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Cummin of Age by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp Ever been in the situation where you meet some cute guy and communicate like crazy, even though you don’t speak each other’s language? If so you’ll enjoy this story even though I must admit it took us a while to get our act together. You see Vinnie was my sister’s Italian husband and therefore my brother-in-law, and I was eighteen and still a virgin. I’m thirty-three now, but losing my virginity to him is still the most important thing that’s happened to me. Vinnie made his virile entrance into my life nine days before my eighteenth birthday. Until then, I’d led a very sheltered life except for a short escapade when I was on holiday in the south of France. There I met Pierre and we played ‘touché pi-pi’ inside his father’s newspaper kiosk. This consisted of touching each other’s dicks, and then jerking off over the latest editions.

Other than that, my sexual life had been pretty tame. I’d gazed at older boys in the showers and was once followed into a toilet while at the cinema, but nothing came of it, so to speak. What I really missed having was a brother. My father was dead, and I had no role model. That is until Vinnie arrived. He was a ‘persona non grata’ as far as my family was concerned, so I’d never actually met him. You see they hadn’t wanted Sandra to marry him. Not only because he was Italian, which was already quite bad enough, but because he was a stonemason and therefore not considered good enough for my sister. My father was particularly upset as he had just modernized the house and built a self-contained flat for Sandra upstairs. When she insisted on living in Italy with Vinnie, he disowned her. They never had time to makeup as he died soon afterwards.

Anyway, Sandra became pregnant and wanted to have the baby in England, so she and Vinnie came to live in the flat. Till then, it had been entirely mine as my mother continued to live downstairs. There had been complications, so Sandra had to stay in the clinic for ten days to await the birth of her baby. Naturally, Vinnie wanted to be with her, but the clinic didn’t approve of husbands staying there, so he and my mother took turns visiting her. It was a kind of shift system and seemed to suit everyone very well, except there was still a great deal of hostility between Vinnie and my mother, and he refused to go downstairs for meals. Still he made great spaghetti, so I got to eat a lot of that. Got to look at his butt quite a lot, too, as it was a very hot summer, and he went about in this cute pair of underpants with the ass cut out of them. They made me horny as hell.

Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp What’s more he took a lot of showers. The bathroom was right opposite my room, and he usually left the door open so he could talk to me. This meant I got glorious glimpses of his body. Especially at night. I would lie awake, waiting for him to come back from the clinic and then pretend to be asleep, or half-asleep, when he arrived. But my dick was always wide awake. I would grunt a few words of greeting, and then roll over. In his direction, of course. I’d get delicious peeks of him soaping his cock or washing between his butt. It fascinated me how he bent his knees and passed his hand down the crevice of his butt, and then down to his hunky balls. He always lathered them particularly well, so I got to see his dick waving to and fro like the pendulum of a clock as he did so. Besides a very formidable dick, he had strong muscular legs which were covered in hair. As was the rest of him. Not that he was hairy and disgusting like an ape. The hair was short and served as a fine coating for his muscular stomach and chest, except for the luscious undergrowth of pubic hair that made a suitable nest for his proud peacock of a dick. And, as if that weren’t enough, as a special bonus, he had big brown nipples like huge chocolate drops. In fact if you asked me to choose between his dick and his chocolate drops, I’d be hard put to give you an answer. To tell you the truth, the dimensions of his dick rather scared me. Even in repose it seemed enormous. But his nipples looked so delicious, I couldn’t wait to savour them and see if they really tasted of chocolate. I lay awake each night dreaming of hot chocolate and a double helping of whipped cream.

He always sang under the shower, so I got singing lessons as well as anatomy lessons. But it was his body I was really interested in. He’d only been there for two days, and it was all I could do to stop myself from climbing into bed with him when the lights went out. As it was I would lie awake and dream of the day he’d be mine. My dick grew to gigantic proportions as he closed his lips around it like he was sucking a popsicle. Meanwhile, his chocolate drop nipples would melt in my oven of a mouth. As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly what you could call mature, but was nonetheless ripe for plucking, so to speak. One night I got out of bed and looked at my naked body in the mirror. Of course in no way was it in the same league as his. It was white and smooth and hairless with little red nipples. However, I played a lot of sport at school, so it was quite strong. I had a good size dick for my age and a firm little butt. Still to be honest, I could hardly imagine my sister’s Italian husband finding me physically or sexually attractive. So I just admired him from afar.

One morning he got up late and for once didn’t bother to take a shower. I went into his room to sniff around. Sniff is the operative word as I lay face down on his bed, sniffing his sheets and trying to imagine him actually there beside me. The sheets were damp with his sweat, and there was the smell of drying semen. He must have jerked off during the night. I was in the middle of changing the sheets and plumping up the pillows when I found a pair of his bottomless briefs. I took this treasure to my room and put it under my own pillow. Then I got ready for school. It was a very hot day. Sweltering, in fact. I needed a shower myself when I got home. I took off all my clothes and stood in front of the mirror with my nose buried in Vinnie’s briefs, and watched my dick rise as I imagined his red hot “cazzo” nestling there only this morning. I rubbed the sweet smell of him all over my body, then slipped my dick inside his briefs and jerked off in them.

I was in mid-orgasm when my mother phoned. Timing was not one of her virtues. Guiltily, I threw the evidence into the waste basket and wrapped a towel round me. She’d called to say she’d left me some supper if I wanted to go down and eat it. I told her I was going to take a shower, do my homework and then go to bed early. I asked her to give my sister my love and remind her that I’d be coming to see her tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.

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Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp I was just coming out of the shower when I heard Vinnie coming back. A storm had blown up, and he was wet, tired and hungry, but I knew he was pleased to see me, even if he didn’t say anything. As usual, he couldn’t wait to get out of his clothes and under the shower. There wasn’t anything for him to eat so I went downstairs to get the meal my mother had prepared for me. When I came back he was standing in the bathroom doorway, stark naked and dripping from every pore. He was such a vision of virility that I stood and stared. I felt a hot flush creep over me. He wrapped a bathrobe loosely around him and walked into the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge. As he was reaching for it, the robe fell open, and I saw everything again. He didn’t bother to close it either, but used it to finish drying, rubbing it over his crotch and then up and down his glistening body until I could hardly swallow my food for the sight of it. It was all I could do not to reach out and put my hand inside and touch his dick, but I didn’t.

I wondered if he knew how I felt about him. There was definitely a kind of sexual telepathy in the air. I wasn’t too young and inexperienced not to notice that. Was he provoking me? Was he playing with me? Years later -- fifteen to be precise -- when his English had considerably improved, thanks to me, and my Italian, too, thanks to him, we had a night of true confessions. By then his son was almost as old as I was when we first met and living with his mother ---- from whom Vinnie was naturally separated as he was now married to me. Something rather difficult to explain to my mother, so we didn’t even bother to try. Anyway the truth of the whole matter was that he hadn’t had sex with Sandra since she conceived the baby. And, even before that, things had not been so good between them.

It seems Sandra found his dick rather too much for her and really only needed it as a means to an end, which was to conceive a child. That deed accomplished, she avoided sexual relations with him as much as possible. When he came to England he still loved her, but was horny as hell. He saw a lot of Sandra in me, and soon began to transfer his affections, especially as he felt instinctively that I had altogether different ideas about his dick. In fact, he couldn’t wait to get it inside me. Then guilt took over as he began thinking of me as family, and there was the added complication of my being too young.

In short, he’d been waiting for me to make the first move and encouraging me to do so. But, of course, I’d had guilty thoughts, too. My strong feelings for Vinnie made me feel disloyal to Sandra and afraid to declare myself. Ain’t life complicated?

Anyway, let’s get back to that stormy night when Vinnie let his robe fall open, and I got so hot and horny. Later I went to bed and had a very wet dream. It was wishful or rather lustful thinking, but I realize now not very far from the truth as things turned out. In the dream Vinnie talks Italian. A real turn on. The dream went something like this:

Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp After he’d finished his meal, he got up and let the robe fall to the floor so I could fully appreciate his gorgeous butt as he entered his bedroom. I noticed he didn’t close the door. Spurred on by this open invitation, I followed him. I gazed at the beauty of him as he slipped between the clean sheets I had put for him. “Grazie,” he said, indicating the sheets. I remained in the doorway, not certain what to do. He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke in my direction. I longed to be that cigarette as he slipped it in and out of his full lipped mouth. As he reached across the bed to get the ash tray, the sheet stretched tight across the bulge that was his dick. To my delight, he kicked the sheet off him and lay naked before me. He let his hand run slowly across his hairy chest to his beautiful chocolate drop nipples and then down to his dick. I watched as he began to play with it like a child playing with a soft toy, but this toy was anything but soft. He smiled at me wickedly and said, “Vuoi giocare anche tu?” [Do you want to play, too?] I approached the bed and stood obediently in front of him. He loosened the strands of my robe. My dick rose to meet him. He licked the tip of it and then gradually drew it into his mouth, pulling me with it. He drew me down beside him, took my hand and placed it on his dick. It was hot and hard and so was I. Then he moved my hand up and down on it and said, “Bene, bene,” which I believe means both good and well in Italian. So I was doing well and he was feeling good. I knew he wanted me to kiss his dick, too, but instead I lay my head on his chest and started to nourish myself on his chocolate drops.

A little hot shiver went through his body, and I realised he liked it. A little quiver went through me too. I touched his erect nipples with the tips of my fingers and then with the tip of my tongue. His body began to writhe with pleasure and desire, and his dick grew to giant proportions. I moved my lips slowly down the thick mat of fine hair to the base of his dick and licked it with long strong strokes of my tingling tongue.“Puttana,” he sighed, lifting his legs so I could get at the sweet potatoes that were his glorious balls. I closed my lips over one of them and sucked it gently. He whimpered and moaned. I did the same to the second one, and it drove him wild. He put a finger in my mouth and I sucked it. Then he began to work the finger gently into my butt. I pulled it out and sucked it again, making sure I left a lot of spittle on it this time. He repeated the motion. I felt his finger slowly and surely enter my accommodating ass. I moved my butt up and down on that finger and it was great. He drove me semi-delirious for a while and then stretched over to the bedside table to get some lube. He put a whole lot up my butt and a huge dollop on his dick. He entered me slowly at first and massaged my butt with his mushroom dick head. Then he had me climbing to the ceiling as he sent the enormous stem shunting up my shaft ….

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Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp That’s when I woke up with a huge hard-on. I retrieved Vinnie’s pants from the waste basket and jerked myself off in front of the mirror. I looked at my tight little butt and wondered how on earth he’d managed to get all that in there. Even my vivid imagination couldn’t help me this time. And they didn’t explain things like that in the porno videos Pierre had let me see in France. It was a problem I’d have to face later. Anyway, the next day was my birthday and even hotter than the day before. My mother had made a birthday cake for me and for once managed to be gracious with Vinnie as we all three set out to visit Sandra. She wasn’t expecting the baby until next week, so the clinic made a special exception so we could celebrate my birthday there. Sandra was happy to see me, and we sat around her bed, munching birthday cake and drinking orange juice. For a short while we were a family again, even if my mother hardly said a word to her son-in-law.

After we’d been there an hour or so, she kissed Sandra goodbye and said she would leave her with Vinnie for a while, then come back later for the ‘evening shift’. As I said, men were not allowed in the clinic at night. When we got home, my mother made me a nice supper then sent me off to bed with the rest of the birthday cake. I was happy to be alone. I was waiting for Vinnie to come home. I was waiting for my birthday present and you know now exactly what I wanted.

I got some candles ready and put the birthday cake, some beer and some paper napkins on a tray. Then I waited. I wanted to get him sexually excited, so I rented a hot adult movie. Then I got everything ready and waited in my boxers. He didn’t come in until nearly ten. I’d already started looking at the film. It wasn’t at all what I’d expected. It was a kind of erotic thriller. Quite good actually. I had lots of Kleenex standing by in case Vinnie wanted to jerk off or play “touché pi-pi” or something. But so far there had been nothing particularly "jerk-offable." Vinnie had dressed up to please Sandra and had worn a new T-shirt under his best jacket. It was the horniest T-shirt I’d seen him in yet. It was white and tight and emphasized his manly chest and washboard stomach. I saw that it also emphasized his nipples which were particularly prominent tonight. I licked my lips and my dick stirred. I hoped and prayed the film would turn him on.

The label was hanging out the back, and I was just about to tuck it in when he peeled off the shirt impatiently, and my nose almost met the damp knots of his armpits. I saw the rivulet of sweat running down his chest towards his navel. I wanted to reach out and lick it dry, but I didn’t. Instead I tried to hand him the tray, but now he was taking off his pants and shoes. “Fa caldo,” [So hot] he said, “Fa troppo caldo.” [So very hot] I watched him throw his wet clothes on the chair. “Si,” I said in a pathetic attempt to speak Italian. I noticed that the elastic of his briefs was loose. Probably given way under the strain of his huge dick. I could see the shape of it through the material. It looked like a trapped ferret bursting to be free. The weight of it was pulling his briefs down real low, so I was able to see the dark brush of pubic hair above the elastic. That combined with the sight of his nifty nipples and the tangy smell of him made my head swim and my dick rise to say hello, except he wasn’t there any more. He was sitting in front of the television looking at the movie. He had dropped a piece of cake and some of the crumbs were perched on his dick. It was the first time in my life I had ever envied a crumb. My hand lay on the sofa, just inches from his spectacular thighs and just a pounce or two from his dick. The movie had reached an erotic point where the cop has his nose up the girl’s butt and is apparently licking her clitoris. I noticed a definite stirring in Vinnie’s loins and felt the damp heat of him.

Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp His battery was fully charged by the sexual currents of the movie. Suddenly he did what I’d longed for him to do, but what I had least expected. He lifted his butt and peeled off his briefs. His dick was long and hard and he stroked it as if it was a puppy or a kitten or something. Whatever it was, I began to purr internally. “Devo farmi una sega,” I heard him say. I didn’t understand the words but I sure as hell understood the intention.

“I’ll go down on you if you like,” I said with the driest of throats.

Maybe he didn’t understand my words either, but he most certainly got my intention. He smiled at me and said, “I like.” Now all that was impeding me was my own dick, which was making a frantic struggle to get free of my boxers. I tore them off and was at once kneeling before him in naked adoration of his fabulous phallus. He ran his fingers over my cheeks and nose and open lips and then bent down to kiss me. I felt his firm tongue exploring my eager mouth, just as if it were a replica of his dick. Then he let go a stream of spittle for me to use as lubricant to blow on the biggest birthday candle I have ever seen, or am likely to see again. Not that I’d ever want another. My mouth magically expanded as I wrapped my willing lips around it. He held my head between his hands and did his best to guide me. I was a complete novice, but a quick learner and I wanted to satisfy him more than anything in the world. I wanted to do what my sister had obviously been unable to do. It was my birthday and I wanted all the cream I could get on my cake.

He was gentle with me at first, giving me soft, sensual instructions in Italian. I didn’t understand the words, but the sound of his voice was an extra stimulus to me. Also I tried to use my intuition and my ingenuity. What I was unable to do with my mouth, I tried to do with my tongue. I licked the whole length of his beautiful candle and then tickled the wick with the tip of my tongue. This sent him into a frenzy of delight, and he grabbed hold of my hair and pushed me further down on him, making stronger and stronger thrusts. I gasped and almost gagged as his dick swelled with pleasure and threatened to throttle me, but I was fully determined to succeed where my sister had failed. At one point I let him almost draw this huge piece of meat out of my hungry mouth, then I re-doubled my efforts, grabbed hold of his to die for ass, and sucked for all I was worth. He let out a wolf howl and I knew I was getting there.

I stopped trying so hard, and the more I relaxed, the more suction there was in my mouth. Until finally, to my pride and sheer delight, I felt his body shiver and shudder, and his cum was everywhere. In my mouth, in my nostrils, on my chest, in my hair. Everywhere. And it tasted so good. Like nothing I’d ever tasted. I couldn’t get enough of it and, licking his dick clean, opened my greedy mouth for more. Lo and behold, he sent me seconds. Another delicious steaming stream of fresh Italian cum, and I drank my fill. I must have fallen asleep with my nose in his navel, and when I woke up, he carried me into the shower and washed me like a baby. Then he took me to his bed and the wet dream became reality as I climbed in beside him.

Badpuppy Model - Russell and Vilem Hopp He kissed me tenderly, rolled me over, lubed up my butt just as he had in my dream, and I felt his half-erect penis slip in easily. I was so happy and relaxed that it didn’t hurt at all. He massaged my pert nipples as he penetrated further, and it was great to feel his dick swell in my sphincter. His hands worked their way down to stroke my cock and cradle my balls as he fucked me ever so slowly at first, and then fast and furious. I rode the bed like a mighty galleon riding a fierce storm, and my butt billowed like a sail as we surged the sexual seas. I felt I was on a maiden voyage to unchartered shores, to a special island where brothers-in-law can float freely over an invisible threshold and become lovers-in-law in sweet union and total acceptance of each other. We didn’t speak the same language, but as we rose and fell together on happy waves of ecstasy I knew we were going to places neither of us had ever visited, but would always come back to. I could tell by the tender way he held me afterwards, by the way he nuzzled his nose into my neck and showered me with soft little kisses that he thought so too. “Buon compleanno,” [Good birthday] he said lovingly. I stretched out languorously and waited for him to blow out my candle. After all, I had come of age.

The models in these pictures are Russell and Vilem Hopp

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