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Con Man - The Conclusion by Tanda2000
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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh Man, talk about fucking up a wet dream. I suddenly realized that there was a light shining on us from the door. We were so busted.

"What the fuck is going on in here?", demanded the cop holding the light on us. I jumped up with my big hard cock waving in the air. Big mistake.

"Uh, nothin' Officer. Just givin' the kid a rub down."

"Yeah," the cop said sardonically. "I can see that."

Josh, my new little fish just buried his head in the blanket on the floor, his sweet little ass still up in the air.

"Inmate Fields. Get some skivvies on and report to the Officer's Station."

Oh shit, I thought. Here we go. "Uh, yes sir."

The Officer left us alone so he could go down and pop the door open.

"Shit. Fuck. Shit, shit, shit.", I cussed up a storm as I pulled on my jockey shorts.

"What's going to happen to us, Dagger?", the Fish whined.

"I dunno, kid. I fuckin' don't know."

The door popped open.

I stepped outside and looked back at Josh. He was scared shitless. My heart went out to my scared little fish. "Just get on your bunk and be cool, man. I'll try to do some fast talking and get us out of this shit."

I walked down the tier. It was so quiet that I could almost hear my bare feet on the concrete walkway. "Damn, shit, fuck," I quietly cussed. I heard my cell door close behind me. I always hated that sound of finality.

When I got to the Officer's Station, Officer Benton was sitting at his desk writing up a D.R. For you laymen, that would be better known as a disciplinary report. That means hole time. Fuck!

I stood in front of his desk still naked except for the jockeys that I had thrown on. My semi-hard cock was still evident in my shorts but had quieted down quite a bit. I didn't know how I was gonna deal with this, but I knew I had to play it out. So I folded my arms across my muscled chest and stood there waiting for him to acknowledge me.

He looked up from his writing. His gaze was level with my crotch. He stared right at it. His penetrating blue eyes seemed to go right through the fabric.

He was about my age, but slimmer. About 5 feet 11 inches, maybe 186 lbs. or so. He kept his blond hair cut short and wasn't a bad looking man. Except for that fucked up uniform he wore that told me he was a lousy pig. A cop that kept me locked up.

He sat his pen down on the desk.

"Fields," he said. "You think you're pretty tough shit around here, don't you?"

I started to play my part.

I just grinned lewdly, not moving my stance and said, "I do my time."

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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh He got up but I noticed he didn't leave his desk without his billy club. The bastard. He was scared of me, I could tell. The little sissy whimpy faggot.

He walked around the desk tapping the club in the palm of his hand. He looked me up and down. I didn't move.

He mused, "Hmmm, I wonder just how tough you are without your buddies around?"

I got a good look at him. I stared him straight in the eye, but my experienced peripheral vision got a chance to appreciate the way his uniform fit his tight body. I was intrigued.

He walked around my semi-clad body and informed me that he could run me into the hole for a long time for homosexual activity in prison. While he circled me, he let the club trace around my upper torso. It felt smooth and cold. I'd like to stick it up his ass.

He came around the front of me and then whacked me one across the chest with it. I winced but didn't budge. My nipples became erect where the club had landed. It didn't escape his attention.

"Do you know how much time you could get in the hole, Fields?", he demanded.

"Yeah," I said casually.

He stood only inches from my face as he questioned me and the only thing between us was a little air and that damned club. I looked deep into his eyes and watched his lips move as he spoke. I couldn't help it, but watching those lips made my cock start to twitch. I felt the club wander down my chest to my abdomen and then he stood back and pushed the end of inside of my jockey shorts. He grinned wickedly. The freak.

"I hear you're known in here for quite the weapon," he said as he let the smooth hard club slide in the waistband of my shorts. I still didn't budge.

With my arms still folded, I felt the club rub against my cock nestled inside my underwear. I just replied, "I do my time."

He grinned. "Yeah, and that's all you can do, convict."

With those words, he pulled on the club and yanked my shorts down around my knees. My cock swung free. It was half hard and I saw his eyes light up.

"Well," he said with a husky voice. "I guess you do live up to your name."

He nudged my cock with his club and watched in fascination as it began to grow. I grit my teeth as my dick began to betray itself and his club was pushing it around and toying with my balls. I felt the cool club slide between my legs. I held my stance but my cock was almost completely hard. He began sliding it in and out of my legs. I just grinned at him. I looked down at his uniform and saw a prominent bulge in his snugly fit uniform pants. This freak cop wants it, I thought. And if he keeps fucking with me, he's gonna get it.

To my surprise, he roughly grabbed my hardening cock and said, "You were going to fuck that boy, weren't you, you faggot convict?"

Now he was starting to piss me off.

Still holding onto my cock, he said, "You know, you could really hurt that boy with this monster." As he spoke, he was inadvertently squeezing it.

I looked him in the eye and said, "Someone's gonna get it, man."

He got up in my face and breathed angrily, "You threatening me, Fields?"

I just stared at him. I was inches from his face and we could have touched lips had either of us moved an inch.

Not saying a word, just pissed him off.

Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh Abruptly, he released my hard cock and I saw that his cock was straining in his uniform pants. He sat the billy club down on the desk. He turned back around to face me and said, "Okay, do something, convict. Go ahead, give it your best shot."

I just stood there. I wasn't going to take the bait and get an assault charge to boot. This pissed him off even more. He pushed against my chest with his hand. "Just as I thought," he jeered. "You're not going to do anything. You're just a punk."

Fuck, he shouldn't have said the "P" word. I lost control.

I lunged at him. He tried to block my attack, but I was too fast and too big for him. I pinned him against the desk, my hard cock pressed against his uniform pants. I yanked his head back and pressed my lips against his and kissed him on the mouth as he struggled vainly to fight me off. I held his head in my hands and forced his lips apart with my tongue. He tried shaking his head but I held him firmly and started to grind my hips against his.

He broke away and laughed, "Is that all you got, tough guy?" He was hard in his uniform. I lunged at him again and started to fumble with his oversized belt buckle as he tried to fight me off. But I was too fast for him and I was all over him like white on rice.

In no time, I had his buckle undone and unzipped his fly and then jerked his uniform pants down around his knees. He had pretty much stopped struggling and I could see his hard throbbing cock tenting in his boxers .

"Oh yeah, yeah," he murmured hoarsely. "Come on, big guy. Do it. Do it."

I whipped him around so that he was facing the desk and he looked so hot with his uniform pants down around his knees and he did have a really nice ass. He voluntarily bent over the desk.

I was stunned. But I was hard and this cop had turned me on. I listened to my dick. It said, "Fuck him."

He grabbed his own cock and began to stroke it as he was bent over the desk and I realized that this guy wanted it and liked to play rough. Well, I didn't want to hurt the guy but I could play.

I pushed him down so that his face was lying on the desk as he offered me his butt. I stood behind him and kicked his legs wide apart so that the uniform was so tight around his legs, I could hear the ripping of fabric.

I stood between his spread legs and spit in my hand.

I rubbed my cock real good with it up and down and then spit again in my hand and rubbed it in his crack. He moaned, "Yessssss," and arched his back so that his tight little butt was waiting to be filled.

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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh I didn't disappoint him.

I placed the head of my shiny spit covered dick against his tight opening. He pushed against me and it was in! Damn, he was tight. And hot.

As I eased more of my hard cock into his willing tight ass, he moaned with pleasure as my 9 inches begin to fill him. I sunk all of my length into his willing ass until my hips were against his firm rounded ass. Lucky for my celly, I thought as I felt this cop's hotness envelope my aching cock.

After I could tell his ass had gotten used to the intrusion of my oversized cock, I started a slow rhythmic thrust. Just a little at first so as not to hurt the guy. I mean he had always been decent to me but he just wanted to get fucked. And who am I to turn down an offer like this?

As he got more used to me, I started easing in and out of his hot ass as he pounded away on his own hard cock in his fist. When I saw that he was really enjoying this, I started going faster and deeper, fucking this cop like there was no tomorrow. And I knew there might not be. I might be in the hole. But right now the only hole I cared about was the hot one that my cock was penetrating.

I started fucking the cop with long deep strokes until my balls were slapping against his willing ass cheeks. I held onto his hips and slammed into him repeatedly as he moaned with pleasure and stroked his cock like a piston. We were in unison, we were one fucking machine as I plowed his hot cop ass. It felt so damn good and I could feel all my tensions boiling up from my balls as I fucked him.

Soon, all too soon, I heard him start to moan loudly and his body convulsed underneath me as he shot a huge load of hot white cop cum all over the D.R. he had been writing. I matched his movements and soon started to release my pent up convict cum up his tight willing ass. I buried my long dick to the hilt in his ass and started shooting hot man juice up his sweet ass as I ground my hips against his butt.

When I was finished with one of the most exciting climaxes of my life, I gently pulled out of his spent ass and stood behind him as he straightened up and started to pull his pants up. He looked at me and smiled and then looked at the form on the desk that he had covered with his passion.

"Well, it doesn't look like I can turn that into the Captain."

He grinned. I grinned back.

"Thanks," I said.

He walked over to me adjusting his belt and kissed me softly on the lips.

"You are one hot fuck, Dagger."

"Ditto," I replied.

Then he swatted me on my naked ass and said, "Now get back to your cell and don't let me see that kind of shit again, okay? I don't want to have to bust you. But if you get me in a jam, I'm going to have to take you down with me. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," I did a mock salute.

He grinned again, "Smart ass."

Then he winked at me. "Get outta here."

I turned to go.

He added, "Dagger?"


Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh "Thanks, that was hot."

"Yeah, it was, sir."

I walked back to my cell whistling down the tier, my satisfied dick snug in my state issue jockey shorts waiting for it's next release.

Look out, my little fresh fish. Daddy's comin' home!

He said not a word. Just heavy breathing.

I released his dick and, grabbing the waistband of his shorts, slowly eased them down over his shapely thighs and down his calves. When I had pulled them all the way off of his feet, I tossed them randomly on my bunk where they lay united next to mine.

I returned my attention to the young man lying naked in front of me on the floor. What a prize. What a beauty. His hard young cock lie on his flat stomach, twitching, as I began massaging his calves, working my way back up his legs. He just laid there in the semi-darkness letting me do whatever I wanted to his hot body. When I reached his swollen balls, my hands grazed them and his dick bounced up on his belly. I grinned.

Then I wrapped my fist around his hard cock and held it up.

"Nice piece of meat, kid," was all I said.

Then I slid up and, still straddling him, I held my bigger dick up next to his and stroked them both together. He lay there breathing heavily, his entire body tensed up. So hot but too afraid to stop me.

The precum from our dicks made them slippery and I stroked them a couple of times and then let his flop back to his belly with a resounding smack.

He stuttered and audibly moaned at the same time, "We....we...shouldn'"

"Shut up, punk," I growled. "I told you to NEVER question my methods."

With that, he shut up and I bent forward and started to blow my hot breath against his throbbing dick and heated nut sack. His cock reacted to my breath by doing a dance. I roughly grabbed his balls and bunched them up in my fist, which made him wince with the pain of the sudden grasp. I grabbed his dick with my other hand and held it up in the air. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his mushroomed dick. I could taste his sweet innocence. He moaned.

Still holding his swollen balls in my fist, I engulfed his young cock head with my hot lips and wrapped them around it tightly and sucked hard. I saw his fists reach out and grab a hold of the blanket as he tried to maintain.

I sucked on his cock for a minute and then let it slide out of my mouth. As it lay on his belly wet and shiny, I said, "Yeah, looks like we'll have to get one of these punks around here to take care of you. You don't even want me to take care of your problem. 'Cuz I always say, "If I suck 'em, I fuck 'em."

I slapped his hip and said, "Now roll over. Let's do the backside."

I got up and went to the window checking for jiggs again. You never know when these tricky bastard cops were going to do a sneak round. The coast was still clear.

I turned around and saw my prize. The hot young man was lying on his belly, completely at my mercy and I couldn't help but stroke my hard dick a couple of times when I saw that fine ass beckoning me.

The first thing I did was to straddle him again. I grabbed a hold of his arms that were lying by his side and pulled them up above his head. (Damn, I wish I had thought to have some rope around here.) But I figured he wouldn't dare move once I had him positioned how I wanted him.

He let his arms be pinned to the floor above his head as my hard cock slid around his slim back. Pulling his arms up over his head just made his little ass stick up in the air even more. That hot little butt was begging for it even though he didn't know it.

Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh Again, I started at his head, rubbing his hair all around in my fingers and tugging on it slightly. To stimulate the scalp is what I told him. But I was pulling hard enough on it that his head was rising off of the floor whenever I tugged. Mmmmmm, what a good little fish. Then I started kneading his shoulders and worked my way down his slim back. My hard dick was still leaking precum all over his backside and I was lovin' it. As I worked even lower, I allowed my big dick to glide in the crack of his smooth, hairless ass. He didn't resist or react to it. At least not that I could tell.

When my hands reached his trim waist, I slid down and let my cock hang on his legs. My hands reached his firm orbs and began massaging the fleshy mounds of pleasure. I spent a long time on them thinking how good they felt and how supple they were and how good they would feel against my hips when I started pounding into that virgin ass.

Reluctantly, I left his butt cheeks and went down to his thighs. When I reached his thighs, I abruptly spread his legs wide apart like I was makin' a fuckin' wish. And I was. He still just lay there letting me show him how to rub a weight lifter down.

I worked on one leg all the way down to his ankles and then started to rub his feet, including each little fuckin' toe. He squirmed but didn't resist. When I got finished with one foot, I went to the other one and then back up on the other leg. As my hands got closer to the crack of his ass, they grazed against his nut sack. Involuntarily, he pushed his pelvis down against the blanket. I started rubbing his ass cheeks again, a little bit more forceful this time, spreading his cheeks and letting my fingers glide up his smooth crack.

With one quick movement, I roughly reached up underneath him and found his hard cock pressed against the blanket. I grabbed it and yanked it down between his spread out legs. He yelped quietly but didn't try to stop me. So, now I had this young hunk spread eagle on the floor beneath me with his hard 7-inch cock pressed against the floor exposed to my whim.

I smacked his right ass cheek. "You ever been rimmed, Fish?"

"," he replied. "Sir."

"Well, hang onto your wad, kid, 'cuz you're gonna get a taste of pure pleasure."

With that, I spread his tender cheeks wide apart and bent low. I started by kissing his crack and he caught his breath. He smelled hot and sweet all at the same time.

I licked that virgin crack from the top to the base of his nut sack.

He cringed. I noted that his cock throbbed.

Then I started to tongue around his virgin opening while I held his cheeks wide open to my demanding tongue. He whimpered when my tongue made contact with his pink virgin hole. Mmmmmm, so sweet. So straight. So hot.

Without warning, I slid my hot tongue into his virgin ass. He moaned almost too loudly and I smacked his ass again and told him to shut up. Holding his ass cheeks in both hands, I started to ease my tongue into that hot, tight sweet hole. Where no man has gone before.

Then I pulled away from his hot ass and grabbed him by his hips. I pulled him up until his ass was in the air and his head was buried in the blanket on the floor. His arms still above his head. I bent down behind him and resumed my position with my tongue entering his tight asshole. I eased it back in and then I started to tongue fuck the boy. He was so hot and sweet. I reached around and grabbed his hanging hard cock and started to squeeze it until it started to juice up real nice. This poor straight guy didn't know what the hell was going on but he was lovin' the hell out of it.

His legs trembled as my tongue got a hard on and I started to fuck him with it. Knowing that the poor fish was gonna shoot real soon, I pulled out and started to toy with his tight ass with one of my fingers. His sweet hole was all wet so it was easy for one of my fingers to just slide right in. He froze. I persisted. My dick throbbed wantonly.

As he got used to the violation of my finger, he soon began to relax and accept it and, before long, I got brave and inserted two fingers into his hot little butt. I stroked his cock with long steady strokes matching my penetration of his ass with my fingers. And he was taking it! And, judging by the way his cock was leaking precum and hard as a rock, I knew he was likin' it! Just a faggot waiting to happen. And I was gonna be the one to hook this fish and bring him on shore.

Suddenly, the fish started bucking against my fingers burying them deeper into his hot ass. "Oh, Dagger, Dagger," he moaned. "I don't fucking believe it!"

He started ramming my fist that was holding his cock and with each thrust, he was taking more of my fingers in his ass. I felt his dick swell up and suddenly, I felt hot cum boil up from his balls and cover my hand and shoot all over the blanket. The fish was cumming. The bastard. Damn! I hadn't meant to be that good.

The models in these pictures are Honza Franzl & Lubosh

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