some more of it; a lot more!”

Morris laughed aloud as he reassured Danny that they could explore each other for as long as he wanted.

Danny’s cock stretched to full erection again in anticipation of later in the day. A huge smile spread across his teenage face as he and Morris walked back to the more populated part of the warehouse.


The morning dragged along at a snails pace for Danny. But Morris on the other hand was constantly busy busting his butt all morning. There was a continuous steam of construction men passing through the warehouse, renting merchandise. What had amazed Danny afterward was that he hadn’t even really noticed any of the other men – his young eyes were exclusively affixed on the big, hunky black man as he rushed and hurried around the warehouse, constantly getting his work done.

Every now and then Morris would issue Danny an order and he’d have to scuttle off to find something that was usually in plain view, but it had to be pointed out to him by the big masculine black guy.

“Sorry, Morris. I don’t seem to be much help to you!” stammered Danny, not wanting to displease the man.

“Hey, take it easy,” began Morris, flashing those even, brilliantly- white teeth in a generous smile, “You’ve been plenty helpful… especially this morning” he said in a low, soothing voice as he affectionately squeezed the boy’s shoulder.

Danny smiled broadly as he reached up and grasped that big black hand and tightly squeezed. Looking around to be sure no one saw them, Morris grabbed Danny around the waist and dragged the boy’s white hand down onto his huge ample bulging crotch. The teenager instantly grabbed a handful of hard crotch and squeezed gently, feeling the man’s dick rapidly respond with fierce twitching and straining against his gentle touch.

“Damn, boy! Ain't nobody ever made me as hot as you can! I’m feeling like a horny teenager. I ain't got rid of this boner since this morning. I can't wait to get you alone and uninterrupted, so I can feel that sweet, pretty pink mouth of yours around my big black niggah meat again!” said Morris in a deep throaty whisper, as he nervously watched around to make sure they weren’t caught.

The heat and sensual scent of Morris’ breath encouraged Danny to busily fondle the black man’s crotch through his trousers, getting more and more excited by the second. But the black man quickly pulled away when Danny stopped fondling and began unzipping his pants. Laughing in that deep, sexy, throaty voice, he said, “Naw, man, we ain't got time right now!”

Danny and Morris continued working until three-thirty. The boy ran to close and lock all access doors, as Morris had instructed him; but when he returned, the black man was missing. He ran to the rear of the warehouse; ran back to the front; ran up to check the second floor, and then to the enclosed area that they had shared early in the morning, but Morris wasn’t anywhere. Danny was horny as hell, and that temper-problem he had was starting to take over. He was getting mighty fucking pissed-off. Spinning around, he heard movement a few feet away behind piles of cardboard boxes. The teenage marched in the direction of the faint rustling noises.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he found Morris. The black man was bent over some wooden planks and a big muscular mullato guy, with straggly red hair, had his bib-overalls open and pulled down around his ankles -- his huge muscular butt was rapidly moving back and forth as he wildly drove his thick hard cock into Morris’ butthole. The black man arched his back, reared his head as he began groan and wank off his own rigid black meat. The huge red-haired guy also began to grunt and groan with every savagely brutal thrust. The red haired guy’s tan thighs were as big as tree trunks, and his muscular arms almost as thick as the teenager’s thighs, thought Danny. He had a big bright rust-colored handlebar moustache and a goatee; his huge chest and abdominals were incredible. The huge Mullato guy’s fierce grunts grew louder with the intense force of every savage thrust of his ramming cock into Morris’ big black butt. Morris was moaning and groaning and enjoying every second of it.

The huge black man was lost in a frenzy of wanking his own eleven inch shaft like a madman, as Danny stood transfixed – the sight of two studly bulls fucking each other more rapturously than he had ever seen was majestic. His cock was rigid, throbbing and twitching within his jeans. And even though he felt betrayed by Morris, he was unbelievably turned on by the scene being played out there before him.

At one point, Morris turned his head in Danny’s direction and saw the obvious excitement protruding and leaping inside the teenager’s pants. Raising one of his huge black hands he gestured for the astonished boy to approach. As if in a trance, Danny did as he was bid, and before he realized it he was standing in front of the two huge fucking stallions.

“Cal, this is Danny, the kid I told you about,” said Morris as the huge, muscular, red-haired mullato pounded into his asshole.

“Hey, man! Why don’t you lose those pants and join us?” chortled Cal as he reached over and grasped Danny behind the neck and pulled his head to his and kissed him passionately, tickling his tender face with the moustache. He forced his tongue into the teenager’s mouth and explored it while he sucked on those tender pink teenage lips.

Swiftly, Danny unbuckled his belt and shucked down his jeans to his ankles. Cal stopped kissing the boy when he pulled back to remove his shoes. And as he did, Cal extracted his big hard throbbing mullato cock from Morris’ asshole with an audible plop sound. Danny looked up and the mammoth mullato cock was waving around in front of his face. It was about same eleven-inch length as Morris’s, only it was thicker, much thicker. It was circumcised with a huge red cockhead shaped like a bell, and the incredibly thick shaft was more of an almost radiant golden hue, with a network of veins criss-crossing it. A delicious bush of silkish reddish pubic hair crowned the broad base with humungous bull- balls the size of lemons hung below in their smooth sac.

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Danny knew that Cal was a black man, just like Morris. It was just that Cal’s ancestors had most likely inter-married with Caucasians. It was obvious that Morris’ ancestors had only inter-bred with other Afrikan Americans.

“Morris!” growled Cal. “Git down on your back and lift your knees! Danny! You're going to fuck my butthole while I ram my meat up into my man, here. And you had better fuck me real good or else I’m gonna fuck you with this!” continued the huge, red-haired mullato mountain-man as he lewdly grabbed his stiff, gargantuan cock and shook it at Danny.

The teenage 18-year-old rebel was really kinda scared, but at the same time, had never felt more alive in his young life.

Morris lay down on the tarp covering the floor and raised his knees. Gripping them and pushing them back to completely expose the black man’s puckered sphincter, Cal knelt down and aimed his humongous red cockhead against it and brutally pushed forward. The big thick golden cock fiercely stretched the anus and rapidly impaled the black man. Morris softly groaned as Cal loudly growled. He then turned to Danny and gestured. Danny quickly crouched behind that big muscular manly butt. As Cal leaned forward into Morris, he reached back and grabbed each muscular ass cheek in each huge paw and stretched them apart. His pink puckered asshole pulsed in and out, and Danny quickly aimed his teenage cockhead against it.

Before the 18-year-old could ask for some lubricant, Cal growled over his shoulder, instructing the boy to spit on his bunghole and push, damn it!

Of course, Danny promptly obeyed.

And Danny’s cockhead made contact with the sensitive pink rosette it seemed to open and almost grab his cockhead and sweetly suck it in. In one small gesture, Cal’s big manly butt moved back and completely engulfed Danny’s young cock to the hilt.

The kid couldn’t believe what was happening. His throbbing boner was being fiercely gripped tightly around the base, as Cal’s silky hot anal muscles caressed and massaged the entire length of his youthful seven-inch manhood. Heaven was the only description that flashed into Danny’s mind. And as the huge golden-skinned mullato began to thrust into Morris, he dragged the teenager along with him by his deeply embedded cock. It was fucking hot! It was FUCKING incredible!

Danny dared to grab hold of Cal’s hips and gave himself over to the rhythm of the muscular man’s movement, because he really had no other option. As the two men beneath Danny wildly fucked, they began cussing and swearing at each other in filthy seedy language, which really was an awesome turn on for the thrill-seeking teen.

“Yeah, fuck my black butt, you good-for-nothing son-of-a-bitch! Work that salami you call a cock! You filthy half-breeds know how to fuck dontcha!? Fuck me hard, cocksucker! Harder! YEAH! Slam those fucking balls against my asshole. Work my man-pussy, you fucking half-bred!” cussed and taunted Morris at Cal, as he pulled up his knees to further open himself up, taking the huge thick stiff mullato cock up to the hilt inside his steamy-hot black bunghole.

“Fuck, Yeah, cocksucker! Feel my fucking salami of a cock! It’s the best cock you ever had, BITCH! This half-bred gonna fuck your hot jungle-man bootay ‘til you cry for yo mamma! Feel It! Feel It! Feel my cock tearing up your deep burning hole. Feel my big balls slamming your sweaty ass! Gonna fuck your big niggah ass real good! Open that pussy for me! OPEN IT UP, BITCH!!” grunted and growled Cal, almost in a delirium, as he thrust harder and harder and deeper and deeper into the hot horny black man beneath him.

Danny felt that he was along for the ride, literally. He just held onto Cal as he dragged him along. All the while Cal’s butthole clamped tightly around the teenager’s throbbing boner while the muscles of that huge ass rapturously caressed and massaged. Every now and then Cal would rotate his hips to manipulate Danny’s cock against his prostate, which sent searing electric sensations pulsating throughout the teenager’s rock hard cock to his balls. This immediately prompted Danny’s young cum to boil and percolate causing his cock to wildly jerk and twitch.

Morris was the first to reach the peak of no return. As he vigorously wanked himself he began to feverishly moan and groan as the burgeoning ecstasy built. Soon his head rolled from side to side as loud obscenities poured and spewed from his thick lips. Then his body tensed.

Cal felt the on-coming eruption of the big man whose hot tight black ass was snugly wrapped around his pounding cock. The red-haired man’s sex-soaked brain was further catapulted into a lustful frenzy as he commenced to rotate and thrust more frantically, growling and shouting obscenities all the louder. Danny picked up the tension and grabbed on harder as Cal’s big muscular ass, wrapped tightly around his seven-inch boner, fucked them in all into an explosive mutual orgasm.

Morris bellowed ecstatically as thick ropes of white cream steadily erupted from the fat throbbing love-eye of his cockhead and landed up across his forehead, nose, lips and chin. More ropes of cum splattered across his huge broad muscular chest as he continued to furious jerk that huge black elephant truck of a dick, as those lemon-sized nuts pulled up tightly against the thick, spasming shaft.

Cal soon began a low, coarse animal growl deep down inside his chest. And as the growl grew so did his animalist thrusts until he also bellowed out in pure primordial lust as his climax crested and his huge muscular body went into a macabre spasmodic dance of ecstasy. Copious amounts of his sex-juice rapidly pumped through his huge sensitized phallus into the beckoning depths of the black man beneath him.

Cal’s buttocks went into overdrive around Danny’s pulsing, steel-hard seven-inch boner. The sphincter seemed to snap even tighter around his entrapped cock. And as the red-haired man convulsed in ecstasy, his asshole turned into a milking machine. Blissfully, Danny Sorenson began to drown in the hot bubbling rapture of pure, saturated lust. His young balls pumped and his cock jerked as his innocent teenage spooge blasted deeply into the intoxicating liquid fire depths of Cal’s bowels. Uncontrollably, he adds his own young cries and groans to those of the two men beneath him.

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Damn, teenage life was never better than this, thought Danny, and here he was, living it.

Once they’d all regained control of their senses and extracted their cocks from each other, they cleaned up and lay their on the tarp amid the sacks scattered around the floor; all breathing heavily and watching each other.

“Well, Danny, did you learn anything to day?” asked Morris as he finally raised himself up on his elbows, smiling at the teenager.

“FUCK YEAH! I sure did! I’ve never experienced anything as far out as this. I had no idea that real men could do such great things together like we did!” exclaimed Danny in uninhibited excitement and wonderment.

The two huge muscular black alpha males chuckled at the kid’s enthusiasm, as they lay there allowing themselves to calm down and let their hearts beat a bit slower – as well as allow the abundant sweat covering their humpy, handsome bodies to dry.

Throughout the respite, Cal’s gray eyes remained fixed on Danny’s gorgeous teenage body, not saying anything. Then suddenly he rolled over and his huge body pinned the kid to the sacks there on the floor. He began to lick Danny around his tender lips while simultaneously taking his young pink nipples between his fingers and thumb and squeezed them. When Danny’s mouth opened to say ouch, Cal’s forced his huge tongue into that moist youthful virginal cavern. He hungrily searched, explored and dueled with Danny’s tongue. Danny responded by voraciously sucking on that tasty intruding tongue as sizzling bolts of lightening flashed from his young nipples down to his cock. Unlike the men, Danny’s cock was still erect, and this new stimulation only served to set his aching teenage body into action as he instantly began thrashing and thrusting himself up against the hot, rockhard body of the man who pinned him.

Slowly Cal’s mouth moved down to Danny’s chin, neck and chest, until his thick lips found those hard, rosy pink nipples. He took a nipple between his teeth and nibbled for a minute then his tongue came out and furiously worked his licker against the innocent, sweet-tasting body part. Danny blissfully cried out at the stark and wonderful sensation that such an intimacy had created. Those searing, mind-expanding feelings mercilessly flooded his young body in such a warm, exciting and awakening manner that he was close to tears of complete and utter rapture. It was like being transfigured; it was like being reborn.

Cal’s big hand warmly grasped the boy’s leaping and jerking boner and gently fondled it. Danny’s hips readily humped up into the clutching paw that totally encased the throbbing teenage cock. He whimpered and moaned in lust and satisfaction as his young body experienced more new and exhilarating sensations.

Cal’s mouth soon began the sensuous migration down Danny’s abdomen until his huge tongue began to greedily lick up the pre-cum that oozed from the kid’s bloated, blood-engorged cockhead. His young tender body violently jerked as his voice cried out when Cal took that bloated cockhead into his hot wet mouth. He lewdly swirled his tongue all around it, causing Danny’s hips to more frantically thrust up as he tried to gain instant access into that caressing cavern. With a savage self-satisfying growl Cal sucked the kid’s cock down his throat, while his hand rolled and fondled the young balls. Cal’s throat muscles worked just as expertly as his butthole muscles had done, because the same wet silky passage was tightly wrapped around Danny’s throbbing teenage boner. Again, Danny Sorenson was rapturously aloft in some happy, ethereal adolescent heaven.

Danny gently thrust his body up into the hot, saliva-soaked hole, until he was soon heatedly fucking up into that mouth, building a fiercely satisfying rhythm. He couldn’t believe it. He was sticking his dirty white boy cock into the mouth of a real, kick-ass, manly, black man and was actually face-fucking him. Is this for real, he thought, as he brutally slammed his teenage cock to the hilt up into that hot inviting mouth, and Cal was taking it without the slightest gag or discomfort!

“GOT-DAM! YEAH! YEAH!” Danny heard himself screaming as he watched his stiff slippery cock slide in and out between the rust colored moustache and goatee of Cal. He was joyously losing his teenage mind in a rapturous sexual celebration of himself.

As Cal hungrily sucked on the teenage cock, Morris lay there watching as his huge cock began to thicken and lengthen as it rolled across his huge muscular thigh, then jerked up into full blown erection. Slowly he eased over to Cal and Danny and positioned himself. In an instant he had Cal’s huge golden cock firmly clasped between his thick black lips and sucking voraciously on the thick stiff meat. He reached down and aimed his own hard throbbing meat at Danny’s mouth. Without any instruction, Danny readily opened his mouth wide and crammed his mouth full of Morris’ blood-engorged black cock. As his young pink lips stretched wide around Morris’ huge purple cockhead, it was immediately rewarded with copious amounts salty-sweet precum.

Before realizing it, all three males were in a daisy chain of cock-sucking bodies. The contented burgeoning sounds of sucking, slurping, licking, and kissing, loudly accompanied by sweet noises of moaning, groaning and whimpering, echoed lustily in the air around them. One male served to further excite the next, so a highly-energized chain reaction delightfully circled the three males, driving all three towards the common goal of explosive mutual orgasm.

Danny was the first to cum, as his young body jerked and his cock erupted and exploded shot after shot of teenage spooge down the throat of the big burly red-haired mullato. The red-haired mullato only needed the intoxicating taste of Danny’s tasty teenage sperm to trigger his own violent climax. As his mouth groaned around Danny’s pulsating cock his own dick copiously filled the mouth of Morris. And Morris reacted to Cal and filled Danny’s waiting mouth with his hot thick salty man-juice. Danny smiled as he drank at the spout of Morris’ fountain. While swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Morris’ babies, he rejoiced in envisioning himself being included in Morris’ love forever.

Le Fin


For quite a while they lay there licking their lips and each others highly-sensitive cocks. Danny kept replaying in his mind every detail forward from meeting Morris this morning and then Cal this afternoon. He could feel his inner self glowing. This was the first day he ever worked, first time he even had more than ten words to say to a black man, first time he ever had sex that meant anything, the very first time he ever felt anything for anyone.

Danny’s hand slid down to his still sore ass, and thought, “oh yeah, this ‘tough love’ thing is real murder. I don’t know how I’m gonna survive it.”

He smuggled up to Morris’ hard, sweat-soaked body and gently rubbed the huge black man’s semi-erect eleven-inch cock!

“Hmmmmmm...” he cooed.

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