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Concierge by Mark Gregg Richards
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Badpuppy Model - Kajc

Chase nervously paced the outer office of the hotel manager. Friends had told him to wear a suit to the interview but he decided to dress casual and let his body get him the job. He thought that his sparking blue eyes, perfect bleached teeth, shiny soft black hair, and his gymnast physique would be all he would need. Now he realized his mistake. A dozen men all dressed for success waited with him for a chance to apply for night concierge at one of the oldest and finest hotels in Montreal. One by one, they were ushered in the manager’s office by a very efficient looking male secretary to face one of the best business minds in Canada.

The 31-year-old hotel manager was tough, smart, impeccably attired, and incredibly handsome. He was also unimpressed with the dozen job applicants he has just interviewed. He tossed his pen across his polished antique desk, stood up, and prepared to leave for dinner. His secretary opened the door and informed him that there was one more candidate for the job. Justin Grady sat down and looked up as Chase stood before his desk. Justin leaned back and stared at whom he thought was an l8-year-old that was inappropriately dressed for a formal interview. “You’re too young for his job. You have to be at least 21", Justin said with some sarcasm. “I will be 21 tomorrow”, Chase shot back. “You sure don’t look like it”, replied the manager. Justin glanced over Chase’s resume and found it lacking.

“I need to take a brake for about ten minutes. You can stay here until I get back but I don’t visualize you as a concierge”.

Visualize. Chase collapsed into an overstuff chair as Justin’s words reverberated in his mind. Yes, Chase thought, visualization. He does not visualize me as his concierge. Chase needed to think of something to make his case. The door opened and Chase gets to his feet. It was the secretary with an arm full of dry cleaning. Chase watched as the man opened a large hidden closet. He saw a whole wardrobe of silk shirts, expensive ties, and a large red garment covered in plastic. “What’s this”, asked Chase. “Don’t touch that even I am forbidden to touch that”, answered the secretary. “This is the concierge uniform that Mr. Grady wore when he first started working here ten years ago”. “He is very protective of that uniform and it means a great deal to him”, the secretary explained to Chase as he closed the hidden panel.

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Badpuppy Model - Kajc

Chase’s mind raced to come up with a way to get the job. Then an idea hit him like a lighting bolt. His two most valuable assets were his body and his imagination. He stood up and began to undress. He pulled off his shoes and socks first and then pulled off his polo shirt. He never wore underwear so when he let his pants fall to the floor he was naked. His hands trembled while opening the hidden closet door and extracting the concierge uniform. He removed the clear plastic cover and felt the richness of the material. He climbed into the trousers and felt an erection as the pants rubbed against his growing penis. Next, he donned the red tunic with its brilliant gold buttons. He stood barefoot in front of hotel manager’s desk and waited.

Justin entered his office without looking up and then gasped as he sat down and glanced at Chase. Justin who was never at a loss for words was speechless. First, he was angry at the impudence of someone that would dare to handle his most precious possession but that emotion soon evaporated. Lust overtook the hotel manager as he realized how stunning the young man looked in the uniform.

“I’m sorry sir for taking so much liberty with something that obviously means a lot to you”, Chase said with a bit of remorse. “I will take it off right now”. “Yes take it off”, Justin added.

Chase could feel sexual tension beginning to build between him and the hotel manager. As Chase was lowering the zipper of the uniform pants, he had an inspiration. “This zipper is stuck...I sure don’t want to tear the fabric”, he remarked. Justin moved from behind his desk in a flash. “Here let me help you I don’t want anything to happen to that uniform”, said Justin. To his amazement, the zipper opened like butter and was not “stuck” at all. The pants fell to the floor reveling Chase’s erect penis. Justin reached out and held and stroked the beautiful hard cock. For what seemed like several minutes, no one spoke until Chase said, “That feels so good would you play with my balls”. Justin nodded yes.

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Badpuppy Model - Kajc

Justin cupped one of his hands around the low hanging testicles while squeezing the young mans firm ass. As Chase carefully removed the uniforms tunic, he stood naked before the hotel manager.

“Why should I hire you as concierge?” asked Justin.

“I love people sir and people say I have charm”.


Badpuppy Model - Kajc

“I think I would look damn good in the uniform?"

“Well yes you do look very handsome in the uniform and may I add you look damn good out of it”.

Justin took Chase by the hand and motioned for him to sit on the edge of his desk. Chase parted his legs and let Justin have full oral access to his still erect manhood. His dick throbbed with pleasure as Justin first sucked on the head of his cock and then ran his tongue down the full length of the shaft. Chase felt the power of his cum building up in his loins and fought to hold back an ejaculation. He reclined on the desk while reveling in the greatest pleasure of young life. When Justin disengaged his mouth for a second to take a breath Chase shot of load of semen that formed a milky white ribbon from one end of the desk to the other.

Badpuppy Model - Kajc

Justin went to the closet and produced a robe for Chase. “Here put this on I am going to take you to the roof of the hotel. The two stepped into a private elevator that took them to the top of the building for a spectacular view of Montreal. “I come up here every night to take in the beauty of the city”. “Tonight I have a beautiful man to share this special place”. They gazed out on to the city and then in each other eyes.

Justin took Chase to his apartment one flight down. Justin ordered a gourmet supper as the two held each other on the silk covered sofa. After dinner, they retired to the master bedroom. Justin got undressed and removed the robe from Chase. A few heartbeats later Justin was inside Chase. The lovemaking was done with slow caring strokes and continued until each fell into the others arms completely satisfied. At midnight, room service delivered champagne to the room. Justin filled the glasses and proposed a toast. “Happy Birthday to you Chase, my new concierge, your hired”! “I am also in need of a lover to watch the sunsets on the roof; would you like to also apply for that position?” Chase sealed the deal with a kiss.

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