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Cherry Popper: The Beginning by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Michel

RB dozed peacefully beside me, lying on his belly and left side with his right knee bent to form a backwards “4” on the sheet. A few droplets of sweat here and there as well as a little trickle of liquid love from his still open asshole were the last indications of the fucking we’d shared not long ago. He grinned a bit as my hand idly stroked his hairy ass cheeks, pushing back towards me as if to try to find the cock that had breeched his ramparts and stimulated internally the gland that surprises most men during their first time how good it feels. The most interesting thing about this I thought as I dozed off with RB, was that for all intents and purposes RB was rabidly straight with women all over him all the time and, with the right combination of booze, pot and his own curiosity, he had willingly pulled his legs up into ‘happy baby’ position and I had taken his straight cherry!

At that time, youth and my own desire to keep my body in great shape had granted me wide shoulders, narrow waist and the muscles in all the right places to look GOOD naked. Combine with that a classic handsome face, medium length wavy light brown hair that picked up gold highlights in the summer and deep blue eyes I was, in the late seventies and early eighties, somebody that both boys and girls found attractive, however the girls were out of luck as I only found the boys attractive. I had just gotten an apartment with another good fuck buddy of mine, and whenever he was out of town (which was most weekends and holidays), I would entertain groups of my male friends, both gay and straight, and see just how many of them I could get interested into fucking. Interestingly enough, I had better luck with the straight guys, for they somehow at the end of the exercise saw the fuck for only that and stayed friends, even if we never fucked again. Most of the gay guys misinterpreted my interest in them as the start of ‘something wonderful’ and were usually hurt by my cavalier approach to fucking.

One good friend at that time was Brandon, although his nickname was ‘Rotten Budweiser’ or RB for short, from a time when he got so drunk he’d thrown up and then blamed it on a bad batch of that brand’s beer. I think more truthfully that it was because he used his middle name and didn’t like being called Richard or the diminutive ‘Dick’. Whatever the case, the party was winding down and most of the young men had gone off looking for some willing snatch, leaving me with RB and the last joint somebody had brought along as a ‘party favor.’ The combination of that joint and booze was enough for RB to ask me about gay guys and how they had sex, and as I explained the physical process to him, I could see his interest in both his eyes and the swelling down in his tight jeans.

“Really, guys like to have a cock up their ass?” RB said, his cock twitching as he thought about it. “I’d think it wouldn’t feel good at all.”

I grinned at him and said, “Oh man, there’s nothing like the feeling of having your prostate massaged inside you! It makes you cum harder and longer, and that with the feeling of your asshole being stretched is enough to make you shoot your load without touching yourself!”

Badpuppy Model - Michel

He grew quiet and we finished off the joint. I half expected him to get up, thank me for the party and then head out, but instead he stood up, peeled off his shirt to reveal a slender, hairy but nice torso and then, scratching his belly as he loosened his belt, dropped his pants to his ankles! “Ok, Mike, how does this thing work? You got me interested enough to try it.” He wasn’t wearing underwear, so when his jeans hit the floor I could see his heavy, hairy ball sac and thickened beer can size cock, his foreskin pulled back to reveal a drooling piss-slit.

Hiding my surprise at my victory, I stood up and got out of my clothing also. “We got a good start already man, getting naked is the first part of the deal. Want to head to the bedroom and get more comfortable in there?”

RB nodded and we left our clothing where it fell, RB’s well muscled butt cheeks occupying my vision as we entered my bedroom and got the bedding pulled down for business. “So that it feels better, go to the can and see if you can take a dump. I got baby wipes in there so when you are done, you can clean up a bit.” RB nodded again and in a short while I heard the flush of the toilet and he returned, the light scent of the baby wipes telling me that he’d followed my instructions carefully. “You know how good foreplay feels, right RB?”

“You mean like with girls?”


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Badpuppy Model - Michel

“OK, yeah. I’ve done that.”

I grinned at him as I straddled his upper thighs and began stroking his hairy chest and abdomen. “It’s the same for two guys too. We build up the feeling with the same kind of foreplay techniques and then when both are ready we can get started fucking.”

RB had sensitive nipples, rare for most men, and I worked them until I heard him moan that he was getting too stimulated and might cum. “Even your nips get hardons,” I observed as I worked my way down between his pecs and licked his hairy abs some, his little hiss of pleasure telling me he was enjoying it. When I got to his hard and dripping cock and pulled the head into my mouth, you would have thought that I had found his on button, for he arched his back and howled, thrusting as much cock into me as he could.

“Oh, Mike, fuck that feels GOOD!” he moaned as he face fucked me a little bit before my hands stroking his abs and thighs calmed him down a bit.

“Just don’t blow your wad quite yet man, hang onto it and when you get stimulated inside you’ll see what I mean.”

Badpuppy Model - Michel

“OK,” he gasped as I did my patented tricks upon his steely and throbbing rod, “but you need to back off a little too, for everything you do brings me close.”

I complied and kept him close for a good half hour, working up and down his torso until I judged that he was ready for the next step. I knew I was, for I was leaking precum so badly that I was leaving my own trails upon his body! “OK, now for the next fun part,” I said as I grasped the back of his knees and pulled them up to his chest. “Keep your legs up like this, RB,” I said as I pushed his knees a bit wider to make his asshole open up. “That’s right, just like that.” Bending forward I could smell the fresh scent of the baby wipe mingled with the light funk of the healthy young male and, smiling to myself, lowered my mouth to his quivering rosebud and then started tonguing his butthole.

“Oh, fuck, man what are you doing?” He groaned again as I laved his hairy asshole and forced my tongue inside. When I paused to answer him he grunted and pushed my face against his hole, growling “Don’t stop, man, it feels great!” I continued my assault on his butthole until I felt it start to loosen, then wet the tip of my pinky and slowly pressed it inside him.

“MMMM,” he said, “that feels good too. Keep doing that.” His asshole kept loosening up as I manipulated it with my pinky, then with my index finger until I was able to insert all the way. When I hit his prostate I could tell, for his cock suddenly belched out clear prostate fluid onto his belly and he moaned with delight.

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Badpuppy Model - Michel

“That’s your joy button, RB, which soon is going to be stimulated with every stroke.” He gasped and nodded as I fondled both his balls and stroked his prostate with my finger, his asshole now loose enough for a couple of fingers. “I think you are quite ready now, RB, for the real thing, so let me get set.” By the bedside I kept lube and now I grabbed some and poured it over my over sensitized cock, wincing a bit as it tried to release its boy juice. I lubed up the hairy portal of RB’s ass, and then pressed the tip of my cock against him.

“OK RB, relax. I’ll go slow here and let you tell me when you are ready for more.” He nodded and I ever so slowly pressed my cock into him. When the flared part of the head had passed his portal, he gasped and pushed at me to wait a bit. I complied and at his signal continued into him. His ass was very accommodating, and I was able to slip all the way inside him, his second gasp and grin told me that I’d connected to his prostate.

We stayed connected like that, cock inside ass with my head pressing against his joy button, until I decided that he was ready for the fucking part of the exercise. Slowly I pulled almost out of his ass, then pushed as slowly back in, making sure I connected again to his prostate before slowly repeating the out and in strokes. He cock was so hard against his belly that I could see the damn thing twitch like a snake, each time I pressed inside him it would flare up and belch more pre-cum, sinking down into the puddle as if it would suck it back inside. Little by little I increased the speed of my thrusts and retreats, and shortened my traveling distance a bit as well, until RB was squeaking with delight as I pounded with short staccato hits his tenderizing prostate.

I slowed a bit and looked down at him, his eyes rolled up in his head, his mouth slightly agape with his tongue lolling out, little wheezes of pleasure issuing from his mouth on each connected thrust. His nipples were standing out from his pecs as if they’d hop off and run away any second and his belly was corded with his straining abdominal muscles. It wouldn’t be long before he was going to shoot and as I increased my rhythm I casually reached out and grasped his nipples to give them a rather vicious twist.

Badpuppy Model - Michel

“Oh…FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” screamed RB as he was set over the edge and his body thrashed about in the cataclysm of his first prostate stimulated orgasm. His asshole and insides seemed to clamp down upon my cock and I felt his contractions against my cock as he shot rope after rope of creamy boy jism all over his hairy chest and belly. I quickly starting my own redecorating of his guts with my cum! I kept up the fucking, his moans subsiding as I slipped in and out of his in my own throws of orgasm until we were both spent and I collapsed onto him…

So there we were, the gay guy and the freshly de-cherried straight guy, his ass full of liquid boy love and his virginity destroyed for all time. I wondered if RB would be upset or offended as his body cleared of the alcohol and smoke he’d used earlier and he realized that he’d been fucked, but as he woke up more he snuggled up to me and whispered, “That was fucking incredible! I’ve never with any girl shot that thick of wad in my life!”

I stroked his thick hairy thigh at the point where it became ass cheek and replied, “That’s what you’ve been missing, keeping your prostate untouched except by the good doctor two or three times in your lifetime!” I told him how a dildo would work as well, if he didn’t like the idea of fucking for real with another guy. Surprisingly, he just twisted around and gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips and whispered that it was such a good experience he saw nothing wrong with doing it again with the right guy. He looked me in the eye and said, “That’s you, right?” and laughing, I hugged him to me and we slowly started the exercise again, this time RB participating a bit more with it culminating with him riding my cock while I jacked him off…

Needless to say, RB became one of my favorite fuck buddies and, while we didn’t get together more than once or twice a month, each time was as magical as the first one. Although my own cherry was long since gone, he liked to think that he was taking it any time we changed roles, his claim that the idea of taking my cherry brought him closer to the same intensity as when I fucked him, so that was OK if it worked for him. What he didn’t know was, hidden away in my newly created collection was a sample of the drippings from his asshole , carefully taken while he recovered from that first time fuck and sealed in an airtight baggy. A small note added later would have RB’s name and date on it when I’d taken forever his fully ripened manhood cherry. I smiled at him as we switched positions and I entered him again, for he was the first of many men that I’d get such souvenirs along the way!

The model in these pictures is Michel

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