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Curse of the Comfortable Jeans by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano Todd Oddson had a miserable life. His elementary school days were a blur, really, although he assumed that they had been lousy. He knew that his middle and high school experiences had literally beaten him down to what he was today. Not buff and handsome, he didn’t fit in with the jocks. Not smart enough, he didn’t fit in with the egg-heads. He wasn’t skinny enough to fit in with the geeks and didn’t even have enough presence to fit in with the last fringe of the outsider group. Todd spent his entire adolescence surrounded by ridicule, torment and, as if nature wanted to put the final touches on his miserable life, Todd discovered late in high school that he was gay.

Now, his parents tried their best to help their son, heck, even his elder brother (who was handsome, well built and hung like a horse) tried to help Todd find his place in life but, after graduation from high school Todd elected to get a certificate from an online university and just work by himself in the basement of his parents’ home. The brother, oddly enough, was the last person to give up on his little brother as he loved the squirt and wished there was more he could do to help him. This was the sum of Todd’s life until one day, about three years later, two things happened to change Todd’s life forever.

The brothers’ parents died suddenly in an auto accident, leaving to their two children everything, even the debts behind and not quite enough life insurance to be able to afford settlement of their affairs. Todd’s business was not great, but between the brothers, they were able to scrape up just enough to be able to pay most of the bills. Unfortunately, the house had to be sold and Todd had to move out.

This is when the second thing happened. Todd, so not with it, had nothing to be able to wear to assist his brother as they started to sort out the family possessions and get them ready for sale. His brother, still very much caring about Todd, finally gave him a pair of very old, very broken in blue jeans, the knees almost blown out and so comfortable he almost didn’t give them to Todd. “Go downstairs and change,” his brother told Todd. “Just wear that old t-shirt of yours with it and that should be ok. A pair of cheap sneakers had already been purchased and, after changing into the jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, Todd somehow felt like a new man or at least, one ready to help his brother close up and sell their belongings.

The next few days were a blur to Todd and somehow all his personal possessions, now with the addition of the sneakers and jeans, amounted to a large suitcase of clothing and a large box of his business materials. These two objects sat outside the home as Todd watched his elder brother sign the last papers over to the bank officer who had arrived to take possession of the house and, on that note; the brothers went their separate ways. Todd had thanked his brother for the jeans but hadn’t as yet realized what he actually had received.

Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano A couple of weeks later, in a rented apartment and his business returning to what was normal for it, Todd had settled in. His needs were few and, although he talked with his brother a few times in between, he didn’t have much contact outside his business. One evening, feeling strange and a bit overheated, he decided to remove the polyester attire and nondescript gray briefs he normally wore and change into the jeans. Other guys have worn jeans without underwear before, he reasoned as he pulled the soft jeans over his calves and up to his crotch. Sadly he noted his less than average cock and balls, noting the soft pudge of his belly and flat chest and deep within his heart he wished with all his might he could have some of what his brother had. That thought was in his mind as he closed the buttons on the jeans, one by one until he closed the last one at the waist. Suddenly, he was overcome with dizziness and, as his vision slowly blacked out, he sank to the floor of his bedroom.

Todd slowly came too, shaking his head and, moving his left arm to place his palm against his forehead, noted that instead of the pale, spindly and overly hairy arm he normally had, this arm was smooth and well muscled with a bulging bicep. He looked at his other arm, which had become identical to his left and wondered if he’d fallen against something for he was surly hallucinating. Looking down he discovered that he couldn’t easily see his bulging tummy as his pecs had filled out and obstructed the view. Todd was very puzzled about this and then looked towards the mirrored closet door that had come with his apartment. The man that looked back at him had only a superficial look of Todd about the face; otherwise the rest of his body looked a lot like his brother’s but incredibly better built!

Todd’s eyes widened as he beheld wide muscled shoulders, full shield like pecs and seriously ripped abs that somehow looked tighter as they headed towards the now loose waistband of the jeans. His arms were indeed as muscled as they looked and, to Todd’s continued amazement, other than under his arms, there wasn’t a speck of hair anywhere. Todd had always hated his furry back and chest and now they were not only smooth, but damn good looking!

While the waistband of the jeans were loose, Todd realized that somehow his lower body now seemed to fill out the jeans much better than before. Even his feet, which had a topcoat of drab brown fur, were smooth and almost sexy looking, the nails clear and groomed and the toes almost inviting a mouth to suck on them. Todd’s mirror showed a lot more thigh and calf muscle than he remembered having and his ass was full and bubbled within the seat of the jeans. Another bulge caught his eye and he stared at the huge lump that was at his crotch, his hands slowly moving towards the buttoned waistband and fly and then slowly opening the buttons one by one until he was able to push the jeans down enough over a seriously muscled lower body to view his crotch.

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Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano The jean legs and seat weren’t lying and neither was the front bulge, for now Todd possessed equipment that surpassed his brother’s and, most likely, surpassed most men. His balls, which almost hid in his crotch before now were nearly hen egg sized, proudly hanging down in a smooth sac below what looked to be a good six inches soft of uncut cock meat. Todd had been cut before, but now this extra skin looked so nice. He reached down slowly as if he moved too quickly the spell would break and his pitiful two inch dick would reappear, but as his palm wrapped around his meat, he felt a sudden surge of lust and power that made him look up at the mirror and realize he really did look like that and that his cock was slowly expanding in his palm to rise proudly up to an incredible eleven inches of smooth fuck stick! With a heartfelt groan, he began jacking himself off, his palm somehow not chafing him as his foreskin allowed him to jack without oil and his free hand wandering over the expanse of his chest, the tight crevasses of his abs and the even more interesting full bubbles of his smooth hard ass. His finger lightly brushed against his tight pucker hole and that seemed to make his cock jump like a live fish so he continued rubbing this spot, the feeling growing, growing, growing…

Later Todd would explain that that first night he was sure the jet of cum easily could have shattered the mirror at the velocity it traveled and he’d never seen that much cum even on staged porn movies. Gouts of cum continued to shoot from the end of his cock and coat the mirror to a point that Todd could no longer see himself from the neck down. He thought about ten spurts later his cock finally was done, his heart beating a mile a minute and his body shaking with afterglow tremors and he slowly sat on the end of his bed and fell back totally exhausted, finally slipping into an almost coma like sleep.

The next morning he woke, the jeans still around his ankles and his body still the work of the gods and, after looking at the dirtied mirror, Todd decided that it wasn’t just a wet dream and he really had managed to change into this god like body. He hummed a little tune and pulled off the jeans, tossing them onto the bed and heading into the shower. The water jetted over his full pecs and abs, making all the delightful rivulets over his tight muscles and the little trickle off the end of his dick was all he ever wanted. He laughed at himself as he realized he was almost sexier than the guys in the porno and he could easily have a new career ahead of him. Finishing his shower he got out, dried off and then, wrapping the towel around him, got some food from the kitchen and then watched some TV before deciding another jack off and exploration of his body was in order. He returned to the bedroom, stood before the mirror and, dropping the towel, looked at his wonderful new body.

Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano To Todd’s horror, his body hair had returned as well as had his saggy body and small cock and balls! Dumbfounded, he just stared at himself in the mirror and finally collapsing on his bed, began to cry. He managed to cry himself to sleep and, waking a couple of hours later, decided to get up and get dressed. The jeans lay where he’d last stepped out of them and, knowing his laundry needed doing, he pulled the jeans on and carefully buttoned up the fly, wishing that his body still looked like it had in that dream of his from before. A sock lay beside his mirror and he stooped to pick it up, then straightened up and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. What he saw would change his life forever!

Todd watched as his body began resculpting itself, a light blue glow from the waistband of the jeans flowed over his skin to illuminate his abs as they sucked in and his pecs as they filled back out. His legs, ass and crotch also began to glow and remold themselves back to their previously muscled and enlarged state. He watched as the glow eradicated the body hair he so despised and, as the glow faded, Todd saw that the studly body of before was again his! Just to make sure of what he was seeing, he quickly opened the fly of the jeans and pushed them around his ankles, noting that his cock flopped mightily between his legs and his balls were heavy with spunk. He stood there, amazed and then stepped out of the jeans to be able to see better what was going on. As his last leg left the jeans, he noted right away his skin paling a bit and some of the tone slipping away.

Well, my shower took about fifteen minutes, Todd thought to himself as he watched his body in the mirror. Yes, the muscles were still there and his cock was still good sized, but he could see his body changing slowly as the clock ticked away. By the time an hour had passed, which would have been about right, his body had returned to its former ugliness. Todd tested this theory a few times, pulling on the jeans and removing them, finally realizing that it was contact with the jeans that made him into the god that he so wanted to be. Thanking his brother silently, he swiftly pulled the jeans back on and then, tossing on a previously loose t-shirt that now clung to him like a second skin, Todd headed out to the bars to see if his luck changed.

He didn’t get very far before another handsome, well built man started checking him out from across the street and before Todd knew it, he was back in his apartment and happily ramming his condom covered cock inside another happily receiving fellow. Todd remembered to keep his jeans on, at least around his ankles and enjoyed the first time feeling of entering another man. When they had finished, the young man (his name Todd never did get) thanked Todd and left, leaving Todd well fucked out and very pleased upon his bed. A shower and some food later, Todd put on a second t-shirt and headed out the door.

That evening Todd managed to fuck two more guys and experience being fucked by two others before he had to admit he was fucked out. Smiling and shaking his head at the fifth young man who showed interest in him, he headed home and, finally removing the jeans and placing them reverently over a chair, had his last shower of the evening and managed just enough energy to fall into bed.

Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano Todd hit the laundry room the next day, his jeans the only garment he wore as he fended off both sexes and waited until everything was done. He knew he needed to get better clothing, but hadn’t gotten far enough to figure out how he was going to maintain his gorgeous muscled body without the magic jeans. Finally going shopping in the jeans he was able to find other clothing that fit him perfectly and showed off his muscles, even managing to get a few more pairs of jeans that, sadly, didn’t do exactly as he’d wanted. All of his old clothing, except for underwear which was still serviceable, went to the Goodwill and he began to enjoy life as a sexy young stud.

About a month later, he discovered a way to maintain his body even without wearing the jeans. One of his tricks had worn a cock ring and Todd carefully found out how they worked and that just about anything could work as long as it could be secured around the base of the cock. Todd examined the hems of his jeans and found that about a half inch of fabric had begun to separate itself and, with a pair of scissors, he neatly trimmed away a half inch from both legs and, with a length of elastic cord that fit well around the base of his cock, he sewed up the fabric from the jeans into a ring. Of course, his body had shrunk back to normal and he averted his eyes until he could, naked, stand before the mirror and put on his cock ring. It fit comfortably and snug enough to not easily come off and, to Todd’s delight, the blue glow returned his handsome muscled body to him! Now he could wear anything as long as that cock ring was on, and he smiled as he pulled on a new pair of jeans and headed to the laundry to finally wash his old ones.

After a few months had gone by, Todd was finally running with the big dogs and had not only managed to land a better job that paid a great deal more than his online company ever had but had bought himself a large condo, got a sexy car and, the most important thing, landed a lover. Brian was everything that Todd had ever wanted, good looking and buff, and totally in love with him and the two men were very happy. Todd never took off the cock ring, even though Brian asked repeatedly why the now ratty thing HAD to be worn all the time. Todd would just smile and say that it was his only secret from Brian and to just let it be. This was the way their lives ran for many years, until Todd had managed with Brian’s help, to make sufficient money to retire at an early age and keep both he and Brian well off. That particular day, when Todd completed the paperwork that would set him and Brian up for life, Brian found stuck away in an old beat up suitcase a pair of the most worn and beaten up jeans he’d ever seen.

I’d better take care of the packing, Brian thought as he set the jeans aside in a pile of other old clothing and various items to go to the charities, Todd never throws out anything. He smiled at the ratty old cock ring that Todd wore constantly and decided that since we had everything we wanted now, there was no reason not to get him a better one. Whistling to himself, he boxed up the charity items and called to have them picked up and then headed into town to purchase a new gift for Todd.

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Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano Todd came home and, as his mind was on his good fortune and his lover, only noticed with half a thought that a charity truck had just pulled away from his home. He came inside and, as usual, grabbed Brian in his strong, muscular arms and whispered, “Want a quickie before dinner?” Brian of course did, and, as usual, the two men removed their clothing and made love in the kitchen before heading to their bedroom to continue the heavy sexual relationship that they so enjoyed. Todd’s climax was as powerful as usual and, as usual after the four orgasms he produced with his lover, fell asleep like a log. Brian knew that Todd wouldn’t wake for a good hour and, after carefully removing the old ratty cock ring around Todd’s heavy equipment, pulled on the new golden one he’d bought that day. The old cock ring he tossed in the garbage and, as he heard the collection truck outside, took the bag of garbage out just in time to make the pick up. Not thinking anything important in their lives had just occurred, Brian happily went about his business, preparing dinner and waiting for his lover to wake up…

…Todd woke up, smiled and stretched, not really noticing much as he got up and headed to the shower. His thoughts so firmly fixed on his lover and their good fortune he walked past his image in the mirror and started up a hot shower, soaping his body mechanically as he cleaned up the dried cum from his belly and rinsed off. He got out of the shower, noted that all the mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom were fogged over, and pulled on a toweling robe to pad out into the kitchen to have dinner. When he arrived, Brian turned around, smiled and helped Todd fill his plate, again as usual, and the two men ate dinner. The rest of the evening went as usual and they sat watching TV curled up on the couch until it was bedtime. The two men headed to the bedroom, turning of lights and doing all the normal things that couples do when they shut down their homes for the evening. Now inside their bedroom and ready to sleep with his lover again, Todd pulled off his robe and moved towards Brian, who was ready for their lovemaking. Todd reached the bed and was just getting ready to insert his cock inside his lover when he happened to glance at the mirror beside the bed…

…Oh, fuck, what happened! Todd, ignoring Brian’s concerned questions, raced to stand before the mirror, and stared at his body, barely noting that instead of the comfortable jean cock ring around the root of his cock was now a golden ring. His hard full smooth pecs had somehow gotten hairy and, although they were mostly muscular, they weren’t the hard tits he’d had before. His waist was still trim, but the line of dark body hair hadn’t been there before, and just a hint of fat covered the previously rock hard abs. Overall, his body was still muscular, but somewhat hairy, although to his relief his back and shoulders were still smooth and what hair he did have wasn’t so bad. He fearfully looked down at his pride and joy and, letting out a little sigh turned towards Brian.

Todd’s cock was now cut, and somewhat smaller than before, but still was good sized and matched his body as well as his slightly smaller testicles and hairy sac. He looked back in the mirror once to see that his butt, formerly smooth and bubbled, was hairy and seemingly a bit smaller but still hard with muscle. “Brian, what happened to me?” Todd said, Brian’s uncomprehending eyes upon his body. “Just look at me, I’m no longer a sex god!” Brian got up from the bed and wrapped his arms around his shocked lover, consoling him as he started to cry.

“What do you mean you’re not a sex god?” Brian said as he kissed away the tears from Todd’s face. “You are one sexy god to me.” He held Todd a long time and soon Todd’s tears subsided and Todd was calmer as they sat upon the bed. The feel of the metal ring around his cock made Todd look down and slowly he made some connections.

Badpuppy Models - Rodrigues & Luciano “Brian, what happened to my old cock ring?” Brian explained that it was so ratty and old that he thought with their new life together it should be replaced with a solid golden ring to commemorate how happy they were and would continue being. “But that cock ring was special!” A little more consoling from Brian and, worn out by his emotions, Todd slipped towards sleep inside Brian’s warm embrace…

…the next day Todd got up and stared for a long time in front of the mirror, noting that his body, while no longer the ideal godlike one of his youth, was still pretty good looking. He got down on the floor and found he could rip off the same number of pushups as before and did some quick sit ups and squat thrusts, noting when he looked at the mirror again his body showed the effort in slightly pumped muscles as would a normal buff man. He noted that his cock still performed like it did before, although the quantity of cum and number of times had slacked a bit, but he could still have good sex with Brian as often as the two of them wanted. Thinking these thoughts he recalled that the jeans were still hidden away in his old suitcase and, pulling on a pair of boxers, headed out to where they stored their old clothing. That’s funny, he thought as he looked through a nearly empty storage area, I could swear that suitcase was right here…suddenly he recalled the charity truck driving away the previous morning.

“Brian, honey,” Todd began as he kept searching. “Did you by chance come across an old suitcase out here?” Receiving an affirmative from the doorway, he turned to see Brian standing there, also only wearing a pair of boxers and looking incredibly sexy. “Did you find a pair of old jeans inside it?”

“Yes I did, and they were so torn and ratty like that cock ring of yours I decided to give them away to some poor fellow that couldn’t wear any better.” For an instant, Todd was angry, for that poor fellow had been him so very long ago, but then, seeing his lover standing there, buff, healthy and oh so sexy and still looking at him with that little glint in his eye that always said he loved him, decided to let it go.

“Oh well, that’s that,” Todd said as he closed up the storage area and headed towards his lover, his hands curving around Brian’s full butt and squeezing them as he whispered in Brian’s ear, “I just think I’ll have some of this now then…” With a giggle, Brian turned and led Todd back to their bedroom, his hand pulling Todd along by the waistband of his boxers and Todd’s cock hard and bouncing against his fingertips as they walked towards another round of lovemaking…

…Some time later, Todd took off the cock ring and set it aside, only noticing that there was some engraving inside the ring. It said, “To my love, Todd, for what is inside him will always be more important to me than anything on the outside.” Todd smiled and kissed his sleeping lover and then curled up beside him, wondering what had ultimately happened to those old jeans…

…across town, in a pair of old, ratty jeans that had been inexpertly patched but lovingly cleaned, a young, newly buff and handsome young man headed forth, his eyes dazzled earlier by what he saw in his mirror. As a pair of eyes slid towards him and the two men moved towards a place to make out, the young man blessed whoever had tossed out those old jeans that were strangely so very comfortable…

The End?

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