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Canned Tan by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Eddie I removed the used toweling from my massage table and tossed it into the corner hamper, done for the evening after six heavy duty massages. As I sealed up my oils and lotions and folded up my table, I thought about the new roommate I would be meeting this evening. Two weeks ago my old roommate had moved out, leaving me stuck with full rent, and I knew that I couldn’t stay if I didn’t have another roommate, so I placed an ad in the local gay rags. I had specified that I was a GWM looking for similar, to share a two bedroom, one bath apartment. The location was superb and close to the ‘gay scene,’ so I figured that even at half rent and utilities (close to five hundred dollars a month) that I should get some takers.

After the first week had passed by without even so much as a phone call, I was getting nervous. I rely on my inner peace to be able to help relax my clients as I knead, stroke, and work their flesh on my table. If that inner peace is damaged or gone, I know the damage flows out of my hands right into the bodies of my clients, making the experience poor for both of us. I was just about ready to give up when I got a call about three days before the rent was due. Now it was time to meet this new guy and see how compatible we’d be.

I was able to get myself settled and ready before the doorbell rang, and when I answered the door, I saw over six feet of masculine perfection before me. He was wearing a skin-tight ‘wife-beater’ which flowed over his muscled chest and abs like a second skin. His bare arms and shoulders looked powerful and wide, smooth except for a light dusting of light brown arm hair. He had strong-looking wrists and hands, one coming up to shake my hand in greeting as I stared at him. A pair of tight bike shorts hugged his lower torso and thighs, which were huge with muscle, continuing down to the large calves, the legs also dusted with the same light brown hair. A well-known brand of sneakers was on his large feet, and as my eyes traveled up to meet his, I saw the racing mountain bike behind him on the steps.

His brown eyes laughed at me as he acknowledged my inventory of his body, and he smiled as he introduced himself. “Hi, my name’s Ben. I’m here about sharing an apartment?”

Badpuppy Model - Eddie Coming out of my daze, I smiled and said, “My name’s Mike, and yes, Ben, this is the place. Please come in.”

He apologized for showing up to the place like he was, but he had had to fit in his workout right after work, and didn’t have time to get home to change before coming over. “I hope you don’t mind, Mike, I usually don’t meet new people this way. I must smell like a horse!”

I just shook my head, keeping my thought that he smelled quite wonderful enough to me to myself. We chatted a bit and settled down to some iced tea, which he accepted after hearing it was herbal and without caffeine. He told me that he was a physical therapist and working at the local college as well as attending, completing a master’s in physical education with a specialization in sports medicine. “I hope one day to be able to take my degree and study athletes, to see what they do to get healthy and to excel in their sports,” he said, legs spread wide at the edge of my sofa. This gave me a great look at his package, which was pretty impressive in the tight black lycra. Then he made a strange comment, “ girlfriend and I will really like this place, although I’ll understand if you’re not comfortable with her around...”

Badpuppy Model - Eddie Girlfriend?!? “Um, Ben,” I said, hoping that this wasn’t some kind of bad “Kiss Me Guido ‘Guy With Money’” thing, “did you say ‘girlfriend,’ as in a person of the female persuasion?”

Ben laughed, which put me at ease right away, even though his answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear. “Yeah, I’m straight, and have a girlfriend. I know what GWM means, but hoped you’d be willing to let me check out the place anyway. I really need a place to get away from the college dorms, and the price is right” He smiled at me and continued, “I noticed that you were checking me out at the door when I arrived, and just a minute ago you were checking out my equipment.” Seeing my blush, he said, “That’s cool, OK? I really don’t mind if you or any other gay guy checks me out. I’ve worked my body not only for myself, but also so that others can appreciate it, both girls and men like you.”

“Are you sure you’d be comfortable here, living with a gay man?” I asked.

Ben smiled again, and put a large hand on my knee. “Mike, I’m not a bigot or a homophobe. I am straight, but I’m not going to freak out if you see me naked or if we have to share a bathroom together. Hell, I’m quite proud of my body and think I’m pretty secure in myself, so I’d be flattered if you got a boner from looking at me, like you do now.”

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Badpuppy Model - Eddie After a bit more chatting, we worked out an arrangement suitable to both of us and Ben moved in the next day, the rest of his stuff coming over that weekend. He paid me half of the rent and the deposit, saying that dividing those costs seemed only fair. I was just happy that the roommate I’d gotten was not only a good one, but handsome and muscular too!

A month went by and things were still good between Ben and I. I’d met his girlfriend and we liked each other, but Sally instinctively knew that it would be easier on all if she and Ben made out at her place rather than at his. Ben took all this in stride, and usually kept a small bag of rubbers, lube and a change of boxers ready for when Sally wanted him at her place. “A good scout is always prepared,” he’d chortle, and I’d laugh along with him. We’d already seen each other’s naked bodies, what with sharing a bathroom and all, and I’d thrown so many boners while he showered while I shaved that he quipped, “Your dick is the best barometer of my body I could have. The day you don’t spring one is the day I go hit the gym harder!”

I came home one afternoon early, two customers had cancelled and I was glad to rest a bit. Ben was outside in a Speedo, his classes and training over and was lying asleep in the waning sun, his skin starting to show some light tan but mostly redness. “Damn,” he said when I woke him up, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep. Sally wanted me to have a tan, but crap, now I look like a lobster!”

“Just be thankful buddy that you weren’t tanning in your all together,” I said as I followed him inside, “I’ve known guys that had burnt the bits between their legs and were in sheer agony for months.”

Badpuppy Model - Eddie He peeled off his Speedo and stood naked before the hall mirror, the contrast of his red skin and his pale white butt nearly making me pass out. “This sucks,” he said, as he looked himself over, “I don’t think this is going to turn into a tan.” I touched his shoulder carefully and, although he didn’t flinch, I did leave a very obvious white place on it.

“Nope, I don’t think it will, Ben. If you don’t think me too forward, I have some lotion I could put on you that should help ease the skin and heal you up a bit.” He looked at me, then smiled and nodded, following me to the spare room I used as my massage station. He waited a few minutes as I covered the table with fresh towels and then got on the table and laid stomach down, his face in the special indentation at the head of the table.

I critically and professionally eyed his skin, tuning out his muscled perfection up to the point I could work on his body without an embarrassing hard on, which could have upset some of my normal clients. Oh, sure, a stud like Ben under my hands would get me very horny, and after the session and the client had left, I would hastily beat off into the used towels before laundering them, but during the session, nothing was allowed. I warmed up the soothing lotion in my palms, again thinking of my clients and not wanting to shock them with a cold application, and then lowered my hands onto Ben’s thickly muscled shoulders.

He flinched only a trifle as my hands began lightly massaging the lotion into his sore skin, and then I felt under my hands his muscles loosening completely as his tension relaxed. As this was a lotion application rather than a massage, I was using very little strength and pressure, and just concentrating on smoothing the lotion over him until all the red areas were covered. I finished the back half of him and tapped his shoulder lightly and whispered “roll over,” just as I would any client. He complied, and there I saw for the first time his hardened cock in its full glory!

Badpuppy Model - Eddie I kept myself fully professional, but filed away in my mind’s eye that incredibly long and slender cock that rose majestically from his groin to stretch over his taut belly. His balls were huge, at least to my practiced eye, and stretched his sac enough so that even at ‘full mast’ his sac hung loose to allow his balls to move freely. Shutting that away for later storage, I warmed another application of lotion in my palms and started at his feet this time, slowly rubbing the lotion into his skin and being careful of the leg hair so I wouldn’t pull upon it. When I reached the tan line area I lightly lifted off and walked around to where I could easily reach his shoulders and pecs, and spread lotion over these areas as well. His nipples were hard little bumps under my fingers, but I resisted the urge to play with them as I covered the expanse of his chest and tight abs with lotion, keeping myself completely away from the hard cock that lay in my path. Lastly, as most men don’t think of these things, I carefully put an application of another lotion, with the same soothing abilities of the previous but also with a little scentless moisturizer so that he wouldn’t age before his time. I completed this application and then stepped away, murmuring that I was done and he could get dressed.

Ben got up and stretched, all the muscles in his body moving in perfect unison, the only jarring note was the pinkish-red skin that had started healing. I knew that the lotion had soaked in, so that wasn’t what surprised me when he grabbed me into a huge bear hug, pressing his naked body against my clothed one and innocently (or so I thought) grinding his hard cock into my own struggling groin!

“God, Mike, that felt so good! You are one talented man with very talented hands! I nearly fell asleep during your work, you are that good! This is what you do for a living, then?”

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Badpuppy Model - Eddie I recovered and allowed myself to hug him back, replying “Yes, this is what I do.” He released me, stretched again and then, surprisingly stood there, his boner still hard as a rock and stiff against his belly. He scratched a little area right beside that cock and bumped into it, looking down in amazement and then laughing that deep laugh of his.

“Dude, I never threw this hard a boner since my early twenties! You’re better than you thought! Now I’d better see if Sally’s available so that you don’t get more embarrassed about this…” He smiled at me, gave me another quick hug, and then strolled out, picking up his Speedo as he passed through the hall to his room. A few minutes later, ‘scout bag’ in hand, he was on his way to Sally’s, his boner still outlined in his tight shorts, his upper body covered by a white tank top. Even with the light red skin, he looked sexy and adorable, and when the door closed behind him, it was all I could do to wait until I heard his car rev up and leave before I tore my clothes off and shot a huge load all over the used towels on the table. I cleaned up, spent but happy, and tossed the used towels into the wash, dumping in the bleach and soap like I always did. Some food would be good now, I thought as I finished cleaning up the massage room for the next client and went off towards the kitchen.

I didn’t see Ben until the next morning when, during breakfast he returned, clean and happy and well fucked as he accepted a cup of coffee and sat beside me. “Sally wanted me to thank you for her” he said, laughing at my expression, “she was well serviced last night and wanted to know your secret. I told her that your massage did it to me and she actually got a little jealous!” He laughed again, and then grew a little more serious. “Really, thank you again Mike for sharing your talent with me. That had to be the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

“You’re welcome, Ben, you’ve been a great roommate and I don’t mind doing it for you.” We smiled at each other and then Ben got up to fix himself some breakfast while I cleared my own dishes into the dishwasher and prepared for my day. A little while later Ben took off and I met my first client.

Badpuppy Model - Eddie My last client cancelled that day as well, so I was alone when Ben returned. He saw that the massage room door was open (he never made a sound when it was closed in respect to my and my client’s wishes) and came in as I was cleaning up. “Say, Mike, mind if I borrow those talented hands of yours again?”

I looked up and saw he was already naked, a small brown bottle in his hands which he handed to me as he hopped up on the clean toweled table. “What’s this, Ben?” I asked as I stared at the bottle in my hand. His reply was a bit muffled, but then he raised his head up out of the depression.

“Oh, sorry. I went to a dermatologist to explain how I wanted a tan but didn’t want to burn myself. She had this stuff in a bottle that she said would give me a great tan, not stain or fade easily, and wouldn’t cause orange palms. I understood from her that a single application can give a natural-looking light tan and I had hoped you’d be willing to put it on me.”

I nodded and read the directions hand printed on the bottle. ‘Shake well,’ it said, and I did so, ‘Pour a quarter-sized dollop into the palm of your hand and then warm gently before application. Will blend easily and leave no patchy areas or streaking. Wash hands after application with a good cold cream to remove any residue’. Hmm, I thought, that sounds straight forward. I did as the bottle directed and then began applying the solution to Ben’s shoulders.

Badpuppy Model - Eddie Amazingly, the skin under my palms began to take on a very light golden brown tone, and as I moved over his shoulders and arms, Ben happily sighed. He murmured something into the table’s depression again, but I was so into the idea of this man’s body turning golden brown under my hands that I didn’t really hear him. As I had before, I skipped over his firm butt and applied the solution to his thighs and calves, stopping at the heels and then signaling for him to turn over. He lifted his head up and said, “Aren’t you going to do my ass? I was hoping for no tan lines.” I gulped, and then slowly began moving my palms over his full, muscled butt cheeks, my cock twitching with the feeling. “Everywhere, Mike, leave no area untouched,” Ben breathed as he settled back into the table’s depression. I gulped again, pulled on my strictest professional demeanor, and then rubbed the solution into his ass crack and across his butt hole. Ben obligingly spread his legs wider and I was able to cover all of his butt area, then I signaled to him to turn over.

As before, Ben’s cock was majestically stiff against his belly and slapped on the taut skin as he moved to lay face up. This magic solution didn’t seem to wipe off the back of his body as he repositioned himself on the table, and he waited patiently for me to continue. Another dollop in my palms and I was working his body again, tops of his feet up his legs and then skipping over his midsection to do his abs and chest. I finished his arms and moved to his face and neck, and then stopped as the only area I had not done was his groin. I looked into his eyes and he nodded, looking down at his crotch as my hands moved to rub the solution over the last part of white flesh on his body.

Ben lifted and spread his legs so that I could reach the perineum area, then patiently held them open as I applied the tanning solution to his ball sac and groin area. He lowered his legs when I signaled, and then sighed deeply as my hand closed around his cock. I ran my palms over his thick ten inches of man meat, my own cock ignoring me as it hardened and stained my work slacks with precum. Ben’s cock was oozing a bit too, and I’d pause my stroking to use a bit of Kleenex to daub off the clear liquid. I figured I’d applied a sufficient amount to his whole body and started to remove my hand when two things happened simultaneously. One of his hands grabbed my wrist and held it to his cock while the other one reached across and grasped my package!

“Mike, don’t you think you’ve stained these work clothes enough?” Ben breathed as he continued to fondle me in my pants, “I think you’ll be much more comfortable if you take these off.” His hand moved briefly to my waistband and unclasped them, then unzipped me and pulled so that they fell in a puddle around my ankles. He grasped the waistband of my briefs and pulled on these so that they, too, fell around my ankles. Ben’s hand returned now to my equipment, grasping my balls and rolling them around in their sack. I groaned and he smiled, saying “there’s enough solution in that bottle for two applications, Mike, lets put the other one on you!”

Badpuppy Model - Eddie In one swift motion I had my clothing removed and I was naked on the table, Ben applying the tanning solution to me. Although Ben was an amateur at massage, I marveled at his firm yet gentle touch as he spread the solution over my body. My mind was whirling, thinking ‘this straight guy is touching me’ and ‘I really like this’ as well as ‘why is his doing this?’ as he completed applying the solution to my back, shoulders, arms and legs. ‘He’s almost lovingly applying that solution to me,’ I thought as his hands split my own full bubble butt and smoothed the tanning product between my cheeks and across my butt hole. All too soon he’d completed my ass and I turned over, my hard cock dripping against my abs.

He applied the solution all over my body as I’d done his, although he took a few more minutes over my pecs and thighs than I’d done his, then he smoothed the product between my legs and over my groin as I’d done, but still there was this tenderness that I hadn’t expected from him. Ben stroked my cock almost lovingly, applied the solution to my ball sac as carefully as if he was handling precious things, and then when the application was done, surprised me by reaching down and getting his ‘scout bag’ from the floor by his feet.

I looked in amazement as he ripped open a condom package and rolled the rubber over his jutting meat, and then applied lubricant to the entire length. Ben moved around to the end of the table and then got up upon it, the sturdy table only mildly protesting the extra weight. He lifted my legs up, placed a couple of fingerfuls of lube against my butt hole and then whispered as he slowly sank his cock into my ass, “A good scout is always prepared for anything…”

My shock turned into exquisite pleasure as he fucked me like he loved me, the perfect combination of stroke, depth and hand work as well as his mouth working over my face, neck and chest as he plowed my field for a good planting. I’m not a screamer, but I did groan very loudly every time his cock head found my prostate, and I held back as much as I could to enjoy what I thought would be the only fuck I’d get from this handsome and straight man. But all things must come to an end, as I felt my orgasm build past the point of no return and then burst in thick ropes over my belly and shooting to give me that pearl necklace look around my chest and neck.

Badpuppy Model - Eddie With the additional work inside my ass as my orgasm hit, Ben groaned and with one last deep thrust pulled out and ripped the condom off to shoot his load over my crotch, abs and chest. He shot as much as I had and a little more, then as we both ended our orgasms, he collapsed atop me, his muscled body smearing the cum between our chests and abs, our softening cocks pressing against each other as the pleasure wave slowly crested and then ebbed away…

I guess we lay there a good half hour before Ben carefully got up off me and stood to help me down from the table. We quietly went to the bathroom and started up a shower, and with only a quick glance we both got into the shower and washed each other’s body, with all the innocence of two new lovers. We were both so spent that neither of us sprang a woody and when we finished rinsing off we stepped out and dried each other off, again as carefully as two lovers. We wrapped towels around our waists and went into the kitchen, got some beers and then relaxed in the living room, neither of us quite ready to discuss just exactly what had happened.

Finally, Ben looked up at me and said, “Thank you, Mike.”

“For what, Ben?” I said, puzzled.

Badpuppy Model - Eddie “For being relaxed enough around me to allow me to fuck you. That was an incredible experience and I’ll never forget it.”

“For me too, Ben,” I replied, “but you have me puzzled. Don’t tell me I made you bisexual all of a sudden.”

I felt better at his deep laugh, and joined him; the idea of me turning him bisexual or gay was kind of silly.

“Mike, I don’t think that I’m anything different than what I was before I met you, but I knew deep in my heart that if I had sex with any man it would be you.” At my incredulous look he continued, “No, I mean it. You are a loving, open man that just happens to be gay, as far as I’m concerned, and your talent with your hands is phenomenal. The day you massaged me I’d decided then and there to repay you with something I thought you’d like, and since about the only thing I have to work with is my body, I figured you’d not mind much at all if I offered it.” He moved over to where I sat on the couch and wrapped his arm around me. “I feel so warm and comfortable with you that it was like with Sally. You also know my body as well as your own, so when you touch me I know you’ll make me fell great.” He kissed me then and said, “if that means I’m so-called ‘bisexual’, then I guess I am, but I’m gonna be a monogamous one and you’re it.”

We sat there in companionable silence, then the phone rang and reluctantly Ben let go of me and got up to answer it, the towel slipping from his waist. “Sally, hi,” he said, his naked perfect body now glowing with the bottled tan solution. “I’ll have to take a rain check tonight, sweetie, I’m still kinda burnt out. You ok with that? Thanks, I’ll call you later on and we can hook up, ok? Love ya.” He came back over to me and grinned as his cock had started filling out again. “Hmm, Mike? Looks like I might be ready for some more. You ready too?”

I pulled off my towel to expose my own twitching snake. “Looks like it to me. What do you think?” Without comment he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth, my head falling back from the incredible action around my dick. Things progressed as they do, but this time Ben had his legs in the air as my cock aimed for his pucker hole. “Just be gentle, man,” Ben had grunted as my fingers stroked his prostate and lubed him up, “I’m not as used to this as you are.” I just growled and placed my rubberized cock against his hole and pressed into him, going slowly and carefully as I was indeed breaking his cherry. We made love as deeply as we’d done before, and the scene played out virtually the same, this time my body collapsed upon his, our chests and abs smearing our cum between us. After our shower and relaxation, it was somewhat late by then and we ended up in Ben’s bed, our arms around each other as we drifted off to sleep. My last waking thought was to send a little note to my friend the dermatologist who had met Ben earlier and then told me about Ben’s desire to have an all over tan…

The model in these pictures is Eddie

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