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Con Man - Part 3 by Tanda2000
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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh I was hot and hard, wanting to pursue this late night activity, however, that was going to have to be put on hold.

In the darkness, I said, "Hey Fish. Get on your bunk and pretend you're asleep."


"Fuckin' do it, now, punk! Don't ever question me." I swatted him on his firm ass. "Get on your bunk."

I quickly threw the blanket that was on the floor onto my bunk and crawled on it and lay on my back with an arm over my eyes, pretending to be asleep. The fish was confused, but followed my lead and quickly climbed on his bunk. Hopefully, he was pretending to be asleep. I wasn't about to get up and check.

In a couple of minutes, we could hear the sound of keys jingling in the distance as the cop made his hourly tier check. "Man," I thought to myself, "these cops could fuck up a wet dream!" But I lay there naked on my bunk with my dick still rock hard. I grinned to myself in the dark knowing that this cop was gonna get an eyeful.

Under my arm, my eyes could see the shining beam of the cop's tiny mag lite as he checked our cell. I could see the light go up to the window first, like it always did, and then to my cellie's top bunk and then down to mine. The light stayed on me for a long time and I knew that this freak cop was trippin' on my big 9 inch rod lying on my muscled thigh while I slightly parted my mouth as if I was snoring.

It was Officer Benton working tonight. He'd been watching me for a long time and I suspected that he wanted some of this man meat. And, hell, I'd do him! Love men in uniform. So, I let my big cock throb on my flat belly as I felt the spotlight was all on me. Inwardly, I was proud and pleased as a punk in a peter tree that he was getting off on me. But I know he didn't dare say anything to me. There weren't any rules about sleeping in the nude or having a hard on, for Christ's sakes, so what's he gonna do? Write me up. Think not.

Finally after what seemed like 5 minutes, the light went away and I could hear the keys fading down the tier.

A hushed whisper, "Dagger?"

"Yeah, Fish?"

"What was that all about?"

"Tier check, kid. Every hour on the hour."

"Oh," was all he said.

"And the next time I tell you to do something while you're in here, you'd better fuckin' do it and ask your stupid questions later. Man, we could have been busted and gone to the hole. Then I'd really have to fuck you up!"

"Sorry," came the meek reply.

I grunted in the dark. "Sorry, what, Fish?"


Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh I was pleased. This kid was going to be easy to train. I hoped. I didn't need any Mickey Mouse Bullshit drama from some lame fish to fuck up my program here. As long as I kept him in line. And, the funny thing about it was I really did like the kid. No way, man. Maybe I'd just been here too long and was too fuckin' lonely. But he'd never know that, or anyone else for that matter. I laid there in the dark squeezing my hard shaft recalling that sweet, sweet kiss that I had given him. I could tell he had never been with a man before and that got me even hotter.

And, yeah, even a little more fond of the boy. Yeah, I'll admit it. I liked him and knew that I'd have to be real careful 'cuz I could fall for this fish big time. And, then they'd probably ship him out of here and then I'd be all alone again. Damn system sucked.

"Hey, Fish," I softly called.

"Yes? Sir?"

"You still awake, huh?"


"I was thinkin'. I think I'm gonna take you under my wing and start workin' out with you tomorrow. Might as well get you broke into the routine. You look like you could use some size on you, man. Too much dope, I'm thinkin' Besides, I need a new work out partner. Someone to spot for me and I'll show you how to lift and take care of yourself while you're in here."

"Wow! I'd really like that!", he gushed. Then added, "Sir."

"Okay, but you got to give me your word that you'll do what I say and don't question my methods, Dude. Believe me, I know the ropes."

"Yes, sir."

Man, this was becoming all too easy. I kinda figured that he thought he did the crime so he had to do the time. That's a good thing, I thought. It shows that he's got respect. And he's gonna need that in here. And what he doesn't have, I'll learn him.

"Hey, Fish?"


"I want to show you the proper technique for giving rub downs. It's different when you're working out and I could tell by the one that you gave me that you don't know jack shit about rubbing a weight lifter down. So get your happy ass down here on the floor. School's in session."

I got up, naked with my dick waving proudly like a flagpole and spread the blanket back down on the floor. I figured we had a good hour before that dick head cop showed back up. The Fish crawled down his ladder still in his tight white jockeys. My hard cock throbbed. Man, this kid was hot. Nice package, nice buns, nice body all the way around. He made sure he stepped down on the floor away from me and my swinging dick, doing his best not to acknowledge it. I could tell he wasn't too keen on doing this, but I think he realized he really had no choice in the matter. It was time to learn about prison life.

"Where do you want me?," he asked shyly, leaning against the sink next to the toilet.

"On the fuckin' blanket, Fish."

He gingerly laid down on the blanket, closing his eyes, resigning himself to his fate. I looked down at the beautiful young man just lying there waiting for my pleasure. My hard cock throbbed again.

I stepped over his laid out body and walked to the door checking the window for cops. The way my cell was located on the tier, I could use my little "contraband" piece of mirror I'd scored and could see all the way down the tier.

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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh The coast was clear. Cool.

I walked back over to my new celly and stood over him with one of my legs on either side of his slim torso. He looked so hot lying there in those tight white jockeys and the bulge in the front held the promise of things to come. With any luck at all.

I had to grin. He had his eyes closed much too tightly. Poor little feller, I thought. But, he'd be all right. I would never hurt the guy. Unless he fucked up, that is.

To put the hapless fish at ease, I started my rhetoric at once. To get his trust and make him more comfortable it was important for me to sound as qualified as I could. And what I didn't know, hell, I'd make up!

Still standing over him with cock waving, I said, "The first thing you've got to learn, Fish, is the principles of muscle and what muscles need to be worked for maximum growth potential." Shit, was I good, or what?

In the semi-darkness, I saw him dare to open his eyes. Man, the view that he got must have scared him to death because when he looked up and saw this six foot man standing over him with a hard 9 inch cock, he clamped his eyes shut tight immediately.

As I continued laying my line of bullshit on him, I squatted over him. I knelt down over him with both of my thighs on each side of his body. My hard cock grazed against his smooth chest as I put my hands behind his neck.

"The first part of relaxation is usually in the neck. I want you to just relax and let you mind and body go. For ultimate relaxation, you should be completely at ease. In other words, if I pick up your arm and drop it, it better fuckin' drop. No resistance. Just relax."

I was telling him all this as I gently kneaded the taut muscles in his neck, feeling his shaggy hair entwined in my fingers. Kneeling over him, my massive thighs held him snugly in place while my throbbing dick rubbed gently across his chest. He had nice tits too, I noticed.

My magic was already starting to work. I could tell by the feel of his neck that he was starting to relax and while I rubbed his neck, I worked his head around and took the time to survey my, um, victim? No, my protégé. Yeah, that was it.

As he gave in and let me have full control of his neck and head, I worked the muscles in his neck and looked with longing at his slightly parted lips and his long lashes. Damn, this fish was a good lookin' man! And he probably didn't have any idea how hot he was. Man, was I lucky. My cock dribbled precum. My heart throbbed in my chest. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to hold him, and I wanted to protect him.

I shook myself out of my reverie. What the hell was I thinkin'? He's just my celly, for Christ's sakes! Bottom line. I wanted to fuck him!

Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh As I worked my wandering fingers down to his shoulders, a soft moan escaped between his parted lips and my dick swelled up even more. I was leaving a trail of precum all over his smooth, hairless chest. He just laid there with his eyes closed like a good little fish.

In a husky whisper, I asked, "Feel good?"

"Ahhh, yeah," he moaned softly.

I squeezed his shoulders roughly.

"Sir," he added.

I released the pressure and let my hands go down to his pecs. He had a nice beginning. A few weeks on the weight pile and he'd be one toned mother. Nobody was gonna mess with this kid if I had things the way I wanted them.

My fingers slowly circled his nipples and when my fingertips brushed them, they woke and stood up for me. He gave an involuntary shiver. I smiled in the dark.

Then, I wickedly tweaked each one of them at the same time.

It startled him and his body jerked, but he made no effort to get away. He just moaned louder and his nipples became harder. I was lovin' this. He was hot. I pinched them again, this time harder and he stifled a cry of pain as I watched him bite his lower lip. But he kept his eyes closed and just laid there and took it like a good little fish.

My hands moved to his arms and I started kneading the muscles in his arms. As I worked down his biceps to his wrists, I had to move back a little and that's when I saw the outline of a hard dick in those little white jockeys. I had him. It looked good enough to eat. Lunch was gonna be served real soon now.

I took his hands in mine and began massaging his palms and stroking each one of his fingers as if they were little cocks. As I did, I watched his young cock throb in his shorts. Damn, he was driving me wild. But I had to maintain. I couldn't let him know he was getting to me in any way. Besides, he's just a straight dude. Just a fish.

I left his arms lying by his sides and, just as a test, brought one of his arms up in the air and let it drop to the floor. It did.

As I continued to massage his right arm, I pulled it across his body and made sure his hand was grazing against my hard cock as I worked the muscles in his arm. He didn't pull away. That was a good sign.

I straddled him again and let my hands glide up his arms to his shoulders again. Then I let my hands slide down to his chest again and when my hands glided over his nipples I could feel the heat from the hard tips. My hands continued their journey down to his flat, hard belly and I was pleased that he was already so toned. I noted a small trail of light brown hair going from his navel down to the waistband of his shorts. Other than the light fuzz on his legs and the hair on his head, that was the only hair I'd ever seen on him. I looked at his navel with longing. I had this sudden urge to lick him there. But I didn't. At least, not yet.

I ignored his shorts and the bulge in them and worked right down to his thighs. As I massaged and kneaded the muscled flesh in his legs, I allowed my forearms to casually graze against the straining bulge in his jockeys. It throbbed and, in the darkness, I was beginning to see a wet spot where the head of his dick was hiding. The white fabric on the skin tight shorts outlined the perfect shape of a bulging mushroomed head and he looked like he was pretty healthy.

As I worked lower on his legs, I asked him, "Been awhile since you've had some pussy, huh, Fish?"

He gulped. "Yes, sir. I was in county jail for three months before I got here."

I continued to rub his calves. "You got a girl out there?"

Heavy sigh. "Yeah, I did. But when the cops showed up, she split."

Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh "Bitch," I said and started my journey back up to his thighs. He spread his legs slightly as my hands inched their way up to my goal.

"Well, Dudeness, I can tell that it's been awhile by the shit you got goin' on in those shorts."


"No need to be sorry, man. It's only natural. After all, you are a man. And, judging by the size of that thing, I'd say you're quite a man." (That's right, Dagger, stroke that ego first then you can stroke the cock.)

No reply, just ragged breathing from the fish.

As my fingertips reached the tight leg openings of his jockeys, I let them push up under his shorts and he caught his breath. "Just relax, fish, just relax."

He didn't move. But his cock was throbbing.

I slowly pulled my hands out of his shorts and moved them to his slim hips. I rubbed his hips as I straddled him again, letting my hard dick bounce against the bulge in his shorts. I let my hands roam to his flat belly again in circular motions and as my fingertips reached his waistband, I slid them underneath. Just a little. His breathing was coming fast and jagged. But he laid there, not saying a word.

My breathing was also heavy and, without warning, I raised up his waistband and this 7-inch cock jumped free.

"Nice tool, kid," I whispered.

He just lay there not saying a word as his young cock did a dance of lust on his belly.

I slowly eased his shorts down below his balls and then suddenly let them snap right under his nut sack causing his to breath to catch in his throat. The force of his shorts pushed up his balls and I had another urge to use my tongue. But I withheld. My cock throbbed.

I firmly grabbed his cock and held it up. It throbbed in my fist. I squeezed it roughly. A moan escaped his parted lips.

"Looks like you need to be payin' attention to yourself, Fish. It gets pretty lonely in here sometimes."

He said not a word. Just heavy breathing.

I released his dick and, grabbing the waistband of his shorts, slowly eased them down over his shapely thighs and down his calves. When I had pulled them all the way off of his feet, I tossed them randomly on my bunk where they lay united next to mine.

I returned my attention to the young man lying naked in front of me on the floor. What a prize. What a beauty. His hard young cock lie on his flat stomach, twitching, as I began massaging his calves, working my way back up his legs. He just laid there in the semi-darkness letting me do whatever I wanted to his hot body. When I reached his swollen balls, my hands grazed them and his dick bounced up on his belly. I grinned.

Then I wrapped my fist around his hard cock and held it up.

"Nice piece of meat, kid," was all I said.

Then I slid up and, still straddling him, I held my bigger dick up next to his and stroked them both together. He lay there breathing heavily, his entire body tensed up. So hot but too afraid to stop me.

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Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh The precum from our dicks made them slippery and I stroked them a couple of times and then let his flop back to his belly with a resounding smack.

He stuttered and audibly moaned at the same time, "We....we...shouldn'"

"Shut up, punk," I growled. "I told you to NEVER question my methods."

With that, he shut up and I bent forward and started to blow my hot breath against his throbbing dick and heated nut sack. His cock reacted to my breath by doing a dance. I roughly grabbed his balls and bunched them up in my fist, which made him wince with the pain of the sudden grasp. I grabbed his dick with my other hand and held it up in the air. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his mushroomed dick. I could taste his sweet innocence. He moaned.

Still holding his swollen balls in my fist, I engulfed his young cock head with my hot lips and wrapped them around it tightly and sucked hard. I saw his fists reach out and grab a hold of the blanket as he tried to maintain.

I sucked on his cock for a minute and then let it slide out of my mouth. As it lay on his belly wet and shiny, I said, "Yeah, looks like we'll have to get one of these punks around here to take care of you. You don't even want me to take care of your problem. 'Cuz I always say, "If I suck 'em, I fuck 'em."

I slapped his hip and said, "Now roll over. Let's do the backside."

I got up and went to the window checking for jiggs again. You never know when these tricky bastard cops were going to do a sneak round. The coast was still clear.

I turned around and saw my prize. The hot young man was lying on his belly, completely at my mercy and I couldn't help but stroke my hard dick a couple of times when I saw that fine ass beckoning me.

The first thing I did was to straddle him again. I grabbed a hold of his arms that were lying by his side and pulled them up above his head. (Damn, I wish I had thought to have some rope around here.) But I figured he wouldn't dare move once I had him positioned how I wanted him.

He let his arms be pinned to the floor above his head as my hard cock slid around his slim back. Pulling his arms up over his head just made his little ass stick up in the air even more. That hot little butt was begging for it even though he didn't know it.

Again, I started at his head, rubbing his hair all around in my fingers and tugging on it slightly. To stimulate the scalp is what I told him. But I was pulling hard enough on it that his head was rising off of the floor whenever I tugged. Mmmmmm, what a good little fish. Then I started kneading his shoulders and worked my way down his slim back. My hard dick was still leaking precum all over his backside and I was lovin' it. As I worked even lower, I allowed my big dick to glide in the crack of his smooth, hairless ass. He didn't resist or react to it. At least not that I could tell.

When my hands reached his trim waist, I slid down and let my cock hang on his legs. My hands reached his firm orbs and began massaging the fleshy mounds of pleasure. I spent a long time on them thinking how good they felt and how supple they were and how good they would feel against my hips when I started pounding into that virgin ass.

Reluctantly, I left his butt cheeks and went down to his thighs. When I reached his thighs, I abruptly spread his legs wide apart like I was makin' a fuckin' wish. And I was. He still just lay there letting me show him how to rub a weight lifter down.

I worked on one leg all the way down to his ankles and then started to rub his feet, including each little fuckin' toe. He squirmed but didn't resist. When I got finished with one foot, I went to the other one and then back up on the other leg. As my hands got closer to the crack of his ass, they grazed against his nut sack. Involuntarily, he pushed his pelvis down against the blanket. I started rubbing his ass cheeks again, a little bit more forceful this time, spreading his cheeks and letting my fingers glide up his smooth crack.

Badpuppy Model - Honza Franzl & Lubosh With one quick movement, I roughly reached up underneath him and found his hard cock pressed against the blanket. I grabbed it and yanked it down between his spread out legs. He yelped quietly but didn't try to stop me. So, now I had this young hunk spread eagle on the floor beneath me with his hard 7-inch cock pressed against the floor exposed to my whim.

I smacked his right ass cheek. "You ever been rimmed, Fish?"

"," he replied. "Sir."

"Well, hang onto your wad, kid, 'cuz you're gonna get a taste of pure pleasure."

With that, I spread his tender cheeks wide apart and bent low. I started by kissing his crack and he caught his breath. He smelled hot and sweet all at the same time.

I licked that virgin crack from the top to the base of his nut sack.

He cringed. I noted that his cock throbbed.

Then I started to tongue around his virgin opening while I held his cheeks wide open to my demanding tongue. He whimpered when my tongue made contact with his pink virgin hole. Mmmmmm, so sweet. So straight. So hot.

Without warning, I slid my hot tongue into his virgin ass. He moaned almost too loudly and I smacked his ass again and told him to shut up. Holding his ass cheeks in both hands, I started to ease my tongue into that hot, tight sweet hole. Where no man has gone before.

Then I pulled away from his hot ass and grabbed him by his hips. I pulled him up until his ass was in the air and his head was buried in the blanket on the floor. His arms still above his head. I bent down behind him and resumed my position with my tongue entering his tight asshole. I eased it back in and then I started to tongue fuck the boy. He was so hot and sweet. I reached around and grabbed his hanging hard cock and started to squeeze it until it started to juice up real nice. This poor straight guy didn't know what the hell was going on but he was lovin' the hell out of it.

His legs trembled as my tongue got a hard on and I started to fuck him with it. Knowing that the poor fish was gonna shoot real soon, I pulled out and started to toy with his tight ass with one of my fingers. His sweet hole was all wet so it was easy for one of my fingers to just slide right in. He froze. I persisted. My dick throbbed wantonly.

As he got used to the violation of my finger, he soon began to relax and accept it and, before long, I got brave and inserted two fingers into his hot little butt. I stroked his cock with long steady strokes matching my penetration of his ass with my fingers. And he was taking it! And, judging by the way his cock was leaking precum and hard as a rock, I knew he was likin' it! Just a faggot waiting to happen. And I was gonna be the one to hook this fish and bring him on shore.

Suddenly, the fish started bucking against my fingers burying them deeper into his hot ass. "Oh, Dagger, Dagger," he moaned. "I don't fucking believe it!"

He started ramming my fist that was holding his cock and with each thrust, he was taking more of my fingers in his ass. I felt his dick swell up and suddenly, I felt hot cum boil up from his balls and cover my hand and shoot all over the blanket. The fish was cumming. The bastard. Damn! I hadn't meant to be that good.

The models in these pictures are Honza Franzl & Lubosh

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