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Calendar Boy by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was my relationship with Dario. It took me three years to bring him to fruition so to speak. Still it was worth it. Well worth it.

Actually this story nearly didn’t get written as I’d sort of put it away on the shelf. Together with a lot of other half-finished episodes which never quite made my ‘anal annals’. It started in 2003 when I was engaged as casting director for minor roles for the tv extravaganza “Rome.’’ Maybe you saw it. Dario was one of the few I managed to place. Thanks to the photos I took of him. Casting for a project like that is a real ‘cattle show’ as you can probably imagine. He was one of hundreds I interviewed and didn’t seem to have much going for him until he took off most of his clothes. My camera loved him and I developed quite an interest too as the photo shoot soon showed. Still if you’d told me three years ago I was going to get the hots for a teenage twink wrapped in a bit of brown netting I’d have told you to go take a hike.

He auditioned for the part of a gladiator but was completely unsuitable. The props department had supplied me with various gladiator outfits complete with tridents, daggers, chains, nets and even a lasso harpoon. All the outfits were miles too big for him so I shot him in a kind of black leather loincloth. He would have made a good Son of Tarzan but was much too slight of build to play a gladiator. Still after I’d undressed him for the camera he was perfect for another part. That of a Roman senator’s boy toy.

It took me a while to persuade him to strip. Obviously people had warned him about casting directors. But once he started he developed quite a taste for it. He seemed to have a sexy sense of the latent power he had over me. My first big achievement was to get him to take off his D&G briefs which were showing under his costume. The loincloth covered his credentials while he was immobile but as soon as he went into action with his net and harpoon his pretty little penis kept peeping out here, there and everywhere. I pretended not to notice but he soon became conscious of it and told me to stop.

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

I said, “Do you want the part or don’t you?” but immediately regretted it.

You see I’m used to working with guys who are drooling at the dick for a role and quite willing to let you put that tasty piece of anatomy in your mouth (or even elsewhere) if you promise them a part in a film. But to do that kind of thing with him would be like taking a lamb to the slaughter. I mean he could only have been seventeen or eighteen. Besides it wasn’t professional and I pride myself on being professional.

“I don’t want these shots to pop up on internet,” he said. I promised him they wouldn’t. Still some of them were really jerk off material and I was tempted to put them on my bedroom wall. Especially the ones with the netting. You know the kind you’re supposed to ensnare the lion with. They would have made a good calendar too. I could have called it “Dario’s Den.’’ Anyway I persevered and tried not to get too excited and jump on him. They were really some of the best shots I’d ever taken. I decided to show him some on my computer. Encourage him a bit. It worked. He thought they were great too. From then on he was more forthcoming -- for want of a better word -- but you know what I mean. He let me take quite a lot of hot shots and the ones with him lying on the ground butt in air were phenomenal. I ravished him with my eyes once or twice but managed to get through the session without actually raping him although sometimes it was a close call. It was just as well he had that fucking net and gladiator’s trident for protection. He had me creaming my pants. At the end of it all I didn’t know who was the lion and who was the trainer. He rolled around on the ground and fairly ate up that net. And my lens. Of course, professional photographer that I am, I took lots of ‘tamer’ photos of my feisty little lion cub and a few close-ups. We were both very pleased with the results and he couldn’t thank me enough when he got the job. He phoned me after he’d completed the film and said he was interested in having more photos taken. I was interested too but he didn’t call back. Silence for three years. Then came “Rome 2.”

We didn’t need photos this time. He just had to say a few words of dialogue to the video camera. He hadn’t changed much in three years but seemed a lot more sure of himself. He was obviously disappointed I wasn’t going to take photos of him. I looked at him standing fully clothed in front of me. The sweet memory of him in his skimpy loincloth stirred my overloaded loins. I was instantly hard.

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Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

“I’ve been commissioned to take photos for a nude calendar. Are you interested?” I said.

It wasn’t true but I couldn’t wait to get his pants down again and see how much his dick had grown. He nodded. I made an appointment for the following Sunday. The only day I was free. After he left, some impulse made me pick up a pile of netting from the props department and a spare trident. I wanted to pick up where we’d left off so to speak. This time in open combat.

He arrived late Sunday afternoon. It was a little chilly in my studio so I gave him a glass of red wine. He drank it down gratefully and asked for another.

“Take it easy,” I said.

“I don’t want to take it easy. I want some good hard shots of me this time.”

“You mean hard as in dick?” I asked.

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

“Yes, the harder the better.” He was already half-undressed.

“You really turned me on last time but I was too shy to do your photos full justice.”

“And too young,” I added.

“Not really. I knew what you wanted. I’d have gone all the way if you’d insisted. I wanted the experience. I trusted you.”

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

“I wanted the experience too but I didn’t trust myself.” I said.

It was my turn to take a good long swig of red wine. Straight out of the bottle.

All he was wearing now was a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t sort of shirt. It was made of some cotton fabric that looked almost transparent with all the holes in the weave of the material. I could see delicious glimpses of his nifty nipples and once again his pretty little penis was making an appearance beneath the hem. This time I didn’t hesitate. I slid my hands up the front of him and found my way to his erect nipples. At the same time his erect penis found me and rubbed against my crotch. Suddenly my hands, and then my mouth, were everywhere. Round his butt. Under his scrotum. Round his dick. In his mouth. After three hungry years I wanted to devour him whole. I tweaked his nipples and wrapped my lips round that pretty little dick of his and made it grow long and strong against my tongue, drinking my fill of the tangy juice that began to flow freely from it.

“Don’t make me cum quite yet,” he said “I want this to last as long as possible.”

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

I released his dick from my mouth and began to concentrate on his beautiful butt. It was dimpled at the top and separated by a hot deep crack. My tongue slipped easily into its folds and I used the tip of it as a kind of fuck-feather to tickle his fancy and tease his tight little rosebud open. To my horny surprise he helped me lubricate it. He smeared pre-cum over his fingers and then slid them over his ass cheeks for me to lick. I’d suck a finger or two, or even three, and then stick my tongue in his love hole. As far as it would go. Then I’d be back to suck the juice off his fingers. It felt for all the world as if I was mouth milking a cow. He supplied me with the cumcream and I lubed his ass with it. I think it’s the biggest turn on I’ve ever had. Just wish I could describe it to you better. Talk about out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. He really knew what he was doing.

“Hadn’t we better take those photos?” I asked.

“Later,” he said. “Open my butt before you open your lens.”

His words surprised me. He’d certainly matured some since the last time I’d seen him. I wondered vaguely who he’d been with although the tightness of his pucker seemed to suggest he hadn’t yet taken it up the ass. Still something told me he could take whatever I gave him. I fucked him first across my red plush photographer’s armchair. I wanted to read his face, see his reactions, gauge just how far I could go. At first he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes but he sure as hell opened his ass. It was just as if he’d been keeping it ajar for me all this time. As I oozed my way in through those sliding doors of his, he let out a sigh of impure pleasure which was echoed by his ass as it yawned open for me. I ground my way into him heedless of his initial groans and whimpers. They only turned me on more. As the rhythm of the fuck took hold I was seized with the desire to hurt him, to pay him back for making me wait so long. I yanked his legs over his head and almost folded him in two. He was powerless, the breath was pushed out of him. For a while he didn’t protest. There was the sound of silence, broken only by my heavy breathing and the slicked and rubbered pumping of my cock in his ass. I’d had the forethought to use a condom.

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Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

I rammed my way into him building up speed all the time. My penis had developed the power of a piston. His teeth chattered and his body was seized by seismic spasms. When my dick hit his love button he began to emit contradictory cries of “Stop, stop, don’t stop.” His hand flickered up against my chest to stay me, to slow me, but by now I knew what he wanted. I was merciless. I made him flinch with longer, steeper little thrusts. His mouth sagged open, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and I plowed right on.

He was beginning to hiccup now. Physically and vocally. Sadistically I thought this might be just the right time to withdraw. I came out of him for a moment. His virgin asshole glittered and twitched. I hesitated for another split second and then thrust straight in to the hilt. He screamed.

“Sorry,” I said as I pulverized his prostrate. “You did say you wanted it hard and strong.”

“Fuck me,” was his only reply as he heaved his butt like a heifer in labour and took my dick to market. “Fuck me you fucker. Fuck the fucking ass off me.”

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

I did just as I was asked and fucked him in every position known to man. And probably to a few beasts as well. And he fucked me right back returning thrust for thrust. We kept it up (literally) till the sun sank over the horizon and my dick into his innermost depths. I tell you for one with such a pretty little dick and a rosebud ass hole there was nothing whatsoever delicate about him. He sure as hell packed a wallop. Almost pulled my hair out by the roots too. And his ass was a bottomless pit.

Eventually I gave a grieving groan of sublime satisfaction as I whipped my dick out of his heaving hole and tore off the condom. I deposited my heavy load all over him. Even smeared some in his face. He licked the juice off my hand and sucked my fingers as he convulsed and came in profusion in my face and in my hair. Just to get even with me, he said afterwards, and show me who was boss. It was gross but it was great.

“Hope I did you justice this time,” he said, wiping his mouth and smelling his fingers.

“Let’s wait and see,” I said, gulping down his cum. “We haven’t taken the pictures yet.”

Badpuppy Model - Jakub Kostka

And we didn’t until the next morning. I cancelled all my appointments and fucked him rotten.

Took some good shots of him though in between shooting my dick up his ass.

Hope you like them. See if you can pick out those taken before and those taken after.

It shouldn’t be difficult. Just look at the expression on his face.

The model in these pictures is Jakub Kostka

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