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Dash the Hunter by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

I shifted in my chair as did the other two judges, a cute Japanese girl and a rather handsome and well built Japanese male, as we waited for the contest’s MC to get the show rolling. The young lady was dressed up as one of the sponsoring company’s new anime characters and the young man, from the same company, was an executive producer of that same anime. The young man had plucked me out of the line to get into the contest not more than 20 minutes earlier, frantically explaining in poor English that the third judge was ill and could I take his place? I had agreed, and now here I was, sitting at a table facing the stage with the other judges and waiting for the contest to begin.

I had already attended a few of these contests at A-Con, the large anime convention held each year, and had seen the well done costumes and rehearsed acting that were the hallmark of a good cosplayer. I enjoyed this part of the convention, for not only were there the blighted ones like the 300 pound female (and sometimes to my horror, a male) trying to fit into a too tight and revealing sailor outfit of their favorite character, but also cute little girls in the same outfits as well as in bottle fairy getup, sexy leather gear and princess attire. What I appreciated the most were the guys that had the looks and the bodies to pull off some very sexy looking cosplay, my favorites were those that were bare-chested with perhaps only a belt of bullets across them or a loose short ‘genie’ type vest that allowed their full pecs to show. The cosplay I was judging tonight would be the guys that had chosen to cosplay as one of the four main male characters from this company’s new anime. I was especially interested, for not only were all four of the characters buff and long haired (according to the studio prints we were to use as reference during the judging), but were also nearly naked! I was staring at the one print that I’d decided I could easily have sex with when the MC finally called the audience to order and, apologizing for the delay with the comment that a few of the contestants had some costume “emergencies,’ started the contest. The first young man, in the costume of Dash the Hunter, walked onto the stage and my heart nearly stopped!

Long brown hair cascaded from his head down to meet someplace at his ass crack, his locks kept out of his face by sets of braided hair pulled back to corral the rest. Thick brown leather bands were at his neck, swelling biceps and thighs, with a thinner band of leather holding what looked like an arrow quiver on his back. Briefs and half boots made out of soft brown leather comprised the rest of his outfit, and he did a small rendition of the character’s ability to rapid-fire arrows with the large ‘magic’ bow he’d rigged to glow each time he pulled back on an arrow. I was entranced by the young man’s muscular and interestingly smooth body, as well as the promising bulge in the front of those leather briefs. When he finished his set, he bowed to us and then the audience and walked off, his long hair teasing his bubbled butt as he moved away.

Two other guys came out and did something similar, but one was much too overweight to be attempting this character while the other one was much too thin. We watched them do their skits, politely clapped after each and then waited for the next young man. From the list we’d been handed rather hurriedly, the next group of young men would be cosplaying the mage character from the anime. The reference shot we had showed a young man, again shirtless except for what looked like a high collared and long cape that brushed the top of his boots, the only other thing between his neck and boots seemed to be a long strip of fabric held at the waist similar to an Indian’s waistcloth at the front and back. This fabric piece was much longer in front, nearly reaching to past the knees, but wasn’t very wide and allowed the entire side of his legs to show around the fabric. A large staff topped with a chevron device complemented the intricate designs on the white cape and waistcloth of the mage. Interestingly, as in most anime, the mage had long blue hair rather than a normal human color. The MC got the contestants organized a bit more and then who should walk out onto stage but the guy who had done the best Dash, this time dressed as the mage!

Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

This man had the mage character down perfectly as well, the long blue hair carefully arranged around the high neck of the silk like cape and the flow of the fabric off his wide shoulders to reach down to just hit the tops of his soft leather boots, just like in the reference photo we had. The waistcloth was tied by a thin silver cord so that it would hold up to his movements but be unobtrusive to the costume as the character in the anime didn’t seem to have anything holding up the waistcloth. I especially liked the fact that, while his guy bits were safely tucked into the fabric of the waistcloth, they could be seen nestled within the fabric whenever the front flap moved aside during his skit, and the cord made him completely naked on the sides from shoulder to boot top.

His staff’s chevron symbol lit up as well as he intoned some magical incantations while waiving the staff and pointing it about, again perfectly in character and wonderful to look at. I glanced down at the list of contestants and realized that this young man had entered all four male characters into the cosplay! According to this list his name was Bobbie Murdock, and as he moved off the stage to thunderous applause, I awaited the next time we’d see him. The mage character was the most popular among the young men, and the usual assorted fat and skinny guys attempted it, although one other young man was buff enough to pull it off, but his dark hairy legs and arms as well as thick chest hair detracted from the cosplay although he was good looking enough for me to have asked to my bed. The last mage cosplayer had now walked off the stage and it was time for the next set to begin.

This character was a warrior type, the only one that wore something like armor although he, too, exposed a lot of flesh. Plate mail in the shape of thick male pecs fitted over that portion of his body, a thick leather collar and buckles holding this rig almost like a bra across his back, although straps from the collar ran down to the main strap to help soften this look. What looked like a leather bikini with a plate codpiece fitted over his crotch and his boots reached up with plate from the ankles to cover his kneecaps. Leather gauntlets had plate across the outside of the arm and a curved piece over the elbow echoing the protection of the boots. Thick leather straps buckled around his thighs and biceps (here’s where the rig from the hunter costume could be reused), and the character wielded a mean looking double headed axe. His hair was brown like the hunter’s, but was tied back into a braided ponytail. A few well-placed scars on the bare areas of the character’s torso, swelling biceps and thighs as well as on the left side of the face gave a hard impression to the character. The group started again with Bobbie, who exceeded my wildest dream as he walked out, looking like the reference photo exactly right down to the scars and braided ponytail.

Again, the remaining cosplayers couldn’t hold a candle to Bobbie’s perfection, and finally the last character, the thief, would determine the winner. The thief was probably the most naked of all, his costume seemingly only a pair of a tight black bikini with leather boots tightly encasing his lower legs just up to the lower part of the thigh. Knife holsters were held to his two outer thighs and biceps by strips of leather buckled into place. The only other piece of clothing was a leather bandana that wrapped across his head and pulled his dark hair back into a neat ponytail. Interestingly enough, this character used body paint to darken his skin, for any exposed skin was smeared with a mottled paint. Two contestants came out, both thin and somewhat doing a good job, then Bobbie walked out and stole the prize.

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Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

I watched in awe as this young muscular man, dappled with what looked like sponged on black paint all over his body and with obvious heavy equipment showing through the tight bikini he wore do an intricate dance with his knives that made the audience itself sigh with pleasure. The black paint only accentuated his naked perfection, and when the dance was over, he took a short bow, winked at me for some odd reason, and then left the stage. I don’t think the other judges had any qualms about my insistence on awarding the grand prize to Bobbie, and I let them choose the other prizewinners as indeed, not one of them had done the same work as Bobbie had on all his costumes. Besides that, he was damn hot!

A short while later the cosplayers were all lined up on the stage and the MC had our awards ready to go. Three young men, slender/skinny with nice smiles and distinct Asian heritage, received the lesser prizes and walked off to the winners’ side of the stage where they excitedly compared each other’s non-muscles to their own non-existent ones. From the glint in the young lady’s eyes beside me, at least one if not all of those skinny guys were going to get lucky later that evening. If only that would happen for me, I thought as I stood up to bring the grand prize trophy and the $1,000 prize check up to Bobbie as his name was called as the winner.

Up close he was incredible, even though his body was coated in the black paint and much handsomer than I’d even thought. He was a bit stunned, especially when the ‘handsome judge’ got up to give him his awards, but recovered quickly and, as I handed him the prize check, slipped something into my hand. He moved, trophy and check in hand to the winners’ circle, and the photo sessions began, the four young men posing for the cameras as I moved off to the side of the stage and looked at what he’d handed me.

A thin white card with one side having a magnetic strip winked up at me and when I turned it over, a room number in the hotel was scrawled onto it as well as a little note asking to be returned later that evening for a reward to Bobbie. I put the room key card into my pocket and after my stint with the photo session was over as judge, I thanked my other two judges (watching with a smile as one young winner went off with the young lady and the other two went off with the handsome young producer) and returned to my room to freshen up for the evening.

Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

When the time arrived I was showered, shaved and ready in front of Bobbie’s hotel room door, knocking first before using the key as I was obviously supposed to do. I entered and closed the door, shooting the privacy lock considering that it also was apparent to me that was to happen. A few minutes later Bobbie walked out, wearing nothing but his smeared body paint and a big grin. “Hi, Mr. Danvers! Thanks for returning my key card to me.” His hair really is long and brown, I thought as I watched him shake it out and then pull it back from his face. “I sure could use your help getting this gunk off me.”

“Sure, Bobbie, what kind of help do you want?”

He handed me a tube of some cream and replied, “The place I got the body paint from said this would take it off, but I need to be in the shower to do it as I guess the paint is waterproof but this cream isn’t. It’s all weird science to me.” I read the directions on the tube and explained to the young stud how it worked.

“I see, the cream binds to the paint and makes it come off with water and soap,” I told him, “so I guess you do need to be in the shower and washing while the cream is being applied.”

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Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

“One of the other contestants helped do my back before the show,” Bobbie said, “but I’d appreciate it if you’d help me remove all of it.” I nodded and removed my clothing as well, Bobbie’s grin widening if possible as more and more of my gym hardened body was revealed to him. He gasped a bit at the size of my cock and boldly reached out to hold my heavy balls for a few minutes before reluctantly turning and leading me to the bathroom. We both got into the shower area and, after he set up the water temperature to his liking, we started the process.

I rubbed the cream into his soft skin until the body paint began to smear and combine with the cream, then Bobbie would hold the tube while I soaped up that same area of soft skin and rinsed it off under the shower. We moved slowly over his painted body, doing perhaps a five or six inch square area at a time, until finally his body was fully clear of the paint. Of course, now my body had bits and blotches of the paint infused cream, so Bobbie carefully soaped and washed me clean, spending a bit more time than necessary on my chest, abs and heavy equipment before we both rinsed off and stepped out of the shower.

Naturally, both of us were sporting full hard cocks and in a fluid motion Bobbie sank down and started sucking on my cock, his left hand wandering over my body where he could reach while his right hand flogged his meat and stroked his body. The little fucker got me to shoot my load down his throat, and as he gobbled up my spunk, he coated my hairy ankle and foot with his own boy juice. When both of us had caught our breath (and he let my cock slip finally from his talented mouth), he grinned up at me and said, “Like my prizes, that was only your first one!” and bent low to lick his juice off my lower leg and foot. That was sexy in itself, something I’d never did nor had done to me before, and I enjoyed it until he stood up and led me into the bedroom. “Wait here, Mr. Danvers, I’ll be right back,” Bobbie said as he sat me on the bed. He returned to the bathroom and closed the door, returning maybe after twenty minutes or so with the toilet flushing behind him.

Like a limpet he reattached his mouth to my crotch and soon had me so horny that I couldn’t focus, then he quickly straddled my body and lowered himself onto my cock, wincing a little bit as he adjusted to my rather large cock and then squatted fully down to take my entire length up inside him!

Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

“Yeah, this is prize #2,” he chortled at the look on my face. “I knew the second you saw me as Dash you wanted me, Mr. Danvers, and when I saw you I knew I wanted you to have me. I just had to figure out the best way to do it.” He sighed happily, wriggling his butt to move my cock around inside him and then continued, “This was my first cosplay experience so I guess I did OK?”

I gasped as his talented ass milked my cock and, catching my breath again, replied, “you little bastard, you know you were the only choice with your body and your amazing ability to exactly hit what each character should look like.” He wriggled again and we both gasped. “I had little trouble convincing Miss Woo and Mr. Wong that you had done your job properly.”

Bobbie laughed, his exquisite abs moving delightfully as he did so. “I knew Woo and Wong had a thing for skinny guys, so I wasn’t too worried that they’d want my card, but I knew you liked what you saw so that’s why I gave it to you. Besides,” he said, bending forward to plant a big kiss on my lips, “you are exactly my type.”

I held him in my arms and rolled us both over so that he was now pinned under my muscled weight, his legs spread wide and held in place by my outstretched arms. “Time for me to really take my second prize,” I said as I began pounding his muscled ass and thrusting my hard thick cock into him. Bobbie was a screamer and had to shove a bit of a pillow into his mouth to keep the noise down, but when he was ready to shoot, his screams lowered in volume to mere moans of pleasure as his orgasm coated his smooth muscled chest and tight abs. I coated his insides with my own man jizm and when done I just flopped on top of my boy stud, our heartbeats interestingly slowing down and matching as we dozed off…

Badpuppy Model - Giovanni

…a knock on the door woke us both and in the pale morning light we fumbled around a bit until a second and more insistent knock got Bobbie, tousled hair and all, wrapped in a towel to answer the door.

“Mr. Murdock? I have your costumes here that you left behind last night.” Bobbie stood aside as the young male bellhop brought in the wheeled cart containing the plastic covered hangers with his costumes on them. “You also left before you could receive your free prizes from the company,” explained the bell hop as he handed Bobbie an envelope containing copies of the photos taken at the prize ceremony, a small bag containing convention ‘swag’ and then the big prize, a DVD of the not yet released Anime to which his characters belonged. Bobbie thanked the young man, noting the furtive looks from him at Bobbie’s nearly naked body, and selected a few of the more revealing photos out of the envelope. Those plus a nice tip were handed to the flustered boy with a smile and thanks, who blushed prettily and thanked ‘Mr. Murdock’ before skipping away like he was on cloud 9.

I came out of the bedroom after I heard the door close and the privacy lock re-engage and smiled at Bobbie as he checked over the costumes. “All there?” I asked and he nodded, saying that the thief costume was the only one missing since he came home in it . I pulled him close to me and, pulling off the towel, hugged him to me as I kissed his full lips hard. “I’ve never made out with a hunter, mage, warrior or thief before,” I said as I pulled one of the costumes towards us, “I wonder what that would be like?”

Bobbie caught the gleam in my eye and quickly changed into his Dash outfit, which he wore for a good five minutes before its parts lay in a trail towards the bedroom. That day was a good one for anime characters, and as my new young lover posed in different cosplay while I slowly removed each costume from his body, I was glad I’d been there at the right time to be selected as the third judge of the contest. I was especially glad, as I claimed my grand prize for the fifth time that weekend from Bobbie’s full-bubbled butt that I’d truly won the best prize of them all!

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