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Deep Jungle Fever by Will
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Danny Sorenson was an out-of-control rebel. At 18 he’d just been tossed out of school, mid-term of his senior year, due to his disruptive, non- conforming attitudes about everything. Several DUI’s, confrontational behaviors toward authority figures, petty theft and vandalism were his societal legacy, thus far. The only child of a church-going, upper middle class couple, his parents were at their wits end. They had to finally admit that it was their excessively permissive parenting of the child that was the root of the problem. Danny Sorenson, to put it mildly, was a spoiled brat!

The Sorenson’s finally decided that tough-love was the answer. Well, that is, tough-love in respects to terminating all the expensive frills, thrills and perks of Danny’s cushy life. So, out of the gated community in Salt Lake City and off to the backwoods of Idaho, ‘the problem’ called Danny Sorenson was going to be shuttled.

After several phone calls had taken place, he was literally dumped on the doorstep of his Uncle Jessup, an unmarried brother of his mother, in the rural metropolis of Sander’s Mills, Idaho. The man owned, and ran, a construction warehouse from which other construction company’s hired/rented merchandise from him; from ladders and scaffolding to cement mixers and backhoes.

Uncle Jessup was in his late forties and he’d never spent much time with Danny, previously. But he was a pretty easy-going man, and instantly hit it off fairly well with his nephew. He had gotten a full report on the criminal delinquency of Danny, and was prepared to kick his butt whenever necessary, to hopefully save the kid from himself.

Jessup fed Danny supper; then watched some TV with him, before he showed the kid his room, and bid him goodnight.

Completely indifferent to his situation, Danny unpacked his clothes, showered and then crawled into bed. After a quick wank on his 7-inch teenage cock, he fell asleep.

He awoke with an enormous hard-on. As he stretched out his body, he grasped his thick throbbing 7” meat and began sliding his hand up and down its rigid length. He lifted the covers and watched as his foreskin rolled back and forth over his helmet shaped cockhead. He placed his finger on the slit and smeared the pre-cum all over his pulsing knob. He was just getting into a nice wanking rhythm when Uncle Jessup loudly banged on his door causing him to almost rip his cock from his body.

“Up and at ‘em, cowboy!! We got plenty of work to do today! Remember the early bird always gets the worm!” laughed the big burly man as he stomped on down the hall.

“Bastard” mumbled Danny as he quickly dressed and hurried down to the kitchen where he had a light breakfast. Then, piling into Uncle Jessup’s truck, they headed off toward the warehouse.

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They pulled into the parking lot and cruised around to the back of the huge building. Jessup led him through the back of the humongous building, which appeared to be deserted until they were met halfway by a big, bald, hunky black guy who looked to be about 40 years old. His name was Morris and looked to be about 6 foot tall, with broad shoulders, thick neck, and muscular arms and legs. In fact, those thick muscular legs were really filling out those slightly faded dungarees he had on. He wore a form-fitting T-shirt, and with his clinging denims, Danny couldn’t help but notice the ample bulge bunched inside the left leg, indicating big balls and a big cock.

As Uncle Jessup introduced them, he mentioned that Danny was going to be his shadow, until further notice, and that he was to learn where everything was, because he would be working his skinny little ass off, six days a week, ten hours a day.

Morris smiled broadly. As he did, he caught the little white boy checking out his ‘package’, and winked at him.

Danny Sorenson’s face flushed blood red, but quickly said, “Hi”.

“Hi there, Danny”, said Morris, “I’m very pleased to meet you. “I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine. Come on, let’s go checkout the layout of the warehouse before all them rowdy construction boys come busting in here, demanding attention!” continued the black man.

As Jessup smiled, saying, “Go get ‘em, tiger” and walked away, Morris began explaining the dynamics of the warehouse to Danny.

As they moved around the mammoth warehouse floor, Morris spoke in a warm, friendly manner. This soon put the handsome teenage rebel very much at ease. After a while, Morris placed a huge muscular arm across the shoulder of the five-foot-nine-inch frame of the kid. In was done in a way that Danny accepted as a friendly fatherly gesture. When he was younger his father had often walked with him in the same way.

But his father had never begun squeezing and rubbing his shoulder as Morris was now doing. But before the liberty registered in Danny’s head, his young cock responded and he felt it begin to thicken - which caught him way off guard. He knew that his teenage cock would occasionally misbehave, but this time his body reacted as well as it began to warmly tingle all over.

For whatever reason, Danny Sorenson suddenly realized that he wanted to see this big black man totally naked. At this very moment, he wanted to see if black men really had super big black cocks – or like everything else in life, was that too just another widely circulated falsehood by the Right Wing brainwashers.

The teenager reacted by leaning into that big, hard, manly body as they walked along. And as they moved further back into the seldom-traveled part of warehouse, Morris moved his hand from the kid’s shoulder up to his neck. As he rubbed and massaged Danny’s neck, his voice became even deeper and a bit more gentle.

Danny kept looking up into the black man’s face and studied his features, as the man explained where each and every item at the warehouse was kept. The boy was fascinated by the big, completely bald head with those heavy brows and those almond shaped eyes; the big, wide nose with those lips that were equally as thick. The huge fleshy mouth was what most fiercely stirred the balls and libido of the self-obsessed, free-thinking teen. The wide grin and that heavy jaw line were awesome. And that thick bull-neck that squared into those broad muscular shoulders and those well-developed pectorals were obviously the well-earned gifts of manual labors. The older black man had beaucoup sex appeal, and horny little Danny Sorenson was considerably drawn to it.

Soon they found themselves standing in an area that was enclosed by huge bags of cement which shielded them from all viewing.

“Well, young man, do you think you have a full picture of the layout? I’d hate for you to lose yourself in this great big maze.” asked Morris as he turned to face the kid.

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m almost sure I’ll be able to find my way around.” replied Danny trying to sound confident. But, alas, his young cock was throbbing like a mutha fucka, and he watched as Morris’ eyes traveled down his body to the telltale bulge protruding in his pants; he wore no underwear.

“Hell! You sure look confident”, chortled Morris. “That’s quite a healthy bulge you’re sporting there! I remember being a teenager. Hell, my cock ruled my brain, and I couldn’t stop wacking off. Geez, my cock still doesn’t know how to behave itself. I’m even beginning to sprout some wood right now – just like you.”

Morris laughed as he babbled on, frantically rubbing the big bulge that was forming down the muscular thigh inside his right pant leg.

Feeling confident that the big burly black man was open and friendly about his uncontrollable penis, Danny laughed with him and rubbed his own throbbing trouser-snake.

“Yeah,” began Danny. “This guy has a mind of his own; but that bulge of yours sure outweighs me by a substantial amount.” continued the teenager as he ogled Morris’ crotch.

“Yeah! I’m horny as hell,” growled Morris. “I missed my morning jerkoff to be here on time to meet you.”

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“Me, too!” gushed Danny. “Uncle Jessup almost caught me. And now my cock is demanding its attention.” laughed the boy as he rubbed and groped himself.

“Well,” began Morris, looking in all directions, “we’re very secluded here .. and if you don’t mind.. I don’t mind. And I’m sure you’ve wacked off with friends before, huh? So why don’t we just handle our urgent business together right now – before the customers begin to arrive?”v

As he said this, Morris’s eyes glazed bright with lust as he roughly pulled at his meat -- then winked at Danny

“Hell Yeah! Great idea!” rapidly replied the teenager, not wanting to miss out on the first opportunity to see a black cock in action; especially only minutes after he’d meet the owner of it. The exciting thought of this fiercely stoked the fires of Danny Sorenson’s rebellious attitude to no end!

The teenager began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants while he watched Morris unfasten and unzip his denims. His young eyes flashed upward and he locked glance with Morris. The black man smiled broadly as Danny nervously giggled when his zipper made a grating sound. His young eyes flashed down again just as Morris’ denim trousers opened and the man dragged them wide and down as he reached in and hefted out the huge bulge. His bulge was partially encased in the white briefs, at least his big bull balls were. His huge thick semi-erect cock dangled there for his eyes to see.

The barely-erect seven inches of black meat equaled the size of Danny’s, only Danny’s dick was already fully erect. Morris’ cock was uncut and the bulbous purple cockhead was easily a two inches wide across the top, and as a thick as the shaft.

Danny couldn’t stop glaring at the first black cock he’d ever seen; and no doubt, he was immediately hooked! It was 100 per cent better than looking at his own throbbing, white pecker. The beautiful big black cock was bigger than his, and it wasn’t even hard yet.

The teenage rebel was drawn to the huge black truncheon the way the mindless moth is drawn to a flickering flame. And as his eyes lifted to meet Morris’, he saw the man watching him. The man gently nodded his head and thrust his hips at the kid. As always in such challenging situations, Danny didn’t think twice -- He just did it! Lurching forward he grasped the thick black spongy shaft and gently squeezed it.

The big rugged black man groaned and Danny hastily snatched the white briefs and dragged them down over the man’s hips and across his thick muscular thighs. Morris’ cock had now expanded to a rock-hard eleven-inch power, and it had a robust growth of a kinky bush at the base. And nestled between those hairy black muscular thighs were a matching pair of peach-sized bull-balls, encased in a tightly skinned, sparsely-haired scrotum.

Danny just couldn’t help being in love with the hard, thick, throbbing of the 11” black cock. He immediately began caressing, fondling and wanking it in a way that was totally worshipful. At long last he had found something to totally love and respect.

The cock hypnotically twitched and throbbed between his fondling fingers while he rubbed and squeezed it -- from the spongy, satiny head in down to the rock-hard base. He hefted the mammoth balls and lovingly caressed them until they began to move about in the huge scrotum sack on their own. This was an enriching magic that the young man had never before experienced; and in the midst of it all, he began to fully metabolize the ‘jungle fever’ myth.

Sweet puddles of pre-cum seeped from the opening in the fat purple cockhead, and he scooted it up on his fingers and then readily licked his fingers, instantly savoring the smoky, salty-sweet flavor.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Yeah! Work my big black niggah dick. Your pretty little white boy hands sure look, and feel, mighty damn good on my big whoremaster meat. Why don’t you just drink up some of that cock juice there on my spout? Yeah! Go ahead! Lick that big shiny black cockhead for me! Huh?” groaned Morris as he tangled his fingers in Danny’s blonde hair. Soon his huge black worker’s hands slid down to the boy’s pretty teenage face and gently guided his lips toward the tip of his gorilla-size cock.

Danny moved in closer to the big black twitching cock – and parting his pretty pink lips over the piss slit he licked at the sweet syrupy substance that covered it. He began to hungrily lick around the huge purple cockhead as though he were devouring an ice cream cone. This action rapidly heated up Morris to the point of him loudly groaning and restlessly squirming beneath the eager and innocent touch of Danny Sorenson. The teenager concentrated on the ridge surrounding the big purple cockhead. Then he grabbed the jerking cock at the base and squeezed tightly as he licked down the thick shaft to the pubic hair. His nostrils dizzily savored the pungent musky aroma that emanated from the man’s bushy crotch. Hypnotically, he licked, kissed and sucked up the underside, occasionally stopping to suck on the thick tube that ran up towards the shiny engorged cockhead. Morris spread his thighs wide, and grunted and groaned in steaming ecstasy as he wildly shoved his stiff funky meat up into Danny’s sex-obsessed face.

Instinct took over and Danny opened his mouth as wide as he could and crammed it full of hot hard pulsating black man meat. He furiously sucked as he clutched the rigid throbbing pecker with both hands and worked it like a Dionysian satyr. Morris reached forward and grabbed Danny’s stiff twitching weiner and began to massage and fondle the 7” joy stick; soon he was wanking it. Wrapping his huge black hand around it, almost completely covering the entire length of the cock, he began to use his hand as a fuck tube. It instantly served to fuel Danny’s lusty arousal all the more. He grew louder with his grunts and groans. It was yet another experience never before enjoyed. – so new and so damn thrilling. The soft skin and the hard callouses of the hand working his tender teenage cock, was an almost rapturous feeling for sure. Everything was awesomely surreal.

Hearing Morris’s encouragement of “Oh, yeah, baby; suck my dick! Work that little pink tongue of yours! Yeah, yeah, you’re my sweet little white boy cocksucker, ain’t ya?!” was so rapturously dreamlike. Nothing was real. It was all too perfect to be real. The smell of Morris; the feel of Morris in his mouth; the taste of Morris in his mouth; the awesome sensation of Morris hot tight hand on his tender, rock-hard cock -- yup! It was just to damn perfect for words.

That exhilarating mental imagery relaxed Danny enough to further loosen his jaw and he was able to open his mouth wider to accommodate more of his black lover’s huge boner. Soon the fat, pre-cum soaked cockhead was in his throat and not one gag reflex occurred for the kid. It was as if this action were as natural as breathing, for him. His mouth was stuffed to the brim with sweaty niggah meat and he was in slut-boy heaven as he savored the aroma, texture and flavor of his black man’s cock.

Danny reached out and hefted the huge bull-balls that were nestled beneath. He fondled and gently squeezed them. He felt them churn and move on their own accord. Simultaneously he rubbed and fondled the hairy muscular black thighs, running his hands up and down and around, prompting Morris to wank his stiff young boner all the faster as his teenage voice groaned and whimpered.

Morris’ raging cock jerked and throbbed as Danny sucked, wanked and fondled his thick black muscular body. The black man ceased jerking Danny cock and rapidly grasped the back of the boy’s head – and as he pushed downwards, he cried out and thrust his big black cock deeply into the teenager’s throat.

“Oh, fuck! Oh yeah! I’m coming baby! Oh fuck, I’m commming! Here comes your juice, baby. Daddy gonna feed ya now! Suck me! Suuuuuck Meeeeeee!” bellowed the horny black man as his body snapped rigid and his huge balls pulled tightly up against the base of his stiff throbbing black dick.

Hot thick cum burst into Danny’s mouth. Jet after jet filled his mouth and he swiftly swallowed as the big man writhed and jerked there in front of him. He wanted that black man juice badly; he didn’t want to lose one drop.

Morris held the teenager’s head tightly as he fucked his mouth, emptying those huge bull-balls into his eagerly gulping throat. Occasionally the thick cream would leak from the corners of his mouth as he continued to suck and swallow as much as he could.

Eventually Morris withdrew his still erect cock and grabbed the boy by his hips and lifted him up to the position that he was in. He then dropped to his knees and in one swift motion, gobbled Danny’s stiff teenage cock into his hot wet mouth. Then quickly grabbing Danny’s ass, he slammed his young crotch tightly into his mouth and the kid’s pulsing cockhead was soon buried in the man’s tonsils. In a heartbeat, those thick wet juicy lips suctioned tightly around Danny’s raging erection. And as he sucked, his throat muscles gripped and caressed every inch of that happy teenage cock.

The spoiled teenage rebel from Salt Lake City cried out as he thrust into those hot, tight, wet, sucking lips. He was fucking in a frenzy that he didn’t know he was capable of. His entire being was caught up in a fiery exhilarating joy that he heretofore thought only other folks were honored with. He simpered, he whimpered, he grunted, and he groaned like a chained creature that was finally being released of some cruel and mighty demon.

Grabbing the boy’s hips Morris slowed him down a bit as he eased back off Danny’s boner and allowed his tongue to slurp, swirl and swivel up around his stiff pink pecker. Then, licking and sucking the fat cockhead, he again shoved the teenage meat deep inside the moist cavern of his mouth – whereupon he swirled his tongue around the ridge of the cockhead and then dragged it across the piss slit. This catapulted the boy’s body into a jerking ecstasy and he frantically tried to shove his entire body into Morris’ beckoning, sucking mouth.

Without realizing what he was saying, Danny heard his voice shouting, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, FUCK, yeah! Suck my cock, mister black man, suck it good! Go on, go on, eat me, bitch! Eat me real fucking good! Yeah, Oh, Geez that feels so FUCKING good!”

The teenager’s cries inspired the man to new sexual madness. He wanted to literally devour the entirely of this bundle of pure sexual energy whose cock was filling him with a new, revitalized sense of existence. So few people give themselves so honestly and completely to sex, thought Morris, and this kid is one of those few.

Morris didn’t have to suck much longer, because the kid’s balls began to tighten – his cock thickened and lengthened -- as he felt his juices begin to boil and percolate in the depths of his scrotum. And as the flood of semen rushed upward, Danny Sorenson cried out in orgiastic glee. He tried very hard to stifle his excitement but the release was just too rapturous. He whimpered, he sobbed, he cried as his sweet juices relentlessly filled the big black man’s warm, moist welcoming throat.

He had savagely grabbed onto Morris’ big shiny bald head for leverage. And he now clung to it as he whimpered quietly in the aftermath of his first powerfully satisfying climax.

Gently, Morris released the tasty semi-erect boner from his lips and eased back. He smiled broadly up at the very well-spent teenager as he lasciviously licked his full thick black lips.

“You okay?” he asked Danny.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’m okay,” replied Danny, pulling himself together.

“We’d better get ourselves dressed and organized and back to work, or else your Uncle Jessup will cut our balls off. And we don’t want to lose our balls yet do we? Especially since we haven’t even begun to explore each other, right?”

Danny eyes sparkled wide and bright. A great big smile crept across his almost angelic face as he said, “Yeah! Right!”

“Cool,” said Morris. “So if you’re game for some more fuck-fun later today when we get some down-time, that’d be great!” continued the black man as he dragged his pants up over his big, thick, semi-erect cock.

“Oh, yeah, please!” swiftly chimed in the excited teenage-rebel, “I’m game for more any time you say so! You got me addicted to that big black pecker you got. It’s my first time with any man. I don’t really know what just happened here, but I sure as hell want some more of it; a lot more!”

Morris laughed aloud as he reassured Danny that they could explore each other for as long as he wanted.

Danny’s cock stretched to full erection again in anticipation of later in the day. A huge smile spread across his teenage face as he and Morris walked back to the more populated part of the warehouse.

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