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Buff vs Bulge by Cucciolo
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Badpuppy Model - Krzysztof This seems to be a moment in macho cinematic history when buffed bodies are winning the battle of the bulge. The thin guy in ‘New Moon’ is considered much more sexy than the hunky one. At the time of writing I haven’t seen it yet but still prefer a lot of meat on my men. Like the ones in ‘300.’ Although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the guy in ‘True Blood’ either. He’s hot but probably over one year cold by now. Anyway tastes tend to vary from person to person, or from mouth to mouth, so one has to keep an open mind about these things.

Today I was reading the comments under the photos of Badpuppy models which always help me tune in to current trends when I’m looking for ideas for my stories. Or models to illustrate them.

By the way, now that the opportunity has arisen I want to ask where some of the photographers find the horrific upholstery they use as a background for some of their shots. Bilious pea-green shower curtains and garish multi-coloured fantasy cushions and even the occasional leopard skin rug. Some of the cheesy underwear leaves a lot to be desired too. Sure stops me desiring the guy wearing it!

Things like that bother me much more than some handsome stud holding a pistol next to his penis which brings me to the point of this story -- December 2009 model Krzysztof -- whose name, like his dick, might be a bit difficult to roll round your tongue until you realise it’s the Polish equivalent of Cristoff, as in jerk off, and I’d certainly like to do that to him as well as many other things!

I really like the first picture I’ve chosen of him although I must admit it does look as if he’s going to shoot his dick off. He’s got a great ass too but, once again, I’m not sure just what he intends to do with that nightstick. He’s much more interesting when he’s got rid of these extraneous weapons and we can concentrate more fully on the matter in hand!

Talking of matters in hand, and Krzysztof, I have to flash back to when I first jerked off or, more exactly, had my first wet dream. There was a great looking security cop living next door to us. He could only have been about eighteen or twenty but to my thirteen-year-old eyes he seemed much older. I saw the shadow of him once on his bathroom window and watched him lathering up his smooth body. That night I imagined being under the shower next to him. He was letting me touch his dick and lather it. A dizzy sensation suddenly came over me and my dick produced some strange lather of its own. This surprised and horrified me initially but since then I have never looked back, only forward to bigger and better dicks.

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Badpuppy Model - Krzysztof Eventually, I found my way to gay magazines and porno movies and also watched some of the guys in my class take a shower after football, but my inner eye was always fixed on seeing the guy next door naked and lathered up waiting for me to rinse him off with my mouth. I had to wait five long years but it finally happened. I kid you not. Although the route to his dick wasn’t exactly straight.

My folks were away for the weekend and I rented an adult movie from our local video store. I was eighteen now and had my own card. Thank God parents can’t check up on videos like they can pc's I thought although I suppose my dad could have checked my video card. Anyway, there I was with a can of beer and some potato chips in front of the monitor when I found myself confronted by this great ass and a guy going hammer and tongs for his equally great dick. At one point, the guy with the great ass and the great dick fucked the fuck out of the other one and had him climbing half way up the wall with pain and pleasure. He had me climbing halfway up the wall too as I recognized him as the guy next door. A more beefed up older version I grant you but definitely the guy next door. His face and butt were imprinted on my memory as I’d watched him so many times. He was in even greater shape now and I was getting to see his dick for good measure!

After I’d jerked off I looked at the address on the label of the video. I suddenly gathered together all the courage I hadn’t been able to muster five years earlier and set off for San Francisco to find him. It never occurred to me that he might be straight and like a lot of guys nowadays just doing it for the money. Incidentally I’ve just seen that they’ve opened a male brothel in Paris. Admittedly for the ladies but one has to start somewhere. I told my folks I was going to stay with friends in Sausalito.

So there I was in San Fran just turned eighteen and green as unripened corn determined to meet the man of my wet dreams. Obviously I was asking for trouble and probably hoping to get it. I knew his name by the way but didn’t expect him to be using it ‘professionally’ so I took the video with me. I’d face that problem when I got back home. Not that I ever wanted to go back home. The day after I arrived I put on a T-shirt which showed off my biceps and my nips and a real tight pair of Armani jeans that sat prettily on my ass. I was in great shape and just knew he wouldn’t be able to resist me when he set eyes on me. I found the studio which corresponded to the address I’d seen on the video and rang the bell. It looked for all the world like a garage. So far, so good. The door buzzed and I entered. There seemed to be some kind of casting session going on. It was full of gorgeous young guys in various stages of undress. In the entrance hall there were shots of some of the models. Sam Underwood was written under his photo. I tried to find somebody I could speak to and ask where I could contact him but couldn’t make myself heard above the hubbub. Then I was told to write down my name and given a number. I was taken into a small room and was soon being photographed. I put up no resistance. Green as I was, I knew what was happening. I also knew what I was in for, but I was determined to find Sam.

Badpuppy Model - Krzysztof The guy first complimented me on my looks, then asked me if I was over eighteen and if I’d signed the form. I answered yes to both questions. He took a lot of photos and then asked me to take off my T-shirt as seductively as possible. I did so. More photos and even more compliments. Then he asked me to do the same thing with my jeans. I did as I was told and felt my dick begin to preen itself with pride. I wasn’t at all ashamed or embarrassed. I was a man with a mission. I heard the guy take in his breath when he saw the size of my dick. Then he began to shout out instructions. Some other guy moved me in all directions. He even touched my dick, but I didn’t care. More compliments. My dick stood up for all to see and was even straighter than Sam’s nightstick. I’d often seen that although I’d really wanted to see his truncheon. Thinking of him made me even harder and the recipient of even more compliments. Then I had to turn round and bend over. This took a little while longer as somebody arrived with a powder puff and body makeup to cover my blemishes. Then I had a lot more photos with my legs sticking in the air, and my asshole smiling into the camera.

Finally the guy asked me if I was ready to jerk off. That wasn’t difficult either as I just lay there and thought of Sam’s hand on my dick and shot such a load it nearly hit the camera. I was real proud of myself as I’d behaved like a complete professional from start to finish without really knowing what was expected of me. I suppose I was what you call a ‘born natural’. It seems I’d made a hit, too, because after being taken off to wash and dress myself, I was whisked into a real plush office and asked if I was ready to sign a contract. I said yes, but as I didn’t have an agent, I wanted my friend Sam to represent me. They told me he was out of town shooting some place else, but was due back on Tuesday to play the lead in a really hot script. They didn’t seem to doubt for one minute that he was my friend. Then they scared me a bit by asking me to wait outside. I’d been fine up till then but now I was afraid my dream was going to turn into a nightmare and somebody was going to cotton on to me. Ten suspenseful minutes passed before they invited me back in. How would I like to do a scene with my friend? They needed an innocent looking college kid with a big dong like mine. Only thing was I might have to take it up the ass. Was I willing to do that? I said yes as long as it was with Sam. They agreed to sign a contract for that one scene, then we could discuss other projects with Mr. Underwood.

I said yes again as long as they didn’t tell him who I was until after they’d shot the scene, as I wanted to surprise him. We hadn’t seen each other for five years. That bit of news seemed to surprise them too.

They congratulated me on my photo shoot and on my cumshot, and told me they were looking forward to seeing me cum again. Everybody laughed and shook hands. I asked if I could see the script, and everybody laughed again. Most of it will be improvised they said. Just do whatever comes naturally like you did today and they laughed yet again and then handed me a cheque. Just a down payment they said and laughed once more. What a lot of jokers I thought, then saw the amount on the cheque and changed my mind. I went off in search of a bank immediately.

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Badpuppy Model - Krzysztof Tuesday came, and I looked great although I hadn’t really slept much. Still, I didn’t have to start shooting till later that day. I just had to go in for lighting tests and a run through. I invited myself to lunch but ate lightly. Sam wasn’t there when I arrived. The suspense was killing me. They put a little make up on my face and did something to my hair. The director explained the scene to me. I was sitting in my car in a Drive In having a row with my girl friend because she won’t give me a blowjob. She gets out of the car and walks off in a huff. I see the rest of the movie by myself and finally fall asleep. So far so good. It took much longer than I expected because the girl couldn’t remember her lines and we had a break for dinner. Then I saw Sam arrive. He was looking great but a little bit older. His body was in good shape though and just as I remembered it. Even harder. And – wait for it – he was dressed like a security guard! We shook hands formally.

I didn’t expect him to recognize me. After all I’d only been a kid last time he’d seen me, but my knees began to give way as soon as I felt his hand in mine. I knew that before very long that cold formality was going to turn into hot intimacy. My dick had already started to stir at the sight of him in uniform. I watched as the director gave him some pointers for the scene and told him to play it by ear. All I had to do, it seemed, was pretend to be asleep. Easier said than done, as my dick was very much awake. I heard the director shout action, and soon a torch was shining in my face. Sam was glaring down at me. Had he recognized me I wondered. He ordered me out of the car, then slammed me roughly up against it. My nose hit the side of the roof rack, and I knew by the crunch that I was going to have a nosebleed and probably ruin the scene.

He told me to spread my legs, and let him frisk me. I told him I didn’t have a gun, and my nose was going to bleed at any moment. He told me to shut up, and I felt his hand running up and down my inner thighs. I forgot about the nosebleed and concentrated on my dick, which was either fighting to be free or couldn’t wait to be arrested. I couldn’t quite tell which. He pressed his groin against my virgin butt, his firm fingers working their way round to the front of my pants and I was waiting to feel his hot hand on my hot flesh. Instead he cruelly squeezed my dick through the designer jeans and made me cry out in pain. This wasn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

Then he moved his groin up and down my butt, and I began to change my mind. He put his mouth to my ear, inserted his tongue and sent ripples of sheer pleasure up my spine. Then he whispered huskily, “Are you sure you haven’t got a concealed weapon in here, sonny. We better investigate!” With that he whipped me round and proceeded to tear my jeans open. My dick first made a leap for freedom, then sang with joy like a bird in a gilded cage as it was suddenly imprisoned in his mouth. I was literally drawn bodily into this warm wet cavern, this mushy heaven, and ready to take flight with the impure joy of finally feeling his lips wrapped round my dick. They had the fabulous force of a suction pump. Only a few minutes – and five long years – had elapsed but I was experiencing a lifetime of sensations and looking forward to a lot more. But strangely there was no tenderness in the way he treated me and by the time he’d finished, I felt like a flower with all its petals torn off.

Badpuppy Model - Krzysztof Just when my dick was screaming to cum, he shifted focus and turned me round again and tore my ass open with his tongue. I whimpered and moaned as he worked his hands up the front of me and started torturing my nipples. He tweaked them and pinched them while all the time he was tongue fucking me. Then he started on my balls and squeezed them mercilessly until even my stalwart dick began to wilt and then grow hard again as he ran it through his fingers and made it soar once more.

Finally, just as my head was ringing with all the pain and my body was throbbing and sobbing, he opened the front of his pants and whipped his huge dick up my ass like I’d seen him do to the guy in the movie. No lube. No nothing. For a moment I didn’t feel a thing because everything went black and then red with the searing pain that was ripping through my body. I screamed in protest but he rammed his rod even harder into my orifice. I could feel nothing but the pain, the blood and snot running down my nose, the tears pouring down my cheeks, and the pathetic pre-cum dripping from my drooping dick. Then he grabbed my nipples and pumped my ass more slowly, building up a rhythm that made me feel I was riding a roller coaster. My body began to plunge and lurch like a drunken thing, and I felt myself pressing down towards his dick and opening my butt like the sluice gate of a canal lock. I was begging him to fuck me more and more till a torrent of warm cum filled my ass, and in the distance I heard the director screaming, “Turn him towards the camera, turn him towards the camera!” As he did, I erupted all over the lens. Sam then pulled my T-shirt over my head and, after wiping his dick on it, shoved it into my face, saying, “That’ll teach you not to be nasty to your girlfriend!” I heard everyone applaud, and then I fainted.

When I came to I was surrounded by admiring faces. The director was ecstatic and said he couldn’t wait to see my generous dong in the butt of some young stud professing to be straight. He assured me I had a great future. Sam said that he thought so too and apologised to me profusely, saying that he’d lost control as I’d made him so hot. Also, nobody had told him it was my first time in front of the cameras. Still, he had an uncanny feeling that he’d seen me before. So I had to tell the truth in front of everyone but nobody seemed to mind at all. They just wanted me to cum back for more and maybe turn the tables on Sam. He said ‘no way he was straight, his butt was too narrow and anyway I was his next door neighbour’ but I knew deep down I’d turned him on and, once I had him all to myself, away from the cameras, he’d be ready to develop more fully the ‘matter’ we had in hand. I also had to get that video back to the store before they started sending overdue notices to my parents and I was forced to admit to them that I was gay. But like Scarlett O’Hara I would think about that another day. I still hadn’t got a really good look at Sam’s dick! Or rinsed it off with my mouth!

Enjoy the photos!

The Badpuppy.com model in these pictures is Krzysztof

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