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Changing Day by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Gabriel & Rik I kissed my wife, Mary, on the forehead and hugged my 10-year-old son Robbie, then left my home of ten years and walked to the waiting bus. Our material possessions were left behind, as stated by law; the only items we could bring with us were the clothing on our backs. Before boarding the bus, I turned and waived at Mary, who bravely smiled and waved back, then Robbie and I boarded and found some seats for the long trip to the Induction Center.

At the turn of the millennium, two events in Earth's history happened at the same time, completely changing the way humans lived and interacted with each other. The first event, invasion by beings from other distant planets, triggered the second event, that of the placement of homosexual men and women in charge of Earth. The aliens, a benevolent group of beings, had decided from their three hundred year observation of our planet, that we were too aggressive and too dangerous to continue this behavior. In self-defense (as we were getting too close to begin arriving at their outer home planets), they had invaded us, and placed chemicals in the water systems of the planet that removed the desires to kill, to hurt and to be overly aggressive. This action in a fortnight had obviated the military and the pentagon, and by the end of the following month, had seen the removal of most world officials for humans more "suitable" to governing the planet, namely, the gay people. I guess that the aliens were more like them than like us, for they couldn't understand why people would hate a subset of themselves based upon fear, religious beliefs, or just ignorance. A world religion was formed, taking the best (if any) of the worlds' hundreds of religious beliefs and removing the stigmas of homosexuality or "otherness" from the religion. Another fix was the creation of the Induction Services, which now gave people first hand knowledge of how homosexuals lived and worked. Since gay men and women weren't stupid, they knew that they couldn't just make heterosexuality a sin, crime or what have you, as their counterparts had attempted for centuries for homosexuality, so they and the aliens created a system by which heterosexuals were allowed to marry, have children and raise them to the age of 10 years old. Each couple was allowed one child, and based upon the sex of that child, one of the parents would be sent to the city's Induction Center for changing services. The spouse and child left behind would then go to another building which would match their ages and desires with another heterosexual left from the Induction Program, and the two would be wed. Childless couples raised all children until they turned 18, then they were paired.

I entered the small, tastefully done building, fearful of the unknown, yet not wanting to show my fear. A man and woman behind a glass reception counter looked up at our entry. The woman looked back at whatever held her interest, while the man just pointed towards a bright blue door on the right. We entered the door as indicated and were told by a computer to remove our clothing and put it into the receptacle on the side of the room. Stripping down, I put my clothing into the receptacle and a second bright blue door opened, the mechanical voice of the computer telling me to continue through this door.

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Badpuppy Model - Gabriel & Rik A team of male doctors examined me, first for health and then for some obviously sexual interest. One young man inserted what looked like a dildo up my ass, after carefully lubricating my hole, and read information that was being sent by the instrument. "Good clutch and stroke," he said, making a notation on the computer beside him. My balls were placed in a small cup device and a tube placed over my cock, and with a combination of light electrical shocks and vacuum pressure, got my cock hard. A small helmet was placed over my head and then the young man at the console pressed a small red button. Suddenly, my entire body responded, and I felt my cum churn out of my body into the tube and a small collection jar beside the young doctor. The feeling was incredible, and the young man smiled as he removed the helmet, telling me that small connections in the helmet pressed against the pleasure centers of my brain, which were usually stimulated by electrochemical compounds during sexual activity. An exact amount of electrical stimulation on these centers would create the same feelings in the body as an orgasm, which usually led to the more physical variety. The apparatus was removed from my genitals, and the rest of my body was measured and recorded for the computers. "Grade A material," said one doctor, slapping my buttocks as I passed by, "he'll make a fine life partner."

A small tray extended from the wall beside me, and the computer informed me that I could eat something if I were hungry. "It is recommended after testicular stimulation and ejaculation that male subjects over the age of eighteen consume a high protein compound." Glasses of chocolate milk and cheese sandwiches were on the tray, so I picked up the tray and ate. When I returned the empty glasses and plates to the wall receptacle, it disappeared and a fourth bright blue door appeared. "Please enter the door." A few moments later, the door opened and I entered the doorway.

I entered the hallway, and was escorted by two, muscular young men to a door to the right. This door opened into a small room that contained an examination chair with a video screen before it. The chair was equipped with arm, chest, waist and leg restraints, and a helmet similar to that used by the previous doctors. The two men led me to the chair and, after I was seated, adjusted the restraints and placed the helmet over my head. One of the young men, a handsome model-type, reached down and fondled my cock, smiling at his counterpart and saying, "Sure hope that he becomes mine when he's changed. I'd like to have a sexy one like this!" His friend just slapped his hands away from my crotch and, after taking a good feel of my chest and nipples, returned the smile and said, "Don't handle the merchandise until you've bought it!" The two men left, laughing as they closed the door behind them, and the room darkened.

The video screen lit up before me, and I read that by order of the homosexual ruling council of the planet Earth, I had fulfilled the duty of the heterosexual and produced a male child. Now it was time to prepare for the lifelong change, that of heterosexual to homosexual. The video screen informed me that the process was painless, although some men felt discomfort as their genitals and other parts of their bodies were stimulated and modified. The screen changed again, and now I felt the odd sensation of the helmet beginning to send electrical signals to my brain, and felt my legs split wide and a small oval move away from the bottom of the seat.

Badpuppy Model - Gabriel & Rik A device was attached to my balls and I felt a brief sensation as if they'd been chilled quickly by cold air. There was pressure and some sense of pain, although it was so low that I knew it wouldn't have registered at any place on a meter. I felt a cool, slick object move into my cock, and a similar but larger one enter my asshole through the hole in the seat. Two small cups moved over my pecs until finding my nubby nipples, and then attached themselves with a tight suction, not an altogether bad sensation. The video screen informed me that for part of the restructuring I would be knocked out, as this was deemed humanitarian rather than allowing the subject to feel the restructuring taking place within his body. A change came in the pulse from the helmet and I was out.

When I came to, most of the equipment had been removed from my body, leaving only the helmet and the testicle holder still attached. The door opened and an incredibly built and handsome naked man walked into the room. My cock, which had previously made no indication that this was a sexual object I was viewing (previously, a well-stacked blond female would have done the trick) suddenly grew to complete hardness. I felt a stirring in my balls and watched the young man come towards me, his hands oddly slicked down with some material. He placed one hand over my hardened cock and put the other between my legs, which were still split apart and my asshole still accessible. A hard finger crept into my ass, and began moving around in time with the young man's stroking of my cock. After about five minutes of this manipulation, I was coming all over his chest, small strands dripping from his massive chest and onto mine. He smiled, kissed me and pressed a small button on the side of the wall. Two other young men came in, removed the helmet and testicle holder and released me from the chair. I was swept up into the muscled nude man's arms and carried to another room, where I relaxed and was fed by the handsome godlike man.

When my strength returned, as well as my cock hardening at the sight of this young man, we started kissing and rubbing each other, his hard cock pressing against my thigh until I moved so that his cock could now enter my asshole. He smiled and pulled a small tube of lubricant from somewhere near us and pressed some into my asshole, working it delightfully around with a finger. He put two fingers inside me, and then three, then removed his fingers all together and, after squirting some lube on his hard cock, pushed inside me with one jab.

I had heard how painful it was to be fucked; yet I felt as if I'd been born to do this very thing. His cock fit inside me like it had been specially crafted, and as he fucked me, first slowly, then with slamming force, I felt my own juices crest as his cock pumped warm man cum into my ass. He bent down and took my hard, dripping cock into his mouth, and I came from the wet warmth of his mouth as he slowly sucked all the cum down.

"Welcome," he said, giving me a big hug and kiss, "you're now ready for Arena."

"Arena? What's Arena?"

"Why, where you'll find a life partner. Who knows, I might be the lucky one!" He grinned and said, "When you've rested a little while, we'll go and take you to the Preparation Room." It was strange how secure I felt in this young giant's arms, so I nodded and promptly went to sleep.

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Badpuppy Model - Gabriel & Rik About an hour later, I woke and felt rested, and told my friend so, and we got up to leave the room. Another couple walked in from the opposite area, and I saw myself briefly in the limply hanging young man who was being carried in by another tall, handsome muscle hunk. My man winked at the other, and we left the room, walked down a small hallway, to another door. We entered, and I saw a number of young men and their charges, like me, being cleansed in tubs of warm water, massaged with fine oils, and other preparations. A tub became empty, and my man began refilling it, after giving it a quick cleansing with a scented liquid. He put a drop of two of another liquid, this one assailing my nostrils as he placed me into the water. My mind slowed and I felt free of encumbrance as he gently washed my body from my hair to my toes. He stood me up and carefully cleaned my butt hole, and then drew me out of the bath and into a small shower area. A group of toilets were along one wall, and long metal tubes with silvery nozzles attached were on the other. My stud waited until the last person left from the area and pressed my gut in an intricate maneuver. Suddenly, I needed to shit, and he placed me on top of one of the toilets. After I was done, he pressed a button that sprayed warm scented water around my asshole and buttocks, and then flushed the toilet. A warm blast of air quickly dried any residual water on my backside, and he led me to the opposite side of the area. Turning on the water, he directed me to bend over and touch my toes.

I bent as directed, and felt the nozzle enter my butt hole, the water oozing up into my body and filling me up. When I thought I couldn't hold any more, he stopped and told me to clamp hard to seal my ass, then made me walk around the area until I started to cramp. He just rubbed my abdomen until the cramp subsided, and we continued to do this for about ten or fifteen minutes. I was allowed to release the water, which came out somewhat brown, and was douched again about three more times, when the water came out clear. My muscle hunk waited until I'd been washed and dried, and then took me to another part of the room, where waist-height tables stood.

These were padded with a leather-like fabric, and there were indentations for the head and for the cock and balls to hang from the underside of the table. I was laid face up on the table and my hunk started applying scented oils over my body, my skin beginning to glow and soften with the application. When my front, including my cock and balls, were well oiled and I was putty in his hands (well, I was even before he started, really) he flipped me over and oiled my back and legs. I noted that my equipment slipped nicely into the hole in the table, and the cool air around them as they hung below it was kind of nice. Two hands moved over my balls and cock, stroking me to a hardon but not letting me cum by pulling hard on my balls. I knew that my hunk was still working on my back, so I didn't know who was working my equipment. I didn't care; the relaxing feeling of my massage was blending with the excitement of having my cock stroked. A small bell rang, and the men on the tables and in the far waiting area stood up, each getting a farewell grope and kiss from their muscular handlers. My man helped me stand up and said, "You're ready now, make me proud and I hope we can be together again soon." A door opened and the group of men and I were ushered out into a large arena-like room.

Groups of handsome, athletic men sat in the bleachers, while we were led to the rounded bottom of the arena. Spotlights cast a glow over our naked skin, and we were given numbers by a man with a bit of some color on his finger. He would dip his finger into a pot and then scribe a roman numeral upon a chest, then slap the man's buttocks and signal for the next one to be marked. I received my number, 38, and butt slapped, stood with the other in the middle of the floor.

"Number 23, step forward!" The voice echoed slightly in the cavernous room, and a good looking young man in his early twenties stepped forward. A man from the audience, naked except for a golden loincloth and body hair all over his legs, chest and arms, walked to where # 23 stood. He smiled and asked him a few questions, then examined his testicles and asshole. Satisfied, he kissed the young man on the lips, and everyone could feel the electrical charge when their lips touched. "They're bonded!" cried the audience, as the dazed young man and his new lover walked away arm in arm. "Number 21, step forward!" This went on for some time, men from the audience, some hairy and some not, some of all colors, shapes and sizes, and the young men from the arena were mated and each time the electrical charge signaled the bonding of a new pair. "Number 38, step forward!"

I moved one pace forward, and waited for my new lover to appear. There seemed to be a bit of a problem in the audience, though, as TWO men came down to meet me. "What's this?" asked the arena director, "No more than one at a time, please!" The two men, one of them my hunky trainer, whispered into the director's ear and handed him an official looking document. "Well, that's very different," decided the director and waived at the two men to continue.

My trainer moved beside me, while the second man, even more handsome and muscular than my trainer, did the examination of the testicles and asshole that everyone else had done. This time, he also checked my chest, played with my nipples and stroked my cock. My trainer moved closer and he also got his body examined, his loincloth dropped before everybody and made to show off his asshole to the crowd. When both of us were well inspected, the man kissed me, and I felt the electrical charge flow between us. The next part I was never sure why it happened, but just as the man kissed me, my trainer grabbed my cock and placed it inside his mouth. Suddenly the charge tripled and I felt as if all of the electricity in the city had made connection between the three of us. I shuddered in climax, and my trainer drank my sperm greedily, and then stood up and offered his cum spattered mouth and tongue to his lover. The man took the offering, and I felt another shock go through the three of us, now joined together into a triplet for life.

We went home, after I was clothed and the two other men were dressed again. Mark, my old trainer and lover and Jack, my other lover and provider, made a house in the city as if nothing had ever happened to either of us, although every time we have sex, Mark inside me and Jack inside him, the circuitry in the house seems to dim with our incandescent love.

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