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Caught With His Pants Down by William Cozad
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Carl was in my last period gym class. Both of us were high school seniors, looking forward to graduation in a few weeks. He had shaggy blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Medium height, he had a stocky, muscular body. His chest was smooth but his muscled stomach and lower body was covered with golden fleece.

What really caught my eye was him in his jockstrap. His locker was near mine and we changed clothes at the same bench, and take my word for it, even his butt was covered with blond fuzz. The best moment of all was when he bent over and peeled down his jockstrap and I got a rear view close-up gander at his hairy, low-hung jewels. And even from behind you could see that huge clipped cock with a mushroom head hanging down.

The particular day I'm telling about, he left his locker open when he grabbed his towel and headed for the showers. I guess you could say it was a crime of opportunity, that's the only way to describe it. At first I thought I'd just poke my head inside his locker, since there was no one else around at the moment, and get a quick whiff of his jockstrap. I just wanted to smell that elastic pouch that had contained his cock and balls. For a moment I held it to my face and inhaled his stinky aroma, a combo sweat, piss and dick-stains.

Impulsively I just did it. I stole it, stuffed it into my jeans pocket. Skipping my shower, I tugged on my clothes with my shorts turned inside out and hightailed it out of the locker room.

I practically ran all the way home, I was that excited. Inside my room, I stripped off and lay down naked on my bed. I had an hour before my folks got home from work and I planned to make the most of it.

With Carl's smelly jockstrap hooked over my face, I grabbed hold of my dick which was already hard and throbbing. I stroked it slowly at first, inhaling Carl's smelly jock aroma. I thought about him naked, coming out of the shower all beaded with water. There was a good chance that he wouldn't even discover that his jockstrap was missing until the next gym class. Maybe he'd think he lost it, that it had fallen out of his locker. Maybe he'd think someone swiped it as a prank. Maybe he'd know that I was the thief. . .

But none of that mattered at the moment. All that mattered was my oozing prick that I stroked faster. By now I was not only sniffing Carl's jockstrap, I was licking it, which made my dick even stiffer. I could feel the cum churning in my balls. I started pretending he was there.

"Oh yeah, Carl, make me smell your crotch. . . Make me lick your dick, man. . . Aw fuck! Shit, I'm fucking cumming!"

With my left hand I tugged on my nuts, and with my right hand I pumped my prick as I felt the familiar buzz and saw it spit, raining hot, white cum drops all over my chest and belly. I rubbed the cummy mess into my skin until it dried.

Carefully I sealed up the filched jockstrap in a plastic bag to preserve its aroma, then hid it in my suitcase in the closet where my snoopy brother wouldn't find it when he was looking for my gay porn.

The next day in school, Carl was normal like usual, acting like nothing was wrong. I assumed that he didn't know his jockstrap was missing, or least ways didn't suspect me. I swear I'd never stolen anything before in my life and I felt kind of weird about it. I even considered secretly returning the stolen jock to his locker, but I knew I wouldn't.

My jack-off hand just had no conscience, and my cock jumped in my pants every time I thought about my secret souvenir. I knew I'd jack off with that smelly jockstrap for weeks, probably until it was chewed full of holes.

In the locker room that afternoon, I noticed that Carl sported a new white jockstrap. He didn't say anything about it, and I wasn't going to ask.

It was one hot fucking spring afternoon, so of course the coach had us out in the stadium doing calisthenics and running on the track. Carl and I were goofing, and walked the last part of the way around the track, which didn't set well with the coach.

"Okay you fuck-ups. Once more around the track, and this time I wanna see you hauling tail. Comprende?"

"Yes sir," we said together, and we took off. We even kept running when we saw the coach's car pull out of the parking lot, just in case it was a trick. By the time we ran the track again, our asses were dragging.

By the time we got back to the locker room, it was deserted. All the other guys had already showered and left.

We were both hot and sweaty, and Carl was pissed. "It's your fucking fault, stupid. "The coach won't notice us," he mimicked. "You owe me, big time."

I sat on the bench and gawked at Carl while he peeled off his sweat-drenched white T-shirt and black trunks. All he had on was his new jockstrap, his sneakers and gym socks. He was standing right beside me and I could smell his sweat smell and I couldn't help staring at his over stuffed jock.

Of course he caught me at it. "It was you. I fucking knew it. You copped my fucking jock."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I lied.

"Fucking homo, that's what you are. Bet you put it on and jacked off in it."

I didn't say anything, but I could feel my face going all red and hot. It was the same as a confession.

When he grabbed a fistful of my hair, I thought he was going to hit me, but he didn't.

What he did was, he pushed me down on my knees.

"You owe me a fucking blowjob," he said.

Standing in front of me with his legs spread wide, he pulled my head into his crotch and rubbed his jockstrap right in my face.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor "You know you fucking want it, you know you do. Can't keep your fucking eyes off my dick. You don't think I don't notice the way your eyes are always glued on it?"

"In your dreams," I said, unconvincingly. He ignored that and just kept humping my face. "Go ahead, take it out."

My resistance weakened at the thought of touching his dick. It was a trap, too good to be true. I knew probably he was totally straight, and that most likely he'd tell everybody in school about me, but still I couldn't help myself. I had to do it, even if it meant I had to move out of town. Or at least that's what I felt at that moment.

I pulled down his jockstrap, and out flopped his fat, cut dick, already going hard. It was unbelievably huge and red looking.

"Go ahead and lick it. That's what you wanna do."

I stuck out my tongue and licked at his dick. It tasted salty, and just kept expanding. Engorged, it was massive, a solid ten inches and beer can thick. His huge balls dangled.

"Suck it."

There was no going back now, and I took hold of his dick, grabbing it by the base, and sucked on the dark red mushroom head. Clear goo oozed out of the wide slit.

"Yeah. Eat it. Eat my fucking dick."

Taking the plunge, I sealed my lips around the bloated crown, and jacked on the spit-lubed shaft while I nursed his dick.

He slapped my hand away and forced me to take his big dick all the way down my gagging throat.

"Deep-throat it."

He pulled my hair while he pumped his prick down my throat, and I practically choked on his dick. But somehow I managed to figure out how to do it without gagging. I guess because I wanted it that bad.

It was even hornier than my wet dreams, the sight and feel of Carl's fat dick plugging my throat with his big hairy nuts slapping against my chin.

"Keep sucking it. Oh shit yeah, I'm getting close."

His massive prick was hard as a rock.

"Aw fuck, I'm cumming! Cumming in your mouth, man! Eat it!"

I wasn't prepared for just how big his heavy load would be. Dribbles, then huge gobs of hot cum kept spurting down my throat and gagging out the sides of my mouth. I clutched his fuzzy buttcheeks and held on while he emptied his nuts in my mouth.

He yanked his slimy prick out of my mouth and then reached down and groped me, which surprised me.

"Show me what you got," he said.

I did like he said, pulled off my T-shirt, then slid down my trunks and jockstrap at the same time and stepped out of them. My hard 9-incher throbbed wildly.

"Got a big one."

"You want to suck it, Carl? You want suck it like I did yours?"

He stroked my dick slowly and the goo oozed out of my pisshole. "No way, man. I'm not into cocksucking like you."

But when I looked into his blue eyes, they were glazed. He was still totally horny! Believe me, I never in a million years expected what happened next. He kneeled down on the floor by the bench, with his jockstrap still stretched around his knees. All I saw was that gold dusted muscular butt of his. Reaching back, he spread an ass cheek. "Lick my asshole," he said.

That idea had never occurred to me. Of course I'd heard plenty of locker room bragging about eating pussy, but I'd never heard of the idea of eating a guy's butt before.

But I did it. I got down there behind him, then spread his buttcheeks and started just touching my tongue against his asshole. It wasn't as bad as I would have thought.

"Stick your tongue in my ass. Do it. Like you're fucking me with it, man."

I did like he said, and I even got into it. My hard dick was dripping like crazy, and pretty soon Carl was moaning and begging for more. But I never would have believed it if someone would have told me what he was going to say next.

"You can fuck me if you want to, man," Carl said real low.

"Huh?" I asked. I couldn't believe I'd heard right.

"I said you can fuck me, man. Put your dick in my ass and make me get fucked." He reached up on the bench and pulled his gym bag down, and got out a tube of some kind of stuff and screwed off the top, then reached back and smeared some of what was inside on his asshole. "OK, do it to me."

I grabbed my drippy 9-incher and started rubbing it up and down between his buttcheeks, where it was all slippery. Then I started pushing against his hairy hole, until it all the sudden popped inside.

"Oh fuck! It's fucking big, man! Stay still a minute, but don't go out."

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We stayed like that a little while, and I could feel his asshole squeezing down on it. Then all the sudden he backed up all the way on my dick, taking the whole thing up inside him till my pubes were mashing against his fuzzy buttcheeks. He wiggled his ass around. I'd never had my dick anyplace so hot!

"Okay, fuck me. Fuck me in the ass."

I looked down, watching while I poked my dick in and out. It was so hot, tight and juicy inside him.

"Fuck me harder!"

While Carl knelt there on all fours, I battered his butthole. It was the best feeling I'd ever had in my life. I was fucking Carl's jock butt.

"Oh shit, it's so hard. I can tell it's gonna shoot. Do it, man. Shoot it! Shoot your fucking cum up my ass!"

I crammed every inch of my exploding prick up his reamed ass and sprayed his guts full of my cum. Then I collapsed on his back, which was slippery with sweat. Both of us were breathing heavy.

"Stay inside me," he said.

That's when I noticed that he had his hand wrapped around his dick and was jacking off with a blurry fist.

He grunted and I could hear his load squirting onto the floor. At the same time his tight butthole spasmed around my dick, and he bucked me off.

Carl got some paper towels and what I heard next kind of floored me. Partly because of what Carl said, and partly because of the offhand way he said it.

"Wow, man," he mused, down on his knees wiping up cum. "You're a fucking natural. No lie, man. You're almost as good as coach."

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