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College Closet Queers by PeterAinLA
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Bobby sat in front of his PC trying to concentrate on the Physics term paper that he had to have ready for the Monday morning deadline. But try as he may, his mind kept wandering back to the image of his college roommate Mark. Just a half-hour ago, Mark had come back to their dorm room after his morning classes to change into his baseball uniform. Usually on a Friday, Bobby would have been at the campus gym working-out, but he had skipped his exercise routine today because of that fucking term paper. As a result, this was the first time that he was around when Mark was there getting ready for practice. He had seen his dorm mate nearly naked before, but for some reason the sight of Mark's buff muscular body and hairless bubble-butt, framed by the straps of a skimpy white jockstrap, aroused something buried deep within Bobby's mind.

Bobby had always loved sports, especially baseball and football, and had played both sports in high school. But he wasn't good enough to play at the college level. Instead, Bobby went out for the college wrestling team and made it. But he wished he could have been like Mark, who was recruited by the college and was on a full athletic scholarship. He also wished that he had a body like Mark. The blond-haired dude was tall and his smooth hairless body was packed with firm hard muscles and not an ounce of excess fat. "Oh God, what is the matter with me?", thought Bobby as his mind again focused on the image of Mark's rippled six-pack abs and huge rounded pecs.

The young college jock moaned and pushed his chair back a bit from the computer as his hand began rubbing the growing cock trapped inside his tight cotton-mesh briefs. The dark-brown haired stud gave into his buried feelings of lust and he started twisting the erect nipples on his bulging pecs with his other hand. The dorm room was warm and sweat began to dampen the thick hair that covered his tight muscular chest. Bobby looked down at his own hard abdominal muscles as they tensed-up from the fury of his passion. His now rock-hard dick pushed its' way out from under the waistband of his low-rise jockeys and the horny dude noticed a flow of pre-cum dribbling onto his groin. Suddenly, a fantasy image of Mark rubbing his stiff dripping hard-on against the groaning jock's face caused Bobby to whimper out loud, "Oh yea...make me suck your rod...fuck my muscle-jock face...Ah shit." As he gasped and opened his mouth wide to accept the imaginary tool, thick bolts of cum shot all over his heaving abs and pooled in his deep-set navel. The still aroused stud picked-up some of the thick white globs in his hand and rubbed them over his own face as he whispered to himself, "You fucking muscle queer."

Saturday morning, Mark woke up with his usual hard-on and stretched his long body out kicking aside the bed sheets. He looked over at the other bed, and the crumpled bedding told him that Bobby must have already left for wrestling practice. Too bad, he thought, he liked catching glimpses of his muscular roommate's hairy beefy body in the morning. He thought that it looked more masculine than his own smooth virtually hairless body. Despite this, Mark was still proud of his buff muscles and strong thighs and legs. Getting out of bed, he walked over in front of the full-length mirror on the closet door and began running his hands around his tanned torso. He fingered the light blond trail of hair that led from his navel down into his crotch. Pulling down his tight mesh briefs, he let his stiff jock-tool slap up against his firm abs. The butch blond athlete stared at his own handsome face in the mirror and brushed back the hair from his forehead.

Suddenly overcome by a strange urge, he went over to Bobby's closet and rummaged through his laundry basket. He found a pair of the dude's cotton briefs that seemed to be stiff with dried liquid. Mark looked closer and gasped as he realized that he had hit the jackpot. They were full of a load of Bobby's jock sperm. The excited college player returned to the mirror and dropped to his knees in front of it. He held the smelly briefs up to his face and grabbed his pulsing dick in his fist. As his mind raced with lust, he looked into his own deep-blue eyes and said to the panting image, "Stuff those cummy briefs into your mouth, you fucking horny jock pervert."

Mark went wild and jammed the briefs deep down his throat as he leaned back on his legs stretching his abdomen taut. He watched his low-hanging balls banging against his thick thighs as he brutally fisted his throbbing cock. The image of this muscular young blond jock in the mirror humiliating himself drove him over the edge and a stream of thick spunk shot out of his uncut dick. The hot load landed all the way up on his neck and dripped all over his heaving chest. Mark pulled the soggy briefs from his stiff jaw and dropped them aside. Running his hands over his torso again, he coated them with as much of his creamy sperm as he could. Sitting up once again, he looked into the mirror and watched the blond pervert sucking on his cummy fingers and said, "Taste that jock-boy spunk, you hot muscle fag."

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Brad adjusted the tight wrestling singlet over his muscular chest and around his beefy thighs as he prepared to take-on his teammate Bobby in a practice match. The coach had them practice together since they were both in the same weight class. Brad didn't mind this arrangement at all, because Bobby was a good wrestler and hence a true test of his abilities. He also subconsciously admired the dude's masculine body and handsome boy-next-door looks. Brad thought his own jet-black hair and baby-face looks made him look almost too cute for a guy. But through hard work in the gym over the last couple of years, he had at least built his body into an impressive mass of hard muscles. He was determined that the incident that had occurred in high school would never be repeated.

In his senior year, Brad was in the shower room following a football game. He and two of his teammates were the last members of the squad finishing their post-game rituals. Just about everyone else had already left, including the coach. As Brad was standing under one of the shower heads letting the warm water spray over his face, he suddenly felt his arms being pulled behind his back. Before he realized what was happening, a brutal punch landed in his mid-section dropping him to his knees. As one of his bigger teammates continued to hold his arms, the other beefy lineman forced his stiff pulsing muscle-dick down Brad's gasping throat. He was forced to service both horny jocks, until they left him in a cum-covered heap on the filthy wet shower room floor. He had been raped by the two biggest jocks in school and had been warned about telling anyone. Brad was so humiliated, he didn't want anyone to know about the incident, even without the threats.

Brad stepped out onto the mat and he and Bobby began wrestling in earnest. Soon Bobby had him pinned to the floor, with Bobby's crotch pressed tightly against Brad's rounded butt. God, how Brad loved the feeling of a hot stud's body holding him down. He could almost swear that he felt Bobby's dick getting harder as they struggled on the mat. Soon, Brad was able to reverse the hold and he had Bobby pinned so that the hunky jock's face was jammed between Brad's legs right up against his jockstrap-covered crotch. As he felt the struggling dude's breath warming his groin, Brad's aching cock began to swell and grow. Driven half by buried sexual lust and competitive urges, Brad held the trapped stud's head tightly against his manhood as he growled, "Do you give, fucker? You're all mine now." The defeated Bobby moaned and gasped, "Please dude, I give, I give. Shit, you win stud." As Brad released him, Bobby rolled onto his back and looked-up at him with a strange glazed look of submission and longing. Brad's stiff cock twitched as he thought to himself, "Man...I've just got to get a piece of this hot jock's body...look at him...he's practically begging to be taken and abused...I know he wants my body bad...what a butch muscle-queer."

As Bobby was returning to his locker, his mind was clouded with a strange feeling of excitement and confusion. What had just happened out there on the mat? He had been turned-on sexually by one of his own teammates. God, he could almost taste Brad's hard cock as his face was jammed into the hunk's sweaty crotch. He had wanted it to continue, maybe until he would have passed out. He had wanted to submit to the muscle-stud totally, both physically and sexually. Bobby tried to shake these thoughts from his mind so that his now-hard cock would soften as he stripped off the wrestling singlet from his torso. Bobby hurried to change into his street clothes, and noticed that Brad had his eyes glued to him the whole time.

As he headed out the gym door, Brad caught up to him and said, "Hey Bobby, wait up. I'll walk back to the dorm with you, dude." Bobby almost jumped when Brad put his arm around his shoulder. He had done this many times before, but somehow today it felt different. They quickly arrived back at the dorm, and Bobby felt the sudden urge to invite Brad to relax in his dorm room for awhile. Brad smiled and quickly agreed just as they got to Bobby's door. He fumbled with his keys trying to open the door as he felt Brad's hand resting lightly on his tight butt.

Brad dropped his gym bag on the floor and flopped onto one of the beds. Bobby asked if he would like a beer and leaned over to remove his high-tops and socks. Brad's eyes were drawn to the sight of the hairy dude's white jockstrap showing above the back waistline of his tight ripped 501's as he bent over. He could see a patch of his tight buns through a hole in the seat of the worn jeans. Bobby grabbed two brews from the frige in the room and handed one to Brad. As he gulped down a cold mouthful of beer, Brad watched Bobby pull his damp T-shirt off and say, "Fuck dude, it sure is warm in here. Feel free to get comfortable." Brad took the suggestion and removed his own T-shirt, boots, and socks.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor "Man, that was some intense workout today. I'm just glad that I was able to get the final pin. You almost had me there, a couple of times.", stated Brad as Bobby stood in front of him drinking his beer. Bobby stared at him with that same glazed look from the mat and said softly, "Yea, I enjoyed the workout too. You're one strong fucker when you get worked-up like that." Brad watched his bud's crotch bulge getting bigger as the hairy hunk rubbed his rippled abs. Brad stood up and walked over directly in front of Bobby.

"Oh yea? I bet you enjoyed it. I know I wasn't the only one worked-up. You liked having to submit to me, didn't you fucker ?", growled Brad as he reached out and brutally twisted one of Bobby's erect male nipples. "Oh damn, stud. Yes. I don't know why, but I wanted you to dominate me and use me.", groaned Bobby as his muscle-dick became rock-hard inside his confining jock.

That was all the horny jock needed to hear, and he shoved Bobby into the straight-back chair by the computer and quickly tied his arms around the back with the sash from the hunk's own bathrobe. Grabbing some exercise rope from the weight bench in the room, Brad quickly tied it around the submissive stud's massive chest and biceps securing him to the chair. Using white athletic tape, he yanked the panting jock's legs apart and bound them to the side bottom rungs on the chair. With his muscle-bound prey now secured, Brad ripped open the buttons on the dude's 501's exposing his jockstrap-covered hard-on.

"Please Brad...I'm not sure about this...I'm not a queer...I don't know if...", pleaded the bound Bobby, but he was cutoff as Brad slapped his face hard several times. Brad went over to his gym bag and retrieved the soggy jockstrap that he had been wearing earlier. "This will shut you up, faggot.", snarled the out-of-control jock as he jammed it into the whimpering hunk's mouth. Using more of the athletic tape, he wrapped the gag securely in place. Brad stood back and caught his breath as the sweat dripped off his own smooth muscled torso. His cock was now tenting the front of his loose jeans as they hung half-way down his trim hips. Suddenly, Brad heard the dorm room door being unlocked, and he turned to see a startled Mark standing there in shock. "What the fuck is going on here? What are you doing to my roommate? Are you some sort of perverted faggot? I'm going to bust you're face, Brad.", shouted Mark as he rushed towards the dominant jock-stud. But lanky Mark was no match for the buff wrestler, and soon Brad had him in a sleeper hold. "Say goodnight, pretty boy.", snarled the muscle-hunk as Mark passed-out and his body went limp.

Brad held Mark's head up off of the floor by his blond hair as he turned to Bobby and said, "Well much for your pretty-boy roommate coming to your you'll both get to serve my needs." Brad swiftly went about the task of stripping all of the tall baseball jock's clothing and dragged him naked over to the weight bench. He sat him up against the weight bar and used lengths of the athletic tape to bind his arms out sideways to the heavy weights. He taped the smooth blond's long legs to either side of the front bench supports, leaving the athlete's thick cock and shaved low-hanging balls totally exposed.

Chuckling to himself in perverse amusement, Brad went into Bobby's closet and found a balled-up pair of the kid's cotton briefs and used them to gag his roommate's sweet mouth. Bobby groaned to himself when he realized that those were the ones he had soaked with his jock-spunk yesterday. Little did he know that they also contained fresh amounts of his roommate's own boy-cum. After securing the gag with more tape, Brad sat back on the bed and waited for his newest prey to awaken.

When Mark finally woke up, he began struggling and moaning loudly trying to get free, but to no avail. "Oh yea, pretty-boy...I love it when you struggle...let me hear those moans and whimpers...look at you two hot muscle-pups...ready to serve me however I can protest all you want...but you both have dripping stiff hard-ons now...I know you both want this as bad as I do...admit horny muscle-loving faggots.", moaned Brad as he dropped his jeans from his hips freeing his pulsing hard jock-rod.

Mark sat there struggling in his bonds as his cock just got harder. He looked over at the gorgeous muscle-stud Brad fisting his huge fuck-tool and almost came from the sight of his smooth defined pecs and hard washboard abs. Looking over at his butch roommate Bobby, he saw a look of total lust and passion as their eyes locked for a moment. He heard Bobby let out a low moan as he stared back at him and looked down towards the blond's dripping erect dick. They both wanted this to happen. They both realized that they were queer for each other.

Brad suddenly stood and walked over to Bobby and began freeing his bound limbs. Leaving only his arms tied behind his back, Brad yanked the hairy stud's ripped jeans off and slapped his tight bubble-butt several times. Brad removed the gag from the moaning jock-slut's mouth and forced the young dude over towards the weight bench. He pulled Bobby's pre-cum soaked jock off of him, and hung both of the soggy jocks around Bobby's muscular neck.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Brad shoved Bobby forward and ordered, "All right horny cocksucker...take that pretty-boy stud's dick down your hot throat...make him blow a nice load of muscle-spunk into your queer mouth...I bet you've always wanted to...admit it, you horny muscle-bound pussy-boy."

"Oh shit...I want...I need...fucking yes...make me suck his gorgeous cock...I've wanted to taste his hot load since we first met...fuck, Mark baby...let me have your sweet're so fucking hot looking all bound and handsome blond gym-stud...Oh man.", moaned the horny pup as he sucked the big dick into his mouth. Brad again began slapping the sucking jock's round buns hard urging him on. Mark could not hold off for very long, and he groaned loudly into his gag as he shot his sperm into his roommate's warm mouth.

Bobby barely had time to swallow his bud's load of juice as Brad pushed him more toward Mark's bound chest and stood behind him. As his face was pushed against his mate's rippled abs, Bobby felt a huge fuck-muscle being forced into his tight round butt. He whimpered in pain as his muscles got used to the sudden anal invasion. Before too long however, a rush of pleasure swept over him.

"God yes, stud...fuck my queer muscle butt...make me feel you deep inside of my wrestler's body with your fucking hard rod...I submit...make me your butch jock pussy-boy.", groaned the submissive young hunk as he felt the sweat from Brad's muscular body dripping all over his back. Brad grabbed the two jocks around Bobby's neck and pulled on them like the reins on a horse, forcing the moaning college hunk's head back and up.

"Shit you damn queer...your jock ass is so fucking tight...I've wanted to ream your butch ass ever since we first wrestled...take my man-rod up your muscle-pup hole.",screamed Brad as his breathing became more rapid. Finally over the edge, he yanked his throbbing tool from the kid's warm hole and began spraying his entire muscular back and beefy buns with bolts of stud-spunk.

As he felt the globs of Brad's muscle-cum dribbling down the crack of his ass, Bobby stood straight up and moaned. Brad reached around the panting jock and started fisting the dude's aching prick for him. He scooped a bunch of his sperm from Bobby's back into his hand and clamped it over the fucked stud's open mouth. As Bobby tasted the cum load forced into his mouth, his cock erupted with a huge flow of sticky white jock-spunk. Brad had him bent slightly backwards, and as a result, most of his hot load landed directly up onto Mark's gagged face and neck.

Bobby bent over and nuzzled his face into his cute blond roommate's neck. Brad reached out with his hand and removed the gasping baseball jock's gag. As he rubbed the dripping cum all over the humiliated hunk's gorgeous face, Mark whimpered, "Oh shit man...rub my bud's creamy load all over my faggot face...I've wanted to taste his butch-boy sperm...God Bobby, you're such a hot looking bondage slut...I want to submit my queer ass to both of you...Oh fuck, I'm going to shoot another load again...Oooohhhh."

Bobby held close to his blond roommate as he felt wet bolts of the dude's gism shooting up against both of their rippled stomachs. Bobby turned his head and kissed his gorgeous blond bud's wet mouth deeply as the horny fucker continued to shoot his load between them. Bobby slumped against Mark's heaving chest with his arms still bound behind him.

Brad quickly dressed and turned to the two bound roommates and said, "See you later muscle-punks...I presume you know you can't tell anyone else about our arrangement...until next time, you fucking queer muscle-boys." As they heard the door open and close, the two outed roommates drove their tongues deep into each other's moaning mouths.

After a few minutes to recover, Bobby stood and managed to loosen the sash binding his arms. Now free, he started to cut the tape binding his blond buddy to the weight bench. But after he had freed his legs, Mark begged him to stop and told him, "Please stud...leave me bound like this...I want you to fuck me...rape my tight jock-boy ass...take my muscle-slut cherry."

Bobby moaned with lust as he heard his butch roommate begging to be taken. Driven by their new-found lust for each other, Bobby took the jockstraps from around his neck and jammed one of them into his bud's gasping mouth. He tied the other jock around Mark's handsome face to hold the gag in place. Grabbing some lube and a condom, Bobby prepared his pulsing rod and his blond lover's tight pink fuck-hole. He sat down on the weight bench and lifted the groaning jock's legs and slid a few inches of his hard cock into the stud's virgin butt.

Pausing to let the athlete's anal muscles get used to the penetration, Bobby growled, "Oh damn, you hot stud...your college-boy ass feels so tight...I'm going to fuck you long and horny muscle-pup faggot...I'll give you what you begged for...take my hard jock-muscle." He began pounding his fuck-rod deep into Mark's smooth body as the turned-on bound blond moaned in lust beneath him.

After minutes of intense ass-pounding, Mark yelped into the jockstrap gag as long bolts of creamy spunk began shooting all over his hairless abs and chest. Bobby continued to thrust into his roommate's clenched butt as he reached forward and rubbed the warm cum all over the fuck-boy's smooth torso. On the edge himself, Bobby yanked his throbbing hard-on from Mark's butt and quickly tore-off the rubber. Standing on the bench, he removed the jocks from the cute blond's face and brutally jacked his dripping cock against the hunk's sweet lips.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor "Oh fuck, baby...dick-slap my faggot face...cum on me...cover my pussy-boy face with your muscle-spunk...let me taste your sweet jock-juice...humiliate this cocksucking college closet queer.", pleaded Mark as Bobby plunged his hard tool in and out of the whimpering stud's mouth. Finally, Bobby's dick erupted with a flow of white sperm that spewed all over the blond's handsome face and golden hair.

With the cum still dripping down Mark's face, Bobby leaned over and kissed his roommate deeply, smearing the jock-juice over both of their flushed faces. Bobby then freed his exhausted buddy and helped him over to his bed. He curled-up against Mark's back and wedged his aching muscle-dick between Mark's lube-slicked buttocks. The hunky blond athlete trembled a little as Bobby wrapped his arms around him, and he whimpered, "Bobby dude...I hope you're not too ashamed of me...getting off on this abuse...I need you so bad, stud." Bobby reached down and took his roommate's slick cock and balls in his hand as he told him, "Oh fuck gorgeous muscle-hunk...I'm not ashamed of you...I'm in love with you...and I got off on being forced to service you...and the sight of your hard dripping cock as you looked over at me...waiting for me to taste it."

The two college jocks almost fell asleep together with the cum drying on their bodies, but soon decided that they needed to go get showers. Grabbing their towels and shit, they walked naked up the hall to the dorm showers. When they got inside, they were surprised to find Brad already there standing under a steamy spray of water. They each took a shower head on either side of Brad and began to wash their sweaty muscular bodies. When Brad finally noticed them, his beefy muscle-dick began to harden, and he grabbed Mark by the shoulders and shoved him onto his knees. "Oh yea, pretty-boy...I never did get to feel your sweet lips on my hungry cocksucking muscle-fag...I'm going to fuck your cute face.", panted Brad as he planted his erect tool into the blond jock's mouth.

Bobby watched with growing arousal as the macho-stud brutally pounded his new lover's handsome face. He could tell that Mark was getting-off on being abused again, as he watched his blond bud's dick and smooth low-hanging balls slapping against his groin. Bobby suddenly decided that there was something else that he wanted - to fuck his butch wrestling teammate's tight butt.

As Brad was lost in the glorious feeling of the hot mouth on his rod, he was startled as a strong pair of hands grabbed his waist and he felt a rock-hard tool shoved brutally up his ass. His macho facade crumbled, and he gasped, "Oh it to me stud...fuck my muscle-jock butt...rape me like the queer slut that I am."

Bobby went wild upon hearing the butch hunk begging for it, and he started spanking the jock's beefy buns hard as he drove his cock deep inside him. Mark was also excited by the sudden change of events, and he grabbed the hunk's head by the hair and started fucking the moaning muscle-boy's face. Bobby looked over at his blond pal and growled, "Do it to him baby...pound his fucking face...listen to him moaning...he gets off on abuse as much as we do...let the perverted slut taste your sweet cum."

Just as both the horny muscle-pups were ready to blow their loads, they suddenly pulled out from either end of Brad's ravaged body. He fell to the shower floor on his back and looked up at his attackers as he brutally jacked his stiff rod. The two panting jocks began shooting their thick loads of muscle-spunk all over the poor muscle-fag beneath them. As his own throbbing cock started firing bolts of sperm onto his heaving chest, he whimpered, "Oh's happened to me again." The two muscle-bound roommates turned and left the abused jock in a cum-covered heap on the filthy wet shower room floor.

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