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Dark Meat Lover by Will
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After week after week of surfing the M4M chatrooms, Zach Nevvins finally met someone who seemed to be his type. However, after chatting for a few minutes he discovered that they weren’t really compatible for a face-to-face. But Zach did ask the guy about his past experiences; mainly if he had ever ‘gone black’.

The guy not only told him about a very pleasurable experience he’d had with a divorced black guy, but gave Zach the guy’s screenname, while making Zach promise never to let the guy know who gave it to him.

Later that Sunday afternoon, via webcam, Zach saw ‘him’, “C12”, online. Zach introduced himself and explained that he’d received his name from someone else online, saying that he had come highly-recommended. C12 was immensely flattered and never once asked who provided Zach with his screenname.

He finally introduced himself as William; William Whorter, and asked Zach about his experiences with men. Zach immediately explained that while he enjoyed being with women, he was continually getting these urges to meet up with a guy whom he would totally service, orally. He continued to explain that he had previously met up with two other guys – and in both cases just doing them, orally, took care of his and their needs.

William Whorter went on to say that if he did meet up with Zach he would really enjoy being orally serviced to completion by him; and that he, himself, also had some oral fantasies that he’d like to explore – ‘with the right guy’. Zach then timidly asked if kissing would be involved, since that was one area he had not explored and wasn’t sure if he were ready for. William quickly assured the man that kissing would not be necessary.

As the conversation went forward William confessed that in his early twenties, when he was going to community college, on certain weekends he’d light up a joint or two and go out to gay-frequented areas and earn some extra cash. Said he was very popular and a lot of white boys were always waiting in line to swallow down his erect black meat. ‘It was a definite thrill-rush’, he laughed. But he had given it up when he got married. But now since he’s divorced, and his wife had taken him, big-time, he was back seeking those sexual thrills, and extra cash, of his younger days.

Zach paused a bit. He viewed his webcam closer -- but the guy didn’t look like a dinosaur to him. “You talk about your younger days, William – how old are you?” asked Zach.

William said he’d be 46-years-old in three months ... but that being older made him more able to go longer and it took him a good hour before he came; and sometimes 2 hours.

Zach Nevvins was younger. Thirty-one to be exact; he was a corporate lawyer at a prestigious firm and he had done well. But his time was extremely limited to meeting the kind of personalities he was seeking. And the more William talked, all the more interesting the ‘idea of William’ became. He had grown to trust the man during the ten-minute span he’d been talking with him. He was a football coach at an inner city high school; so he was responsible.

Zach was super curious as to what to expect, but was totally fired by the idea; so he agreed to meet him as well as offering him a contribution to assist his low-on-cash situation due to his divorce.

The black man robustly offered a loud “cool!” and said that his current phone bill was $233.00, and if Zach paid it for him, he guaranteed that he would enjoy a good long blow on his 12 inches of hard black muscle; and he would also teach Zach how to deep throat it all without gagging.

He told Zach how unbelievably horny he was, because his divorce was recent and hadn’t gotten much pussy lately, since the only guys wanting to connect with him on the M4M chatrooms were Trannies and flamers; and they weren’t his style.

Zach chimed in with the fact that marriage didn’t guarantee a good fuck either, given that nine-times-out-of-ten his own wife would rather spend his money than crawl in bed with him. And then when she was in bed all she did was lay there until he was finished. And whenever he suggested she suck his cock, it would literally sicken her. And after the two kids arrived her need for sex had all but disappeared. Zach Nevvins had blurted out his little secret almost unconsciously, appearing to be almost embarrassed about having confessed his sex life.

“Hey, cool.” said William, “Got two kids myself, and I know the stress kids can put on a marriage.”

Zach noticed the empathy flowing across the black man’s face. He was suddenly drawn to the man as human being and not just merely as a potential sex partner. He was getting hotter by the minute. Then, suddenly things got a bit scary. How did he know he wasn’t being set up for an ambush? Was he being discreet enough? He was so inexperienced with meeting a professional lover of any kind. For several minutes he tortured himself with paranoiac indecisions until he finally just said ‘fuck it!’ There was something about the man staring at him from the PC screen that he really liked. So they decided to meet up.

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But it was difficult for them set a date and keep it. There was always that 40-mile drive in rush-hour traffic, and both of them continually facing their respective family responsibilities. Finally after missing William at a café once, and not hearing from him for a month, they picked a no-fault time and date, and Zach nervously drove an hour to get Mr. Whorter’s house. Up to that point, the most Zach had ever done with a black man was to shake his hand. He puzzled at the thought that guys, as a rule, don’t turn him. And yet here he was speeding through traffic on his way to meet a guy who gets head for money – and doesn’t do much else. But the potential dangers deeply imbedded in the exhilarating mystique of crossing the interracial demarcation was what most, unconsciously, intrigued the corporate lawyer.

Zach located William Whorter’s house just as the sun was setting. As previously instructed he walked up to the door, knocked several times and walked in. William greeted him from at end of a long hallway wearing a long silk black robe, stating in a deep sultry voice: “Yo, Zach, are you ready to do anything I want and need, orally?”

Zach, detecting a bit of authority in that voice, said with a wide grin, “Most definitely I am, Mr. Whorter. Scout’s honor!”

William offered the man a drink and while he made it, mentioned that he felt it best that Zach take care of the business end first. He pointed the corporate lawyer in the direction of a brown envelope on a table in the hall. Swiftly Zach took the two-hundred-and-thirty-three dollars from his wallet and placed them in the envelope. William smiled broadly, handed Zach his drink and invited him to have a seat on the leather sofa. William then excused himself saying he had to make a pit stop. As he made his way off down the hall he grabbed the brown envelope from the table.

When he returned to the living room a few minutes later he warmly told Zach how much he appreciated his extra interest in him; and that he was going to take extra care to ensure he had a great time. He went on to say that nothing in this world made him more crazy-with-lust than the sight of a nice white face doing sweet and nasty things down there between his thick black thighs. A mouth is a mouth, he said, but it was so much better when it was a man’s mouth, because it seemed that white men were much more eager.

William’s large black hand reached out and caressed the corporate lawyer’s face as he added that he wanted Zach’s sole and total attention on the black cock that he would have in his throat and not on the cock between his own legs. He said that that was the only way to maximize Zach’s enjoyment as well as his own. He said he wanted Zach to have just as great a time doing his cock as he would enjoy getting his cock done.

William searched Zach youthful face warmly as he sipped from his drink. “I look pretty good for my age, don’t I?”

Zach regarded the tall, handsome man with the great physique. “You look great,” began Zach. “But I don’t get turned on by a guys looks, I get aroused by his cock.”

William smiled and slid down into a comfortable position on the couch. His voice lowered as he almost growled, “Okay, Zach, open my robe and drop to your knees. You are now my personal bitch for the evening. Git busy!”

William’s words instantly aroused Zach; they sent a sizzling thrill throughout his body. At that precise moment the corporate lawyer knew he was in for a real balls-over-ass adventure. As he undid the silk black robe, Zach discovered William wore only a pair of white nylon bikini briefs. The black cock outlined within those briefs looked huge, at least 8 inches, flaccid, and starting to grow.

After Zach had slipped the briefs down to his ankles, William stood up and turned around. Looking down over his shoulder, William said he knew that Zach wanted to suck his cock real bad, but he had to do everything he wanted him to do, first. “Now stick your tongue up in my ass and eat my hole like it was your wife’s pussy!” growled the black man.

This was in no way what Zach Nevvins wanted nor expected to do. But William was dominantly insistent as he reminded Zach that he had sworn to do anything ‘orally’ that he had asked. The black man was very muscular and extremely overpowering in demeanor and attitude. Also, he had a nice big round ass that was in spectacular shape, probably the result of being a high school football coach. Zach was trembling with hot-crazy-lust to suck that big tasty black cock, but here he was being expected to be a cunt-lapper, too. As Zach brought his tongue and lips to the twitching hole, William added that he wasn’t sure how clean his butt was; but knew it would be as clean as a whistle when Zach was finished eating it out.

Taking a deep breath, Zach stuck his face into the fiery blast of heat from between those two huge globes of flesh. He was thankful that the only scent being generated was a slight aroma of perspiration and that of Irish Spring soap. He generously kissed and smooched around the hole. Almost immediately Zach was infatuated by the mesmerizing smell of the ass.

Then squeezing Zach’s face between his two big beefy cheeks William told the white guy to stop kissing and to start licking.

Zach’s heart was racing wildly, and his hands were icy cold, as he flicked his tongue on that asshole. Slowly he worked his licker around and around and around the hole until he felt the sphincter muscles sucking his tongue inside. It was an unusual, albeit, exhilarating experience. And as the anal muscles clung to his tongue the black man encouraged the white guy to lick and suck his hole for what seemed like an hour. It may have only been 7 or 8 minutes but it seemed like forever to Zach, because he hungered feverishly to kiss, lick, taste, and suck the black man’s cock. And the black man knew this, and was making Zach earn the right.

“You lick ass real good, bitch! But we need to move on!” William finally said, turning around. “Now lick and suck my balls; and don’t you dare harm them.”

William’s black balls were huge and hairy. Zach still lusted to have his spectacular cock in his mouth, but realized that the man had his own plans for the evening. So he commenced to gently lick and suck those fat hairy nuts, one at a time. He tried, but it was totally impossible to get both those balls into his mouth at the same time because of their humungous size. Yet as he licked and sucked, Zach’s lust was fuelled by the thought of the amount of juice such big balls would be pumping out shortly.

“Very good….Very good, indeed, bitch!” growled William ten minutes later. “You’re very close now to getting my cock in your mouth. But I have one more task for you before you are allowed to suck my cock. You still do want to suck my cock, don’t you, sweet gal!?”

“Yes, Mr. Whorter. I will do anything you ask of me, orally. I want to suck your cock.”

“And you will suck me to completion, will you not, BITCH!?”

Zach hesitated. He still wasn’t sure about swallowing cum. But would he do it if commanded to…?

“Hallo in there!” shouted William. “You won’t disappoint me now will you, bitch? You will swallow anything this big black cock can deliver, wont you!?”

“Ah, er… yes! Yes, Mr. Whorter,” Zach responded. “Anything that turns you on, orally! That’s what I agreed to!”

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Standing up, William took Zach by the hand and led him to a master bedroom. He told Zach that he wanted to clean up a bit and headed for the shower. As he moved across the room he insisted that the Zach get undressed and join him.

When completely naked Zach entered the small bathroom and stepped into the shower. His baby blues instantly focused on that big fat black cock. But William wanted the white guy to use the soap to suds up everywhere on his body that he had licked.

After he’d been adequately lathered up, and then rinsed off, William shut off the shower and turned around to face Zach; telling him to get down on his knees. Yippee thought Zach. At last he was going to get a taste of that cock in his mouth. But instead, William quickly turned around and shoved his ass in his face, saying that the corporate lawyer had done such a great job on his man-hole before, he wanted it again. Only this time he wanted Zach’s tongue to go deeper.

Swiftly Zach went into action. Only this time he felt sexually exhilarated from being thusly degraded by slavishly licking and sucking the black man’s freshly washed asshole.

Soon William turned back around and told Zach to honor and worship his hairy nut sac with his sweet lips and tongue. Zach immediately did as he was told, knowing that in a few more minutes he would finally get a taste of that black cock.

Again William asked, “Do you really want to suck this cock – and swallow it, bitch?”

At this point of the game Zach Nevvins was in a rapturous sexual trance. He would do anything to suck this man off. But his knees were starting to tire from kneeling there on that tile floor in the shower. Zach knew that William knew by now that he owned the white guy, body and soul…and knew exactly what he needed, as he aimed his fat, black, blood-engorged cock into Zach’s face.

“Okay, we’ll be here for just a few more minutes.” moaned William. “Come on, now, just kiss it, slut! Don’t suck it yet; just kiss the head. And when you’re finished kissing it – open your mouth wide for it bitch.”

Finally, Zach Nevvins’ hungry lips traveled from those big hairy balls up onto the shaft of that gorgeous cock. Gratefully, he licked, smooched and kissed it. Then a minute or so later, he opened his salivating mouth as wide as he could to suck-in the jerking and twitching boner, when suddenly, he felt a forceful flood of warm liquid filling his mouth. Rapidly, Zach began mentally cursing William for ejaculating so damn quickly. He had barely been able to taste the stiff meat. William began loudly commanding: “SWALLOW! SWALLOW IT, BITCH! SWALLOW EVERY FUCKING DROP!”

And Zach happily did! But after the first swallow, Zach realized it wasn’t cum at all, but hot golden piss. This realization had William quickly going into measures that guaranteed against Zach’s mouth closing or moving away. Every time his mouth began to leak the hot salty urine, William commanded him to “swallow”….because… HE HAD PROMISED!

Finally in a softer tone of voice, William said, “Hey, man, if you want to taste this royal black cock, you just gotta earn the right! Now, swallow every drop -- then you can clean off – take me to bed – and then suck my big black cock until my balls run dry.”

And Zach did. He felt used and abused. He’d done everything he’d been told to do; sucked his ass and balls twice and now had swallowed his piss. That was a first time the corporate lawyer had felt so totally humiliated and degraded. And if he didn’t want that cock of his so badly, he would have walked away long ago.

But he DID want that cock BADLY. And being a lawyer, he was well aware of the fact that EVERYTHING has a price.

When the pissing-on was completed, Zach marched off to the shower, and scrubbed. William shoved him a bottle of mouthwash while he cleaned up.

Stepping out of the bathroom Zach found William sprawled across the King-size bed, his huge stiff black cock wildly leaping and jerking on that flat, six-pack of a stomach.

“Okay, Cunt-Boy, you’ve finally earned the privilege to suck my superior black snake. So, come and get it, SLUT!”

His heart thundering like a thousand drums, Zach crawled up on the bed and positioned himself between those long, muscular, spread-wide legs. His hand flew to the throbbing meat as his hungry wet mouth zeroed in on that thick cockhead – finally tasting what he’d been after all evening. His tongue licked voraciously up and down the entire length of that thick tasty column of rigid flesh. Occasionally, his mouth dove down to that hairy scrotum that now seemed to hypnotize him with its sensuous, undulating movement. Also, happily recalling the dizzying, nostril-filling deliciousness of that asshole, his searching tongue also made frequent trips down into that sacred tasty spot as well. He was rapturously insane with all the scents, touches and sounds being made by this manly man whose family jewels were his succulent playthings. Not since his law degree had he worked so hard for something that had brought him such phenomenal pleasure.

His pleasure seemed to last forever, and yet all too soon, Zach felt those big balls swiftly tighten up, while William began to loudly gasp and moan. He knew it was time to pull off the cock, because he still didn’t want the cock-worshipping to end so soon; he still wasn’t ready to totally submit and swallow his cum. But William was going crazy for release. His brain couldn’t endure the torturous pressure in his scrotum any longer.

Grabbing the back of Zach’s head to be sure it stayed in place, he relentlessly blasted load after load of hot spooge into Zach’s mouth. Zach must have swallowed, without gagging, four or five times; and then spent a lengthy period afterward licking and cleaning the black shaft clean of every nuance of sperm.

Zach Nevvins had never experienced such an invigorating night of sex before in his life and had finally sucked a black man’s cock.

William told Zach he had given him one of the best blowjobs ever, and that he was going to jump into the shower one more time; did he want to join him.

“Why not”, said Zach. Again William asked him to lather up his body, making Zach constantly aware of who was still in charge.

As William rinsed off, he said, “Hey, man, thanks again for the blowjob, would you like to kiss my cock one more time?”

“Would I?” said Zach, down on his knees in a flash, all ready to kiss the beautiful black cock. Once again the scent, the feel, the sensations created by that awesome cock sent the man’s feelings reeling.

Zach Nevvins had no real interest in doing a sexual reprise with Mr. Whorter ever again. After all, he had already fulfilled the mystique of sucking a black man’s cock. And yet, the scent of the man, and his fierce sexual charisma, just may have something to do with that decision.

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