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David & Jonathan by Joncy
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Iím in the early stages of studying to be a male nurse. Unfortunately, they sent me to the wilds of Scotland to a place called Dundee. I arrived in the depths of winter, which didnít help matters much and was so unhappy I decided to rename it Dungdee. I apologise to anyone from Dundee who may be reading this as I suppose any place can seem pretty soulless when you donít know a soul. Still my first impressions were pretty dour, or Ďdoerí as itís pronounced up here.

I arrived to find the hospital and residential quarters were in a vast Victorian building, which seemed straight out of a novel by Dickens. In fact ĎBleak Houseí would have been a very good name for it. And my living quarters were even bleaker. I was in a really tiny room in the garret. There was hardly enough space for my narrow bed, a desk, a folding chair and a wardrobe let alone the proverbial cat. And the ceiling was so low I kept hitting my head on it and cursing. The toilet was outside in the corridor and there was a communal bathroom and kitchen. Very Spartan indeed.

I felt like a rabbit, or rather a rat, in a cage. To make me feel even more like a prisoner I didnít have a pass card when I arrived. Every morning I had to wait for someone to open the door to the new wing of the hospital where we were doing our training. I used to sit there and smile wryly to myself as I looked out the window at the rabbits running around in the grounds outside. They were at least free and here I was enclosed in a labyrinth of corridors.

Still all was not lost. A friend of mine once recited a Scottish limerick to me: ď ĎTwixt the optimist and the pessimist the difference is droll. For one can see the donut, the other just the hole.Ē Well Iím happy to say my donut, complete with hole, walked into the bathroom one morning when I was having my shower. His nameís David Warren and things (especially my dick) started looking up from that point forward. He was just as unhappy as me and it didnít take us long to console each other. His bed was a Ďweeí bit bigger than mine so we made love there the first time. Heís twenty-three. A bit older than I am. And much more sexually experienced. In fact all Iíd ever done before was jerk and be jerked off. Nobody had ever fucked me and Iíd always been too shy to try out anybody elseís ass. I was therefore very much in need of nursing and training although I donít think thatís what the course had originally been planned for.

The first thing I noticed about him, besides the formidable size of his dick, was that he was a mass of contrasts. His torso was sun tanned but hairless while his butt was white and coated with fine thistledown hairs that became thicker and darker between his ass cheeks and completely covered his legs. Also his nipples and his dick were darker than the rest of him. It turned out that despite his very English name he was of Indian origin but had French and English blood as well. Anyway, life became infinitely more pleasurable in his bed and in his company. And eventually in his ass.

We built up a ritual together. Both of us would return exhausted from the training sessions and revive each other under the shower. Then we would continue things in his bedroom, as we didnít want to be caught in the act in the communal bathroom. Although it didnít take the other doctors and nurses long to start referring to us as Dee & Jay or David and Jonathan. With all its snide connotations. It seems itís ok to be gay nowadays but not in Scotland where people are still a bit old fashioned and puritan. Also jealous and envious I suppose. As they are everywhere. Added to this thereís a lot of racial prejudice. Iím so fair and Anglo-Saxon, and Davidís so dark and foreign looking. But it didnít bother us much although we knew our relationship would inevitably reflect on our final exam results as we kept very much to ourselves and didnít show much team spirit. Not that people didnít like us. We were very popular and worked very hard. We just didnít fit in. Or conform to the norm.

There seem to be so many rules nowadays. Even in sexual matters. People are always thrusting condoms down your throat for instance or threatening you with eternal damnation. I donít know what the worldís cumin to. We seem to be going full circle. Sometimes I think our colleagues are getting as Victorian as the building we work and study in. Not that David and I donít use condoms. I mean we did at the beginning but loveís a funny thing. Youíre lulled into a sense of false security that you and your partner are as pure as the feelings you have for each other. I mean I was pretty spotless when I let David inside of me but he insisted on wearing a rubber as heíd Ďbeen aroundí as he put it. He promised me heíd never go around again but just in and out of me.

I loved his dick and loved to suck it but I didnít like the taste of the rubber. Eventually he gave in and let me suck him to my heartís content and drink his delicious cumcream and fuck the consequences. But I knew we were being foolish and foolhardy. The first time he fucked me, I lay there like a patient waiting for the doctor to administer his first injection. He was so meticulous and worried he was going to hurt me but I loved his dick so much I couldnít wait to feel it inside me and got very impatient as he Ďoiled up my works.í It reminded me of my mother basting the Sunday joint. I couldnít wait to get the delicious meat inside me and my mouth watered then as it was watering now. She kept opening and closing the oven door sticking a fork in the juicy joint and I kept opening and closing my juicy ass playfully trying to bite off Davidís probing finger. Then he slipped on the lubricated condom and spread my legs and slipped his fuck-fork in between my butt cheeks.

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I felt the hot hardness of him and prepared myself for how good it was going to feel as his solid piece of muscle and flesh began its journey up my passage to paradise. I knew it would fill my every requirement and fill my ass too. And I wasnít disappointed. A few times I felt like that Sunday roast being pronged by the fork but this alternated with such waves of pure pleasure that I looked forward to the pain as I knew it was only a prelude to heaven.

He pushed himself gently in and out of me using his dream of a dick to please every part that he penetrated and returned to. I spurred him on and opened my ass wide. Just as I had done with my mouth when my mother let me taste the first slice of beef and I drooled over the goodness and the warmness of it. At the time I was convinced there was nothing better on Godís earth than the taste of tender roast beef straight from the oven. Little did I know what lay in store for me.

As he pumped and plundered me with his hot dick I thought I would die with pleasure. He built up a steady rhythm and I marched happily to his tune. I told him how beautiful he felt inside me. Like hard nougat. But I wished he would take off the wrapping paper. He laughed and slid his hands under my armpits and gripped my shoulders and pulled me back onto him. He was in the kneeling position but I was the one praying. For him to penetrate me even further. As if in answer to my prayer he sent me sailing skywards with the force of his thrust and had me hiccupping with joy. Then just an ocean linerís bells were ringing through my brain and stars were appearing before my eyes, he withdrew his dick. But only for a moment. Time to whip off that cursed condom and enter me again. "To hell with it," he said as he oozed his way back in, "I want to feel how beautiful you are inside."

He stirred my butt up some more and slithered his tongue in my ear to tell me how soft it was. Like wallowing in mushy marshmallow. Then he started building up a piston-like motion fucking me longer and harder and faster. He pumped me to such heights I felt like a roaring fire about to burst into a waterfall. And I did. I shot my steaming load so high it easily hit the ceiling of that cramped attic room and eventually came dripping back onto our heads. David opened his mouth and drank my falling cumdrops as if he was drinking refreshing water from a mountain brook. I flopped like a burst balloon onto the bed and he withdrew his erupting dick and came in a hot shower all over my back. I felt like Iíd been anointed and blessed. We fell asleep in each otherís arms.

I woke to find him washing me clean with his tongue. Just like a cat does. As he licked every part of me, my dick seemed to grow to twice its normal size and was harder and thicker than Iíd ever known it. Maybe because nobody had ever made me as excited as he did or brought me to full manhood. We both knew in a single moment that I wanted to fuck him. No words were needed. Our bodies spoke for us. Heíd made me feel so good that I wanted to repay some of the pleasure heíd given me and I could only do that by getting right inside him. I also returned licking for licking and went down on him and drooled over his dick and then drew my tongue along the sides of it as I used to do at the seaside when my mother bought me an ice cream on a stick. Soon I was happily popping his popsicle.

I smiled to myself. This afternoon it was roast beef tonight it was ice cream. Food images from a not so distant childhood had taken on very particular significance. "Do you mind if I join you?" he said prettily and that magic number sixty-nine began to take on significance too. He coated my dick with so much spittle and made me so hot that between that and the pre-cum there was no need of lubricant. "Sure you donít want to wear a condom?" he asked, "Iíve got a pretty hairy ass. You might think youíre fucking a birdís nest." That image made me even hornier. Meat, ice cream and now scrambled eggs. This was turning out to be a fun, fuck feast.

"Go easy on me," he said, "Iím usually a top." That, of course, made me even more excited and I wanted to rape him there and then. He wrapped his sexy legs around my neck and pushed upwards to engulf my engorged cock. "I want to look into your eyes," he said, "so you can see how much I love you already and how happy my ass is to know you. That goes for me too." he added. With that I slipped in easily and felt a terrific heady sensation as I entered another human being for the first time in my life. Like a sailor on his maiden voyage. This time I had an image of a newly launched ship slowly leaving its moorings. And I knew as I felt the sensual swell of him that the inaugural champagne was soon going to come pouring out of me. Excited and exultant, I guided my dick down his anal channel and headed for uncharted seas.

The first impact was like poetry in motion. Iíd never been very good at writing poetry but now there was no other way to describe the sensations I was feeling. The moment I brought my coals to his hold, my dick felt like it was in the middle of a fiery furnace that only my semen could quench. As my pounding piston built up speed inside him, he enflamed me so much that I wanted to sear right through him. Until the steam came hissing out of his ears and nostrils. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him towards me. I was hoping to see the love heíd promised me in his eyes but they were glazed and absent like the statues of enlightened virgins that one finds in Italian churches. But there was definitely love in his embrace. Hot smouldering love. Our lips met and the heat we produced between us almost soldered them together. His tongue stabbed my mouth with the same intensity as my dick was stabbing his ass. We lunged and we plunged over turbulent waves of passion until we found ourselves shipwrecked on a peaceful shore of sublime sexual fulfilment.

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Fuck. I never realized I had so much poetry inside me. Nor passion for that matter. And I finally knew the meaning of sublime. It was the only word to explain how I felt. And I knew David felt it too. We were well and truly David and Jonathan. One flesh. Inseparable. Just as D is from J when youíre talking about disco music. And I suppose ours was the music of the spheres. Ok, enough already. I know Iím waxing too lyrical but when youíve got all that bubbling up inside you itís hard to describe the jizz without the fizz.

Well thatís about it I think. Nothing more to tell you Iím afraid. Iíve written and fucked myself out. Life is good and the only thing that could possibly make it better is a bigger room and a much bigger bed and maybe a higher ceiling so we can have cum competitions. That probably doesnít sound very hygienic cumin from a would-be nurse but remember we still have to get through our exams. And settle down. And forge a future together.

Oh, and Iíve just remembered something else. The other night when we were fucking like rabbits I told him about my first impressions when I came to the hospital. Particularly the one about the rabbits running freely outside and us being imprisoned in a labyrinth of corridors. I kissed him and thanked him for making me feel so free.

"Donít speak too soon," he said, "Remember my name is David Warren!"

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