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Bro's by Rkydk
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Andrew and Luis were two of a kind. Everybody said they looked like twins even though Luis had dark hair with a fade and Drew had light brown hair with a fade. They really did not look much alike but they were so close that people assumed they were related. They worked together, lived together and went out together. They liked the same girls, the same music, and the same food. Little did Luis know but Andrew wanted more than friendship with him, and Andrew was determined to get him into bed.

Andrew loved the way Luis looked. He was short, and had a nice, smooth, dark body with a great smile and a great ass. Luis was always so nice and considerate even though he spoke and dressed like a gangsta'. Andrew was also the same height, not quite as dark but with a smooth body and incredible eyes. Luis was 22, and Andrew was 19.

One night after going clubbing, Luis and Andrew came home, both drunk and stumbling. They both knew that they shouldn't have been driving; but they did anyway, and fortunately they made it home without being stopped or killing any one. "Fuck dude, I am so drunk," yelled Andrew.

"Thank God, we made it home without any problems," responded Luis.

"I'm going to crash. I have to work at 8 am tomorrow" Andrew sighed.

"Alright I'll see you in the morning" Luis slurred.

Andrew walked into his room and stripped his clothes off, deciding to sleep nude because it was so hot. He stopped in front of the mirror and looked at himself. He admired the slim frame in front of him. Looking at his slightly developed chest and slender waist, he pinched his left nipple, making it hard. He ran his hand down his bare stomach to his pubic hair, and began to run his fingers thought the coarse hair just above his cock. With his other hand, he cupped his large balls and squeezed them gently. He felt his soft cock began to grow and with his right hand, he began to slowly jerk his dick until it grew to its full 7.5 inches in his hand.

Just as he began to increase the speed of his hand, Andrew was startled by a large crash in another room. Andrew threw on his Calvin boxers and ran out of his bedroom. He frantically looked around to find the source of the crash. He went from room to room until he reached the kitchen. There he found Luis lying on the floor covered with pots, pans, and broken dishes.

"Oh fuck! Are you okay?!" Andrew screamed. Luis laid on the floor moaning. Drew rushed to his side and began to remove the debris covering his best friend. "What happened?" Andrew asked.

"I was trying to get a pan down so I could make an omelet and I slipped, bringing all this shit down with me," Luis muttered while he winced in pain.

"Is anything broke?" Andrew asked, concerned.

"I don't think so, but my ankle hurts like hell!" Luis responded.

"Let me help you up" Andrew offered. He grabbed Luis underneath his arms and started to help Luis up.

"Shit!" Luis shouted.

"What's wrong?" asked Andrew.

"It's my back. I think I twisted it when I fell. I don't know if I can stand."

"We'll take it slow." Andrew offered, trying to help. Slowly Andrew stood Luis up. Luis put his arm around Andrew's shoulders to support his self.

The pair headed into Luis' bedroom. They opened the door and were surprised to find Luis' sister sleeping in his bed. They shut the door quickly and quietly hoping not to wake her. "You'll have to sleep in my bed tonight I forgot to tell you that she called this afternoon and needed to stay tonight, she has an interview early in the morning." Andrew told Luis. He helped Luis over to the bed and gently laid him down.

"Bro, can you take my pants off for me? I can't lean over that much" Luis asked Andrew.

He looked down at Luis and said "No problem dude." Andrew reached down and unbuttoned Luis' jeans and unzipped his zipper. He could see Luis' white boxer briefs filled out by his cock even though it was soft. Andrew felt his own dick moving in his underwear. Afraid Luis would notice his cock growing Andrew knelt down so Luis wouldn't be able to see it. Luis raised his hips slightly so Andrew could lower his jeans. Andrew removed Luis' shoes, then he pulled his jeans completely off. Andrew loved Luis' legs, how slender and dark they were. He just wanted to lick the inside of his thighs.

"Bro can you take my shirt off, it is so hot in here." Luis pleaded. Andrew leaned over Luis and pulled Luis' shirt over his bare chest and over his head. Andrew leaned back, looked at Luis' hairless chest with his hard dark brown nipples and licked his lips unconsciously.

"How's your back!" he asked Luis.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor "It feels tight, like I pulled something."

"If you would like, I can give you a massage. The girls say I have great hands" Andrew said hopefully.

"That might help. Help me turn over" Luis responded.

Andrew helped Luis turn over. He looked down to see Luis' ass sticking at him. He loved Luis' ass; it was small, but very inviting. He started rubbing Luis' shoulders gently. Feeling his warm smooth flesh made Andrew's semi hard cock start to grow even more. "I have the boy of dreams underneath me. I just want to eat him." Andrew thought to himself.

"Ouch!" Luis complained.

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked.

"You're pulling my skin too tight."

"Okay, hang on." Andrew reached into the drawer of his nightstand, and pulled out some peppermint oil. "This will make you nice and slick, and it will warm you up, too." Andrew poured some of the oil into his hand and rubbed his hands together to warm it up. He then continued to rub Luis' shoulders.

Luis moaned slightly. "That feels great, bro!"

"Told you I had great hands!" Andrew started down Luis' back, rubbing hard and then soft. Luis continued to moan and he raised his ass slightly. "Dude your going to have to take your shorts down so I don't stain them with the oil."

"All right, but no funny stuff" Luis laughed.

"Very funny! You afraid of getting turned on with my hands on your body?" Andrew retorted.

"Yeah, you're giving me wood now" Luis mumbled laughing. Luis reached down and started to pull his shorts over his smooth ass, but he could only get them halfway over his ass. He couldn't reach any further. "Help me, Drew" Luis pleaded. Andrew grabbed a hold of the elastic on Luis' boxer briefs and finished pulling them down to Luis' ankles. Andrew couldn't believe his eyes; here was his fantasy and it was about to happen.

"Could it be that Luis was going to let me touch him in places that I never thought I would be able to?" he thought to himself.

"Put some more of that oil on; it feels so warm," Luis demanded. Andrew reached over and picked up the oil bottle and started to put more in his hands when it slipped and spilled all over Luis' back.

"Shit!" he exclaimed. Andrew started rubbing it all over Luis back, trying to work it into his skin.

"You can go down further; my back hurts just above my ass," Luis stated. Andrew worked his hands further down Luis' back until he reached the top of Luis' buttocks. He stopped briefly, just staring at this boy's ass staring back at him. It took everything inside of him not to squeeze and play with it. Andrew caught himself and immediately started to massage Luis' lower back. "Oh yeah that's exactly where it hurts. Do it harder." Andrew stood up, and then straddled Luis' upper legs so he could push harder into Luis' back. He was afraid, though, that Luis was going to feel his hard dick on his legs, so he tried carefully not to lean too far down.

Andrew continued giving Luis a hard deep massage for what he thought an eternity. Andrew looked down at Luis, who appeared like he was falling asleep. "Dude, don't fall asleep on me. There's still a lot of oil to work into your skin."

"I can't help it. Your hands are like magic, and I am so relaxed. Can't you just wash off the rest of the oil?" Luis asked.

"Fuck no, this stuff is too expensive. I am not going to waste it." "I have an idea," Andrew continued. "Turn over, and I will give you a full body massage while I'm at it."

"Jeez, you should work for the spa, not the restaurant," Luis kidded.

"Maybe next year" Andrew answered. Andrew stood up, forgetting that his shorts were tented in a big way. Luis slowly turned over and when he did, Andrew was shocked. Luis had a raging hard-on. Andrew looked at Luis' dick. It appeared to be about 6.5 inches, but thick. He had huge balls and they were hairless. "I guess you weren't kidding about wood, bro," Andrew said in amazement.

"Sorry, dude, but the massage felt so good, and I just couldn't stop my dick from getting hard" Luis said smiling. "What about that body massage?" Luis continued.

"You're sure you can handle it?"

"Yeah, just watch out for flying cum." The young studs both laughed. Andrew again started rubbing Luis' shoulders, but this time from the front, and he watched Luis' dark brown nipples harden. Andrew worked his hands down and rubbed his hands over Luis' smooth, barely developed chest. He watched Luis' face; his eyes were closed but he definitely wasn't asleep. Andrew could tell that this felt really good to Luis by the slight smile on his face. Andrew ran his fingers around Luis' hard nipples and started to barely pinch one, when Luis let a moan of pleasure that just encouraged Andrew even more. Andrew looked down at Luis' hard cock, and watched it jump every time he pinched the nipple. Andrew could see precum starting to ooze out of the slit on his mushroom. Andrew also noticed the wet spot forming on the front of his own boxers. Andrew worked his hands further down over Luis' taught stomach and just above his pubic hair. He started to massage the tops of Luis' legs.

Andrew watched as Luis' cock seemed to grow even more. He looked up and Luis had his mouth open as if moaning in silence. "Fuck it!" He said to himself. "I'm going to go for broke!" Andrew scooted farther down and Luis opened his eyes.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Like you don't know what comes next, no pun intended" Andrew responded. In one swoop Andrew leaned down and took Luis' throbbing cock into his mouth, tasting the salty pre cum.

Luis let out a loud moan. "Oh fuck, bro... suck it! Suck my hot cock!" he yelled. Andrew bobbed up and down on Luis' slippery cock, taking all of it into his throat. His cock tasted so good to him. With his left hand, he started massaging Luis' huge nuts.

Luis started to pump his hips and began face-fucking Andrew. "You suck better than any girl ever has!" Luis muttered between moans. Andrew then let Luis' dick loose from his mouth, and it made a loud splat against Luis' flat stomach. He then began to lick and suck the huge balls. With his right hand he reached up and began to jack Luis off, while he sucked his nuts. Luis spread his legs slightly, giving Andrew more room to work. "Lick those nuts," he told Andrew. Andrew moved down and started sucking on the spot between Luis' balls and his asshole. Luis bent his legs up and spread them even further. Andrew kept jerking Luis' meat as he sucked away. Andrew then put his hands under Luis' knees, and raised his legs.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Luis stopped moaning and looked up at Andrew with a scared look. "Don't worry, Bro; I'm not doing what you're thinking" Andrew reassured him. He then raised Luis' legs up, and dove face first into Luis' smooth crack. He licked up and down. When Luis understood, he grabbed his legs up and held them for Andrew. Andrew then spread Luis' cheeks and exposed Luis' hole. It was dark, not because it was dirty, but because of his Latino complexion. Andrew started licking Luis' tight hole and getting it all wet. He stuck his tongue into it just a little, and Luis let out a couple of grunts and then a few moans. Luis reached down, grabbed Andrew's wet cock and squeezed through his boxers. Andrew was shocked, but pleased that Luis was reciprocating. Luis reached his hand inside Andrews's waistband, and groped the precum-soaked dick. He started to jack Andrew, which caused Andrew to stick his tongue farther into Luis' ass.

"Fuck!" Luis grunted. "I've never felt anything like this before. While still sucking Luis' hole, Andrew reached down and pulled off his boxers, revealing his hard cock and balls to Luis. Luis reached over and squeezed Andrew's balls. Luis had never touched another man before, but he was becoming more and more fascinated with Andrew. Luis reached under Andrew balls and found his way to Andrew's ass. Luis took some of the massage oil that was still on his chest, and coated his fingers with it. He then went back to Andrew's hole and stuck his middle finger into it. Andrew jumped briefly, but then just moaned as he continued licking and tongue-fucking Luis' virgin hole. Luis started pulling his finger out and pushing it back in. "It's hotter than a pussy in there, and tighter too," Luis exclaimed.

Andrew sat up and let Luis' legs and ass back down onto the bed. He then reached over and pulled another bottle of massage oil out of his drawer. This one was unscented and didn't heat up, but it will do the trick. He then took the top off, and poured the entire bottle onto Luis' chest, stomach and crotch area. He threw the bottle onto the floor, and then lay down on top of Luis. Andrew came up to Luis' face and started to bite on Luis' lower lip. Luis opened his mouth and started kissing Andrew. The two young studs ran their tongues together as they started kissing harder. They both were moaning as they pushed their oiled-up bodies together. Their two dicks were smashed together, and were rubbing against each other causing friction that was bringing Luis closer to shooting his load. "Fuck Bro, I'm going to cum." Andrew stopped rubbing and moved down to Luis' crotch. He started sucking Luis' cock again, going up and down faster and faster while playing with his balls. He could feel Luis' cock get harder and his balls tighten up and he knew Luis was getting ready to shoot. Luis was moaning and grunting louder and his body was completely tensed up. "Oh, fuck...fuck...fuck, watch out, dude, I'm going to shoot" warned Luis. Andrew stopped bobbing up and down and just started jacking Luis off while keeping his throbbing cock in his mouth. Andrew felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of his throat. Luis' jizm kept coming, shot after shot. Andrew kept swallowing, but the spunk started shooting out of his mouth and onto his face. Finally Luis' body relaxed, and his dick softened a little bit but was still hard.

"Oh my god, I haven't cum in such a long time, that was fucking incredible," announced Luis. Andrew reached down and was jacking himself off when Luis pushed him onto his back.

"What are you doing?" Andrew asked.

"What you want. Now shut up, lay back and enjoy it" Luis demanded. Luis reached over to the same drawer that Andrew had taken the massage oil from, and pulled out one of Andrew's condoms. He raised Andrew legs up, and held them up, as he ripped open the condom package with his teeth. With one hand, he put the condom on and started to jack his cock to make it harder again which didn't take much. Luis was still very horny, and wanted to plow Andrew's ass. Luis spit into his hand, rubbed on his dick and then lubed up Andrew's ass with spit as well. He then placed the head of his engorged cock on Andrews' hole and gently pushed half of his cock in. "Fuck dude, it's tighter than I imagined" Luis moaned. Andrew winced in pain as Luis slid his dick into him slowly. Luis pushed his entire cock in and held it there until Andrew got used to it. He reached down and started to kiss Andrew. He pushed his tongue into Andrews's mouth and felt his friends tongue playing with the tongue ring in his mouth. Luis started to pull his dick out and then push it back in, slowly at first, but then he picked up the pace. Andrew was grunting with every thrust, but they were grunts of pleasure.

"Oh fuck, baby, pound my ass!" he yelled. The bedspring creaked as Luis plunged into his best friend's tight ass. Luis was pulling his cock out almost all the way, and then slamming it back in every time. They were both getting close to cumming. Andrew was pounding his own meat as Luis spit on it to lube it for him. Luis' pace got faster and faster until Andrew couldn't stand it any longer. "Fuck, Bro, here it comes," he yelled. And just then Andrew shot load after load onto his stomach and chest. A couple of the shots hit him in his face. He looked up at Luis and he could see Luis' mouth open and eyes squeezed shut. Luis moaned, almost screamed as he thrust into him, emptying himself into the condom. He then pulled out and took the condom off. He turned it upside down and emptied his hot cum onto Andrew's chest, mixing the two studs seeds together. Luis then lay on top of Andrew's cum covered chest and kissed him. "I love you, dude," Andrew told Luis. Luis just smiled and laid his head on Andrew's chest. They lay there, holding each other until they fell asleep.

Andrew was awoken by the annoying buzz of the alarm clock. "Fuck, what time is it?" he asked himself. When he lifted his head, he saw Luis lying next to him. He was in such a daze that he had forgotten about last night. Andrew had finally lived his fantasy, having his best friend fuck him. Andrew turned off the alarm clock before it woke Luis. He wanted to just lie there and watch this smooth young stud sleep.

As Andrew lay there thinking about the events of last night, his dick started to harden. He instinctively moved his hand down and wrapped it around his 7.5" cock. He started to slowly jack it up and down as he stared at Luis' naked body. Luis' cock, now soft lay at rest in the soft pubic hair. Andrew could see Luis' huge balls lying peacefully below the cock that had pounded his own ass last night.

"Luis?" Andrew whispered as he gently shook Luis. "Must be out cold." Andrew slowly sat up and positioned himself down just above Luis' crotch. He leaned down and started gently licking Luis' nuts. They started to tighten with his touch. He then took Luis' completely soft cock into his mouth, tasting the sweat and cum from last night. The taste made Andrews' cock even harder.

"Stop it," Luis said abruptly. Andrew sat back with a horrified look on his face. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "What happened last night cannot happen ever again. I was so fucked up I had no idea what I was doing" Luis insisted.

Andrew looked down, and tears started to form in his eyes. "I just thought that you finally felt the way that I do about you," he sobbed.

"Look, Bro. I am not a fag, and I had no idea you were one" Luis said hatefully. Andrew started to cry harder. He stood up and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it.

After about half an hour after hearing Andrews' sobs, Luis got up and limped over to the bathroom door and knocked softly. "Dude, come out...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude earlier...please Drew come out." The door opened slowly, and Andrew walked out into the living room, forgetting that Luis' sister was in the other bedroom.

She walked out just as Andrew sat down. "Hello,'re naked," she said sarcastically.

Luis stood in the door to the other bedroom. "He was so drunk last night he threw off all his clothes and slept in the bathtub" Luis lied, trying to explain.

"That's okay; it's not like I haven't seen his cock before," she laughed, reminding him that they had slept together many times. "Well, as much as I'd like to jump you, Drew boy, I have to get to this interview" she said picking up her purse and opening the door.

After she walked out the door, Luis walked over to Andrew throwing him a towel, "Cover yourself up before you get cold."

Badpuppy Model - Teodor "Why did you have sex with me last night?" Andrew asked Luis.

"I barely remember anything that happened last night. I had drunk way too much and smoked too much weed" Luis responded.

"You didn't seem that fucked up to me when you were pounding my ass."

"Look, I don't want to talk about it, and I would appreciate it if you never brought this up again. And don't you dare tell anybody about it."

Andrew walked into the bathroom and started the shower. He kept thinking about his Luis and how much he had wanted what had happened. "Why did Luis do this to me?" he kept asking himself. Even though he was so hurt about what Luis had said to him, it didn't take away from the fact that Andrew had finally had his fantasy. As Andrew thought about the prior evening, he started jacking his hard cock while at the same time fingering his tight asshole. As he jerked harder, he shoved two fingers in and out of his hole faster. "Oh fuck!" Andrew shouted as he shot his spunk all over the shower wall. Andrew sucked the cum that had leaked onto his fingers. "Umm, God my cum tastes good."

After the shower, Andrew got dressed and went to work. All day he kept thinking about how he could make this up to Luis or make him want more. Andrew was thankful that Luis wasn't working today. He didn't think he would be able to stand it. Andrew got so horny thinking about Luis' cock up his ass that he ran into the bathroom and went into the stall. Quickly Andrew whipped his hard dick out and started pumping his fist furiously up and down until he shot all over his hands. Once again, Andrew licked the cum off his hands and swirled it around in his mouth. Andrew had never eaten his own cum before, or anyone else's, for that matter. All of a sudden he loved the taste. Andrew went back to work looking forward to the next time he could shoot his cum and eat it.

At the end of the day as he was closing all his checks and waiting to be paid out for his tips, Andrew ran into Edwin, one of the pool boys. Andrew had always noticed him. Even though Edwin was only 18, he had the body and looks of a 22 year old. He was so hot. Edwin walked up to Andrew, "Make lots of money today, Andrew?"

"I didn't really notice," Andrew answered. After some small talk, Edwin walked away and Andrew watched him, watching this Latin boy's fine ass. Andrew wanted Edwin so bad. He noticed Edwin was walking into the restroom, so Andrew decided to follow him. When he walked in, Edwin had his back to him and was pissing into the urinal. Andrew walked up and used the urinal next to Edwin. As he took his dick out, he briefly looked over at Edwin's dick. It was huge, and it was soft. "Damn Bro, your daddy give you such a monster?" Edwin looked surprised but finished pissing and turned toward Andrew while holding his cock.

"Yeah, I guess it is pretty big; you should see it hard." Andrew zipped his pants up and walked over to Edwin.

"Okay, let's see it," Andrew said as he grabbed a hold of Edwin's soft cock. He started slowly stroking it up and down. Edwin closed his eyes and moaned softly. "You don't mind?" Andrew asked.

"No, not as long as you suck it," Edwin smiled.

"Not here, go into the ice room." Andrew said as he motioned towards the door. Edwin zipped up his pants and walked out of the bathroom and into the ice room. Andrew followed him into the room and shut the door. "Take your shirt off," demanded Andrew. Edwin followed the command and slowly took his T-shirt off, revealing his slightly soft stomach, which looked like a typical developing teenagers. His chest was developing nicely and was smooth as a babies butt. Andrew walked up behind Edwin and wrapped his arms around him. He softly kissed his back and ran his hands up and down Edwin's' stomach and chest. He pinched Edwin's' right nipple, and Edwin moaned softly. He then put his right hand into Edwin's' pants and wrapped his fist around the growing cock. Andrew licked the back of Edwin's' neck and started stroking his hard cock. Edwin could not hold still, he kept leaning back until Andrew was forced against the ice machine. Andrew picked up the pace of his stroking and could feel the precum oozing out the slit. Edwin reached back and squeezed Andrew's ass. He could feel Andrew pushing his crotch into his ass. Andrew's hard cock was straining to be released. Edwin pulled Andrews' hand out of his own pants and turned around. He unbuckled his own belt and let his pants fall to the ground. He then put his hand inside the waistband of his white briefs and pulled them down. His cock sprang up.

"Now, go down on me." Edwin demanded. Andrew dropped to his knees and started sucking and licking Edwin's balls. Andrew started rubbing his own aching crotch. He unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and started jacking it. Edwin pulled back and grabbed Andrew by the back of the head. "Suck it stud. I want to shoot down your throat," he moaned. He forced his cock into Andrew's mouth and started face fucking him. Andrew could taste all the precum that was leaking from Edwin. Edwin continued to shove his cock in and out of Andrews' mouth for what seemed an eternity.

Edwin reached down and grabbed Andrew underneath his arms and pulled him up. "You clean?" he asked.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor "What do you mean?"

"Do you have any diseases, stupid?"

"No, I always have safe sex."

"Well not this time," Edwin retorted as he turned Andrew around. Edwin leaned down and spread Andrews' cheeks and spit on his hole several times. He worked his middle finger in and out to loosen him up. Andrew moaned wanting more. Edwin stood up and spit into his hand. He then rubbed his cock up and down, making it nice and slick. Edwin shoved his cock all the way into Andrew's hole in one motion and held it there for a few seconds. Andrew winced in pain, but then started pushing his ass back onto the hard cock. Andrew opened the door to the ice bin so he could jack his cock.

Edwin fucked Andrew hard, slamming his pelvis into Andrews' ass. Andrew loved to hear the body of this young stud slapping against his own body. Edwin started fucking faster and faster while grunting. Andrew could tell the stud was getting close. Andrew furiously banged his own cock. He began to shoot his cum all into the ice machine. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum," Edwin shouted.

"No, not yet! I need you to shoot down my throat." Andrew pleaded. Edwin pulled his cock out making a slurping noise and turned Andrew around while forcing him down to his knees again. Andrew opened his mouth and Edwin shoved his cock into it. He thrust just a few times and started shooting load after load into Andrews' mouth. Andrew swallowed all of Edwin's' spunk and licked his dick and nuts clean. Edwin pulled up his pants, put his shirt back on, and then helped Andrew stand up. "Thanks, dude, that was great!" Andrew said.

"Don't worry about it, I just needed to get off."

"Have you done this type of thing before with a guy?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah, Luis and I fuck around sometimes."

"Which Luis?" Andrew asked trying to figure out which of the two Luis Edwin had been with. The pool attendant or Andrew's Luis?

"Pool attendant Luis." Edwin answered.

"But I thought he was straight" Andrew retorted.

"Yeah, straight to bed," Edwin smiled. "He just loves sex and blowing his load, whether with a girl, a guy or both at the same time." Andrew wondered how soon he could have that Luis too. Edwin walked out of the room and Andrew put himself back together and went back downstairs.

Later when Andrew got home from work he found a note from his Luis stating that he was going to be out of town for a couple of weeks and that he wanted to talk after he got back about last night. Andrew took the letter into his bedroom and put it under his pillow. He lay down thinking about the past 24 hours and fell asleep.

To Be Continued.

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