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Brother Jonathan by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Hamish Pravda He knew not how to wield a sword or to throw a hammer or do anything else a proper youth of his age should know to do. Instead, he would wander aimlessly through the forest collecting flowers and herbs. He could ride well, which was a wonder to most, and seemed quite comfortable in doing so, and could be found, at times, miles from home in search of some strange plant or other, though being out as evening shadows fell, could be dangerous.

His name was Jonathan and, although considered a bit strange, he was loved by all, for no one had ever known a kinder and more loving spirit. All who knew him simply accepted him for the person he was.

His family accepted the inevitable. Jonathan would be a healer, a monk, for those who were, well, “like him” most often became monks and lived a life of celibacy, or so it was said, often with a wink. Jonathan accepted his fate, but would delay becoming Brother Jonathan until the last possible moment. The thought of wearing monks clothing, those itchy, woolen robes, did not appeal to him at all. He loved wearing bright colors and silky things that felt good next to his skin, soft, well-spun things. It was good that he had been wealthy born, and had the means for such things.

I had watched Jonathan grow from a small child into the young man he had now become. He was not much younger than I, but somehow seemed so in his innocence and beauty. And, he was beautiful. His hair shown bright in the summer sun, blonde, shimmering and nearly white, a beautiful contrast to his skin, which had turned a gentle bronze from his time in the woods. His eyes were of deepest blue, and his lips as red as the deepest red rose. I was in love with Jonathan, and had been since my youth. I loved everything about him, and he loved me, although in a far different way. Jonathan loved everyone. No one knew how I felt, and I had worked hard to become one of the most manly and competitive of the young men in the village to make sure that no one ever would. I could ride like the wind, and joust with the strongest of men, young or old. No one suspected that Thomas of Carlisle might be, well, in love with a Jonathan of Pence. After all, there was Maid Caroline, the lovely maid, who swooned at my every move.

Poor Maid Caroline. I must confess that I had used her as part of my ruse. I had wooed her, even though I knew that I might one day need to break her heart. A beautiful girl, she was also lovely of disposition, and quite naïve about the world. I hated myself for taking such easy advantage of one so sweet to keep my secret. I had decided a monk’s life was not to be mine, and also had decided that I would do anything to avoid such a fate. I would be a knight, and I would wear a knight‘s armor, not ever a monk‘s robes.

It was a on a beautiful, warm day in early autumn that I decided to slip away from training for a time and ride into the woods alone. I did this on occasion, when my muscles ached of training and my head ached of pretending. Mine may have been a life of great privilege, but it was a difficult one just the same. Others found their source of new energy in a pub and a large, frothy mug of ale. I found mine in a meadow full of wild flowers, or a grove full of beautiful trees. Best to keep that my own little secret. There was a beautiful stream about an hour’s ride from the village. I would spend some time there. I took a small lunch with me and would enjoy it in the beauty of the forest.

Badpuppy Model - Hamish Pravda As I neared the stream, I heard singing, a lovely voice, and very robust, singing songs of a very bawdy nature. Had they not made me laugh, heartily, they would have surely made me blush. I wondered who could be out in the forest singing so loudly and with such irreverence in the middle of the day. Some minstrel, I thought, on his way from castle to castle. As I neared the stream, you can imagine my shock to find, not a merry minstrel, but a merry Jonathan, singing at the top of his lungs, in the middle of the stream, and naked as a jay.

If I had not been in love with him before, I would certainly be now. How can I describe him to you? The sun shone through his hair making a halo there of lightest gold. His limbs were long and well tapered and quite muscular. I had not expected such strength beneath such silky cloth. His chest was so beautiful, Adonis, himself, would hide his head in shame, and that ass. That ass. Oh, my, that ass. Without realizing it, I had begun massaging my penis slowly, beneath my clothing, moaning softly as I did so. I then sat down on a large rock, my penis, now free, and in hand, and simply stared at the beauty that was before me. What shame I should have felt, but I had lost it somewhere between the strong limbs and that amazing ass. I could do nothing else but sit and stare.

“Good afternoon, Thomas. It is good to see you out here in the beauty of nature.”

The greeting startled me, and I would have, probably should have, hastily departed, but he had seen me. My secret (as well as my hardened penis) was out. After all, I was sitting on a rock, staring at his nakedness, my member in my hand.

“I see you feel that it is also good to see me. Would you like to join me? The water is a bit cold, flowing down from the hills as it does, but, after the first shock of its chill, you will find it invigorating.”

I didn’t think I could. It wasn’t so much removing my clothing. I had been naked with men many times. It was my erect cock. I simply could not strip naked in front of him, my cock as hard as a sword, and ready to do battle.

“If you’re worried about, er, anything, why don’t you come and wade first in your clothing. I guarantee any worries you may have will disappear with your first step into the cool, cool water.”

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Badpuppy Model - Hamish Pravda Then he laughed. He knew. Of course, he knew. And so I did as he suggested. He had told no lies. The water was frigid cold, and my member was completely slackened within an instant of feeling its shiver. Again he laughed, this time at my reaction to the water’s icy greeting.

“And now, friend Thomas?”

I did disrobe. After all, I now, indeed, had nothing left of which to be ashamed. The water was feeling less and less frigid as I now began to enjoy its wonderful coldness. I was having such a good time wading and splashing about, that I almost forgot that I was naked in the woods, frolicking in a stream with my own true love. Suddenly, I remembered with a gasp, and, well a…

“Friend, Thomas, what is happening there between your legs?”

I turned away.

“Don’t turn away. You are a beautiful man, so strong, so very manly. And, so nicely endowed. I would see your delightful tribute to manhood. Besides, it looks as if my member would join yours in its blatant betrayal.”

I had been concentrating so on what was happening to me, I had failed to notice that Jonathan also was growing, and growing, and… What a member he had! It was a full nine inches I would imagine, and with a beauty that quite matched the rest of him, and such girth! It was quite a wonder to behold, and quite a problem to decide which fine attribute to enjoy first. I made no effort to hide my joy in beholding it, having decided on girth, as I had seen many lengthy specimens before. Then, because there seemed to be no reason for not doing so, I simply reached out and touched it. Jonathan did not pull away, only smiled sweetly, and then, gently put his hand over mine, closing them both around his now pulsating penis. The feeling that coursed through me cannot be described, except to say that a lightning strike could have been no stronger. And then, he reached out, and cupped my testicles in the warm palm of his beautiful hand.

Badpuppy Model - Hamish Pravda “Jonathan, I love you. I have always. I cannot help myself. I have tried not to do so, but I simply cannot stop the loving.”

“And I, you, Thomas. This meeting was inevitable. Had it not happened by happenstance, I should have concocted a meeting under some pretense or other, for I knew in my heart that you must love me as I loved you”

And, then, he leaned in and kissed me sweetly on the lips. How can I tell you how natural was the kiss? How can I tell you how right it was, how I knew in my heart that this was the way love should be? I returned the kiss as tenderly as it had been given, and knew that this would be a love making of the most beautiful kind, for it might be, would probably be, the only opportunity for love making that we would ever know.

I pulled him close. Holding him was more important to me now than anything else, feeling his warm body next to mine, feeling our skin pressed together. What ecstasy. Could there be anything more wonderful than this? I let my hands slip slowly down to cup the aforementioned incredible ass. So firm, and yet so soft and supple at the same time. We began to rub our genitals back and forth against one another. Could there be more feeling…ever? There would be sex soon. There would have to be sex. We were men. We were full of sex and in great need. But in a sincere way, though every inch of my body ached for the sex, a part of me would cling to this time of loving for as long as I possibly could. There had never been for me a feeling so sweet, so all consuming.

When I could hold out no longer, I sat him down upon a large rock in the stream, the water rushing ‘round us, and knelt down between his legs, my knees resting in a rare smooth place on the rocky bottom of the stream. I took his member in my hand, and then lowered my mouth down on its tip, to taste him. Of course, he did not disappoint. I could not imagine anything more wonderful than that moment or that wonderful taste. I lowered my mouth even farther down, and then, began moving it up and down the shaft of his wonderful and, oh so ample organ. What to do seemed to come naturally, even though this was our first time at lovemaking. How could anything seem so wonderful and so natural?

After what seemed like several minutes, but could have been an hour, drinking in his beautiful shaft, he took my head gently in his strong hands and lifted me slowly to my feet, my own member directly in front of his mouth. It was his turn to show me his love. He did as I had done, groaning and moaning as he did so, and cupping my testicles in his hands, periodically squeezing them slightly and causing me to moan with pleasure. After a short time, I had to make him stop, as I was about to lose control, the feelings of making love being more intense than I could stand.

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Badpuppy Model - Hamish Pravda It was then he pulled me to him, holding me in a close embrace as we kissed deeply, the frigid water swirling rapidly around our incredibly hot bodies. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and I mine in his, and the feeling was so intense, that I was forced to rub my organ against him as hard as I could. I simply could stand the feeling of the kiss no other way.

He, then, stood up facing me, kissed me lightly on the lips and sat me down upon the rock. He smiled at me sweetly, turned around, and began to sit down upon my lap. I did not understand exactly what was happening until he began to spread his ass cheeks as he slowly descended. It was then that I understood that I was to impale him in the ass with my rock hard penis, to take him, as it were. “No”, I screamed, “I cannot.” But he did not stop, and when his ass reached my penis, I could do nothing else. He was giving himself to me completely, and I would accept with greatest love the beautiful gift.

Oh, the heat. Oh, the pain. Oh, the rapture for us both. There was nothing in the world but the two of us; nothing in the world but our love and our passion. We began slowly. Even moving seemed impossible, the feeling was so intense, but he began to move, oh, so slowly, up and down on my member, making me shudder with such feelings as I had never known possible. Up and down he moved, moaning and groaning, faster and faster, until, at some point, I was sure I would lose consciousness right there in the middle of the stream. Just as I was about to do so, a feeling began to build in my penis and testicles that I knew, that should it reach its full potential, would kill me with ecstasy. On and on it built and louder and louder did I yell to Jonathan my love, and he to me until we fairly exploded in joy; Jonathan into the stream, and I into him. Thank goodness we were deep in the forest, where no one could hear, for we must have yelled and cum together for a full five minutes, or so it seemed.

When it was over, Jonathan fully collapsed back into my arms, tears running down his face, turning his head to kiss me again upon the lips. I still being inside him, returned the kiss and slowly helped him lift himself. Then we both, as best we could, helped each other from the stream, stretching our capes upon the grass, and lying down beside one another, naked in the afternoon sun, now suddenly aware of the water‘s chill on our outer bodies, and love’s sweet and wondrous warmth on the inside.

Jonathan would, indeed, become a wonderful healing monk, and I? Well, I would be, of course, the great knight I was predicted to be, perfection, except for a strange and mysterious illness, the only relief from which was to be found in a healing poultice applied from time to time by a very talented monk at a nearby monastery.

The model in these pictures is Hamish Pravda

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