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Builder's Mate by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner Some time ago, I found what was basically a one-room apartment in a dilapidated building downtown. It was cheap and it was nasty. I intended to turn it into a photographic studio but first I had to find reliable workmen. No easy task nowadays. Still I asked around and finally came up with three reasonably honest looking guys. All without working papers but that’s the risk you take if you want a job done cheaply. Problem is it can sometimes take forever as they take on two or three jobs at once and lead you a merry dance with plausible but irritating excuses.

I decided to drop in unannounced one day to see what stage things were at. Maybe take a few “work in progress” photos. It was pretty late but I was pleased to see the light was on. They’d promised to work round the clock to finish on time and were probably hard at it. However, instead of fervent activity I found a boy asleep on a mattress in a corner of the room. No sign of anyone else. No sign of much work done either. I shook and shocked the boy but wasn’t able to get much sense out of him as he didn’t speak English. I felt a little ashamed of myself. He looked to defenceless and vulnerable and it wasn’t fair of me to vent my anger on him. He was cute too which soon made a big difference to how I was feeling.

He was wearing a red tee shirt and green cotton pants. Red for stop and green for go. Very confusing. I noticed that he’d been filling in holes in the wall and preparing it for painting. There was nowhere else to sit so I perched next to him on the mattress to try and communicate who I was. He smiled at me as if he understood and I noticed straight off how white his teeth were and what an attractive cheeky little smile he had. He seemed interested in the camera hanging round my neck so I decided to make the best of a bad job, take some photos, and get the hell out of there.

Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner I took a few close-ups of his pert little face and then took some shots of the bare walls for future reference. He was on his feet by now and obviously in the mood for posing so I took a few more of him. Full length this time. Then I turned to go. I don’t know quite what happened but before I was even halfway out the door he was halfway out of his trousers. I looked at him and wasn’t sure if this was a natural gesture and he was preparing to go to bed or whether he was offering to pose in the nude for me. Maybe even seduce me. I paused. He looked like a saucy Baby Doll in his skimpy white briefs. Automatically, I took a few more shots. He took off his tee shirt and I noticed he had a neat little torso. More photos. All that remained between us now were those skimpy little briefs. He turned round and let me see his cute butt. Now I knew I was between a cocktease and a striptease. Or a rock and a hard spot. Which was more or less the same thing as I was rock hard and finding it impossible to leave.

He tantalized my dick and my lens a bit further and then took off his briefs completely and bent down. His butt was high in the air and I was in full view of his hairy ass crack. He looked over his shoulder at me as if to say “What are you waiting for?” and I waited no longer. I dropped my camera on the floor and dipped my dick into his horny little ass. I paused only long enough to spit on my “lens cap” and had opened his “shutter” in two seconds flat.

I noticed that he had no problem accommodating my dick. His ass yawned open like Aladdin’s cave and I didn’t even need to say “open sesame”. Obviously somebody else had been there before me. However, I was too excited to go deeper into the matter. I only wanted to go deeper into his fabulous welcome mat of an ass and make him forget any previous visitors. I wasn’t exactly gentle on him. He had to hang on to the window shutters for support. They creaked and rattled as his butt bulged and burst under the onslaught of my nine inch prong. In fact I had him biting wood by the time I’d finished with him. His dick was pert and cheeky just like him and slithered nicely in my hand. It surprised me by shooting huge wads of cum as we shivered and squirmed and spasmed together. I rubbed the thick creamy mixture all over his stomach and chest. Then I made him lick my hand clean as I sloshed about inside him. It felt so good I wanted to stay in there forever but eventually had to bid him a reluctant goodnight.

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Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner On the way home I tried to dismiss him as a one night stand. A hot fuck. Nothing more. After all, I didn’t see how we could possibly have a future together. But five minutes without him and I already felt like a foot without a shoe. Also I felt I’d used and abused him. First I’d vented my anger and then my lust on him. But the sight of that inviting butt hole had been too much to resist. I went home and developed the photos. They were great. Especially the “open sesame” shot I’d taken of him. I blew it up super-life size and put it on the wall opposite my bed. It turned me on every time I looked at it.

I decided I would indeed have to go back for some more work in progress photos. I wondered if he’d said anything to the other guys. I wanted to fuck him again but I didn’t want it turning into a gang bang. Didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Unless, of course, a good lashing with my dick would give them a little extra stimulus and get the work done quicker. One of the guys I’d originally hired had got me sexually itchy during the interview but since then I’d got ants in my pants for fresher flesh. After my unexpected escapade, I was beginning to wonder how many more builders’ mates I might find sleeping in corners. So the next week I passed by again and was pleasantly impressed as considerable improvements had been made.

They were in the middle of painting the ceiling when I arrived and three of the four walls had been whitewashed. What I hadn’t been prepared for was the pungent smell of sweat and the horny sight of half-undressed workmen. When I’d interviewed them they’d all naturally been wearing clothes. Now they were more out of them than in them. I took a few more “official” photos but my lens kept wandering and wavering as there were chunks of photogenic flesh I wanted to immortalize. I tried to be discreet and concentrate on the walls but got a little dyslectic at times and found one guy’s balls infinitely more interesting. His name was Pavel. He had arms like barge poles and biceps and pecs to match. An extra bonus was the beads of perspiration that seemed to drip off every muscle, not to mention his nipples which looked like small dart boards in the middle of it all.

I complimented everybody on the work and asked if they’d like a group photo. Until now they seemed to be absorbed in what they were doing and not particularly conscious of my Peeping Tom lens drooling over their body parts and stripping them with every shot. There was no sign of my recent conquest so hopefully my secret was safe. At any rate none of them looked at me strangely or with suspicion and were quite happy to pose for a photo. This meant I could take a little more time concentrating on parts of anatomy which particularly interested me. Altogether I had quite an exciting time and wondered why I’d never thought of taking such photos before.

Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner I arranged to come back in a few days and bring copies of the photos and payment for the work which I hoped would be completed by then. I casually asked after the missing boy and was told his name was Tcheky which I thought suited him rather well as it sounded like the Polish equivalent of “cheeky.” They told me he was out getting drinks. I met him as I went downstairs. He smiled his cheeky smile and seemed pleased to see me. My dick grew hard at the sight of him and I knew I had to find a way of being with him. On an impulse I put my visiting card on the drinks tray. Once again he smiled as if he understood. Just like the first time. I went home and made a hot collage of some of the photos I’d taken and also made copies for the workmen as I had promised. I was just about to jerk off at the sight of them when the doorbell rang. It was Tcheky. He muttered some words of greeting to me in Polish and I asked him in. I was a bit embarrassed as I had the huge poster of his ass on my bedroom wall and other erotic paraphernalia spread over the bed. I sat him down on the living room sofa, put a drink in his hand and told him I had to go to the toilet. This would at least give me time to get rid of the evidence so to speak.

He didn’t understand of course so I made a kind of up and down, shake your dick, gesture indicating my need. He took that as a sign that I wanted him to jerk me off and was kneeling in front of me before I could say Cracow. Obviously he must have developed quite a taste for my dick. I didn’t resist and helped him get the juicy creature out of my pants and into his mouth which turned out to be just as hungry and insatiable as his ass the previous week. I’m not really into classical music and can’t tell one of those east European countries from another but he sure played a great Hungarian rhapsody on that dick of mine. Yes sir! Once again I found myself between a rock and a hard spot as I was torn between filling his mouth with cumcream and filling his ass with prime beef. His ass won.

Just as I was about to erupt, I whipped my dick out of his mouth and up his love chute. He let out a cry of joy and jumped up and down on me like a child on a carousel. He made me so ecstatically horny and hot that I rode him into the bedroom, swept aside the other photos, and fucked him in front of the poster. The sight of his own ass in front of him as I fucked it from behind had an electric effect on him too and it’s a miracle we didn’t blow each other’s fuses. As he drained the jizz from my dick with the suction from his fuck-slot we made noises similar to those normally associated with liquid at the bottom of a glass as the last drop is sucked through a straw. I’d only fucked his lithe little frame twice but each time the effect had been the same. Once again he made me quiver and shake and vibrate so acutely that I feared both of us were going to explode as we soared bonelessly through sexual space.

We crash landed on a foamy cushion of hot cumcream and drowned in an ocean of jizz. We wallowed in the lush mushiness of it for a while and then floated soporifically to the surface to let its waves wash over us. I lay there thinking how strange life is sometimes. If I’d met Tcheky in a supermarket or passed him on the street I might have given him a cursory glance and thought, “Not bad,” but would then have forgotten all about him. Now my dick ignited even before it touched his fuselage. We didn’t speak the same language, didn’t even seem particularly attracted to each other, but there was a chemical reaction between us that blew my mind whenever I was blasting his ass.

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Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner We managed a repeat performance every time he could slip away and I was just about to start planning a serious future together when the shit hit the fan. Tcheky turned out to be a builder’s mate in more ways than one. Pavel burst in on us late one afternoon. He was some mad Pole and there was no reasoning with him. He was obviously bent on humiliating me in front of Tcheky and I didn’t have anything like his physical strength so I put up a very feeble resistance. I was fully dressed when he arrived but by the time he’d finished with me my clothes and my ass were in shreds. What really seemed to infuriate him more than anything was my life size portrait of Tcheky. He tore it from the wall and ripped it to pieces. I knew from the expression on his face that I was going to be next. He caught hold of me by the front of my shirt and spat in my face. I could hear the buttons popping. I was shit scared but my dick grew to twice its size. Almost as if it were sticking up for me. He threw me against the wall and once again I found myself between a rock and a hard spot. In every sense.

He pressed his brawny groin against me and forced my mouth open with his tongue as he tore open the front of my pants. My dick shot out like a startled jack-in-a-box as he ripped off my briefs and grabbed my glutes between his iron fists. He shoved his massive fingers into my ass and lifted me into the air. One minute I had his tongue in my mouth, the next he was devouring my dick with his chomping jaws. I was suspended between excitement and pain and shock. Nobody had ever sucked me off with quite such force. Especially in mid-air. I found his mouth was swallowing my dick at the same speed as my ass was swallowing his fingers. I was being sodomized at both ends simultaneously. I would never have thought such a thing possible and here it was happening to me.

He wedged me against the wall and wrapped my flailing legs round his bull neck so he could let his ravenous mouth work its way down to chew and spit on my balls. I was halfway up the wall with terror and joy as he ravaged my ass with his tongue and drew me like meat on a slab down onto his barge pole of a dick. Suddenly I realised why Tcheky’s ass had accepted me so easily. It was used to bigger things. I found myself being splattered against the wall like so much mortar as he battered my butt to putty.

Pavel fucked me so hard I thought he intended papering the wall with me. This image soon morphed into a bluebottle being crushed against glass by a human fly swatter. He drew his dick in and out of me until I lost all feeling in my ass and my mind wandered off to some horny hemisphere where dicks and tongues and all sexual parts morph into one. Then all my lost sensations came screaming back as he ground his way into me and gnashed his teeth at me and spat and slashed at me contemptuously and shoved his unshaven face against my chest and bit into my nipples.

Badpuppy Model - Pablo and Werner I began to heave and cry and beg him to stop but this only stimulated him more. In the dizzy distance I could see Tcheky jerking off at the sight of us. I went limp and almost passed out with the pain. Then the hardness gave way to the comparative softness of the floor as he fucked me from behind. This relief was short lived as I felt the weight of his whole muscular body descend on me and his dartboard nipples working their way like horny arrows into my flesh. A wave of sorrow swept over me as he reduced me to a sorry squelch on the carpet. It would have been so great to suck his nipples and his dick and the rest of his spectacular body. To give him pleasure. But he was only intent on wiping the floor with me. In fact I had morphed from mashed paper on a wall or frantic fly on a window to downtrodden carpet on the floor.

I don’t know how long this torture went on. I only know it lasted a very long time as I slipped in and out of consciousness. Finally I felt him erupt and overflow my aching ass with copious fountains of cum. He whipped his dick out of me and rolled me over so he could cover my face with his jizz and make me drink the last drops from his dick as a final humiliation. I was past caring by now. Everything had gone so horribly wrong. He stood up and adjusted his clothes giving me a cruel kick as he stepped back into his pants. Then he threw one of my cameras against the wall and walked off with Tcheky under his arm.

The workmen finished the job without him the next day. I looked around the finished studio, glad to have the place to myself at last. And glad I’d escaped so “lightly.” The bastard might have wrecked my studio as well as wrecking me. I vowed to be more careful next time I got the hots for a cute looking twink. Find out who he belonged to first.

I never saw Tcheky again. Of course I still have the negative of that photo but have no intention of blowing it up. Once beaten, twice shy. Or so I told myself. However, I still get horny visions of the powerful hammering I received from Pavel. I see those dartboard nipples and those powerful pecs. And feel those barge pole arms around me and that barge pole dick inside me. From time to time, I look around my apartment and a strange feeling sweeps over me. I think it won’t be too long before my living quarters will need re-decorating. Then, almost in spite of myself, I find myself wondering if I’ll have the courage to pick up the phone and hire him once again. This time without his mate.

The models in these pictures are Pablo and Werner

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