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Cousin Richard by Izzy
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As soon as the soccer game was over, after I'd shaken hands with the opposing team members, and congratulated the rest of my teammates, I dashed for my car. Normally, I would have stayed for a long shower, sneaking glances at a few of the other guys I secretly lusted after on the team, but not today. Today, instead of watching my game, my parents and little brother went to the airport to pick up my Aunt Louise and Cousin Richard. I wanted to get home in time to meet them when they arrived.

As soon as the soccer game was over, after I'd shaken hands with the opposing team members, and congratulated the rest of my teammates, I dashed for my car. Normally, I would have stayed for a long shower, sneaking glances at a few of the other guys I secretly lusted after on the team, but not today. Today, instead of watching my game, my parents and little brother went to the airport to pick up my Aunt Louise and Cousin Richard. I wanted to get home in time to meet them when they arrived.

My Aunt Louise is my mom's sister. When she was in college, she met and married a British student, and moved back to England with him. Consequently, I hadn't seen them since I was about 6 years old. Cousin Richard was almost the same age as me, only a few months older. He was here with a team of cricket players from his school. They were to play a couple of exhibition games with a cricket team on the other side of Lincoln. I was surprised they were able to find a cricket team any where in Nebraska, but it was a good excuse for them to visit for a week.

I was very excited to see them. Cousin Richard and I wrote each other by email frequently, and even though I hadn't seen him in years, he seemed like my best friend.

My battered 15 year old Honda started just fine, and I managed to get home in time to see everyone out in the front yard, my dad unloading suitcases from the back of the minivan. I parked the Honda and stared. I had seen pictures of them occasionally, but hadn't actually seen them in person since we visited England when I was about 6 years old. Richard was taller than I expected. I guess I still remembered him from when we were 6. When I thought about it, it was only logical that he would be as tall as I. I went to greet them.

"Oh, look at Andy," squealed Aunt Louise when she saw me, "all grown up you are!" She looked a little like my mom, only slightly older and chubbier. I dropped my gym bag, and she squeezed me in a big hug.

"I'd say so," said Richard, and he too gave me a hug. After a genuinely warm embrace he stepped back. He was about an inch taller than I, and had a stunningly beautiful face. His big brown eyes seemed so kind and soulful. He had lush full lips and a nice smile. He was dressed in a burgundy sport coat with some kind of school emblem sown on the breast pocket, a white shirt and striped tie. I guess traveling formal was some kind of British thing.

"Here," my dad said, handing me Richard's suitcase, "why don't you show Richard to your room so he can unpack and change." Then he handed Richard a gym bag with some cricket paddles sticking out. The arrangements had long been settled. Aunt Louise would stay in my sister's old room (my older sister was in college), and Richard would stay with me in my room. My little brother seemed pleased that he got to keep his room to himself.

"Sure," I said. "C'mon Richard." I grabbed my soccer bag and Richard's suitcase, and headed toward the front door. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My cousin was a stud, and he would be spending the next week sleeping in my bedroom. "And take a shower before dinner," mom said. "You're all sweaty from soccer."

"Thanks mom. Real tactful."

Richard laughed and followed me to the basement, which I pretty much had to myself. All the rest of the bedrooms were on the second floor. The basement bedroom and bathroom had been added a few years ago to give my little brother and I some space apart. I got a new double bed for my birthday last year, and we had dragged my old single bed back in the room for Richard. It made the room pretty cramped.

"Here you go," I said, setting his suitcase on the smaller bed. "There is a bathroom right next to this room on that side, and a laundry room beyond that." And I pointed. Richard took his sport coat off and laid it on the bed, then sat down next to it. He leaned back on his elbows. We stared at each other for a moment. I thought he looked fantastic.

"Perhaps I'm a bit jetlagged," he said, "but this seems quite strange. I partly feel like I know you very well, and yet at the same time, you're almost like a complete stranger." I knew exactly how he felt, since I'd been thinking the same thing a few minutes earlier. "I'm famished. They just give you these tiny meals on the plane. When is supper?"

"Not for a while yet." I dug an energy bar out of my gym bag and tossed it too him. "Here. Will that help fill you up till dinner?"

"Thanks." He grinned and tore the wrapper off, took a bite, and started to unpack. I felt a moment of awkwardness, not really knowing what to do.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

"Um, I better take that shower. I made some room so you can hang stuff in the closet if you want." I sat on my bed and took off my shoes and socks. I stood and stripped my soccer shirt off. Richard glanced at me while he hung up his sport coat. I wondered if he liked what he saw. I was fairly athletic, and thought I had a pretty decent body for an eighteen year old. I stretched a little, just to let him admire me if he wanted to. Unlike most of my friends, Richard and I had never once talked about girlfriends when we emailed each other. I wondered if he was in to guys too. I couldn't tell. He glanced at me again, but I wasn't sure if he was looking with any kind of real interest. Finally I walked out wearing only my shorts.

I threw my sweaty soccer clothes on top of the washing machine, and then took a shower. I often masturbate in the shower; usually fantasizing about guys I meet playing soccer, or pictures I've seen on the internet. Now I wondered about my cousin as I stroked my cock lightly. We hadn't talked about girls before, but I had been too afraid to tell him I thought I might be gay either. Maybe not talking about girls was a British thing too. Feeling confused and not wanting to take too long, I stopped stroking my cock and quickly finished showering.

I dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked back to my room. Richard was asleep on his bed, still in his tie. He looked so sweet like that. I softly closed the door, but the sound woke him. He smiled at me.

"Sorry. Nodded off a bit." He sat up and looked at me. "I suppose I should off the tie. I feel a bit overdressed with you just wearing a towel." He grinned again and slowly removed his tie. Then he stood and unbuttoned his shirt. I sat at my desk and turned on my computer, just to give myself something to do so I wouldn't be staring at him too obviously. His chest was totally smooth, like mine. He was more tanned than I expected for spring, and more muscled. We were both pretty skinny kids the last time I'd seen him. He unbuckled his slacks and stepped out of them. He carried his slacks past me to hang them up in the closet. He was wearing plaid boxer shorts, which revealed nothing, the white shirt still hanging from his shoulders. "What's appropriate to wear for supper?" he asked walking back to his suitcase. I stood and walked over next to him and looked at his stuff. "Your mum's right. You did need a shower. You smell much better now."

I blushed. Was he coming on to me, or was this some kind of British thing? I pointed to a pair of jeans. "Um, try those. We're pretty informal here." I wondered if he normally dressed up for dinner.

He placed a hand on my bare shoulder and leaned over. "How about this shirt," said Richard pulling one out of his suitcase? He turned to me and held it up.

"Sure," I stammered. My mouth was dry. His hand still rested gently on my shoulder. He dropped the shirt back in the suitcase. Feeling a little bold, I looked him in the eye and said, "I think you'd look great in anything." Richard looked deep into my eyes and put his other hand on my other shoulder. I knew then that he wanted me too, and I smiled. So did Richard. He stepped closer, and I stepped in and kissed him. He kissed me back, probing my mouth deeply, but gently, with his tongue. I stopped and stepped back.

I panicked for a moment. I had never kissed a guy before. One guy last year had given me a blowjob in the locker room late after a soccer game, but it was a rushed affair. I barely knew him. He told me I had a huge cock and he wanted me to come in his mouth. We didn't kiss. There was no foreplay. He just dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around my cock. I did come in his mouth -- in less than a minute, I think. He'd dashed off then, before we were caught, and never said a word to me again when I saw him around school.

Now I looked at Richard, not sure what to do. My cock was getting hard, pressing out on the towel, and I could see Richard's boxers tenting out a little. I wanted to feel his dick. I wanted to kiss him again. Partly I wanted to run and hide. I turned and stepped to my door and locked it.

Richard came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest. I could feel his pecs against my back and his crotch against my ass. "Are you alright?" he asked quietly. "We can stop if you want."

"I'm OK." I held his hands against my chest and leaned my head back on his shoulder. "I'm just sort of new to this." He kissed my neck then. He rubbed one of my nipples with his thumb, and the other hand slid down my torso. I could feel his cock getting harder against my ass. Mine was getting hard too. He reached under the towel, and I could feel his hand touch my cock. My cock jumped at his touch, and I moaned.

"God, you're big," he whispered in my ear. I smiled. He reached down with his other hand and undid my towel. He stepped away from me and let the towel drop to the floor. I turned to face him, my big cock now standing proudly out before me. It wasn't enormous, but I knew it was bigger than most guys I'd seen. Now I stared at the stretching fabric of Richard's boxers. He reached out and pulled me to him. "You can feel mine if you want." I kissed him, more fiercely than the first time. He guided my hand down his flat stomach and past the elastic of his boxers. Our tongues intertwined as I wrapped my hand around his cock -- the first time I had ever felt another guy's cock. It felt different than feeling my own. Duh, of course. It was large, but not quite as big as mine, and I could feel the veins bulging along the hard shaft. I pulled his boxers down over his hips with my other hand. We were kissing so hard now that I could barely breath. I stroked his cock with one hand, and cupped his ass cheek with the other. His ass was firm and round. I could feel Richard's hand begin to stroke my cock and I pulled away from him.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

"Fuck," I panted, "if you keep that up, I'm going to come right now." Richard was breathing heavily too. He stepped back, stumbled, and almost fell. I looked down and saw his boxers around his knees. We both giggled and I pushed him onto my bed. He fell onto his back and his stiff cock slapped against his belly. I pulled his boxer shorts the rest of the way off. His legs were thin but muscular. I climbed on the bed between his legs, staring at his cock. He was completely smooth, other than a tuft of brown hair at the base of his cock. I'd seen pictures of guys, but this was the first real hard cock I'd seen besides my own. "I want to suck on your cock, Richard," I said. "I want to taste it. I want to see you come." He smiled and pulled me to him. I took his cock in one hand and licked up the shaft. It bulged in my hand and Richard thrust his hips up. I remembered how good my locker room blowjob had felt, and wanted to make sure I made Richard feel good too. I popped his cock in my mouth and sucked on the head like a lollypop. When it was nice and slippery, I slid it deeper in my mouth. It tasted so good. He was really hard now. I slid my mouth in and out along his veined shaft until I could feel his cock head against the back of my throat.

"Ohhhh," Richard sighed. One of his hands clutched a fistful of bed sheet; the other caressed the back of my neck and shoulder. I stopped sucking his cock for a moment, and licked his balls. They were bigger than mine, and nearly hairless. As I licked, his balls constricted tight against the base of his shaft. I licked my way up to the tip of his cock again, and swallowed it back in one swift stroke. I could taste pre-come as it oozed from the tip of his cock. It nearly drove me wild. Now I knew what that the locker room boy wanted. I wanted Richard to come in my mouth too. I bobbed my head up and down faster, feeling Richard's cock sliding in and out of my mouth. He was moaning and thrashing gently on the bed. "I'm going to come," he gasped.

"Come in my mouth," I said. I gripped his hips with both hands and sucked in and out as fast as I could. Pre-come was oozing freely into my mouth. It tasted wonderful, and mixed with my spit, made his cock slick.

"Oh, ohhhh," Richard moaned again and again. I hoped the sound wouldn't carry, but at that moment I couldn't have cared less. Richard's hand clamped onto my shoulder and his body spasmed. Then I felt his come erupt in my mouth. It was salty and slippery. I tried to swallow it all, but he kept shooting. I nearly choked. It tasted so good in my mouth, and some oozed out past my lips and dribbled onto his stomach. The sensation of my cousin shooting his load in my mouth almost made me come myself. After one last spasm, his hand finally relaxed on my shoulder. I licked his cock clean, and then licked the come off his stomach. "Now your turn, Andy. Fuck my mouth with your big cock."

I didn't need any more invitation than that. I moved up the bed and straddled his face, then plunged my raging cock past Richard's gorgeous lips. I knew I wouldn't last long. I was so hard. I thrust my cock deep into his mouth a couple of times, but the angle was awkward. I pulled it out and rubbed my slick cock all over his face. He took my balls into his mouth and that felt very good. Richard was stroking my slick, pre-come oozing cock with one hand and playing with my asshole with the other. My breath was coming in gasps. I tried to hold out longer, but it was a loosing battle. Richard was still sucking on my balls and it was driving me wild. He suddenly switched hands, and plunged one of his pre-come slicked fingers into my asshole till the second knuckle reached my sphincter. I never felt anything like it before. It was like he hit some magic button inside me. He slid his dripping finger almost all the way out, and then shoved it in again, all the way to the hilt. I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying out in ecstasy. My big cock practically exploded. Come jetted out, past Richard's forehead, splashing on the wall above my bed. His slick finger slid out and rammed back in my ass again. Come was flying everywhere - all over my pillow, in Richard's hair, his face, and my stomach. It seemed like I'd never come so much in my life before.

I collapsed beside him, and for a little while we just lay there, holding hands, kissing lightly. Eventually, my breathing and heart rate returned to normal. I noticed the time, and quickly cleaned up with my towel as best I could. We both dashed to the bathroom and had a quick shower together (we could hardly go up for dinner with come in Richard's hair). I was glad we had the basement to ourselves.

We both mostly managed to act like nothing happened during dinner. Mom and Aunt Louise chattered nearly nonstop. She asked if I had plans for college after I finished high school. Once Richard caught my eye and sucked on his fork in a very erotic fashion. I blushed and looked away as he giggled. Thankfully, nobody noticed and Aunt Louise went on to try to explain the game of cricket to my father.

Afterward, we all went out to a movie. I don't really remember it. My parents and Aunt sat in the middle somewhere, and I sat in the back with my cousin. Once the lights went out and the movie started Richard put his hand on my thigh. I looked around nervously, but nobody was in our row, and everyone else was staring at the screen. I relaxed, and he softly stroked the inside of my thigh. My cock started to get hard again. Feeling a little braver, I reached over and felt his crotch. I could feel his erection bulging in his jeans. We stopped when someone walked up the isle to go to the restroom, and then continued when they were gone. He kept me aroused like this throughout the movie, but we never went any further for fear of getting caught.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

When we got home, Aunt Louise announced she was too jetlagged to stay awake another minute, and went upstairs. Richard yawned, and I took that as my cue. We went downstairs.

The minute I locked the bedroom door, Richard pushed me onto my bed. I laughed and he crawled on top of me and started kissing me. "I thought we'd never get back here," he said. "I've had a hardon for you for hours." He kissed me some more. He pulled my shirt over my head. When he'd thrown mine aside, he quickly stripped his own off.

"All I've been able to think about all evening is your finger up my ass. Is that what it feels like to get fucked?"

"Oh, Andy. If you liked that, you'd like being buggered ten times more. I went with a guy for a while before he went off to college last fall. We did it a few times."

Richards's cock was a whole lot bigger than his finger, though. "Doesn't it hurt?" I asked.

"Well it can. But not if you relax and start slow and use plenty of lube." He had pulled my pants off by then, and was lightly brushing the inside of my leg. My cock was fully hard again. "I can't believe my cousin has such a big cock." He bent over me and we kissed some more. I slid his pants down past his hips, and we were both naked. I liked how it felt with him laying on top of me while we kissed. I had my hand around his cock, and he was fondling my balls as we kissed. We were not as frantic this time, having just come a few hours ago. I hesitated, then spread my legs a little more. Richard seemed to read my mind. He slid his fingers from my balls down to my ass. I moaned and spread my legs apart further. He stroked a finger lightly across my pucker, sending a shudder of pleasure through my body.

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered in Richard's ear. I was nervous, but I had seen pictures of guys fucking, and it always made me super horny. "I want to feel your cock inside me." He kissed me again, and got up. He went to his suitcase and brought back a tube of something.

"Roll on to your stomach," he said. I hesitated for a second, and then rolled over. I felt vulnerable with my back to him. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. I want this to be nice for you for your first time." He straddled me and started massaging oil into my shoulders. "You need to really relax and it will feel great." He rubbed slowly down my back, and that did help me relax. "Here, put a pillow under your stomach." I did, and that raised my ass a little off the bed. "Jeez Andy, you have the most gorgeous ass!" I knew I had nice legs and butt from playing soccer for years. Richard kneaded my ass cheeks and rubbed a finger across my ass hole. Then he kissed the inside of my leg. He kissed my leg again, closer to my balls. Then I felt his tongue flick across my ass hole. "God, I haven't licked a guys ass before, but you're so fine, so smooth." His tongue licked more slowly across my pucker, and I moaned in pleasure. It was fantastic. "I always imagined it would be gross, but your ass is like silk on my tongue." His tongue probed more deeply. I pulled my other pillow to me and hugged it to my face so my moans wouldn't carry.

"God that feels so good Richard," I said. My cock was rock hard, pressing into the pillow beneath me. I arched my back a little to point my ass up, and spread my legs further. His tongue lashed back and forth across my ass hole. I had no idea there were so many nerves back there, and the sensation was driving me wild. He licked around my ass, then probed his tongue in deep. His tongue pushed in and out a few times, and I moaned loudly into my pillow. My cock throbbed beneath me. "Stop," I said, "or I'm gonna come. I want you to fuck me now."

Richard stopped rimming me. "O.K. This will help keep it from hurting." He smeared some massage oil on my ass and slid a finger in. I flinched and my ass clamped down on his finger, but with the slick oil, it slipped smoothly in and out. Richard moved up over me and spoke quietly in my ear. "Just relax." He softly kissed my neck. I relaxed to his gentle touch, and he slid a second slick finger in with the first. I could feel his fingers sliding in and out and twisting around in my ass. I softly bit my lip and moaned into my pillow. He withdrew his fingers. "You seem relaxed enough now. Are you ready?" I nodded. He positioned himself over me and I hugged the second pillow close to my face. I could feel the head of his cock press softly on my eagerly waiting pucker. I nodded again, and he thrust his greased cock slowly past my sphincter. I could feel the ridge of his cockhead as it slid in, and every bulging vein. I moaned loudly into my pillow and clamped down despite my efforts to relax. Richard stopped half way in. It didn't really hurt, but his cock felt so huge! I could barely breath. "Do you want me to pull out? We don't have to do this if you don't want.

I reached back with one hand, and held his hip in place. "No, don't stop," I said. "Just wait a second." I tried to relax and breathe normally. I reached back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. He slowly sank down on me until his cock was completely inside my ass. He lay lightly on my back, our bodies like spoons. He wrapped his arms beneath my chest and held me like that for a minute or so, nuzzling my neck, his cock buried in me. I hugged his arms to me. "Oh God, Richard. This feels so good. I want to stay like this forever." He held me like that for a bit longer, and then began to rock his hips slowly. His cock slid out just a little, then back in. I moaned into the pillow again.

He started fucking me slowly and gently. He pulled almost completely out and slowly shoved every slick veined inch back in. My ass hole felt like a million nerves sending pleasure signals to my brain. I got into the rhythm and relaxed. Richard gripped my hips more tightly "You have the most fantastic body," he said, his voice low and husky in my ear. He began to fuck me faster. My cock was rock hard beneath me, and with each thrust from Richard, it was being pressed into the pillow under my stomach. I could never have imagined how good it could feel to have Richard's slick shaft pumping in and out of my ass.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

"I'm going to come, Richard," I moaned. "I can't hold back." I craned my neck back, and he leaned forward to kiss me. His lips locked on mine, our tongues probing deep. His hips thrust forward again. The sensation of his veined shaft plunging all the way in while he held me and kissed me, and my throbbing cock rammed into the pillow sent me over. I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. My big cock spasmed and jerked, come flooding my belly and the pillow. "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," I moaned around our kiss with each eruption.

"Mph. Mmmmm." Richards's eyes squeezed shut and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. His arms clamped tightly around me. I could feel his hips bucking as he came in my ass.

When we finally stopped, we rolled together onto our sides panting and gasping. He continued to hold me for a while, his cock still planted up my ass. Finally he withdrew. I could barely move, I was so spent. We cleaned up, and then fell asleep in each other's arms.

I watched every cricket match he played that week, but never did understand the game. My mind was elsewhere.

I did, however, learn a lot about sex. Richard and I tried as many different things in bed as we could think about that week. When he left, I was exhausted but in complete bliss.

At first I was depressed when he left. But we emailed each other a lot. Now we are planning to apply to go to the same college in England when I finish high school later this year. My parents and Aunt think it is a great idea for us to go to college together. We can share a room.

I can hardly wait.

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