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Coaching the Queer by PeterAinLA
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Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe Kyle pulled his tall lanky body out of the swimming pool, and he brushed the water from his short closely cropped dirty-blond hair. Padding over to a bench, he picked up his towel and started to vigorously rub his deeply tanned torso. The young 20-year-old college athlete just loved how invigorated he felt after a good hard workout in the pool. He had enjoyed swimming from a very young age, and now his passion for it had landed him a partial scholarship for tuition at an excellent school. Kyle was surprised to find that he also really got off on the competitive aspect of team sports. Beating another athletic jock in a swim meet practically gave him a sexual rush. The 6 foot 1 inch tall, 185 pound lightly muscled stud was always comparing his body to that of other males. He liked how his body looked, and he loved to show off his assets to the world. Kyle was very well endowed, and his thick 11-inch cock filled his tight skimpy Speedo swim suit to the brim. As the handsome dude glanced down at his ample bulge, his college team coach walked toward him.

"Decent lap times, Kyle, but you're still fucking up your kick on the turns. That's enough practice for today, but I think that we should sit down and discuss a few things before the big meet next week. Come by my office sometime Monday morning, dude," stated the older hunk as he stared at his young star swimmer's lithe body. Kyle always got aroused when his muscular coach gave his body the once-over with his eyes. Coach Logan was an ex-Olympic swimming and diving champion, and he still had a buff trim masculine body that was absolutely gorgeous. For some reason, Kyle had a thing for butch older men like his coach who had ripped, muscular bodies and a smoldering macho attitude. The cute young athlete was confused about his sexuality, but he was gradually allowing his desires to take over his mind. He realized that sooner or later, he would have to admit to himself that he was queer for other males. As these thoughts clouded his brain, the horny college jock unconsciously started to pop a raging boner in front of the coach. Kyle raised his eyes and looked at the coach's face, and he saw a lewd smile there briefly as the man turned to leave.

Kyle retreated to the locker room, with his erect cock clearly visible trapped inside his damp nylon Speedo. As he arrived at his locker, he saw his teammate Jason sitting there naked, drying his legs with a towel. The cocky well-built jock had been the star of the school's swim team until Kyle had arrived on the scene. When the dark-haired 21-year-old collegiate athlete saw his friend's aroused state, he laughed and shook his head. With a nasty smile on his face, the young jock snarled, "Shit, Kyle. What has that big rod of yours so pumped up inside that tight Speedo? Did the coach give you another one of his training lectures? You have a thing for him, don't you pretty boy? Yea, I had a feeling that you were a fucking queer." Kyle tried to laugh off Jason's comments, but his pulsing rod just got harder. Jason suddenly stood, and he walked right over to Kyle and pushed him back against his locker. Gasping for air, the young college swimmer moaned and looked straight into Jason's eyes. The bigger swim stud pressed his hand against the horny blond jock's chest, and Kyle allowed the guy to begin feeling him up. Jason growled and rubbed the slinky nylon material of the Speedo back and forth over the rock-hard shaft of Kyle's erection. The smooth light-haired swimmer glanced down and saw his teammate frantically pounding his own dripping 9-inch rod.

"Oh yea, that's the way, you horny little punk. Get that big cock of yours nice and hard for me, you handsome butch faggot. You're just what I need to help me blow my load. I've always wanted to molest a wimpy queer boy like you," snarled Jason. Poor Kyle whimpered as his balls began to tingle from the smooth nylon rubbing against his groin. With his passion rising, the aroused blond swimmer suddenly grabbed onto Jason's shoulder. Kyle lowered his head, and the panting boy's mouth wrapped itself around one of Jason's stiff brown nipples. He sucked on the big hunk's sweaty chest and groaned loudly. Within seconds, his overheated body shook, and bolts of creamy spunk started filling the pouch of Kyle's damp Speedo. Jason held the horny stud's head back by the hair, and he forced Kyle down onto his knees. Fisting his dripping cock, he soon covered the queer's flushed face with dripping globs of thick white sperm. Kyle moaned as his teammate's load trickled down his cheeks, and he looked up into Jason's deep-brown eyes in total humiliation. He was shocked when his butch buddy leaned down and kissed him quickly on the lips, panting, "Thanks, baby. You're a pretty hot little faggot. We should do this again sometime. I always enjoy getting my nut with a sweet closet cocksucker like you."

After Jason quickly dressed and left Kyle panting on the filthy wet locker room floor, the trim blond turned and looked at himself in a mirror. His handsome young face was covered with another man's seed, and his skimpy Speedo had a huge wet spot on the front. Rubbing Jason's cum all over his face, he growled at his own image, "Yea, you fucking slut. You're really a worthless little queer. Shit, you got off on letting that guy feel you up. You just wished that it was the coach making you beg for it. That's what you wanted, huh pretty boy?" Kyle yanked his cum-drenched Speedo down under his hairless shaved balls, and he started jacking his slick cock. With a picture of his muscular coach burning into his mind, he soon covered his hard rippled abdomen with another sloppy wet load of spunk. Afterward, as he washed his tanned torso under the showers, Kyle realized that he was becoming a total faggot. All that he could think about was a deep desire to make love to another man's hard muscular body, and of giving up his own gorgeous athletic body for the stud's erotic pleasures.

Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe The following Monday, after his morning college classes, Kyle arrived at his coach's office. Pausing to adjust the bulge in his loose-fitting jeans, he knocked on the door and a voice told him to enter. His hand shook as he turned the knob and stepped inside, and Kyle saw Coach Logan sitting behind his desk checking some papers. The 32-year-old college teacher looked up, and smiled when he saw his young swimmer standing there. He told the confused athlete to sit down and get comfortable while he finished what he was reading. Kyle sat down nervously on a chair in front of the coach's desk, and his tight mesh T-shirt pulled up from his waist and revealed a thin strip of his golden tanned abdomen. It clung to his erect eraser-sized male nipples, and outlined his broad muscular pectoral muscles. The poor college athlete's long cock shaft strained the soft cotton material of his low-rise designer briefs. Kyle's eyes scanned the coach's upper body, which was bulging out of a tight blue muscle shirt. His massive biceps were in clear view, and Kyle could see the wisps of dark-brown hair in the older stud's sweaty armpits. The horny college jock wondered where the man had gotten the barbed-wire tattoo that circled his left arm. Kyle could feel the sweat dripping from his own armpits and soaking his thin shirt. He just about jumped out of his seat when the coach suddenly spoke to him.

"So what is your fucking problem, Kyle? I know that I've taught you better than you've been showing me lately. I think that you need some attitude adjustment, and I'm just the guy to give it to you. How long did you think that I would let you get away with slacking off? You lazy little punk, stand up and bend over the back of that chair. Now, you worthless shit," growled the coach as he moved out from behind the desk. Kyle stood there frozen for a moment, until the coach grabbed his shoulders and forced him to bend over. The blond jock's round buttocks were totally exposed, and the coach started to slap Kyle's denim-covered glutes brutally with an open hand. The athlete squirmed and struggled trying to get away, but the coach's muscular arm held his body against the chair back. Kyle's ass was starting to burn, but his thick rod became rock-hard from the thought of what was happening. The coach suddenly paused for a moment, and he yanked Kyle's loose jeans down below his muscular thighs. The angry stud viciously wedged the back of the boy's cotton briefs up into the crack of his ass. With the young swimmer's naked white butt cheeks in the open, the coach resumed his harsh discipline of the wayward student.

"Oh God, coach. I promise that I'll perform better. Go ahead and punish me for being lazy. Beat my worthless ass with your strong masculine hands. Oh shit, you are such a gorgeous macho stud. I deserve to be treated like a hopeless wimp," whimpered Kyle just like a small puppy, as his butt became covered with angry red welts. It suddenly dawned on Kyle that something hard and damp was rubbing against the side of his leg. The barrel-chested coach was panting heavily when he stopped and brushed his stiff rod between the blond jock's sore buns. The dominant older hunk reached around Kyle's waist, and he wrapped his fist over the moaning boy's throbbing erection. Pulling down his own loose sweatpants, the coach slapped the head of his thick cock against the muscular bubble-butt of his young student.

"Yea, I knew that you would get a boner from being punished. You stupid fucking faggot, I've watched you lusting after my muscular body all of the time. You damn macho pretty-boy, I've wanted to make you give it up to me ever since I met you. I just love raping muscular closet punks like you. That cocky little bitch Jason thought that he was straight, but he was begging for more by the time that I got done with him," snarled the coach as Kyle whimpered beneath him. Before he knew what was happening, the older jock grabbed a roll of white athletic tape from the top of his desk and started binding Kyle's elbows to the arms of the chair. Moving around quickly, Coach Logan taped the startled swimmer's beefy thighs to the back legs of the chair as well. The trapped blond jock looked on with growing arousal as his butch coach stripped all of his own clothing off. Kyle's mouth watered as he followed the thin dark trail of light-brown fur that ran down the middle of the ripped hunk's abdomen. His eyes stopped on the coach's throbbing 10-inch long male tool and smooth egg-sized gonads.

Coach Logan stepped in front of Kyle's handsome young face, and he jerked the whimpering swim jock's head up by the hair. After dick-slapping his cute student's blushing cheeks for a few seconds, the horny coach forced his thick shaft into the bound boy's open mouth. "Yea, you gorgeous young muscle-pup. Get my big rod nice and slick before I fuck that tight little athletic butt of yours. I know that's what cocky closet queers like you really want from a real man," growled the dominant jock as Kyle went wild on the tasty dick plugging his hungry mouth. Kyle panicked at the thought of having his virgin hole reamed by the coach's huge rod, and every muscle in his body tensed in a desperate struggle to free himself. The chair that he was tied to bounced around the floor making a noisy racket, but it got him nowhere. The coach finally pulled his rod from the gasping kid's mouth, and he retrieved a condom and bottle of lube from a desk drawer. Pulling the rubber down over his pulsing shaft, the coach stood behind Kyle's back as the young dude pleaded, "Oh please, coach. I'll do anything you want, but I don't think that I can handle taking that huge tool of yours up my tender butt. It will split my virgin hole wide open. Oh God, my muscular coach is going to rape my fucking ass like a two-bit whore."

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Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe In reaction to Kyle's pathetic plea, the coach ripped apart the skimpy cotton briefs covering his smooth muscular groin, leaving only the elastic waistband circling the young jock's torso. The aroused swim coach also tore the middle of Kyle's mesh T-shirt from his back, and the remaining soft cotton material hung in shreds from the moaning jock's neck. With his young prey's bound body now exposed, the coach applied a thick glob of lube to the athlete's pink fuck-hole. Planting the first few inches of his cock into the blond queer's deep butt crack, the lust-crazed stud snarled, "Give it up, you wimpy faggot. Oh yea, your warm hole is so nice and tight around my cock. Now take the whole thing up that hungry ass, you fucking butch little bitch. Shit, you are such a handsome sweet muscle-loving stud. I've dreamed of taking your athletic cherry for a long time, pretty-boy." With those words, the coach plunged the entire length of his rod into Kyle's stretched anal passage.

The young blond jock screamed until his muscles suddenly relaxed, and he felt the head of the coach's fucking cock hit his prostate. The queer dude's screams turned into tormented moans of lust, and he thrust his hips back against the coach's sweaty groin. "Oh damn, coach. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. You're right about me, I'm a cock-hungry queer. I've wanted to give it up to you since I first saw you. You're so fucking gorgeous, coach. Please rape my worthless faggot hole with your huge rod. Oh God, coach, it feels so good to have you inside of me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh yea, stud, fuck me like a bitch," begged the out-of-control swimming star as his cocky macho facade crumbled away. Kyle's mind raced with total erotic lust, as he allowed his magnificent athletic body to be sodomized.

The handsome older stud became aroused by the butch boy's change in attitude, and he pounded the muscular body beneath him with total abandon. His sperm-filled balls slapped loudly against his young victim's smooth hairless perineum, and he began spanking the jock's sore red ass cheeks with his hands once again. Kyle's brain was drowned in waves of passion and humiliation as his beefy coach raped his once-proud young body. The blond swimmer's useless monster cock was bouncing off of the back of the chair, and it suddenly erupted with bolts of his creamy white spunk. When the coach felt the wet globs splashing over the side of his legs, he frantically yanked his rod from the boy's hole. Tearing off the rubber, the well-built older jock fisted his tool until it began firing long streams of his slick sperm all over the sweaty bubble-butt that he had just fucked.

As the coach stepped back behind his desk and collapsed into his seat, he heard Kyle sobbing softly with his blond head hanging down in shame. But Kyle's shame was not from allowing his body to be abused, but rather from the realization that he had enjoyed every minute of his ordeal. The poor kid moaned when he felt the warm fluid of the coach's load trickling down into the deep crack of his ravaged butt. Raising his sweat-soaked face, Kyle pleaded, "Please, coach. Let me loose so that I can show you how much I want your beautiful muscle-bound body. Let me worship the hard muscles of a champion athlete." Coach Logan stood and rubbed his rock-hard six-pack abs, and then he walked around to Kyle's exhausted body. Tenderly running his fingers through the cute jock's cropped hair, he started cutting the tape from the swim stud's arms and legs. Once Kyle was freed, he stood up straight and flexed his cramped muscles. The coach moaned slightly as his hungry eyes devoured the sight of his star swimmer's gorgeous young body. With his denim jeans bunched around his ankles and the torn shreds of his underwear and shirt hanging from his torso, the virile young male was revealed to be the willing victim of a sexual assault.

Stepping forward, Coach Logan wrapped his strong arms around Kyle's chest, and he plunged his lips down over the handsome jock's open mouth. The butch athlete responded by hugging the coach's muscular chest against his heaving torso, and his tongue tried to force its way into the built older hunk's warm mouth. The coach groaned and allowed the horny boy's tongue to explore the inside of his oral cavity, as the two males kissed each other frantically with a desperate longing. Kyle's hands slid down over his coach's sweaty back, and he felt the rock-hard musculature of the man's big rounded glutes. The buff coach whimpered when he felt the young swimmer's monster cock grow hard and push up under his own throbbing erection. With the boy's erect shaft leaking pre-cum all over the coach's low-hanging balls, he broke their kiss and growled, "Oh you sweet baby-stud. You are the most gorgeous young man that I've ever met. I wish that you could become my lover and companion. But why would a handsome young man like you want to limit himself to some over the hill champion muscleman like me? Oh shit, that huge cock of yours feels so good rubbing against me. You are such a butch little hunk, Kyle."

Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe Kyle began angrily slapping the buff coach's beefy buttocks, and he jammed his huge monster cock shaft up between the man's thick thighs. "You stupid fucking boy-lover. Don't you see that I'm hopelessly in love with you? Yea, you're the champion of my erotic queer wet-dream fantasies. Hey macho man, have you ever imagined having your butch muscle-butt fucked by a buff young jock's big dick? Huh coach, would you ever give it up to another man? Yea, you're just a closet pussy queer in a man's body," growled Kyle as the coach started panting heavily. When the blond college jock grabbed onto his hair and yanked his head back, the coach's mouth dropped open and he ground his throbbing cock against Kyle's firm rippled abdomen. Within moments, the poor older hunk's rod began squirting a stream of spunk between the two muscular male's sweaty groins. Coach Logan dropped onto his knees, and he licked his own creamy cum from his young student's magnificent groin.

"Here, you fucking slut. I've got a nice big load of jock spunk for you to swallow. Suck on my thick dick, coach. Let me fuck your butch macho-man face. Oh yea, suck me bitch. Suck on this wimpy pretty-boy faggot's filthy penis. Show me what you would do for your lover. God, I want your body so bad, make love to me stud. Oh shit. Do it to me, big man," panted Kyle as he rammed his rod in and out of his built coach's open mouth. The buff college coach gagged and choked on the blond swimmer's massive tool, and spit was dribbling from the edges of his lips and down his chin. The macho jock had only sucked on another man's tool a few times before, and he could not believe that he was letting this happen. Shit, he was a fucking top man who usually forced his young victims to perform this act of submission. But Logan realized that he had met his match in this young hunk, and he wanted the handsome kid's cock to violate his hungry throat. He wanted this athletic stud to see what a cock-hungry bitch that he could be.

Kyle was now close to the edge, and he looked down at his dominant coach just as the man looked up at him with lust in his eyes. With their eyes locked, the muscular trim blond swimmer began filling his coach's mouth with an endless flow of creamy sperm. The older jock whimpered when his mouth could not contain the boy's load, and Kyle's still-pulsing cock fell out and covered the man's flushed face with the last bolts of his youthful spunk. Kyle whimpered from the intensity of his ejaculation, as the last drops of his seed dribbled from the head of his cock. The spent college stud dropped onto his knees, and he started licking his own cream from the coach's masculine face. Then Kyle found the man's sweet lips, and he kissed the older hunk's mouth with unbridled lust. The poor queer athlete suddenly moaned, "Oh God, stud. I'm sorry for getting carried away like that. I had no right to force you to service my faggot desires. I just couldn't help myself."

Coach Logan responded by standing and lifting his young athlete's body off of the floor, and the burly muscle jock carried Kyle over to a soft leather couch in the office. The buff man dropped into the corner of the sofa, and he pulled his handsome student's sweaty torso up against his chest. With the swimming star's back and beefy butt snuggled into his muscular groin, he lovingly rubbed the boy's firm abdomen. Nuzzling his face into the side of Kyle's head, he whispered, "Oh my sweet baby-stud. Don't ever be sorry for giving me what I really wanted. I've been searching for a young hunk like you who could give it to me as hard as I gave it to him. Oh Kyle, I'm in love with you. I want you to become my lover. Please say yes, you gorgeous young stallion. Let me show you how to ride another man with this huge monster cock of yours. It's so fucking beautiful, my butch young super-jock. Oh, and Kyle, please call me Mike. I want to be more than just your coach."

As the coach fondled Kyle's enormous cock in his fingers, the poor blond's eyes filled with tears of joy. With the big muscular stud's hands exploring his young body, the college athlete whimpered, "Oh yes, coach. Huh, I mean Mike. I love you. I want to give myself to you totally. You've made all of my dreams come true. Oh shit, Mike, look at my fucking faggot dick. It's ready to blow another load just from the touch of your strong hands. Oh please baby, make this horny queer show his love for you. Abuse your little bitch boy's butch body." The coach reached up and brutally pinched one of the young hunk's erect nipples between his fingers, even as his other hand pounded on the swim stud's throbbing shaft. The young jock groaned loudly as long streams of spunk covered his smooth hairless abdomen. The two new lovers soon fell asleep on the couch in a tender embrace. They both slept for a couple of hours, and it was dark outside when Kyle woke up and remembered where he was.

Kyle's ears picked up when he heard the coach making a phone call. "Hello, this is Coach Logan. I want to see you in my office right away. No, I don't give a crap if you have a date. Get your butt over here now, or you're off the swim team. Good boy, Jason, be here in 30 minutes," growled the coach as he hung up the phone. Kyle stretched his muscles and his naked body felt a little chilly, as he asked Mike what he had planned. The athletic older hunk just leaned back in his chair, and he lightly jacked on his sticky wet muscle rod. "Well, sweet dude, I think that both of us need to grab a quick shower. Then I want you to go to your locker and put on a nice tight Speedo. I just love seeing your big rod stretching the slinky nylon fabric of a swim suit. Then I want you to tape my stark-naked body into this chair and go stand next to the door until that prick Jason arrives. While I pretend that you're forcing me to watch, I want you to rape that cocky little slut's ass," growled the coach as Kyle's mouth dropped open in shock. Mike walked over to Kyle and kissed him lightly on the lips, then slapped his butt to head him toward the showers. The poor young swimmer's rod was throbbing with anticipation over the planned erotic drama about to unfold.

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Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe Within the promised amount of time, a loud knock could be heard on the coach's office door. Kyle moved over and stood behind the door, and he smiled at Mike as he reached over and unlocked it. In a thinly disguised panicked voice, the coach shouted, "Help me Jason. I'm being raped. Oh God, man." Quickly opening the door, Jason rushed inside the office. When the butch hunk saw his handsome athletic coach bound tightly to the chair, he nearly shot his load. After locking the door once again, Kyle wrapped his arm around Jason's neck in a strong choke-hold. The startled jock waved his arms wildly in a desperate attempt to break free. But within a few moments, the stud's body went limp as he fell unconscious from a lack of air. The next thing that he felt was a pair of hands unbuttoning his tight 501 jeans and then pulling them down his legs. His varsity sweatshirt had already been removed, and his tight cotton jockstrap was now being yanked from his naked body. Jason's vision finally cleared, and he looked up to see his teammate Kyle standing over him.

When Jason struggled up onto his knees, Kyle brushed his pre-cum soaked Speedo bulge over the cocky athlete's handsome face. The blond boy snarled, "Surprise, you horny muscle-bound punk. You thought that you would get to swing on the coach's tasty cock. Well, there has been a slight change in plans. Get to work and let this hopeless muscle queer over here see what a hungry cocksucker you really are. Now, you stupid closet faggot." As he tried to grasp the scope of his situation, the horny college boy reached around and he grabbed onto the perfect round bubble-butt of his blond teammate. When Kyle growled and slapped his face hard several times, Jason began stroking his hand over the blond's massive crotch bulge. He felt the sticky pre-cum soaking the hung jock's pouch, and the dark-haired boy started licking the slinky nylon material of his teammate's stretched swim suit.

"Yea, you submissive little slut. I knew that you'd go right after that butch stud's sweet cock. Kyle overpowered me and forced me to suck him off. Then he made me call you up to have you come over here. You cocky punk, you could have saved me, but now he's going to pound your wimpy fucking ass. Show him what a total slut you are, bury your queer face into that handsome jock's sweaty crotch. You're a damn hopeless cocksucker, Jason. I bet that you'll love letting him pound your hot little ass. I know you will, bitch," taunted the coach as he pretended to try to struggle free of his bondage. The coach's cock was standing straight up from his damp crotch, as he watched his star swimmer grab onto Jason's hair and grind his groin into the boy's face. The pathetic cock-hungry closet queer moaned, and he pulled the front of Kyle's tight Speedo down. Diving onto the dripping cock with his mouth, the aroused young hunk choked himself with the butch blond's monster rod.

After fucking the cute dark-haired swimmer's face for several minutes, Kyle shoved the panting dude away and Jason fell over onto his back. The dominant blond jock quickly applied a condom to his throbbing tool, and he lifted Jason's muscular legs into the air. Slapping a handful of lube up into the stunned athlete's deep butt crack, he looked straight into the horny jock's deep-brown eyes. The handsome young man's face revealed his dark desire for what was about to occur. When Kyle was ready, he pushed his groin up against Jason's slick pink fuck-hole. The tip of the blond swim jock's erect boner sank into the poor muscle boy's hole, and the two queer athletes groaned with mutual lust. But an unprepared Jason screamed in agony when Kyle grabbed his waist and shoved his big tool brutally into the horny boy's butt.

"Oh yea, my little closet queer. Payback is such a bitch, isn't it baby? When the coach admitted to me that he had fucked around with you before, I knew that I wanted a piece of your cocky butt. I knew that you'd love having your own faggot ass plugged. Hey coach, what do you think of your college swim team now? Bet you didn't realize what a bunch of raving faggots your young athletes really were," gasped Kyle as he began a steady pounding of Jason's buff muscular body. He reached down and began twisting the horny boy's tender erect nipples, and he roughly slapped the moaning slut's pulsing cock and balls.

"Oh shit, you hunky college studs. What a couple of cock-hungry pussy-boys my little jocks have turned out to be. Make love to each other, you useless faggots," growled the coach as the smell of sweaty lust filled the room. Kyle bent forward and he started licking Jason's neck as he hugged his chest against the queer hunk's muscular torso. Jason groaned, and he sought out Kyle's lips and started kissing his blond teammate with intense passion right on the mouth. He had never kissed another male before, and the sexually confused young man realized that he had wanted to all along. His cocky attitude had masked his buried desires to be totally taken by another man. Now here he was, being fucked by a gorgeous young stud, and kissing him like a man kisses a women. He had become a submissive pussy-boy queer.

Badpuppy Model - Jaque & Joe "Oh please, Kyle. Fuck me harder. Yea, fuck me like some horny little bitch. Shit, let our butch college coach see me begging for it. He made me beg for it before when he raped me. Oh God, Kyle, did you make him beg like this? Look at the big stud panting over there, with his macho body all tied down. I can't believe you did all that to him," whimpered Jason as he neared the edge of popping his nut. When Kyle reached down and started fisting his erect cock, the poor fucked college student screamed and covered his rippling abdomen with globs of his own creamy spunk. Jason yelped when Kyle suddenly withdrew his throbbing rod from his ravaged hole.

Standing and moving over behind the desk, Kyle tore off the rubber from his tool and he stood in front of Mike's bound body. Frantically fisting his monster rod, the panting blond jock soon fired a stream of slick white sperm over the coach's throbbing erect cock and balls. Kyle then dropped to his knees, and he started sucking on the man's cum-drenched shaft. "Oh yea, my sweet butch queer. Suck on your lover's thick rod. Show that wimpy little faggot how two real men service each other. God, I love you so much Kyle. Oh my sweet baby," whimpered Mike as his sperm shot down the shaft of his dick into the blond boy's mouth. Kyle hungrily swallowed every precious drop of his lover's seed, then he rested his face against the muscular jock's cum-soaked abdomen.

Jason watched all of this with a puzzled look on his face. When it dawned on him that he had somehow been setup, he groaned and moved over next to the two men. "Oh my God, you two are queer lovers? When did this happen? Oh shit, I let you both fuck my cock-hungry ass. I'm just a hopeless sexual boy-toy for other macho faggots. What did I ever do to deserve this? Oh please, don't tell the other guys about this," moaned Jason as he stood there with tears in his eyes. Kyle quickly set about releasing Mike from his bondage, then they both stood on either side of Jason's quivering body. Kyle tenderly rubbed Jason's muscular back as Mike leaned in and kissed the pathetic boy's lips.

"Easy there, my young stud. You just needed to have your cocky spirit broken so that you could realize your true desires. You lust over other men's bodies. So just admit to yourself that you're a queer. But you're also one fucking gorgeous young hunk, and I'm sure any man would jump at the chance to share your love. I know of at least one other jock on the team who's warm for your form. Kyle has captured my heart, but we're both here for you when you need it. Let yourself go, Jason," stated the coach as he stroked the boy's thick dark head of hair. Kyle kissed his former adversary on the cheek, and he lightly ran his fingers over the buff athlete's hard defined abdomen. Poor Jason was overcome by the two men's loving attention to him, and his cock began spontaneously spraying cum in all directions.

The college's swim team scored a record number of victories after that incident. It raised a few eyebrows when Kyle moved in with Coach Logan, but the man was so well respected that nobody really cared. Jason found the love that he needed with another teammate named Adam, who was the best high-diver in the school. The cute stud had been trying to snag Jason's butch butt since their freshman year of college. Adam was another graduate of the coach's unique training for horny young jocks.

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