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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Eric was excited to finally be out living on his own. It wasn't because of his family, he loved them and they had a comfortable home in the suburbs. No, it was because the 18-year-old dude was just starting college and he could begin carving-out his own place in life. There was one special reason why he yearned for this new-found personal freedom - Eric had come to the realization during his late teens that he was gay. He had not actually done anything queer with another guy as yet, he was too afraid to let his true feelings show around his family and friends. Now, he thought, he could begin exploring some of his sexual fantasies.

Eric's imagination had created plenty of sexual fantasies over the past couple of years. One of his favorite jack-off dreams involved his best friend Jason, a handsome blond-haired jock on his high school baseball team. In his dream, Jason caught Eric looking at his thick cock in the showers and forced him to suck on it until the stud shot his load all over Eric's face. Another hot dream that Eric felt a little guilty about involved his brother Jeff, who was only a year older than Eric. Jeff has strawberry-blond hair that he keeps cut really short and a buff muscular body built-up from his favorite sport, football. Jeff goes to college in the next state on a full athletic scholarship. Eric would stare at a picture of his brother in his tight football uniform and imagine him fucking Eric's round bubble-butt.

Now here Eric was, with a two-bedroom condo paid for by his parents, just off-campus from the college. After finishing unpacking most of his personal stuff, Eric was feeling really horny from all these erotic thoughts flooding his mind. He stood in front of a full-length mirror and rubbed a hand over his crotch. Eric gazed at the image of the cute young red-headed dude that he saw there. He lifted his T-shirt up over his nicely rounded pecs and looked at his smooth hairless torso. He liked the way his ribs showed slightly with his arms raised and the way his tight abdominal muscles flowed down toward the waistband of his cotton-mesh briefs. Moaning out loud, he popped the buttons on his loose-fitting jeans and pulled his briefs lower on his groin. His eyes were drawn to the grooved V-shape of his lower abdomen just above his trimmed pubic hair.

The horny college pup totally lost it, and shoved his jeans and briefs down to his knees. Grabbing his 8-inch uncut dick in his fist, he began pounding away on it as he watched his shaved low-hanging balls banging against his thighs. Eric groaned as he ran his other hand down his taut abs, then looked into the mirror and gasped out loud,"You fucking that dripping cock...gotta shoot that horny cute boy-lover." Eric threw his head back as long bolts of his creamy white spunk shot up onto his heaving groin. As the cum started to drip down his abs, he ran his hand over his trim body and smeared the huge load into the muscles covering his torso.

After a few weeks, Eric finally felt settled into his new environment. He liked most of his college classes, especially those related to his chosen major, video arts. He went out and bought a bunch of high-tech video gear that he would need for his future courses. He also picked-up some special equipment that his deviant mind urged him to get. This included several tiny hidden cameras and remote audio microphones. These he installed in several strategic places around the condo, including the second bedroom. He was now ready to hatch the next phase of his plan, finding a roommate to share the condo with him.

Eric placed an ad in the campus newspaper, and was soon interviewing possible candidates for the spare room. Finally one afternoon, a fellow freshman came by who almost made him cream his jeans. Jon was a gorgeous blond-haired lightly-muscular jock who was on the college baseball team. That first day, he was wearing a cutoff grey practice jersey and loose jeans that hung low on his hips. Eric drooled at the sight of the 18-year-old's rippled six-pack abs and the light crab trail of blond pubes leading down into the top of his white cotton briefs. But the deciding factor for Eric was the guy's quiet friendly demeanor and obvious intelligence, as they sat and talked over the particulars of the arrangement.

Explaining that he mainly wanted a roommate for the company, Eric asked for a very modest amount of rent. Actually, Eric wanted to make sure that Jon would take the room. Jon was pleased, but asked if there were any restrictions about having people in his room and other privacy issues. Eric laughed and told Jon,"Hey, no problem, long as you won't mind me walking around the place in my briefs half the time...I like to feel relaxed at home." Jon chuckled at this and blushed a bit as he replied,"Feel free man...I like to be almost nude most of the time myself." They stood and shook hands on the deal, and Eric could swear Jon's crotch bulge was bigger than when he arrived. Jon moved his stuff in the next day.

Jon could not believe his luck. He had gotten a cushy place to live for almost nothing. This would really help trim his college expenses. But deep in the back of his mind, he knew the real reason why he was excited. He had been fighting the urges within him, but the thought of living with this cute stud Eric caused his secret lust for other dudes' bodies to rise to the surface. He had almost popped a boner when Eric made those comments about modesty. God Eric, I can't wait to see your body in the buff. Damn, I had better stop thinking like this, I'm sure the guy doesn't want a queer for a roommate.

Several days later, Jon woke up with his usual morning hard-on and headed out of his room naked to the bathroom off the hallway. After relieving himself, Jon could hear the shower running in Eric's private bathroom, and he could not help himself. He moved quietly to the open doorway and snuck a peek inside. Eric was standing with his back towards him under the steamy spray. Jon could see the kid's tight round bubble-butt through the clear glass shower door. As Jon closed his eyes fantasizing about burying his face into that moist ass-crack, he froze as he heard the shower turn off. Opening his eyes, he saw Eric smiling at him as he stepped out and started towelling his body dry. "Morning dude...I hope you had pleasant dreams last night." greeted Eric as he showed no sign of modesty at being naked in front of the shocked youth. Jon became aware of his own nudity as he noticed Eric's eyes giving his toned body the once-over. Jon's cock began to get hard as he glanced at the red-head's own big rod dangling between his legs.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Jon's head was spinning as Eric pushed past him and gave his butt a playful slap as he headed out into the kitchen nude. Oh well, what the heck, Jon thought to himself as he followed him out, excited by their mutual display of exhibitionism. As Eric started making coffee, Jon sat down on one of the counter stools and watched his new roommate's graceful body moving about. Eric leaned against the counter and made small talk about school, sports, and other subjects, ignoring their mutual nudity. Jon struggled to keep his dick from getting harder as they chatted and drank some coffee. After a few minutes, Eric gulped down the last of his cup and said,"Well stud...I've got an early class today...gotta go get least you can sleep in a bit."

Jon finished his own cup of coffee and returned to his room and shut the door. "Oh man, what a trip that was." thought the aroused college jock as he sat down on the side of his bed. A short time later, he heard Eric leave for class and he laid back on the bed and stretched his naked body out with his mind full of erotic thoughts.

When Eric returned from his morning classes, Jon had already left for his late classes and baseball practice. Eric closed the door to his bedroom and stripped-down to his tight briefs. Walking over to his video gear, he checked the tape in the VCR and saw that it had automatically rewound. Picking-up the remote, he lay back on his bed and started to play the tape that had been recorded. On the screen, he watched his gorgeous roommate walk into the bedroom and shut his door. He smiled as he noticed Jon immediately tug on his thick cock several times. He watched the tape with growing arousal when he saw the stud stretched out on the bed with his naked torso exposed. Jon ran his hands over his taut muscular abdomen and began to moan. His thick jock-tool became rock-hard and he stood up.

Eric watched with excitement as the handsome hunk walked over in front of the full-length mirror. This was where Eric had hidden one of the cameras, and he could see the look of lust in the kid's deep-blue eyes. The poor hunk licked his lips and kissed his own cute face in the mirror. Suddenly, Jon started talking out-loud to himself,"Oh yea, you horny jock...kiss those sweet wet lips...just like you want Eric to do...right before you wrap your hot mouth around his throbbing cock...yea, you butch cocksucker...Oooohhhh Eric, please shoot your load all over my jock-pup face." Eric saw the handsome stud's body shake as he fell to his knees and fired a thick load onto his rippled abs.

Eric could not tear his eyes from the screen as he watched the college athlete's creamy white sperm dripping down into his crotch. "Oh jeez...look at that cute hunk's dick throbbing...this hot dude wants to suck my rod...I can't believe this gorgeous stud is queer for me...just like I am for him." thought Eric as he moaned loudly and fisted his own huge spunk load onto his sweaty heaving chest. The totally spent red-head hit stop on the remote and soon fell fast asleep with the pool of cum drying on his groin.

The following Saturday, Eric was taking a nap in his room when he heard Jon return from baseball practice. Quickly turning-on the video camera, Eric watched the young athlete drop his gym bag next to his bed and strip-off his T-shirt. Jon rubbed his bulging crotch then dropped his loose-fitting jeans to the floor. Eric gasped at the sight of the cute hunk's firm round butt framed by the straps of a tight white jock. The muscles in his back flexed as he bent to remove his cross-trainers and white athletic socks. Eric watched with curiosity as Jon reached under the bed and pulled out a large box. Next he saw the kid reach into his gym bag and take out two different-style jockstraps. Then Jon opened the box and Eric could see that it was nearly full of assorted jocks and briefs. Eric's horny dick got hard as a rock when he realized that his sweet innocent roommate was an underwear thief and jock-loving pervert.

Eric looked-on and pounded his dripping rod as Jon pulled one of the newly-stolen jocks on over the one that he was already wearing. Jon stretched several more jockstraps around his bulging pecs and around his neck. The horny blond athlete then used several more jocks to tie his feet together in mock bondage. Falling to his knees, the young hunk shoved a pair of cotton-mesh briefs into his mouth. Eric heard the poor kid moan as he fell back against the side of his bed. Jon pulled his erect cock from under the bulging pouch of the jocks and began fisting it roughly as he growled in total lust.

Eric panted and gasped out-loud as he looked at the video screen,"Oh horny little jock-pervert...pound that throbbing boy-cock...thinking about your hot teammate's sweaty gear all over want them to rape your queer ass." Just then Eric heard Jon groan and spit the briefs from his mouth and say,"Oh yea, guys...jack your big muscle-dicks...shoot your hot spunk all over my smooth pussy-boy body...make me pay for stealing your stuff." Jon's dripping erect tool began firing long streams of cum all over his panting chest. Seeing this, Eric's own throbbing cock deposited bolts of cream onto his rippled abs and crotch.

The next morning, Eric was lounging on the couch in the living room reading the Sunday paper and drinking his coffee, dressed in only a skimpy pair of low-rise cotton-mesh Champion briefs. Jon walked out of his room wearing a tight pair of 2Xist boxer-briefs that did nothing to hide his morning hard-on. The blond dude rubbed his eyes sleepily as he greeted Eric,"Morning man...I hope the coffee is made." Eric looked-up from his paper and smiled,"Sure is look like you need it." Jon padded into the bathroom as Eric thought to himself,"I bet that's not all the little fucker needs."

Jon came out and went to the kitchen to grab a cup of java. Sitting down on the couch next to Eric, the young college jock grabbed the sports section and began checking the baseball scores. Eric stretched his legs out as he laid sideways on the cushions and his foot came in contact with Jon's beefy thigh. Rather than moving away, Jon shifted his torso so that Eric's foot now rested atop his bulging crotch. Eric wiggled his heel against the cute dude's trapped balls, and he soon felt a hard shaft along the sole of his foot. Eric dropped the paper he was reading and looked over at his blond roommate. Jon's head was thrown back against the couch with his mouth wide open. Eric jammed his heel harder into the panting kid's crotch and Jon screamed,"Oh man, do it...crush my fucking balls like that...make my jock-boy cock ache...Oh shit Eric...I'm so fucking queer for you."

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Eric quickly rose from the couch and removed his pre-cum soaked briefs and shoved them into Jon's open mouth. Next he began twisting the humpy blond's erect nipples between his fingers as he roughly jacked the whimpering stud's cotton-covered cock and balls. "You hot little jock-loving faggot...I've wanted to abuse your horny ass since I met shoot your wet load into those tight briefs...just like I bet you do watching your jock teammate's naked bods in the locker it, you cute hunky queer." panted Eric as his own pulsing rod dribbled pre-cum onto the young blond's chest. Jon looked up at Eric with his deep-blue eyes filled with lust as his body shook and a huge damp spot formed on the front of his briefs.

"Oh yea...that's a good hot little here's your reward...fuck, Jon make me queer for your gorgeous body...Oooohhhh baby, here it cums." gasped Eric as he stood over the moaning young jock's torso and covered the blond's gagged face with thick globs of creamy boy-cum. Jon reached up and pulled his spent roommate down onto the couch as he yanked the briefs from his mouth. Climbing onto Eric's heaving chest, Jon pressed his cummy face against his red-headed buddy and french-kissed his mouth deeply.

As the two young studs lay there enjoying the feeling of their smooth muscular bodies rubbing, Jon looked into Eric's eyes and said,"I hope you meant what you said...about being queer for me...because I know I'm queer for you...I think that I'm in love with you...God, get me so turned-on." Eric brushed the blond hair from Jon's face and smiled,"Oh shit, baby...I am so queer for're the first boy that I've ever had sex with...I wanted this so badly...but I have a confession to make...this isn't the first time that I've watched you blow your load."

Jon looked confused by Eric's remark as they both stood, and Eric pulled Jon by the hand into his bedroom. Firing-up the video gear, Eric told Jon to sit on the bed and watch. As the scene of Jon's jack-off session in front of the mirror rolled, his mouth fell open. He watched the image of himself moaning and begging for Eric's cock. "Jeez perverted little were watching me the whole time ? ...fuck Eric, I can't believe you did that...what else have you seen me do ?" gasped Jon as he continued to watch his degrading performance. "I'm sorry dude...I just couldn't help myself...I've always been a total voyeur...and you are such a hot fucking stud...who loves collecting jockstraps." revealed Eric as he hung his head down in shame.

Jon stood up and removed his cum-soaked briefs. Grabbing his once-again hard dick in his hand, he told Eric,"You know about the straps too, huh ?...well I guess that makes us both fucking perverts...but you can watch me doing it anytime you want, stud...because I'm a total exhibitionist...and now I know that you want my body beg me for it, you damn horny faggot." Jon pushed Eric to his knees in front of him and grabbed his head by the hair.

"Oh please dude...I've waited for this for so long...make me into a cocksucking queer...fuck my face with your thick muscle-pup hot college-boy jock." begged the lust-crazed red-head as he looked up at Jon. The blond athletic hunk groaned and plunged his dick into the kid's warm mouth and began pumping his rod roughly. Leaning forward, Jon was overcome by the sight of the boy's firm bubble-butt flexing as he sucked away. Spanking each round bun several times, Jon suddenly pulled away and growled,"Oh man...I've just got to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours...where's your lube and stuff, dude?"

Eric moaned and went to get his lube and a condom, then knelt before his roommate and prepared his dripping hard fuck-tool. Jon ordered him to lean over the foot of the bed as he slid his cock into Eric's tight butt. As he groaned loudly, Jon let Eric's muscles adjust to the thick probe inside him. Finally the blond jock rammed his dick deep into Eric, and he yanked the young college boy's head back by the hair and said,"You hot little bitch...give me your pussy-boy cherry...shit, look at those butt-muscles bounce when I pound my dick horny cocksucking slut."

Jon's smooth athletic body became covered with sweat as he fucked his young roommate hard and slapped the moaning boy's round butt cheeks repeatedly. "Oh that's it man...rape my tight hole like hung butch fucker...warm my queer butt with your hands...make me pay for watching you...I've been bad." screamed the whimpering college boy as the blond hunk beat his ass. Jon was soon on the edge and suddenly pulled his throbbing tool from Eric's ravaged butt. Tearing-off the rubber, he spun the panting boy around and grabbed his head by the hair and held it in front of his dripping cock.

"Oooohhhh you hot little shit...I want to cover your perverted fag-boy face with my load...make you taste my creamy's what you wanted to horny boy-loving voyeur." groaned Jon as thick globs of his jock-sperm shot all over Eric's cute young face. As the aroused young red-head opened his mouth to take-in the last few bolts of Jon's cum, he fisted his own hard dick and shot his load onto his blond lover's thigh and hairy legs. Smearing the creamy load all over Eric's exhausted handsome face, Jon growled,"Get down there and lick your muscle-boy load from my body...clean my sweaty groin off with your hot tongue...I know you want to, faggot." Eric whimpered but knew that he was turned-on by this forced humiliation and quickly licked-up his own sperm from the blond jock's sweaty body.

Eric stood after finishing his task and fell back onto the bed gasping for air. Jon climbed up and laid down on top of roommate's smooth trim boy-body. He kissed him deeply as their sweaty bodies ground together. Eric looked into Jon's deep-blue eyes and said,"Man, that was too hot handsome hunk...I just want to lie here all day feeling your heart beating against my chest...I'm in love with you, dude."

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Jon smiled and ran his fingers through Eric's hair, saying,"Oh babe...I love you're also the first boy I've ever had sex with...I think that we both made a good first choice for lovers...and it looks like we both get-off on rough kinky scenes." The horny blond athlete slid down on the bed and chewed on Eric's erect nipples for a moment, then licked his way down the kid's groin until his mouth engulfed the throbbing cock that he found there. Eric moaned and grabbed the blond's hair as he enjoyed the intense erotic feeling washing over his groin.

The following Friday night, the two horny young roommates and new-found lovers were making-out on the couch. Dressed as usual in only their skimpy briefs, they were surprised by the ringing of the doorbell. Showing his normal lack of modesty, Eric went to the front door and opened it. Standing there was his high school buddy Jason, wearing a tight muscle T-shirt and faded ripped jeans slung low on his trim hips. He had a large gym bag slung over his shoulder as he brushed the blond hair from his eyes.

"Oh my God...Jason's so great to see you...what brings you here to my humble digs?" gushed Eric as he gave his former teammate a big hug. Ushering him inside, Eric introduced Jon and Jason to each other as they all sat down in the living room. "Well, my college baseball team will be playing your's tomorrow, so I hoped that maybe I could visit with you for the weekend." explained Jason as his eyes looked-over the two nearly-naked bodies before him. He hoped that the hard-on that he was getting wasn't visible to these two college hunks.

"You're more than welcome to stay here, dude...but I didn't try-out for the team here...I know that I'm not quite good enough to play college ball...but my jock roommate here is on the team...he's damn good too...I bet he'll kick your ass tomorrow." chuckled Eric as he stood up and asked if anyone wanted a beer. Jason and Jon both laughed and said that they could use a cold one. Jason commented that it was awfully warm in the condo.

Jon rubbed his rippled abs and told Jason,"We both like it this way...we don't like to wear very much clothing around here...go ahead and get comfortable, man...from what I can see of your bod, you have nothing to be ashamed of." Jason blushed a bit at the compliment, but went ahead and shucked his T-shirt off. His hard nipples stood-out erect from his nicely muscled pecs as he reached down to unbutton his torn 501's. He saw Jon's deep-blue eyes boring a hole into his chest as he dropped his jeans, revealing his tight low-rise briefs. Jon licked his lips when he noticed Jason's hard cock aimed to the right side of his crotch. Jason sat down quickly on the couch away from Jon when Eric returned and handed him a beer.

Eric sat on the couch right beside Jon as he asked Jason,"So stud...are you still going out with that babe Sally?...or are you a free-agent now?" Jason felt suddenly uncomfortable and stammered,"Uh what...I umm...well I don't...I broke it off with her when I left for school...I'm not really dating anyone now." Oh God, Jason thought to himself, if Eric only knew how much his life had changed in college. His "dating" now consisted of sneaking up to the notorious men's room in the college library and letting some anonymous stud fuck his face. He was drawn to the danger and degradation of the whole scene.

Jason's lust for men had begun late in his senior year of high school. He knew that he was turned-on by other guy's cocks, filling their bulging jeans or dangling between their legs in the showers. But the horny 18-year-old still played the straight dating game and went out with several gorgeous babes. Finally one day, his buried urges got to be too much for him, and he decided to sneak down to the public restrooms in the park near school. He sat down in one of the stalls that had holes cut into the partition walls, and pulled his jeans and briefs down.

Before long, several men came and went from inside the restroom as Jason fisted his young teen cock watching them. Most of the men ignored him, and he was beginning to think that he was wasting his time. Then the men's room door opened, and Jason's heart began pounding when he saw who had entered. It was his best friend Eric's older brother Jeff, wearing skin-tight ripped jeans and a cropped football jersey that exposed his hard rippled abs. Down the right leg of the jeans, Jason saw an enormous cock outlined by the thin denim, with a huge rip in the fabric right next to the hard shaft.

Jason's dick became rock-hard as he noticed Jeff look around for a moment, then enter the stall right next to his. Jason leaned down to look through the hole in the wall, and gasped when he saw Jeff rubbing his hard dick. Jeff ripped the hole in his jeans wider and pulled his throbbing cock right out through the gap. Licking his lips, Jeff turned his crotch toward the wall and said,"You fucking queer...I can hear you panting over there...take a good long look at my huge jock-rod...beg me to let you have cocksucking fag."

Jason moaned and fell to his knees in front of the glory hole. Pulling his T-shirt off to expose his smooth chest, he gasped through the hole,"Oh please stud...let me suck your thick tool for you...I want you to fuck my queer-boy face." Jeff growled and shoved his dripping tool into the hole, and Jason reached up and pulled the hunk's big balls into the opening. As the knees of his tight jeans ripped open, the front of Jason's legs slid under the edge of the partition and he wrapped his warm mouth around the monster-rod before him.

Jeff pounded his buff body against the wall as he tried to force his hard shaft deeper into Jason's sucking throat. "Oh yea, take horny cocksucking slut...letting another male abuse your pretty-boy face...lick my dick, you fucking pig." gasped the aroused jock as he felt the cum starting to churn inside his beefy balls. Jason sensed this and pulled his mouth off as jock spunk covered his cute face. His own load soaked the side of his jeans as the young boy knelt on the filthy wet floor moaning. As Jeff's sperm dripped down his cheeks, he heard him say,"What a fucking faggot you are...on your knees covered with my spunk...and moaning like a horny bitch." Jason was so humiliated, but he knew that Jeff didn't even realize that he had fucked his brother's best friend.

Eric saw the uneasy look in his handsome pal's blue eyes, and he could not help but notice the kid's totally hard cock tenting the front of his skimpy briefs. A large spot of pre-cum was visible on the front of his bulging cotton pouch. Eric's own thick rod was starting to fill his tight briefs, as the thought that his hunky blond buddy might be turned-on by other males crossed his mind.

After they all had several beers, Eric rose and turned to Jason saying,"Time to hit the sack, guys...Jason, you can either sleep out here on the couch, or bunk with's your choice." Jason thought for a moment, then replied,"Well offense, but your couch doesn't look very comfy...I don't want to screw-up my back...I'll sleep with you." Eric smiled and told Jason to go ahead and use the bathroom first to get ready for bed. After Jason left the room, Jon pulled Eric aside and told him,"I don't want to tell tales...but I heard my teammates joking about a blond-haired cocksucker on the other team we're playing...supposed to be a real T-room queen."

Eric and Jason climbed into bed wearing only their briefs, and both boys soon dozed-off. Some time later, Eric awoke to the feeling of a hand brushing over his crotch. Feigning sleep, he rolled onto his back and opened his legs. The hand jumped for a minute, then returned to rub over the shaft of Eric's growing rod. Slowly, the hand inched it's way under the waistband of his briefs and grasped the head of his cock as it dripped a bit of pre-cum. Eric then felt his briefs being pulled down his groin, and he felt a hot tongue lick the dribbles of juice from his slit.

Eric threw aside the covers and grabbed Jason's blond hair and forced the boy's face down onto his throbbing cock. He thrust his hips up and growled,"Suck on my hard dick with that wet mouth...I heard that you're a real cock-hungry like it fast and rough, don't hot blond muscle-pup." Jason went wild with lust as he was forced to service his cute humpy best friend. Eric pulled the moaning jock's briefs down and slapped his gorgeous round buns hard with his open hand.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor "Do it you hot college jock...service my big throbbing muscle-dick...God, look at you sucking down my entire shaft into that sweet mouth...I never knew this secret side of you, buddy." gasped Eric as he saw Jason frantically fisting his own erect pulsing tool. Eric suddenly flipped his blond buddy over onto his back, then mounted his face and fucked his thick hard cock deep down his throat. The hungry sucker gagged as he felt the humping red-head's load start firing into his mouth. As he fought to swallow the sweet-tasting spunk, Eric pulled-out and lifted Jason's legs up onto his shoulders. This caused the horny blond's dick to be aimed directly down at his own face as he continued to pound it with his fist.

"Oh damn, finally fucked my jock-boy you know what a cocksucking slut I really am...I wanted to tell you for so long...Oohh shit." gasped Jason as a huge stream of creamy sperm shot all over his own face and heaving chest. Eric reached down with his fingers to scoop-up the globs of cum and forced them into the panting athlete's open mouth.

Early the next morning, Jon walked into Eric's bedroom and saw the two naked boys laying together on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and could not resist running his hands all over Jason's firm hard body. Jon whispered,"Oh man...what a gorgeous muscle-pup...this blond stud could be my twin...and he's a jock-sucking queer like us." He crawled up next to Eric and wrapped his lips around his lover's swollen morning hard-on. The two sleeping boys awoke and Eric sat up and grabbed his hunky lover's blond hair. Jon looked up at Eric and begged him to fuck his face. Eric moaned and shoved his dripping cock down into his lover's throat.

Meanwhile, Jason raised the whimpering blond jock's legs and started eating-out his tight pink fuck-hole. Jon moaned in lust upon feeling this and his rod dribbled pre-cum onto his taut rippled abs. Jason saw the leaking fluid and licked it up, then plunged his mouth down onto the sucking stud's stiff hard-on. Eric felt his lover's muscular torso shake as he fired his thick load into Jason's mouth. He sensed Jason stand-up on the bed and soon felt streams of jock-juice landing on his back and bubble-butt. A short moment later, Eric filled Jon's sucking mouth with a huge flow of spunk. As Eric came back down to earth, he felt Jason licking his own cum from Eric's firm butt cheeks. They all collapsed into an exhausted tangle of muscular arms and legs on the bed.

Later that day, Jon and Jason played in the college baseball game, with Eric there to cheer them both on. Jason's team lost the game, and when they all returned to the condo, Jon reminded them of the side bet they had made,"Alright Jason...strip those clothes off your buff athletic I get to fuck that tight ass of yours...while Eric gets to fuck both of our cute blond faces." As they all went into Jon's bedroom and stripped, Eric left for a minute then returned. Smiling at Jon, Eric laughed and said,"Had to go turn-on the video gear, lover."


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