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Cat Boy by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Lee The purring noise beside me woke me up, and I turned to look at the young man that lay beside me, naked under the light sheet and in the morning light looking incredibly fuckable. I should know, I'd fucked him hard the night before to our mutual satisfaction and was even now getting hard from the idea of fucking him again. The light sheet slipped down over his golden body as I pulled it to the bottom of the bed, and I was struck in love again by the handsome young man who'd entered my life a year earlier. It was October of last year and I had flown to San Francisco for a conference I'd never heard of before.

I got off the plane and, after getting my luggage, headed out to the courtesy shuttles. San Francisco was the locale of the Anime Demo 2004 (or AD04) and I was a little nervous, as I'd never been to one before. Already I'd seen some guys, mostly older, fatter and very nerdy looking, sporting t-shirts from previous AD and other like conventions. Feeling my tight abs with one hand as I carried my bags in the other, I was happy I'd kept from turning into one of those guys.

The only reason I'd even come to this convention was that earlier in the year one of my long time fuck buddies had turned me on to Japanese Animation, or 'anime' for short, and I was enthralled by the wide shouldered, smoky-eyed men that were drawn and animated in what I was seeing. I was even more interested when the men in the anime began to make out with each other. My friend, Sean, told me that what I was watching was called 'yaoi' in Japan and was geared to young women, but lots of gay men also enjoyed it. This particular title, "My First Lover" was a lot more graphic than most, and was probably written by a gay guy rather than a woman for women, because there was a lot of anal sex involved and, while there were no cocks, balls or assholes shown, lots of fucking was. This con was going to have a yaoi panel late in the evening, and so after checking into my hotel and getting something to eat, I was going to scope out the con and then head to that panel.

A good shower, fresh clothing and dinner helped put me back into a great frame of mind and I headed to the yaoi panel. The panel was an 'over 18 only' one and they were carding folks at the door, so there was a waiting line. As I stood in line, I looked over the people in it, skipping over the fat girls and portly men that were there and focusing on something I'd never seen before.

Many young men were there, slender and smooth skinned, of various races but all with two very items that made them stand out, cat ears on their heads and cat tails attached at their tailbones. Some of them were on leashes to fat chicks, while others stood in groups of twos and threes, each admiring the costume of the other and offering suggestions to those that were still getting it 'right.' I was admiring the build on two of the young men in front of me when I got bumped from behind and a young male voice said, "Excuse me." I turned and beheld one of the handsomest boys I'd ever seen!

He was probably in his mid-twenties, wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and muscled like a champion swimmer rather than a weight lifter. He was Japanese, which explained the shock of long dark hair and dark eyes that looked back at me as I examined virtually every inch of him. He wore a small pair of leather shorts which showed off his tight ass and large endowment, as well as a pair of silver furred cat ears and a long tail with the same color fur attached to the back of the waistband of the shorts. A little dark 'happy trail' led down his taut belly from his navel to disappear into the front of his shorts. His arms and legs were smooth, yet muscular, perhaps more so than most Japanese young men who tend to be somewhat more slender (many of them were also running around at the con). His feet were in a pair of white sneakers and, other than a necklace of small white shells around his neck, that's all he wore. He grinned at me as I finished my evaluation of his many assets and said, "Like what you see?"

I blushed and apologized if I'd offended him, and he just waived it off, saying, "I wouldn't dress like this if I didn't expect to be looked at. You sure seemed to like what you saw, though, if the front of your pants is any indication."

Blushing even more furiously, I apologized again and this time the young man put a hand on my arm. "Listen, that's ok. Hey, this is your first time at one of these things, huh?"

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Badpuppy Model - Lee "Yeah, it is. Am I that obvious?"

He scratched his chin, and then replied, "Well, you don't have a nickname, just your real name on your con badge." He looked closer at my badge and said, "Mike, that's a nice name. My name is Hiro, but here at the con I'm called 'Mei-chan'."

The line started moving and we followed it up to the door. We passed through the ID check and sat down, Hiro beside me as the panel of all women moved behind the microphones. The oldest woman, gray haired and obviously a dyke, scanned the audience as if looking for somebody, and soon her eyes lit upon us. "Mei-chan!" she bellowed, "get your butt up here!" Hiro grinned as he excused himself. "I was hoping I could get out of this," he said, patting my leg as he stood up and then moved to the front of the room. He walked up the stairs to the table where the rest of the panelists sat and took his position at the far right microphone. "Now that we are ALL here," started the older woman, who introduced herself as the moderator of the panel, "we'll begin the panel."

After a little lecture about what yaoi is and its origins, the dyke gave the floor to one of the other women, who began discussing various titles of shounen-ai, or "boy love", which I understood was the soft core version of yaoi. Many of the women in the audience, and a few men, shouted and carried on as various titles were read off and discussed, and soon the moderator thanked the young woman and turned to Hiro.

"Mei-chan, as the representative of Yaoi-Con, could you talk about this year's plans?"

Hiro stood up, stretched (which got lots of heartfelt groans of pleasure from the audience, my own included) and then he chatted about a convention that was to be held around Halloween at this same hotel. This convention was all yaoi, with some shounen-ai included, and he explained the over 18 restrictions etc about the event. He smiled and said that a new feature would be the cat-boy auction, which would take place on the first day right after opening ceremonies and each successful bidder would get to keep her or his cat boy throughout the con. I thought the women were going to all orgasm right there, they were so excited. One young lady barely 19 yelled out, "are you one of the cat boys we can bid upon?" Hiro looked at me and winked, then replied, "There will be many cat boys to select from, so I don't think I'll be available as I've got somebody already who's won my bid." He finished his little speech and the moderator took firm control of the panel after that.

When the panel was over, Hiro appeared at my side and together we walked out of the convention area. The air got a bit chilly and I felt sorry for Hiro as he shivered in the cold. His nipples stood out nicely from his chest and it was with some reluctance I suggested we go get warmer clothing. He grinned and we took an elevator up to his room. Clothing was strewn over everywhere, and as he picked through some clothing he stopped and said, 'Mike, you mind if I change and we go out to eat something?" I waved him on and without further ado, he removed his shoes and then peeled off his shorts, standing naked before me as he picked over clothing until he found a pair of jeans he liked. I studied the hard planes of his ass and his heavy balls as they swung under his good sized cock. He put himself carefully into the jeans and removed his cat ears (which had been held on with a hidden hair band.) Hiro shrugged into a sweatshirt that clung in all the right places, then said, "OK, Mike, guess I'm ready." We headed out of his room and down the elevator to exit the hotel, Hiro saying he knew of a good restaurant nearby. When we arrived there, it turned out to be a Japanese restaurant and Hiro was obviously a regular.

We ate, chatting about the con and the panel, and soon we were finished eating and heading back to the hotel. "Say, Mike," Hiro said as we got close to his hotel room, "would you mind if we go to your room? I'll bet people will be knocking on my door all night." I grinned and we entered the elevator, selecting my floor and, when the elevator stopped, walked to my room.

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Badpuppy Model - Lee We'd no sooner got inside my room when Hiro turned towards me and, with little fanfare, removed his sweatshirt, unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the ground. It was like somebody had flipped on the slow motion switch, as the jeans slid down his muscled thighs and then past his knees, ending in a heap at this feet. He stepped out of them, causing his heavy balls to sway enticingly, and slowly walked towards me.

"Um, Hiro…" I started to say, but before I could get another word out, he'd pulled my shirt off over my head and had pushed me onto the bed. "Shhh, Mike, just hang with me ok?" I nodded and relaxed as he untied my shoes and removed them and my socks quickly, then pulled me upright into a big hug. He then busied himself with removing my pants, which joined his jeans on the floor, and then smiled as he reached into my boxers. "Ah, as nice as I'd hoped," he purred as his hands filled themselves with my equipment, then came up and out of the boxers to push the last bit of my clothing over my hips and onto the floor.

Hiro pressed himself against me, my cock pressing into his lower belly and surging upwards as it rubbed against that smooth skin and caught every so often against his 'happy trail.' Hiro's cock swelled against my upper thigh, pushing against my balls as it rose majestically and rubbed between my legs. My hands, now freed from my stunned response to Hiro's embrace, roamed over Hiro's back, slowly tracing down his spine and settling to cup his firm smooth ass cheeks. I squeezed lightly and Hiro moaned in pleasure, pressing backwards as if to put more of his ass into my hands. His hands weren't idle; they moved up and down the front of my body, stroking my hard pecs and, strangely, inserting fingers into my belly button to lightly stretch and fingerfuck it. All of this was going on as our faces were pressed against each other, his head turned upwards and his lips parted as my lips mashed down on his. His tongue found mine and began to fight, slowly and sensually exploring the other's mouth as they played together.

Hiro broke apart first, gasping yet very, very horny as evidenced by his hard, throbbing cock that was connected to my leg with a strand of precum. He smiled at me and pushed me back onto the bed, then rooted around in the pocket of his jeans until he found a rubber and a small tube of lube. I was contemplating being fucked (not the first time, mind you, but I much prefer being the pitcher than the catcher) and getting ready to lift my legs for Hiro's Godzilla, when he bent slightly and pressed the tip of the lubricant into his ass. He gave himself a good shot, pressed a finger slightly into his hole and then, satisfied, walked to where I lay and opened the rubber packet.

Hiro grasped my cock as if it was solid gold and, kissing the tip, rolled the rubber down over my cock. The rest of the lube was squirted onto it and then Hiro stood over me, straddling my body as he lowered himself down until my cock was just at the entrance to his asshole. Smiling at me again, he continued to slowly drop down, allowing my cock to enter his tight, muscled ass until it was fully inside him and he was squatted against my pubic bone.

We started a slow dance then, sometimes Hiro would hold himself steady while I thrust upwards into him, and sometimes he'd give my hips a rest and fuck himself upon my throbbing cock. Hiro's own monster was harder than most cocks I'd seen, and as he moved up and down upon my cock, his cock slapped against his belly, the tip connected with a gossamer strand of precum to his bellybutton. I discovered at this time that Hiro's nipples were very sensitive, and squeezing them lightly would send him into orbit. His asshole would tighten delightfully around my cock, and he'd gasp with pleasure, his hands coming up to prevent much more nipple work as it would send him over the edge. When I got a bit too insistent and squeezed them harder, he'd respond by leaning forward and pressing his chest against mine to prevent access, still maintaining a fucking rhythm but now rubbing our chests together and causing us both to tingle with pleasure even more.

It was after the third time Hiro pressed against me that he groaned deeply and I felt the warm love juice from his cock shoot between us at the same time his ass squeezed my orgasm from my cock. Both of us were shouting with pleasure as our balls emptied, and soon the feelings subsided, and as Hiro literally collapsed against me, my cock slowly deflated and slipped from his ass to rest against his wide open asscrack. Hiro's cock lay spent between us, my belly button now full of cum and the sticky aftermath between our bodies. We must have slept some, because it felt like hours went by before Hiro stirred and, mumbling a bit in Japanese to himself, slowly pulled away from me, carefully prying his lower abdomen from mine where it was glued there by dried cum. I woke up a bit more and, reaching up, grabbed Hiro before he could fully get away from me and pulled him down into my arms.

"That was perhaps the best fuck I'd been privileged to give," I whispered into his ear, "Thank you for that."

Badpuppy Model - Lee He sleepily giggled back and said, "The pleasure was all ours, really. I had forgotten what a good fuck was until you gave it to me." Hiro stretched and then turned his head to look at the clock beside the bed. "Hmm, it's about time to eat, feel like a shower and maybe getting room service?"

I kissed him in reply and we got up, laughing at the few strands of precum that had started to reattach our cocks and bodies together with our movements. We stepped into the shower and perhaps spent more time than really needed soaping each other up and rinsing each other off. I probably washed Hiro's hair within an inch of its life, marveling at the thick dark locks and how good they felt in my hands. Hiro loved being shampooed and knelt before me, enjoying my massage of his scalp and neck before reluctantly standing up and rinsing the shampoo out. "I'm getting hungry, Mike, mind if we finish up and get some food?"

Nodding, I stopped and we finished up, getting out of the shower and drying each other off carefully, Hiro spending more time fondling me almost to full erection before he stopped and said, "OK, now I'm guilty AND still hungry!" We laughed and, wrapping towels about our waists, I called room service and ordered us some food. When it arrived, we were modestly dressed and after the waiter (with a knowing smile on his face and $10 in his pocket) had left, we dropped the clothing again and ate. Strangely, some of the food items didn't make it into our mouths the normal way. Melon slices wound up being stroked against nipples and the tips of our cocks and sucked off, whipped cream wound up in the same areas as well. We ate and laughed, getting more and more sexually turned on, until the food was gone and all traces had been licked off our bodies. Hiro smiled at me and, walking over to my side of the table, sat in my lap and rubbed his ass against my hardening cock. "Think we could go for a second round?" My cock answered for me, surging to full thickness as it felt Hiro's warm asshole against its shaft. We moved to the bed, found another rubber and more lube, and this time Hiro stretched out on the bed.

I moved between his legs, now licking and stroking his knees, inner thighs and his hard cock and heavy balls, which caused little surges of precum to leak from his cock. At the beginning of our sexual romp we'd decided to play it safer with rubbers and try not to share much more than saliva, so I was careful to wipe away the little rivulets of precum and only kiss dry areas as I moved up his body and placed his legs upon my shoulders. Rubberizing my cock, I lubed us up and, pressing against his soft rosebud asshole, entered him slowly until I was completely inside.

Hiro moaned in pleasure as I fucked him first slowly and with full strokes in and out, then hard with rapid short strokes against his prostate. I could tell when he liked what he was getting, as his insides would literally spasm and clutch at me, the smile on his face notwithstanding. He must have been hair triggered after the last good fucking, for it wasn't long before his breathing nearly stopped and then, clamping down upon my cock hard, his cock began spewing. And spewing, and spewing!

I had a strange idea and, without orgasming, although I was way close to it, I carefully pulled out of his ass and then checked his cock. It was still good and solid, even after what seemed to be multiple orgasms, and as I rolled the rubber onto it, Hiro looked up a bit dazed and asked, "What are you doing?"

I smiled and, applied lubricant to both of us, settled down onto his cock. "Just sharing man, relax and let me bring you off." He smiled and settled back, letting me milk his cock with my ass. Hiro's cock felt very good inside me, and with my already churning balls from the previous fuck, it wasn't long before both of us shouted and erupted. This time it was my chest against his, and we fell asleep like that, Hiro's cock slipping out of my ass and resting against my ass.

Badpuppy Model - Lee I guess we slept for a good three hours or so before I felt Hiro stir under me and I rolled off him to rest beside him. "That was great!" he said, snuggling up to me as we lay quietly on the bed, "your ass is nice, tight, and just right!" I laughed and hugged him, and we got up to shower again. This time it was more functionary than sexual, and we finished much quicker than last time. We dried off and got dressed, then looked at each other in that little awkward pause that happens. You know, that one after stellar sex that you want more, but going any farther might turn good sex into a relationship? Well, Hiro and I looked at each other, my heart wanting a deeper relationship which was being echoed in Hiro's eyes. Finally, Hiro burst into tears and flung his arms around my neck.

"Damnit!" he cried, hugging me tighter as if he was afraid I'd slip away. "I don't want you to go, I want you to stay!" We held each other tightly, and then I said, "Hiro, I live 6 hours away to the south. I don't think a relationship, no matter how good the sex is, would survive that much distance." He sniffled and replied, "I know, I had a lover that lived far away a few years ago. It broke my heart when he found somebody nearer to him and broke off with me." He held me a bit longer, and then said, "Wait a minute, you said 6 hours south of here?"

I nodded and named my home town. "Do you work for Northwestern University?" I nodded again. Hiro got a look of utter happiness on his face and nearly strangled me as he hugged me tighter. "That's great news!"

I disentangled him from me and said, "How is that good news, Hiro?"

He smiled and replied, "Because I just got accepted there for next semester!"

I hugged him back and we sat down on the rather messed up and well fucked upon bed. "I have room at my place if you'd like to live with me." I thought when I said that Hiro's heart would burst with happiness. "Like to live with you!!" He wrestled me onto the bed and purring into my chest said, "You've just got yourself a live-in cat boy!" I grinned and we started getting our clothing off again, now horny and ready for more action…

…I got the sheet down to the end of the bed and, finding a rubber, stuck it on me and applied lubricant first to my cock and then to the soft, slightly reddened asshole that opened to my fingers to accept lube. Hiro pressed his ass against my cock as I slowly entered him for our morning fuck, and soon his legs were around my shoulders and he was crying out with pleasure as I hammered into his love button. We came together, and then cleaned each other up and prepared some breakfast. When we'd finished eating, we stacked the breakfast dishes, grabbed what we needed for school and headed out to the door, Hiro to his classes and myself to the computer labs for another day at work. As I watched Hiro happily bounce his way to school before me, his tight little ass in a pair of jeans, I thanked my lucky stars that I'd won the lifetime bid for this young cat boy and hoped that as the next Yaoi conference came upon us, the young ladies wouldn't be too upset that "Mei-chan" was no longer available.

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