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Cum Uppance by Cum Uppance
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Badpuppy Model - Eric I majored in English literature so I know a lot of words. But none of them describes my sister’s boyfriend quite so well as “high-falutin.” And if you don’t know what it means just have a look at Nigel Forbes. It’ll save you a trip to the dictionary. He’s such a piss elegant English prick. Even his name is high-falutin. Not to mention his cavalry twills which I must admit gave me salivary thrills. He’s so well hung.

Of course, I didn’t exactly know what cavalry twills were when I first met him but the alliterative image appeals to my poetic nature. You can tell I’m cultured, can’t you? I mean if you’ve got it flaunt it. And Nigel certainly flaunts it. He’s always cutting the slack in his slacks. And believe you me he’s got a lot of slack to cut. Trouble is I don’t like the bastard but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fuck him. In fact I’d love to fuck the beautiful ass off him especially as he treats my sister so badly.

Lately she’s been confiding in me and it seems he gives her what I call the three prong fuck: ass, mouth and cunt. Almost simultaneously. He gets her all worked up and waits till she on the verge of an orgasm then whips his dick out just when she’s about to cum and ejaculates all over her. Little wonder she can’t get no satisfaction. He sounds like your classic closet case to me. Needs a real man to sort him out.

Anyway to get back to his cavalry twills. Seems they’re tight beige pants and the upper class English wear them with their traditional sports jackets. I was over there recently and saw for myself. Although people also wear a lot of groovy stuff. I was quite surprised. But Nigel is always immaculate. Except with my sister. It really sticks in my craw. Which reminds me I’d like to stick my dick right in his. If he’s got one. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Badpuppy Model - Eric Talking of culture, have you ever read “Hamlet” by the way? There’s a great line in it when the Queen says something like “I think the lady doth protest too much,” which to freely translate into less high-falutin language means I’m spending so much time slamming Nigel that you probably know by now that I’ve got the hots for him. I hate his guts but I sure love his ass. And nothing shows it off to perfection better than those cavalry twills. They’re so fucking tight!

Anyway while I was over there on a visit I got to play tennis with him. I also got to see his long dong under the shower. Where my sister puts it I know not. All her orifices must be elasticized. Or maybe he slips it in double or something. Verily, the mind doth boggle. Mine certainly did. My eyes too. Especially at his oh so fuckable ass. Still I tried to be discreet but, no matter how hard I try, my prick of a dick always betrays me in such circumstances. Nigel gave it a cursory glance and seemed favourably impressed. But true to form, stiff upper lip and tight ass and all that, he made no mention of the fact. However, he did ask me to join him for a drink in his local pub.

He introduced me to some of his rugby playing buddies. Some of them were really hot in the heavy thigh department. The way they sat on those high pub stools with everything splayed out like meat on a platter was really something. I couldn’t imagine Nigel’s slender frame being caught up in all that. Lori and I went to one of their matches and it was quite barbaric. All that hunching, crunching and scrunching in the scrum. Although I would love to have been there when they took a shower.

Nigel’s side won so there was great jubilation. Lori and I left them to it and went out to eat something. I drank quite a lot so was soon fast asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to find a wreck of a wimp sobbing uncontrollably beside me. It was Nigel. Or what was left of him. Some of the losing team had cornered him on the way home. In the car park I think it was. And carried him off some place to gang bang him. They’d trussed him up, shoved their dicks in his mouth and torn his ass to pieces. He was a real mess. Part of me wanted to say, “Serves you right,” but he looked so pathetic and vulnerable my heart went out to him.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric I gave him a hot shower and tried to bathe his wounds. His ass looked like a Doberman or a pit bull had been at it. I didn’t quite know what to do. I mean I didn’t have any antiseptic or anything. All I had was mouthwash and soap so I put a mixture of that in the bidet and sat him in it. Then I dried him carefully with paper tissues and toilet paper. In spite of himself he grew hard and so did I but naturally we didn’t do anything about it. It was neither the time nor the place. He told me how ashamed he felt and how he couldn’t bring himself to tell my sister. He asked if he could stay there with me and he called Lori to say he was spending a night on the tiles.

He more or less did just that as he couldn’t lie down comfortably and spent most of the time on the bathroom floor. Also his ass was still bleeding and he didn’t want to soil my bed. But during the night I heard him crying and said, “Fuck the bed” and laid him out beside me. I chose those words carefully because it was a bit like laying out a corpse. All the life had gone out of him. I wrapped my arms around him like a mother comforting a baby and we fell asleep like that.

Next day I took Lori out for breakfast so he could “repair the damage” and put on fresh clothes without her being any the wiser. And that was the beginning of my love affair with Nigel. We became kind of partners in crime. He made up various stories to Lori and I had to cover for him. Of course at the beginning this was necessary as it took him over a week to recover. But as time went by we fell into a special intimacy and almost inevitably became lovers. Lori must have had her suspicions. Especially when I said I wanted to stay on in England for a while. But she didn’t say anything.

It all started because he used to creep into bed with me every night like a frightened puppy. He told me he couldn’t bear for anyone else to touch him and thanked me for being so kind to him. Especially for putting mouthwash in his butt. We laughed and he kissed me. It was a long grateful kiss. It wasn’t as if that terrible rape had given him a taste for sex with a man, it was just my tender solicitudes had turned into love. And he needed love and protection at that time and the only one he could accept it from was me. It didn’t seem to matter that I wasn’t Lori. In fact he didn’t have that kind of special intimacy with Lori. He had always been the macho man with her because he thought that was what she wanted. Poor misguided creature.

Badpuppy Model - Eric Later he told me that wasn’t what he wanted at all. I ventured to say maybe what he had always wanted was me. That’s when I sucked his dick for the first time. I was shit scared because I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. Thought it might bring that horrible night back to him. But he didn’t push me away. Just sighed and filled my mouth with joy. Overfilled would probably have been nearer the mark. But I managed. I opened up and let it all flow in. I hadn’t had so much cream in my mouth since my birthday. Of course I had to take it slow at the beginning. Wait for him to make the first move. Let him lead. I wanted so much to fuck him but wanted him to want it too. It seemed all he wanted to do for the time being was fuck me. I was quite happy with that. At least I thought I was until I felt the full force of his long barge-like sausage up my love canal. He nearly burst my banks. But magically I opened my sluice gates and was ready to take even more.

Eventually I got reckless and dared ask him to imagine he was fucking one of those football louts. Take it out on me so to speak. It worked. He went to town on my ass and soon painted it red. An unfortunate image I must admit. Sorry about that. Anyway we carried on this kind of sexual therapy for nearly two months. Then the big day came. We’d been out to a very good restaurant drank some very good wine and I was just about to fall asleep when my unbelieving ears heard him say, “I want you to fuck me.”

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Badpuppy Model - Eric I thought it was the drink talking at first but his lips were already lubricating my dick.

“Are you really sure?” I asked him.

He laughed.

“Of course I am. Just promise me you won’t use any mouthwash this time.”

I lubed him up and gently inserted my fingers.

“I said fuck me, not finger fuck me.” he said, “Stop pussyfooting around.”

So I did. And we did. Fuck I mean. And it was good.

I slammed into him as if I was part of that fucking rugby scrum and had him hollering for more. Later he confessed to me how badly he’d treated Lori and was happy he’d been given his cum uppance.

I kissed him and said, “I know. And I’m going to cum up you every day from now on.”

The model in these pictures is Eric

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