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Butch and I Part 1 by Curt H.
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor I was thirty-one when I first met Butch. His real name was Harold, but as you can imagine, he wasn't fond of it and went by the nickname, Butch. Butch was a cousin or something to another guy I knew named Mike. Mike and I had been pretty good friends for almost ten years, and while he knew I was gay, it was a subject we didn't discuss.

One day I was at Mike's apartment having a beer. It was the middle of summer and the heat was intolerable. Butch was Mike's roommate and wasn't home when I first stopped by in my new Lotus Turbo Esprit. Mike and I went for a ride in the car that I was so extremely pleased with and he was quite impressed with the car, though not unexpectedly. When we returned to his apartment, Butch was there. He had just returned from his girlfriend's house. Mike could do nothing but talk about my new car and Butch was eager to be able to touch it, see it, and perhaps, have a ride in it. We talked for a few minutes and Butch found out that I was a serious beer drinker. With that, he challenged me, saying that he could out drink anyone he knew when it came to beer. Not wanting to be outdone, I accepted his challenge. Since I had a beer dispenser at home that poured fresh, cold beer from my own tap, the logical place to have this contest would be my condo.

Still warm, and still thirsty, I allowed Butch to ride back with me to my house and proceed with the contest. He jumped at the chance. I wasn't sure whether it was because he was so serious about his idea that he could out-drink me, or because he wanted to ride in the Lotus. Nevertheless, we departed his and Mike's apartment and headed for my condo, which was about ten miles away.

We arrived at the condo after a minimally exciting ride in the new car. Butch could do little but ask questions about the roaring turbo and why the car was designed with two trunks.

We retired to my bar and chose glasses that we thought would provide the most beer at the proper temperature and began our contest. We had decided that whenever either of the two of us finished his glass of beer, the other would have to down his and both would be refilled. The first beers were poured and we began our contest. As I consumed my first glass of cold Coors beer, I took a good, serious look at Butch for the first time.

He was just eighteen years old, five foot ten inches tall, and weighed in at about 150 pounds. His hair was long and blond and kept in an almost California surfer style. His face was perfect. There wasn't one blemish to be seen and his eyes were as deep a blue as I had ever seen in my life. Butch worked at the local Jewel food store as a stockboy and the fact that he was used to carrying boxes and heavy cartons around showed in his arms. His build was better than I had seen in a long time on anyone his age. He almost looked like he lifted weights regularly. He was perfectly proportioned. His waist could have been no more than twenty-nine inches but his chest was a nice forty at least.

Darkness set in. Butch and I had each consumed twelve twenty ounce glasses of beer in the first hour of our private contest. I had caught myself a little bit of a buzz and was sure that Butch had done the same. The more we drank, the more I found myself looking at him. God, he was perfect! He had a smile that could melt the Arctic and an affable manner about him that made him impossible not to like. I was sure his girlfriend had made herself quite a catch in getting Butch as her boyfriend. I didn't know her and already envied her and the private moments I assumed they shared. How I wanted to see him without his clothes.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Another half hour passed and Butch and I were still going at the beer pretty heavily. Neither of us was about to acknowledge defeat at this point and certainly not at this early stage of the game.

The heat outside must still have been horrible. My air conditioner was running as hard as it could. The temperature in the condo must still have been hovering around the eighty degree mark though. Butch was warm, so he said. He removed his shirt and I had my first gaze at the prefect male chest. He was hairless except under his arms. His nipples were the size of nickels and stood out darkly from his beautifully tanned chest. There was not a pimple or blemish to be seen on his body, something quite unusual for a kid his age. We both sat at the bar, consuming and filling our beer glasses.

Another hour passed. Butch and I had each consumed somewhere around twenty or so twenty ounce glasses of beer. I was feeling no pain and was certain that he was at least as loaded as I was. It was a question of tolerance and capacity now. Butch downed his glass and handed it to me since I was sitting next to the Beermeister. I quickly downed mine and turned to fill them both. All the while during our contest, Butch and I had made small talk. We talked about cars, my new Lotus in particular, our respective jobs, things we liked and didn't like, science fiction, movies, since Butch had noticed that I had an extensive video collection, and anything else that popped into our minds. I filled our glasses.

Butch finally changed the subject and my life. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I know what you're thinking." I'll never forget those words and the matter of fact manner in which he spoke them.

I was slightly caught off guard. Had I spent too much time admiring his beautiful body and he'd noticed it? "What?" I asked.

"I know what you're thinking." he replied.

My curiosity was aroused, not to mention my cut eight inch cock, so I said, "Yeah, what am I thinking?"

"You want to have sex with me." I was floored. Not only was he the perfect sex-object, he had brains as well, and was quite perceptive. I stuttered a moment. Then he stood and unbuttoned his 501's and let them fall to the floor. There he stood in front of me, with no shirt on, his pants around his ankles and telling me that he knew I wanted to have sex with him. Having been sitting behind the bar, I wasn't overly concerned with the fact that my cock had been hard for the last hour from just looking at him. I knew he hadn't seen it. He couldn't have.

I stood up. My cock had made quite a tent out of the loose fitting jeans I'd been wearing and there was a small wet spot forming right at the tip of my fully hard cock. As I stood, I noticed that his white jockey style underwear were anything but tight against his stomach. Butch's cock was also hard and standing straight up in his little briefs. I walked around to the front of the bar and stood next to him. He bent down, untied his gym shoes, removed them and his jeans and stood back up facing me. We were no more than a foot apart. I was as hot as hell and so was he. I could smell his fragrances. He must have worn something like Old Spice deodorant. I could smell it oozing from underneath his arms.

Butch reached out and undid the button at the top of my jeans. He grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. Gently, he released my pants and let them fall to the floor at my feet. I had long since removed my shoes while trying to get comfortable in our little drinking contest. I stepped out of my jeans and moved closer to him. We stood facing each other, our chests touching each time one of us took a breath. Our cocks were touching through our briefs as well. Butch put his arms around me and ground his hard cock directly into my groin. My own arms moved of their own volition and wrapped themselves around his back. We pulled each tightly together. His lips met mine for the first time and we kissed deeply. Butch was anything but shy. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and lick the back of my teeth. Ecstasy was fast approaching. I kissed him back. We stood there in nothing but our briefs for what must have been ten minutes, kissing each other deeply, breathing the same breath, touching each other's backs, arms, and asses.

Butch was grinding his hard cock directly against mine. Precum had already soaked through both of our briefs. Every time he pushed against me, I could feel my own wet briefs rub my crotch. I slid my hands inside his shorts and grabbed both of his tight ass cheeks. I pulled him tighter against me as we continued our deep kissing.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Butch finally broke the kiss saying, "Let's go to your bedroom." I couldn't wait to comply with his desires. I released my hold on his ass and took his hand in mine. We walked down the hall as closely as we could and entered my bedroom. I turned the light on. He reached out and turned it off and said, "We don't need any lights." I didn't care. All I wanted was to hold him, kiss him, touch him, make him cum. I complied. We laid down on the bed and continued our deep kissing. Somewhere along the line we both lost our briefs. I don't remember when. I don't know if I took mine off or his, or whether he took his and mine off, but we were laying naked together on the bed. Our arms were still wrapped tightly around each other. Our tongues were still exploring each other's mouths. Our cocks were touching and oozing all over each other.

I released his right ass cheek and moved my hand around between us, grabbing his cock and gripping it tightly. He was as hard as hard gets. I pumped him a couple times. He took this cue from me and did the same with my dick. Soon, we were pounding each other's cocks to a frenzy and still kissing so deeply that I thought I might accidentally swallow his tongue and he mine.

I thought that I had died and gone to gay heaven! I cannot find the words, even today, to explain or describe how I felt at that moment in time. I felt complete. I felt wanted, needed, desired, and more. Oh, so much more than that. Wanting, needing, and desiring are simple emotions. I had to have him. His cock, a nice cut seven inch long rod of flesh felt perfect in my hand. I broke our kiss and moved my mouth down to his chest where I began licking and sucking his nipples. Butch lurched about on the bed. Obviously, no one had ever done this to him. He was in ecstasy himself. I moved lower and licked and kissed the area between his nipples and finally down to his belly button. I stuck my tongue into it and licked hard. My hand was still gripped tightly around his pulsing cock. It was only inches from my mouth. I licked lower down his body and came in contact with his bush. His cock was against my cheek as I licked the area where his only other hair grew. I felt moisture on my cheek as Butch leaked more and more precum onto my face. Slowly, I lowered my mouth and took his waiting cock into my mouth and sucked on it for the first time. Butch gasped. My hand released it's grip on his cock and went down to his hot balls. I grabbed them both in my hand and massaged them as my mouth traveled farther down his eager cock. He has no hair on his balls at all. They felt as smooth as two sweet apricots in my hand. They moved all by themselves as I rubbed and squeezed them. Butch's cock jumped in my mouth several times. I sucked him hard, struggling to take it all in my mouth.

Butch apparently couldn't take much more of this. I withdrew my mouth from his cock and grabbed it again in my hand. I stroked him gently and slid my hand all the way up to the head of his begging cock. I had coated his cock pretty fully with my saliva and slid my hand up and down his cock with ease. When I reached the bright red head of his cock, I slid my hand back and forth across the top of it, driving him absolutely wild! Butch gasped. Butch moaned. Butch couldn't hold still as I moved my hand in a circle around the head of his cock. I was showing him something his girlfriend apparently hadn't. He begged me to stop. "I can't stand it. Stop! Please!" He begged me.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Butch did a quick flip on the bed and I found myself in a prefect 69 position with him. I felt his mouth slide down the length of my cock. He licked it from the base of my balls all the way to the top. I took his cock back into my mouth and resumed my sucking on it. Butch, having gotten my cock thoroughly soaked as well, slid his lips down around my pulsating cock and took me all in with little effort. It was my turn to gasp. I felt his lips low around the base of my cock and his tongue slipping and sliding around the head. We sucked each other in earnest for several minutes. I felt Butch's cock stiffen even more. I felt it swell even more. Butch pulled his mouth up off my cock just long enough to say, "You got me." With that, I felt his warm cum enter my mouth. Butch was convulsing on the bed and took my cock back into his mouth as his cock sprayed the inside of my mouth with his hot teenage cum. I moved my mouth up and down his cock as quickly as I could, sucking him hard and taking his full load down my throat. I swallowed it all. He tasted sweet, sweeter than any guy I had ever sucked off. Feeling him cum in my mouth brought me over the edge as well. Butch had no sooner finished his orgasm, than I started mine. He sucked me equally hard. I unloaded deeply into his mouth and we sucked each other hard. Butch's cock was starting to soften in my mouth as I finished my orgasm in his.

When I had finished cumming in his mouth, Butch withdrew his lips from my cock and flipped back up to face me on the bed. He wrapped his arms tightly around me again and we kissed again, just as deeply as we had before we started sucking each other. Butch pushed one of his legs between mine and we locked our legs together, kissing, holding, and touching each other. We both fell asleep that way.

To Be Continued....

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