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Daniel’s Den by Callan Smith
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Ever found yourself in a position where you just knew some guy was available, but circumstances were against you? Then you’ll appreciate this story. I was a manager in an advertising company, and doing very well for a guy of 32. Problem is it’s often all work and precious little play. That’s the price of ambition I suppose. You get a good salary, but a hell of a lot of responsibility goes with it.

Anyway I’d been there only a few days when I got the hots for the telephone technician. He and another guy were fixing the phone in my office, and I was horny as hell the moment I set eyes on him. Seems he had the same effect on others too, because most of the secretaries were swooning over him, and tales were going round the office as to what a stallion he was. His name, by the way, was Daniel, and he was from Venezuela or somewhere exotic like that.

That’s another thing. Even his name turned me on, Daniel. I couldn’t wait to get him into my lion’s den. Come to think of it, he did resemble a lion somewhat, as he had a thick mane of black hair which immediately started me thinking about how lush his pubic bush might turn out to be. Also, he had a sexy tuft of fur under his lower lip and a little goatee which really tickled my fancy. In fact, I literally bristled for him and would very much liked to have been his toothbrush as his whiter than white teeth made his mouth so inviting you wanted to go pearl diving in there. And that was just for starters. I noticed he kept pushing up the sleeve of his shirt as he worked so I was pleasantly aware of his biceps, and that his body bulged in all the right places. Certainly, there was no room for underwear under there, and his white pants were so tight you could see what his religion was.

So did I do anything about it? The answer, of course, is no. The occasion just didn’t present itself. And when it presented itself there was always someone else there. He’d be coming out of the elevator when I was going in, and vice versa. Or he’d be coming round a corner of the corridor, but either he or I would be with someone else, etc., etc., and so on and so forth. Also, he was such a dish that, wherever he went, all eyes were on him so I had to watch my step. I had a position to uphold. I couldn’t let myself fall out of line.

Once I met him in the john, and he flashed me a smile. I could swear that he was just about to flash me something else when somebody walked in. Anyway, he must have been aware of my feelings for him. After all, I positively lit up every time I saw him. You can’t hide a thing like that.

I spent a few tortuous months like this, and then summer came. This meant that his body became more and more visible as the heat was really intense that year and he began to wear less and less to work. I, of course, was still stifling in the obligatory jacket and tie. Then one fine summer’s day something went gloriously wrong with my phone.

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To my horror they sent the other technician. I was just about to jump out the window in desperation and frustration, when the guy said he couldn’t fix it and would ask Daniel to take a look at it. He duly arrived wearing next to nothing on top as he’d been fixing his car or something. And he wasn’t smelling like a rose exactly, but that was alright by me. I took one look at the damp knots under his armpits and the sweat trickling down his singlet, and my toothpaste tongue started to tingle for the taste of him. He smiled and said that he’d found the fault and was out of my office before I could say, ‘How about a beer or something?’

I mean, what does one say in such circumstances? Whatever clever quip you come up with still sounds like a come on. Then the very next day, I decided to go to the company swimming pool to cool off. I went into the shower room first because there’s a rule that you have to shower before using the pool. It was a Saturday so the place was crowded. And there he was taking a shower with a friend of his. He was wearing swim shorts, of course, but they barely covered him. His body was beyond belief. At least it was beyond my belief, which is maybe a contradiction of terms as it was exactly how I’d imagined it would be, every time I jerked off in bed thinking of him. He smiled another of his tooth whitening smiles at me, and then came over to say hello. My dick wanted to say hello too, I think, as it rose up to greet him. I was in a very skimpy swimsuit myself, so he must have noticed how pleased I was to see him. On the other hand I was happy to be free of my boring jacket and tie because I have a really great body -- and dick – myself, and wanted him to get a good look at both. I saw him later in the pool, but we didn’t speak again. I noticed what an excellent swimmer he was and how each and every muscle of his rippled through the water. It was the turn of my fingers to tingle now, and I fairly ached to run them all over him. I began to realize I was obsessed by him, and that I had to make a move soon and either fuck him or forget him, because he was consuming my days and nights. I went out dancing with some friends that evening, hoping to get him out of my mind and maybe meet someone new. Maybe someone I could even screw or vice versa. And wouldn’t you know it, he was there, too. The disco wasn’t gay exactly, but it was pretty mixed. He was dancing with a girl, and his white shirt was open down to his navel exposing his prune-like nipples. He waved in my direction. Well at least I’ve finally entered his fucking hemisphere I thought. He knows that I exist.

I did meet someone, as a matter of fact. A cute blond guy from out of town so I didn’t have to worry about my reputation. I fucked the ass off him and wasn’t very nice because he wasn’t what I wanted. Life sucks sometimes.

We’re half way through the story now, and I want to thank you for being so patient with me. I suppose you suspect by now that Daniel and I are going to fuck like crazy sooner or later, and you’re waiting for me to get on with it. But then if I did that, it wouldn’t be an erotic story any more, it would only be a porno tale. They say the best part of a journey is the fun you have getting to your destination. I wouldn’t say I entirely agree with that as our eventual arrival together was so stupendous I could have done without the trip. But, that’s life. Sometimes you have to wait a little, or even a lot, before you get what you want, and the sexual tension that builds up between two people can truly charge up your batteries. Which then sets the two of you absolutely alight as soon as positive and negative finally connect.

I say positive and negative, as after we’d done the deed, he confessed that he hadn’t thought himself good enough for me, and was overawed by my being a manager. Also, he didn’t want to be someone’s bum boy or a one night stand. He was tired of men and women lusting after his body. He was interested in a more serious relationship. What could I say? I’d only been thinking of him in sexual terms. I hadn’t been thinking of his finer qualities. I just wanted to suck his dick and grind his ass, which is exactly what he wanted to do to me. So we had a kind of master and commander power struggle initially, but that only made the whole thing more exciting. And, of all places, we finally connected in his den of an office between the telephone wires and cables. It was great, a little hairy and dangerous, but great.

I was working late one night and went to the men’s room. Again, he was there. But this time, we were alone. He had just finished taking a leak. As soon as he saw me, he entered an empty cubicle and waited for me to join him. We didn’t speak. I went inside and opened, or rather, tore open his overall, my mouth thirsting for prune juice and almost swallowed him whole. He had more of a problem with me on account of my shirt and tie. We lunged and tugged at each other in passionate frenzy until he put a restraining hand on my head and whispered, “ Not here.” He led me to his office in a dark secluded part of the floor.

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Almost everybody had gone home, so nobody saw us. There was only a desk and a chair. The rest was wires. We made pretty good use of the desk for a while, but I finally found myself impaled against the wires as he wasted no time ramming his dick into my ass. I opened it wide to welcome him. I slithered and sloshed and drew him in as far as he could go, which was pretty far. At one point, I nearly tore the wires from the wall. It was so fucking good. He sucked and slobbered over my back, my ears and my neck while his technician’s hand was in firm control of my dick. I fucked him back with my butt and couldn’t wait to get my hands on him because I wanted him to feel the same fantastic sensations he was sending me. I wanted to tear the stuffing from him.

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and tore myself free. I seemed to be doing a lot of tearing that night. I whirled round, pushing him backwards onto the table. I grabbed his muscular legs as if they were boat oars and went rowing in his butt. I lifted those fuckers high in the air and held on to them very tightly because he had only the desk to support him. Then I sent my dick sailing up his shaft as if I were mining for gold, and my dick was the drill. All the while the wires were humming and making little clicking noises, and his nails were scratching the desk as he held on like grim death. Only this sure wasn’t death. It was vibrant, pulsating life, and anything but grim, for it was glorious. And all the time, neither of us spoke and both of us did our best not to moan and groan too loudly, but just moaned and groaned internally, which was such a turn on. Don’t ask me why, but we both had one single aim - to leave the other one crying for mercy. There was a kind of telepathy between us. It was weird. I wanted to fuck the shit out of him and he wanted to fuck the shit out of me. It was almost as if each of us had a grudge against the other for making the other one wait so long. How was I supposed to know he respected me and was waiting for me to make the first move? And how could he have known that, all along, I was thinking of my position and was afraid to do so?

So here we were, fucking respect and fucking position by fucking each other. And I knew this was just the beginning of a fucking fabulous friendship that could only get better. Seldom do two feel as one like we did that night. I felt his body shudder deliriously at each anal thrust. I saw his eyes begin to lose focus and knew, in that instant, that passion was turning to love. And I knew that he knew it, too. He opened his mouth, and his tongue reached out hungrily for me, so I eased up a little to bend down to kiss him. Even here, though, our tongues tore at each other for dominance, so I withdrew my dick, and came all over him just to show him who was boss. He drank my cum and spat it back at me. Then, I licked his face and body clean and forced my cum covered tongue into his mouth again. We wrestled and fought until I was the one on the desk begging for mercy, and he was showering me with his hot cum and licking me clean and giving me a taste of my own medicine. Then we kissed and tongue fucked some more, and finally admitted mutual defeat. Yet not a word was spoken all this time.

After lying exhausted together for quite a while, I eventually said, “ Daniel, that was great, but couldn’t we have chosen somewhere more comfortable, like your place or mine?”

He smiled, and then pulled me towards him by my tie which, strangely enough, I was still wearing, though it was no longer attached to my shirt. “ Maybe but it sure wouldn’t have been so much fun.” And he kissed me. This time like a lover and not a ravenous lion. I knew then I was going to spend a long, long time in his den.

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