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Call of the Wild by Joncy
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Badpuppy Model - Christian There is nothing more erotic than the crackle of burning wood behind you as you’re sucking off someone’s little brother for the first time. Not to mention the cold tingle going up and down your spine from the heat of his young manhood and the fear that junior’s brother is going to arrive home rather sooner than expected. Or that the rising flames of the log fire are going to devour your curly locks before you’ve finished devouring the twink’s delicious dick. Got you hooked? Bet you I have. Let me tell you all about it.

Of course it didn’t happen overnight. Over two nights actually. Which is very slow for me. I was visiting relatives in Canada. My aunt and uncle and my cousin Sue. As you know I’m a pretty direct chap most of the time but when you’re in a family situation, or more exactly a friend of the family situation, you do tend to play it cool even if your dick is searing a big hot hole in your pants. And it all happened because I let myself get talked into a week-end of skiing. Me who can’t even get the frigging things on let alone go sailing down the slippery slopes. But that was before I met Dominic. It rhymes with ‘eek’ or ‘squeak’ and verily he couldn’t have had a more appropriate name because I had him squawking like a free-range hen by the time I’d finished with him.

Cousin Sue had this French-Canadian boyfriend called Pierre. He was a handsome hunk himself but as I have a proclivity for twinks he paled in comparison beside his baby brother who had just turned eighteen but looked much younger. To make matters worse Babe was wearing a bright red ski-jacket with a fur hood which immediately made me feel like the proverbial Big, Bad Wolf. He was just my type. Fair-haired with translucent skin and deep blue eyes shaded by long, luscious eyelashes. Slim as a gazelle and just as shy. Also he had lips that looked sweeter than a honeydew melon. In fact, he was so appetizing he soon had me licking my wolverine chops. I could have sucked him up – or off – on the spot. I was reminded of a line from ‘Into the Woods’, the Stephen Sondheim musical: “It’s amazing how you feel when you’re talking to your meal.”

He seemed blissfully unaware of how sexy he was although he couldn’t have escaped my interest in him. My face lit up the moment he entered the room. In fact I had to dampen my enthusiasm a bit in case anyone noticed. I hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle for nearly fourteen years so they had no idea which way my dick swung. Neither for that matter did my parents. I’d led quite a sheltered, closeted life in the Isle of Wight and they were completely ignorant of my comings and goings in the great metropolis. In fact once upon a time – and not so very long ago – I’d been very much like Dominic. Which was one reason I was attracted to him I suppose. The question was did he or didn’t he, or had he or hadn’t he, or more importantly would he or wouldn’t he. I just had to find out, which meant getting him alone. That wasn’t so easy as I had to share sleeping quarters with both brothers.

There were two double-bunk beds in our cabin. Sue was next door with her doting parents. Much to Pierre’s chagrin. Being the honoured guest and all that I had the choice of two beds myself. One up and one down. Too much space for somebody who wanted nothing more than to be in a narrow bed with my love and up his ass. Wishful – and dangerous – thinking of course. Things came to a horny head the first night when Dominic came out of the shower wearing a towel little bigger than a large handkerchief. I could clearly see one smooth thigh and the beginnings of his bubble butt. He had his back to me so I had the full McCoy as he climbed into bed. For a few seconds the firelight flickered over his delectable butt and my dick burst into flames at the sight of it. Pierre didn’t say very much. He was sulking because Sue wasn’t giving out. I heard him telling Dominic so as I came out of the bathroom. I finked out and got into bed with my towelled bathrobe. Besides I didn’t want to parade my nine-inch prong in front of the brothers. Not both of them anyway. Pierre gave us some mulled wine then went off to have his shower. The wine was very strong and augmented my already heady senses. Then it had quite the opposite effect and I fell asleep mulling over Dominic’s awesome ass.

Next morning I made a brave attempt at skiing down the baby slopes then gave up frustrated and came back to make myself some hot chocolate. I hadn’t been there long before Dominic joined me.

“I came to keep you company,” he said and kissed me on the lips.

Badpuppy Model - Christian At first I thought this was just a friendly gesture but then he kissed me again. And again.

Until I responded. “Didn’t you know I fancied you?” he said.

“No,” I said but was grateful that he felt about me the same way I felt about him.

I bent down to put some more wood on the fire. This of course brought me level with his crotch. One thing led to another and, as I said in the opening paragraph, I was soon sucking him off.

His dick was just as sweet as his honeydew mouth. Soon we were both butt naked on the fur rug a-humping and a-thumping in front of the fire. He wasn’t quite the virgin that he looked. Mind you at first he had a bit of difficulty coping with my nine-incher but soon his ass was as moist as his mouth as we used an old Eskimo remedy. Whale oil. It seemed skiers used it to protect their faces from the sun and the wind. Dominic told me you usually applied it between your goggles and your chin. I, of course, chose to apply it somewhere else and had a whale of a time oiling up his ass. I could have gone on forever but I was afraid to get caught in the act. We made arrangements to get together and get it on some time later in the day. Now I knew he was game, my task was easier.

Actually luck – and fuck – were with us as my uncle was called back to Toronto on business and my aunt chose to go with him. We had a farewell dinner at the restaurant overlooking the ski-lift and Dominic and I headed home to bed. Pierre, of course, moved in with Sue. I hoped she would keep him busy for the rest of the night. The fire had burned itself out by the time we got back so Dominic and I jumped into bed to keep warm. Separately to begin with but in the lower bunk as soon as we thought the coast was clear.

I wasted no time on preliminaries and was in him and up him before you could say whale oil. I’m afraid I got him overexcited and he came almost immediately, his upturned legs jammed against the wooden struts of the upper bunk bed and my dick nicely jammed in his ass. I must have dropped off because when I came to he was gone. Off to have another shower I thought. He was probably the cleanest twink I’d ever met. And his body didn’t have a blemish. You could have eaten off him. I made up my mind to do just that. After I’d cum all over him first of course. I drifted off again. I’d drunk a lot of wine at dinner.

I woke to find a pair of languorous eyes looking at me. “Please sir, I want some more,” they seemed to be saying to me, like the urchin in ‘Oliver Twist’.

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Badpuppy Model - Christian By now my dick was itching for urchins again and I was more than glad to oblige. I got him on his feet this time and straddled him against the ladder connecting the two bunk beds. Then without even so much as a lick of lube I gave it to him long and strong. His lungs were pretty strong too. In fact Little Red was fast turning into a big, bad ravenous wolf himself and I was afraid his joyful groans were going to penetrate the walls of the log cabin or send verbal smoke signals howling up the hollow chimney. I was right.

In the middle of all the huffing and puffing and humping and pumping a blast of cold air entered the room. Accompanied by Dominic’s brother. I stopped mid-thrust but all fears of being caught in the act and hauled over the coals soon flew out of the window. He seemed more fascinated than furious.

“I must say it’s quite a turn on seeing your little brother being pronged before your very eyes,” he said, rubbing his dick as he walked towards us. “The pair of you sure are kicking up a ruckus,” he continued. “Fortunately, Sue drank too much mulled wine and passed out. Fortunately for you two that is. She’s left me feeling horny as hell.” And he dropped his jeans and revealed his interest.

I tell you man, God must have been feeling mighty generous the day he doled out the portions in Pierre’s prime meat department. His dick was absolutely huge. I don’t know what I envied most. The length or the girth of it. It made my jaw drop just to look at it. I couldn’t imagine what it would do to my ass. But I was soon to find out.

Weird what comes to mind when sex first rears its curious head. I remembered the silly schoolboy joke about the teacher asking what were Noah and Abraham’s first words to God and the boy with the pin who kept prompting the pupils’ replies which ranged from “Oh my Lord” to “Oh my God” until it was little Angela’s turn and the teacher asked her what were Eve’s first words to Adam and she turned round and said loudly, “You’re not going to stick that thing in me!”

That was my first thought when I saw Pierre’s mega-dick. He, of course, had quite the opposite idea. He moved in like a boxer entering the ring and grabbed hold of my butt cheeks. These were tight and nicely taut engaged as they were in fucking his brother.

“Don’t like seeing a nice ass go to waste,” he said rubbing himself against me. He felt surprisingly good too. I’d been so enamoured with Dominic that Pierre’s awesome six-pack and firm chest had completely escaped my notice. Besides I presumed erroneously that the hunk was only interested in women. Now I literally didn’t know which way to turn. I was between Dominic’s soft ass and a heavenly hard spot.

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Badpuppy Model - Christian “Looks like we’re going to need some of that whale oil,” Pierre said digging his fingers liberally into the pot and then into my ass. His finger-fucking turned me on so, I almost forgot what was in store for me. He wedged his dick between the tight lips of my ass and pushed with all his might.

“Fasten your safety belt,” he told me. “You too little brother, we’re in for a rough trip.”

I don’t know which of us gasped the most. Me, my ass or Dominic. But it was great. Which was only to be expected with such a great dick inside of me. I forgot all about Dominic momentarily and just went with the flow which meant that Dominic’s ass probably overflowed as I’ve never come so copiously in a long, long time. As for Pierre’s dick, it filled me to the brim and made my eyes glaze over with the feel of it. It also made my ass grin manically with sustained pain and pent up pleasure.

I must have communicated some of this along the grapevine of Pierre’s sexual pole.

“That’ll teach you for fucking my little brother,” he said but I knew he was super satisfied. Dominic in the meantime, was whimpering with joy and disbelief. To all intents and purposes he’d just been fucked by his big brother. Something he’d probably subconsciously always longed for but never openly expressed. And I of course got the best of both worlds.

Next day we all left in Pierre’s car. Me, Dominic and silent Sue. Seems they’d had a row. I didn’t dare ask what about. I was due to leave Toronto next day so I made sure Pierre had a forwarding address. Gave open invitations to him and his brother. I wonder who will turn up first.

The model in these pictures is Christian

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