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David And Goliath by Will
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor David was pretty damn sick and tired of the army by now -- and bored out of his flippin’ mind. He had come to realize that he didn’t have the needed resolve to take mindless orders from a bunch of hairy, single-minded mesomorphs. And a concern about becoming an eventual target, or killing machine, in the Middle East was starting to really get to him. He had wandered from the camp that morning, heading toward the banks of the river. The part of the river that he loved most was where it ran wide and shallow, and became almost mirror-like in the hot Georgia sun. It was a perfectly beautiful spot. And, David, strolling along with his army jacket slung over one broad shoulder, was a rather beautiful sight himself. He was breathtakingly handsome, with a well-built 18- year-old body. He stood five foot, ten inches and weighed one hundred thirty pounds of taut, solid musculature. His hair was red and cut within an inch of his head. He had blazing emerald green eyes and a snub nose, a sexy mouth with a sulky lower lip – and his cheeks dimpled attractively when he smiled to reveal his pearly whites.

He wore a tank top tee shirt. His stomach revealed a series of overlapping muscles, creased down the middle; his slender waistline looked almost hipless. His olive drab trousers adhered becomingly to the taut, high cheeks of his grapefruit-sized buns. He was a Norman Rockwell-esque vision of young, All-American manhood, as he strolled along that morning, over the grassy knoll toward the banks of the river.

There was a balmy breeze, and it licked sensuously around David Dwyers’s warm, taut flesh. He experienced an idle stir of erotic need in his balls, his dick twitching firmly against his leg. It had been some time since he had been laid. He was a very bored and very horny fellow.

Coming up to the river, he walked over under the big magnolia tree that he enjoyed stretching out and daydreaming under. He was just about to drop down on his haunches when he saw movement several hundred feet away on the edge of the river. It was a man. A Black man. A big Black man. He had just emerged from the waters of the river, and was standing there on the shore, buck-naked.

Heated flickers of erotic electricity shot sharply through the bored mind of David Dwyers. He was just a trifle worried about this intense arousal he was experiencing while observing this Black guy from a distance. But, despite his Republican concern, his loins continued to tighten and twitch with unusual, ever-increasing excitement. Without even beginning to realize what he was doing, he crouched down and in stealth darted from tree to tree in the direction of the bathing Black dude.

Finally, moving up behind a cluster of bushes, he excitedly peered through, getting one hell of an eyeful. The fear and uniqueness of the situation had David’s dick as hot and as rigid as never before. It quivered and sprang about wildly inside his pants as he drank in the spectacular sight of the big brawny Black guy who seemed to glow in the seductive brightness of the Georgia sunlight.

DIAAM! The black dude was one phenomenal specimen of superior Afrikan American manhood. Towering six foot two, he weighed two hundred and twenty pounds of rock hard, rippling musculature. He had just gone skinny-dipping in the soothing waters of the river, and now was toweling off, letting the streaming Georgia sunlight stream and gleam all over his hulking, powerful body.

His name, unknown to David, was Goliath Washington. He was twenty-five years old, and worked as a farmhand in nearby Stokersville. Being a moody kind of guy, Goliath liked to get off to himself on occasion. This was one of those times.

Goliath was rather handsome, with slightly crude, masculine features. His perfect shaped head was crowned by tight, shiny wooly hair, cropped extremely short. The eyes were deep-set and burning brown. His nose was flat and rather broad, he had full sensuous lips, and the teeth were perfect, and brilliantly white. His body was an excellent physical structure of consummate health; that amazing flesh was a deep rich medium-brown and glistened luxuriously in the Georgia sunlight like well-polished mahogany. Those shoulders were wide with powerfully developed arms; biceps the size of cantaloupe halves. His body tapered dramatically at the middle; his narrow, rippling, washboard stomach was firm and fatless. Kinky black hairs sparsely foamed across his massive brawny chest and down the middle of his stomach, fanning out in a thick black bush at his powerful genitals.

His big juicy cock dangled down between his legs. Even while flaccid it looked enormous. It was a shade darker than the rest of his body. The dangling dick hung over an enormous pair of balls the color of dark chocolate and they bristled with wiry hairs.

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As he rubbed the towel over his body, Goliath’s big muscles rippled and flexed, displaying the beauty of his majestic Afrikan physique. David Dwyers could not help himself; he was overwhelmingly turned-on by the bathing ebony god. And as Goliath Washington rubbed up and down his body, feeling the delicious heat of the sun’s rays on his naked flesh, he too grew aroused. His semi-rigid pecker tingled and expanded as lust-heated blood flamed and scorched through his loins. As the prick continued to further thicken and elongate, David had to struggle to stifle a gasp as he watched the big black thing get huger and huger right before his eyes.

It lifted up victoriously in the air at a forty-five degree angle, incredibly thick around the middle, and stood a good eleven inches in length. The huge black truncheon bobbed and jerked in the air salaciously. Goliath grunted loudly in bestial pleasure as he squeezed the big fingers of one hand around the length of his shiny massive hard-on. He stroked his moist hand up and down on the big meaty pole. The engorged puce-colored knob was large and blunt with a puckered piss slit. A gleaming droplet of pre-come had formed there and sparkled in the generous Georgia sun.

As he watched this magnificent display of masculinity, David suddenly gurgled in alarm, as he squatted down even lower behind those bushes and began frantically holding his breath. He had realized too late that right behind him, not eight feet away, were Goliath’s clothes, beneath a tall Silver Maple tree.

David quickly hunkered down and hugged his knees. Squeezing his eyes shut, hoping that he just might make himself disappear. He heard the big dude stride by the bushes, brushing some of the branches with his thigh. Then he heard rustling sounds behind him, and then, a seemingly loud, audible silence. David held his breath, afraid to move one muscle. What the hell is that Black mutha doing back there, he thought.

Then a deep, mocking, mellifluous voice rang out, almost making David leap sky-high, as Goliath announced: “Why dontcha come on out, white boy, and git a good look at my big, black cock up close?”

David swung around, his big bright green eyes bulging as he stared back toward the magnolia tree. Goliath was sitting there on the grass, leaning against the tree trunk, still buck-naked. One of his hands was looped behind his woolly head. The other was wrapped around his eleven-inch erection. He lewdly stroked his fingers up and down the vein-etched staff of stiff shiny meat, grinning wolfishly in David's direction.

“Git on over here, white boy!” gruffly commanded Goliath.

As if controlled by some unseen force, David stood up and ambled the few steps to where the Black dude was sitting. Staring down at him with his smoldering emerald green eyes, his face was flushed with excitement. Goliath’s hot brown eyes whipped up and down the young man’s fair-skinned, redheaded body, liking what he saw.

“Git your clothes off boy, I wanna see what ya look like naked!” gruffly demanded the black dude.

David did not know what it was about this black guy, but he instantly felt compelled to immediately obey Goliath’s every command. With trembling fingers, David grabbed hold of his tank top and hauled it over his head, letting it flutter down to the grass. The black man could see the bulge in the crotch of David’s trousers, and he grunted in appreciation when the young man unzipped his pants and pulled them off along with his boxer shorts. A soft tangle of lush reddish-pink curls surrounded the rigid base of his upright, throbbing eight-inch prick. A pair of moist, peaches and cream balls dangled beneath his thick cudgel, which sawed the air with urgent need.

“Turn around!” Goliath thickly growled, “Lemme see that hot faggot ass!”

David flinched at those words, but he eagerly complied – his heart pounding with wild excitement, his cock twitching in the balmy air. He shuffled around and Goliath gave a deep grunt of appreciation as he set eyes on the cupped, smooth slopes of David’s tight, firm buttocks. They were unblemished, creamy-white and melon-sized, creased by a moist crack, dimpled at the top. The sight of them gave the big black buck a surge of masculine lust, his huge horsemeat jerking and twitching savagely in his fingers.

“Git over here, boy!” Goliath thickly rasped.

Turning around, David stumbled forward and dropped to his knees between the thick muscular legs of the black man. Goliath reached out, hooking his strong fingers around the back of David’s neck and roughly tugged him forward. Before David knew it, Goliath was greedily kissing him on the mouth, working his big thick lips all over the young red-haired dude’s hot boyish mouth, thrusting his tongue up into his mouth and swirling it around, trading spit.

David’s quivering young body was pressing down on the hard, muscled physique of the brawny Black man as they kissed hungrily, and he felt Goliath’s beefy hands run down his back and squeeze around the taut lobes of his virginal ass cheeks. Goliath pushed his fingers into the hot crack, kneading David’s buns and humping upward with his hips, his huge brown cock lying alongside David’s healthy member, sandwiched between their taut muscled stomachs.

Goliath drew his face away from David’s, staring up into the redheaded boy’s face, a sexy grin creasing his Negroid features. He released David’s buns and leaned back, folding his hands behind his head.

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“Okay…white boy…Lick my beautiful Black warrior’s body! I wanna feel your hot tongue sliding all over me, punk! Come on, GIT BUSY!!”, snarled the husky Black voice.

David was only too willing to oblige. With a small moan, he scooted down and pressed his hungry mouth against the big slope of Goliath’s right pec, kissing it lewdly, running his long wet tongue over the sweaty flesh and through the tangled, kinky black hairs there. He licked and sucked and kissed at the musky Negro’s body, suckling each of his huge puckered paps. He ran his tongue slowly up and down each of Goliath’s flaring lats, burying his face wantonly into the black dude’s pungent armpits, letting the sweaty heat envelope his face, his nostrils quivering as he inhaled the musky masculine aroma, letting it sear through him like amyl nitrate. He tongued the kinky hairs under each of Goliath’s arms, lapping up the sweat there. He moved up and kissed and sucked Goliath’s bulging orange-sized biceps too.

Goliath shuddered, enjoying the sensation of that warm satiny tongue and those pliant sucking lips stealing across his slick hot flesh. David trembled in excitement as he worked his way down Goliath’s body, tonguing and smooching at the hot black flesh, rolling his licker over the slopes of the black guy’s stomach, pausing to twirl the tip of it in the hollow of his navel. Then he felt the solid log of flesh and gristle pulsating against his cheek, as the redheaded boy gave a throaty gasp of sluttish pleasure, burying his nose and lips into the kinky thatch of pubes at the base of Goliath Washington’s rigid pecker. He sniffed at the Black man’s musky thighs as he laved at the hairy flesh, running his tongue down over the dangling scumbag, tickling it and suckling on it, nibbling it between his teeth.

“Yeah, Lick my big nigga balls, slut boy! Lick ‘em faggot!” Goliath growled huskily, reaching down and raking his fingers through David’s short red hair.

David was hungrily slurping his circled lips around each ball, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could. He ran his long wet tongue all along the underside of Goliath’s scrotum, licking him there till Goliath’s balls quivered and tightened with red-hot pleasure. Then David moved back up to the throbbing upright length of the big black dude’s eleven inches. He gave a hoarse moan of pleasure as he fastened his lips with lamprey-like eagerness to the thrusting column of solid meaty nigga cock, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked on it, running his lips and tongue up and down the stiff staff, painting it with saliva.

He rolled his slobbery tongue all over the pulpy mushroom-shaped knob of Goliath’s dick-head, tasting the salty tang of sweat and piss and pre-come there. He yawned open his jaws and circled his wet pink lips around the giant member, pushing his face down on it, groaning with bestial excitement. The nigga meat squelched over his wriggling tongue, which curled around the underside of it, forming a satiny trough over which it rode rhythmically as Goliath began to growl and hunch upward with his hips.

“Yeah, suck my black dick, punk! Suck it good! Yeah, yeah, faggot, suck it!” muttered the sex-controlled black man, clamping his strong fingers around the back of David’s head, shoving him down brutally on his upright cock.

David’s eyes bulged as he felt the greasy cock-knob bang against the back of his mouth, forcing his throat to stretch around it. Tears sprang to his young eyes and he gagged and choked, trying to pull away from the Negro stud’s relentless grip. But Goliath roughly pushed the redheaded G.I. down on his upright prong, stroking all eleven inches of it into David’s mouth and throat. David’s gurgling, bloated lips and upturned nose were plunged into the thick, sweaty, kinky thatch of pubes at the base of Goliath’s ramrod, and he shuddered, feeling his gullet getting totally stretched by rigid pecker meat.

“Yeah, white boy, you suck cock good, but it's that tight white ass I want, man! I gonna fuck that hot tight ass real good, baby!” muttered Goliath. His burning brown eyes wildly darted down David’s back to his curvy upturned buns that glistened whitely in the streaming Georgia morning sunlight. Leaning forward, Goliath slid his large hands down David’s tapering back until those jubilant hands were clenched around the cheeks of the pretty redheaded dude’s ass. He kneaded, and squeezed and patted David’s buns, while Private First-Class Dwyers sucked and milked his dick greedily, pumping his flushed face up and down on the rigid eleven inch slab of scalding Afrikan manhood – his lips hungrily swarming all over the pulsating staff of hot nigga meat, loving it.

“MMMMMMM, yeah, suck that fuckin’ cock! Yeah! Yeah! That’s good, man…. that’s reeeaalll good!”, Goliath huskily muttered, his eyes closed, as he hunched back and forth with his hips as David loudly slurped and orally serviced his big, black, burning stud tool.

Leaning forward, he got on his knees in front of the crouching boy, feeding him his raging hard-on, and bent over till his full, moist sensuous lips were lustily pressed against the small of David’s back. His ravaging tongue bathed, licked and kissed the smooth taut flesh there, then running his salvia soaked licker down into the red-haired G.I.’s hot butt crack. He peeled back the small satiny lobes of David’s ass with his huge black thumbs and surveyed the puckered little rosette of the young soldier’s hot tight rectum. It winked at him spasmodically, gleaming with small beads of sweat. Hungrily, Goliath lashed his long wet tongue up and down that hot, sweaty butt crack, savoring the musky flavor – his swirling licker methodically lapped over the tasty, puckered anus, stimulating it voraciously, forcing it, forcing it, and forcing it, until it victoriously squelched deep inside David's furnace-hot asshole.

David’s eyes bulged as shockwaves of intense fiery pleasure furiously whisked through his bowels. This experience was uniquely electrifying for David. While he sucked wildly on Goliath's cock in his mouth, the brawny Negro voraciously sucked, licked and tongue-fucked his young virgin butthole. It sure felt might damn good to have that long wet tongue squirming around deep inside his hot itching rectum. Primeval desire was flooding in dark, heady waves as his asshole clutched and sucked around Goliath’s hot intruding tongue.

Goliath suddenly pulled back, drawing the entire length of his huge cock out of David’s mouth and throat. He quickly scrambled around, as his gigantic cock stuck rigidly up in the balmy air, dripping profusely with the G.I.’s spit and his own copious pre-come. In that flurry of action, the big black stud rapidly got behind David, who was down on all fours, and savagely fisting his huge meat, he pushed it down, and fiercely guided the greasy knob between the pliant cheeks of David’s sweet young virginal ass. David felt the satiny lobes of his clenched boyish buns spread wide apart by the invasive, seemingly, fist-sized knob of Goliath’s huge horse-cock, as mingled excitement and trepidation flooded throughout him. He tightly closed his eyes and chewed on his lower lip. His young cock wildly twitching between his legs, as hard as a steel ramrod; his big dangling nuts bloated with virile, teenage boy cum.

He gasped as Goliath’s greasy cock-head banged up against the puckered rosette of his saliva-imbued asshole. He shuddered when the huge black warrior leaned forward and gripped hold of his waist, fiercely holding him steady. Goliath gave out a husky growl, and tightening his ass cheeks, slammed forward with primitive brute force. For a brief instant, the stubbornly clenched asshole resisted the black phallus assault – and finally, spasming, it gave way, stretching and stretching beyond belief in order to accommodate the immense proportions of Goliath Washington's over-sized whanger.

The lust-crazed nigga bellowed wildly in bestial pleasure as the mushroomed-shaped corona of his big black dick popped moistly inside the furnace-hot interior of David’s young ass. The lust-crazed Black man felt the young White dude’s hot, tight sphincter muscle snapping snugly around the fat, thick stem of his cock.

Digging his thick rough fingers into David’s sides, he churned forward with frenzied brute force, driving all eleven inches of his bull-dick up to his short kinky hairs, inside of the G.I.’s scalding guts.

He rocked from side to side, twitching his huge cock deep inside the glove-like fuck tunnel, his sweaty kinky pubes pressed against David’s squirming white buns. As the enormous erection skewered him totally, David threw back his head and loudly uttered a hoarse sob of mingled pain and pleasure. White-hot agony accompanied the brutal penetration. But as Goliath began to rhythmically stroke back and forth, fucking into David hard and fast, the pain abated rapidly and a deep surge of primitive pleasure exploded in the boy’s cock-stuffed guts. His vision was dim and his entire body tingled with erotic fires. He was moaning and tossing his head from side to side as he pushed his little butt back eagerly, jubilantly impaling himself on the shiny black eleven-inch sword of Goliath’s Afrikan manhood….

“Yeah, White boy, Yeah!! Take my monster nigga cock up your tight pink pussy hole!” huskily muttered Goliath, his fingers digging into David’s sides, pumping vigorously back and forth, sliding the entire length of his huge, throbbing truncheon up inside the groaning G.I. again and again and again.

“AAAW!!! Y-YEAH!! YEAAAH!! UNGH! UNGH!! UNGH!” hoarsely gasped David through clenched teeth, as electric shockwaves of sheer, over-mastering pleasure shoot mercilessly throughout his entire body. Each time that huge black horsemeat speared up into his tender guts, it felt more and more intensely pleasurable. His taut, muscled body glistened and gleamed with sweat and his fingers raked frantically into the grassy earth at the foot of the Magnolia tree. He loved the exhilarating sensation of the brawny black buck’s sweaty, powerful thighs beating a hot moist tattoo against his upturned tush. He had arched his back and was slamming back against Goliath’s ramrod, gleefully taking it deeply up inside him. His own rock-hard prick twitched and quivered each time the black stud plugged deeply into his guts, stroking that ebony, steel-hard bull-meat over the redheaded G.I.’s sensitized prostate.

Goliath hunched over the enraptured young white guy, running his hands all over the David’s ‘V’ shaped back and around his middle. He stroked his big masculine sweaty finger up the rippling slopes of David’s taut, washboard belly and cupped his hands around the twin mounds of David’s hard, hilly pecs. The heels of his hands roughly ground against the puckered paps there, making them tingle with erotic pleasure. He strummed the lust-enraptured G.I.’s nipples with his thumbnails, leaning down and licking and sucking at the nape and side of David’s heated neck. He whispered hot, filthy, obscene things into David’s ear as he primitively plowed into that cute little ass with hard, steady, unrelenting thrusts.

“Yeah, boy, you gonna make this nigga come like a mutha fucka! Uh huh! Uh huh! That hot, tight little boy pussy of yours gone milk my big coconut-balls real dry, man! I can feel it! Oh shit I can feel it coming! I’m Coming! Oh, Oh, Oh Shit! YEAH! YEAH! Take it faggot boy! YEAH! TAKE IT! UGH! UGH! UGH! HERE I FUCKIN’ C-C-C-CUUM!!!!” thickly bellowed the Black stud as he wildly ejaculated.

Goliath arched that beautiful, sweat-soaked, muscled-back, his Nubian features twisting into a grimace of contorted bestial pleasure, as he stabbed his huge eleven-inch prick way up to the wiry-haired balls inside David, and then fiercely holding it there, deep within that furnace-hot haven. The cock expanded considerably as Goliath’s loins exploded with white hot, primitive heat. Thick scalding squirts of man-juice ricocheted up inside David’s tubes, spraying with hose-like intensity, deep within his young quivering guts.

David gave out a weak moan of dazed delight, feeling the huge cock spraying semen into his innards, filling them up. His own meat was quivering and trembling between his legs and his knees felt on the verge of collapse.

Finally Goliath released a bestial grunt, then gently eased back till the entire length of his horse-sized cock had popped moistly out of the outrageously stretched bunghole. The still-erect big greasy black slab of manmeat snapped up against Goliath’s rippling stomach with a moist slapping sound, quivering rigidly, dripping with come, and spit, and ass juice.

“Roll over on your back, White boy!” snapped Goliath huskily.

David was dizzy with wild euphoria, and he complied with blind obedience, flopping over onto his back on the cool grassy earth, staring up at the big brawny, conquering black man, who towered over him like a black, naked, Jolly Green giant.

The drooping branches of the magnolia tree, hazily outlined by sunshine, glistened against the translucent blue expanse of the blue of sky overhead, and the burbling, gurgling rush of the river waters against the banks echoed sleepily in David’s ears. His young rock-hard prick stood valiantly up in the air, pulsating with frenzied erotic need. His little pink asshole ached deliciously from the hard fucking he’d just been subjected to.

Goliath’s blazing brown eyes drank in the luscious sight of the red-haired G.I.’s naked body, liking what he saw. With a guttural grunt he dropped to his knees on the loamy soil in between David’s widespread legs. Bending forward he gripped hold of David’s arms and pushed them up and way from his body. He then feverishly began licking his wet, velvety tongue over each of the young man’s puckered nipples, catching them between his teeth and nibbling and sucking at them hungrily. David moaned and squirmed as darts of almost unendurable pleasure scattered throughout his upper body, as the black farmhand’s hot, slobbery mouth moved and mowed all over his tanned upper body. Big black Goliath savored the tangy taste of the young soldier’s body, moving down till he was staring at David's upright cock. His big black hand scooped up the G.I.’s heavy nuts, fingering and squeezing them, as he ran his long wet tongue up and down the corrugated length of the rigid white pecker, painting it with spit.

“AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Y-YEEEEAAH!” groaned David, grimacing in delight, as tremors of fiery pleasure shot throughout his cock. His young, flushed body thrashed and squirmed in ecstasy as the black dude’s satiny heated tongue, and thick, wet, lips moved rhythmically up and down the length of his rigid meat, working it over hungrily. Then Goliath surrounded the boy’s pulpy, mushroom-shaped cockhead with his puckered sucking lips, milking at it furiously, hollowing his cheeks as he created a vacuum in his hot mouth. Mercilessly he pumped his face up and down between the white boy’s thighs, taking inch after inch of the hard thick prick deeply into his mouth. His wet wriggling tongue curled around the underside of David’s meat, forming a silken trough over which the erection pumped back and forth as the young soldier began to hunch with his hips.

Goliath swallowed hard, shuddering in bestial pleasure as the rigid thick red-hot truncheon squelched down into his throat; simultaneously, his full, circled, sucking lips plunged tightly against David’s frothy nest of pink pubes. He sucked at the big boy-dick voraciously, jerking his face up and down on it, tickling and plucking at the young sweaty balls, as the young soldier gurgled and gasped and heaved with his hips. More and more pleasure kept building and building like smoldering explosives in his youthful, over-heated crotch. His fingers frantically razed and raked over the black guys short cropped hair, urgently pulling Goliath’s head tighter in between his tense, trembling legs. His big nuts were swelling and smoldering like white-hot coals, and his stomach tightened as though it contained fireflies with burning wings.

“AWWWWWW! Y-YE-YEAH!! SUCK IT, MAN! SUCK IT!! AWWWW, SHIT, SHIT!! I’M GONNA CUM, MAN!! I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ CUUUUM! AARRRGGGGH!” screamed David. His ass heaved up frantically, his fat rock-hard dick jerked and thickened in Goliath’s slurping mouth. The brawny black dude released a gravelly moan of pleasurable appreciation as copious hot gobs of stud juice blasted from David’s piss slit, spraying relentlessly into his welcoming mouth, rolling in thick gruelly streams down his greedy gulping throat. He swallowed the white boy’s hot jism as fast as he could. David shrieked and grunted and shuddered, with iridescent fireworks going off behind his eyes as he was wracked by the most overwhelming pleasurable orgasms he had ever experienced in his young life.

Finally, big Black Goliath, lifted his head, allowing David’s dick to pop moistly from between his thick lustful lips, and he scooted up. Bending down, he clamped those thick lips to the G.I.’s tiny pink mouth, sucking and kissing it and then sticking his tongue in between those sweet young lips, letting some of the boy’s own cum travel in. Then, rising up on his haunches with a grunt, Goliath deftly got to his feet. Striding over to where his clothing lay in a piled heap, he started dressing. Weakly, David sat up and through hazy, post-orgasmic eyes he watched the big black buck getting dressed.

Finally pulling on a tattered tee shirt, Goliath turned and gave one last look over at the dazed white boy he had just fucked and sucked. Flashing David a dazzling grin, he huskily said: “Maybe I’ll catch ya around again sometime, white boy. That’s a nice tight little booty ya got on ya!” And then he was gone, swiftly striding away, up the river trail in the direction of Haggster’s farm.

Private first class, David Dwyers, slowly got to his feet and reached for his clothes. He felt confused, humiliated, abandoned…and yet deliciously satisfied. And, yeah, he was still pretty darn sick and tired of the army -- but he had a damn good feeling that he wasn’t going to be bored anymore.

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