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Daddy O! by Hrtofgld
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Fifty. The Big 5-0. Half a Century. Those were the thoughts rolling about in my head as I looked at myself in the mirror. I’d just finished my workout and a cleansing shower in preparation to go out for the evening and stood naked before the full length mirror in my bedroom, wondering how or even if this all would change. My doctor and his medical instruments had been inside places that afternoon that had normally been reserved for toys and/or fuck buddies, the tingle of that intrusion still echoing around my slightly stretched asshole. As he wrote notes into my health records, he smiled and said that for a man of my age I was doing very, very well and to keep up the good work. Now I was evaluating if that ‘age’ would be the end of my happiness or not.

I had become sexually active in my late teens and, by the time I’d entered college I’d both lost my virginity and taken another guy’s, so I knew how the process worked. I had thought I’d fallen in love multiple times and managed to get some nice relationships that lasted a few years before my lovers moved on for various reasons not required here. My longest relationship actually occurred in my thirties and only ended when he had decided he was in love with some younger guy. I was still sexually active and played safe, so while some of the young men I’d met might not still be with us, I was still negative and resolutely planned to remain so.

The gold chain I placed around my wrist in place of a watch was my gift to myself when I’d managed to set myself up financially well off, both in investments as well as my career choice. The rest of my attire was a mix of current and retro fashion that still kept me looking good as well as fit perfectly, so, with a last critical glance at the mirror, I tapped on some cologne and headed to my favorite restaurant/bar.

I arrived, got my favorite table and drink delivered and order my meal, all standard and usual. The crowd was usual as well, other than one young man in his late twenties who seemed to be waiting for someone or something. He was wearing a form fitting black t-shirt that showed off well developed pecs, shoulders and biceps and also highlighted his narrow waist. The jeans he wore also fit his body like a glove and showed thick thighs, well muscled calves and a thick basket that hinted of delightful things. Once when he left his bar stool to go to the restroom, I saw that his butt was the type I preferred, full and roundish like soap bubbles but still hard looking. He caught my speculative eye as I watched him return from the restroom and he grinned at me before returning to his seat. I finished my meal and was enjoying a second drink when he got up and walked over to my table.

“Mind if I join you?” he said his voice a lower register tenor that was delightful to hear. I smiled and he pulled out a chair, sitting to my side so that I could see his body as well as talk with him. “My name’s Chaz, short for Charles, what’s yours?” He held out his hand and I shook it as I introduced myself.

“Mike, good to meet you, Chaz. I haven’t seen you here before and if you’ll pardon my curiosity, you looked like you were waiting for somebody earlier. Did you find him?”

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He chuckled and smiled back at me. “Yes, actually I was waiting for you to finish your meal before I came over to introduce myself and see if you might be interested in talking for a bit,” his voice lowered even deeper, “as well as other things…”

“Other things?” I was pleased he found me attractive enough to think that there might be other things in store for us and replied, “Don’t you think we should get to know each other a bit better before heading off to do those ‘other things?’”

He grinned and said, “I was hoping that we’d hit it right off and do exactly that…what do you say?” I laughed and waived over the waiter to pay my bill and then, as if it had all been said anyway, left with Chaz to go to my place.

I appreciated on the drive home that Chaz wasn’t a ‘chatty Cathy’ type of guy. Other than a comment about the weather when we exited the bar and walked to where my car was parked and an appreciative whistle at my wheels, he was quiet until we arrived and parked in the garage. “Man, you live here? Wow!” As I’d received that type of comment from other guys, I just smiled and let him through the garage and connecting door of the kitchen to the main part of the house.

“What would you like to drink, Chaz?” I said as I opened the full executive bar concealed by closet doors on the side wall of the living room. Scotch on the rocks was ordered and I brought over two, made from my special supply and, after one sip, saw that Chaz understood how special it was and appreciated it.

We chatted for awhile, sipping our Scotch and evaluating each other while we talked. I was too experienced to just jump into bed with anybody and, before Chaz really saw what was going on, I had pretty much extracted all the information about his sexual activity (not many sexual partners and all of them played safe with rubbers), his health records (regular testing and always negative) as well as likes and dislikes during sex. Of course, I made sure he was aware of my own likes and dislikes as well as my insistence on playing safe, so I’d say we were both well informed by the time we’d emptied the excellent Scotch from our glasses and began removing each other’s clothing.

“Oh, man,” moaned Chaz as he peeled off my shirt to reveal my hairy, muscular chest, “that’s what I wanted!” To my amazement and delight he began lightly licking my nipples, kissing my pecs and then abruptly pressing his cheek to them, hugging me tightly as he pressed against the hard flesh. When I was able to peel him away long enough to get his shirt off, I contented myself with mauling the thick smooth meat of his pecs and rubbing my thumbs across his tight abs. The t-shirt hadn’t lied about what lay beneath it and I was very interested to see if that bubble butt was advertised truthfully as well. A little more hugging and pressing of my chest later, I was able to get Chaz naked and was quite pleased with what I saw.

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Other than on his head, in his armpits, crotch, forearms and lower legs, Chaz as virtually hairless, the thickest body hair was at his crotch and the hair on his forearms and legs was so light and blonde that it just as well didn’t exist. Over his light protest I turned him around and bent him forward to see that unlike most of the young men I’d played with, his ass was smooth as a baby’s and there was a totally unrestricted path to his quivering pucker! I had to submit to more hugging and licking for this maneuver, but Chaz finally got the hint that he needed to do more to make me happy and soon I was as naked as he was, although much hairier by far. Even better, Chaz’s cock almost blew when he saw my full package and appropriate attention was paid to that area.

The only habit that was kind of annoying at first was something he kept whispering throughout the entire chest worship and when I was servicing his body in some fashion. It was so low, almost breathless, that I couldn’t catch what Chaz was saying. The phrase was repeated over and over whenever he was getting highly turned on and wanted much more, so I just passed it off as a sexual thing with him. How little did I know then what would be the best part of the evening!

“I think we’re ready to move this party to the other room, don’t you?” I said, grasping Chaz’s rock hard and leaky cock as it jutted from his body. He just moaned that phrase again as I let him by his cock to the bedroom and briefly reminded him of our pledge to play safe. He nodded quickly and, no sooner had I got on the bed that this guy landed on me, full body contact as he moaned louder, rubbing our lower bodies together as he found that our cocks ran smoothly in line with each other. Frottage wasn’t my personal favorite thing to do with another guy, but Chaz’s body sure did feel good on mine and so I let him have his fun for awhile until I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm develop. “Play time is over, buddy,” I said as I flipped us around and reached over for a rubber and some lubricant.

Chaz’s legs came up so fast I could feel the air part as he assumed the spread eagle, legs pulled back at the knees position. He was moaning so loudly now that I was glad I didn’t have any nearby neighbors to disturb and when I pushed my rubberized and lubricated cock into his tight squeaky clean hole, he all but yelped in pleasure. Yes, he sure did feel good around my cock and under my body and, as I set his ankles on my shoulders and pushed forward to go deep, he began chanting his phrase, softly at first and then as my cock began pulverizing his prostate, it grew louder and louder…

“Oh, Daddy, oh, daddy…!” He began hoarsely groaning that phrase, the “oh!” coming on incoming punching of his insides and the groaned “daddy…” as I pulled back for another thrust. Interestingly, I kind of enjoyed it as he kept up with my rhythm and soon I was at drilling speed, his cock leaking precum like a dam had burst and his groans now loud cries as we both drove to our orgasms. With a yelp at the end of one hard thrust I felt his insides contract as his orgasm spewed from his writhing cock, flopping about on his flat belly like a landed fish while it sprayed boy juice all over his chest. I’ve always liked that last little tightening of a guy’s insides and my own orgasm began filling the rubber inside, Chaz later saying (when he’d caught enough breath to say anything) that he could feel my strong manly jets against his very sensitized prostate. It was pretty intense and as I usually did, when I had completed and pulled out, I tossed the used rubber into the waiting trashcan and then collapsed full body onto Chaz, who didn’t seem to mind at all, cooing over and over, “Daddy, Oh Daddy…” We both drifted off to sleep, exhausted and just a little drunk from the Scotch…

…when I woke up it was daylight and I was a bit groggy from the night before. One thing I’d noticed about being older was that I didn’t bounce right back like I had before and so it took me a little bit of time to figure out where I was and who this guy was so sweetly curled around me, his head on my chest and his leg over my crotch as he sleepily stroked my belly with his free hand. Slowly memory returned and I recalled the night before and that this was Chaz who’d I’d fucked and then slept with afterwards. My chest hair was gummed up a bit by Chaz’s cumming of the night before and, something that made me smile, I noticed that Chaz’s cock had a wet dream as well, for my upper thigh where his half hard cock lay also had matted hair, the little strand of leftovers still linking my thigh to his cockhead. He slowly stirred and broke that connection and impressed me even further by thowing an immediate hard on when he saw who was beside him.

“Morning, sleepy,” I said, tweaking his nose and getting a bit smile from him. “It’s about time to get up and eat breakfast, plus we need to clean up from your youthful spunk from the night before.” He grinned again at that and slowly disengaged himself from me, stretched like a cat and then rolled back onto me, face against my chest and murmuring, “Daddy…”

We got up and showered together, mostly to save water but also because it just felt good having somebody wash your back and doing the same for that other guy. Breakfast was a bit involved as I required a good hearty one but one still healthy and I laughed at the muscled vacuum that Chaz became as he ate everything I gave him plus the small amount I didn’t. When all of that was cleared away and we’d gotten our pants back on, I made up my mind on something and sat Chaz down in the living room, coffee beside us and, as Chaz was still eating, a plate of healthier muffins.

“Before we go much further,” I said, sipping my coffee and studying the youth that kept eating in front of me, “I want you to know that last night was really one of the best fucks I’ve had in many years. Thank you for that.” He nodded, sensing I had more to say, which I continued, “I also think that we are pretty compatible and would like you to stay with me.” The look on his face changed to that of a person disbelieving what he was hearing but hoping still that it was true. “So, Chaz,” I said, “do you agree with my statement? Will you stay with me for awhile?”

He carefully set down the muffin and coffee cup he was holding and then threw his arms around me. “Oh yes, Mike, yes I want to stay with you!” I held him for a little bit and then disengaged, sitting back and then asking the question that sat on my mind all last night and again this morning.

“OK, I get why I find you so attractive, but you need to tell me, what’s with this ‘daddy’ thing?” I said, looking at his youthful body and comparing it to my older, hairier yet still muscular one.

He looked me square in the eye and said, “Mike, I find you incredibly attractive for a couple of reasons.” He held up a hand and counted them off on his hand. “First, you are a really sexy looking guy. You know that so stop thinking you are not.” I grinned at his grin and let him continue. “Second, you have the experience and some adult authority I lack, which is something I have been looking for and finally found.” His voice grew a bit quiet and he said, “Third and lastly, my own father died a few years ago, cursing me when he found out I was gay and we never reconciled so that I could show him how much I loved him.” Chaz looked at me with tears standing in his eyes and whispered, “Could you let me be your son and could I give you the love my own father wouldn’t accept as well as the one I’d give you as your lover?”

This time I pulled him into my arms and as he quietly wept I whispered in his ear while I stroked his hair and back, “Yes, I accept those terms wholeheartedly, son.”

He reared back a bit to look at me and said, “Do you mean that?” I nodded and he returned to my chest while I hugged him and stroked him lightly as a parent would. We sat there until both the coffee and the day grew older, but when we parted again our lives had changed, I think, to the good…

…it’s now been five wonderful years with my new son and instead of my age being problem it has really become an asset. It is a bit unconventional, but as our arrangement is between two consenting adults as well as not formally legalized by adoption, we make it our business and don’t include anybody else. During the majority of the day I’m a parent and he’s my son and we navigate that sometimes rocky river when our opinions differ. However, many nights my son goes to bed and my lover comes to me, although I don’t hear “Daddy-O” as much as I did before. That’s ok, for the young man beside me knows that I’m there for him and he’s there for me, and that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

The model in these pictures is Marek Pelikan

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