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Broken and Entered by Peter A in LA
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Mark has not had an easy life. When he was just 16-years-old, his mother was killed by a drunk driver in an automobile accident. His father struggled to raise him and his younger brother Brian as best he could, but being a long-haul truck driver made it hard for him to properly supervise his young sons as they grew older. Of course, money was always a bit of a problem as well. Mark loved his father and he tried to help by working two part-time jobs while attending high school. He also found himself becoming a substitute parent to his kid brother with his dad's frequent absences. He loved the young dude like crazy, and even though the kid was two years younger than Mark, the cute little fucker always made him proud. All of this weighed heavily on the spirit of the otherwise out-going young man. Many nights, the poor teenager cried himself to sleep in frustration.

After the now 20-year-old man finally graduated from high school, he struggled to figure-out what his future life would hold. Despite his brutal schedule of work, the young dude had managed to get fairly decent grades in high school. Mark found that he had an aptitude for computers, and wanted to pursue that as a career. But money for college or technical school seemed out of reach of the family finances. Mark tried to resist the idea, but after a while he could think of only one solution - becoming a thief.

Mark had been blessed in one way - he inherited his father's handsome good looks and muscular physique. With light golden-brown hair and deep-blue eyes, the 6 foot 2 inch, 175 pound stud had even considered becoming a strip-dancer at the local queer club out on the highway near town. They paid really good money there, but Mark decided that he was no pansy faggot. He cringed at the thought of displaying his macho athletic body in front of the tired old homo's that frequented the place. Not to mention what his tough masculine father and cute baby brother would think of him doing such a thing. So Mark had come-up with the idea of becoming a burglar and selling the stolen goods to raise cash for his future.

Mark was a good athlete from his high school wrestling days, so he knew that he should have no problem climbing into second story windows to gain access to some of the fancy houses on the north side of town. He decided upon the perfect target - the home of two of his high school classmates whom he knew were filthy rich. Justin and Jason were identical twins. Both of the blond-haired blue-eyed dudes had been on the swim team at school, and had given Mark and the other wrestlers a hard time about being over-grown muscle-heads and dumb jocks. Who better to pay back than these two pretty-boy stuck-up jerks.

After casing the twin's house for a few weeks to learn the family schedule, Mark decided that a Friday night would be the best time to strike. Their parents usually went to the theatre that night, and the twins should be out getting drunk at one of the local night clubs. Mark parked his van around the block from the house, and worked his way through several back yards until he was standing on their rear patio area. Most of the lights were out in the house as Mark climbed a garden trellis to get onto the second story balcony. He forced open a pair of French doors that he knew had not been connected to the alarm system. Once inside, he shut all of the drapes in the room and turned-on a small lamp. Mark could see that he was inside the twin's bedroom and began to look around for valuables.

As he explored the room, Mark noticed that the walls were covered with large posters of nearly-naked male competition weight-lifters and wrestlers dressed in skimpy posing straps. So much for the twin 21-year-old stud's stated dislike of dumb muscle jocks. His curiosity now aroused, Mark rummaged through their closets and found a box full of magazines. He gasped aloud as he looked through the collection that included pictures of nude muscle-boys performing queer sexual acts with each other. Mark had never imagined some of the depraved scenes that he saw pictured, and was shocked to realize that his own thick 9-inch cock had become totally hard. He nearly blew a load into his briefs when he got to several magazines that showed cute naked hunks bound and gagged in humiliating positions.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Mark shook his head in disbelief at the realization that Justin and Jason were a couple of muscle-worshiping queer perverts. They were both such handsome butch-acting athletes who always had plenty of girls chasing after them. He wondered how they could turn-out to be cock-hungry faggots. All of this was beginning to make Mark nervous about his own sexual identity. He found that he could not help himself as he continued to look through the pornographic images while rubbing his hand over the engorged dick-bulge tenting his jeans.

Opening another box in the closet, Mark found a pile of snap-shots of the twins and other guys naked having gay sex. One showed Jason covering his brother Justin's cute face with huge bolts of spunk. Another pictured Jason with his hard cock shoved up into Justin's smooth bubble-butt. Then Mark moaned when he found a shot of one of his old high school wrestling teammates on his knees with both twins shooting their loads all over the jock's muscular body. Suddenly Mark froze in shock as he picked-up the next photo. There in living color was an image of his sweet baby-brother Brian sucking Justin's dick into his mouth, as Jason fucked the 18-year-old's gorgeous round butt cheeks.

The horny stud totally lost all control, and ripped-open the buttons on his skin-tight 501 jeans and pulled-out his dripping erection. "Oh sweet baby brother...I never realized...God, look at you letting these hot hunks ravage your gorgeous young body...why didn't you tell me about this ?" moaned Mark as he brutally jacked on his erect male rod. As an image of his kid brother sucking on Mark's own throbbing dick filled his mind, his cock began firing jets of spunk all over his tensed taut abs. As the spent stud knelt on the floor with his load of cum dripping down into his crotch, Mark froze when he sensed a tall figure standing behind him.

There in the doorway to the bedroom stood the two twin brothers. Mark had not heard them enter the house and move quietly up the back stairs. The poor amateur burglar had failed to realize how long he had been in the house. "Well, what do we have here...a horny thief breaking into our humble abode...I see that Mr. Macho wrestler found some pictures that he liked...Oh yea, your faggot brother was one hot pussy-boy...are you as good a cocksucker as your wimpy brother, Mark ?" taunted Jason as his twin brother Justin grabbed the trapped boy's head by the hair.

Mark groaned in humiliation at being caught, as Justin slapped the side of his head hard several times with an open hand, and then spit into his upturned face. As his twin held the stunned hunk in place, Jason growled into his ear,"You fucking're going to pay for this...I think you'll make a great submissive slave-boy...I bet you'll be begging to be our muscle-bound bitch...your cock-hungry slut brother sure did." Mark whimpered hearing his sweet brother being degraded by these hunky queers, but felt even more disturbed by the urges sweaping over his mind. He wanted it to happen. He had always been the one who had to be in control, so the idea of letting someone else take charge of his mind and body aroused a dark desire within him. He wanted these two butch fags to beat the hell out of him. He wanted to be forced to sexually service their smooth young swimmer's bodies. He would soon get his wish.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Jason was a surprisingly strong stud, and he ripped Mark's flimsy T-shirt from his body as he tried to struggle from his grip. Justin grabbed some soft cotton rope and tied the helpless invader's arms behind his back as the twins pushed him down onto the floor on his stomach. Jason yanked his cummy briefs and worn jeans down his muscular legs after quickly pulling off his boots. Mark was now totally naked except for a pair of white cotton athletic socks, as Justin completed his bondage by binding his legs up against his back in a hog-tie. Jason forced the moaning thief's own soggy briefs into his mouth, then secured more rope around his head, gagging the totally degraded young hunk.

The two angry swim jocks lifted Mark's bound body with ease as they carried the alarmed boy down the back stairs of the house to the basement. They threw his helpless bound torso into a small locked room that was set-up as a work-out gym. As Mark lay there on a cold vinyl wrestling mat with his hard cock jammed underneath his panting body, the twins turned off the lights and left, locking the door behind them. He attempted to struggle a bit in an effort to free himself, but only succeeded in making his stiff cock grow even thicker. Mark's spirit was now completely broken, and he realized that he was sexually aroused by his total humiliation. He wondered what the handsome twin blond studs had in mind for him next.

After what seemed to Mark to be an eternity (it was only about an hour), the bound stud heard footsteps coming down into the basement and the gym-room door being unlocked. Rolling his body around, Mark managed to be facing the door as it was opened. In walked the handsome twin brothers, dressed in only skimpy leather briefs and short black-leather boots. Between their smooth tanned blond torsos, they held a naked young man with a thick chrome chain and padlock around his neck, and strips of soft leather brutally binding his engorged thick cock and shaved egg-sized balls. The cute young kid's eyes were covered by a wide leather blindfold, but Mark moaned when he recognized that their submissive captive was his brother Brian.

Jason stood in front of Brian and twisted the teen's erect male nipples, as he told him,"Ok pussy-boy...we promised you a surprise play-toy...he's all bound and gagged waiting for you to suck his big tool...tell him how much you love being a cocksucking want to turn him on, don't you faggot ?" Mark attempted to scream a warning through his gagged mouth, but only garbled moans could be heard. Justin walked over to Mark's struggling body and lifted him up onto a weight bench with his head hanging off of the end. With his legs still hog-tyed, his throbbing hard-on and sweaty chest were exposed at an extreme angle.

Brian moaned and rubbed his hands all over his teenaged hairless pecs and abs, as he gasped,"Oh fuck, man...I am such a cock-hungry queer...I love to have a built jock's thick rod fucking my pussy-boy mouth...please sirs, let your worthless slave boy suck on this muscle-hunk's cock." Jason slapped Brian's tight muscular buns hard as he shoved the panting young fag down onto his knees next to his bound brother. He guided the blindfolded boy's mouth over Mark's stiff dick and pushed his cute face into the moaning hunk's sweaty crotch. As his baby-brother's hands felt him up like a cheap street-side hustler, Mark's body shook all over and his thick load of pent-up sperm began filling Brian's wet cocksucking mouth.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Jason yanked the sucking teen's head back by the hair as his brother's cum dripped out from the side of his mouth. Holding the poor kid's arms behind his back, he suddenly removed the blindfold and allowed Brian to see the stud he had just sucked-off. With his wrapped cock and balls only inches away, he looked down into his butch older brother's deep-blue eyes and screamed,"Oh Jeez...Oh fuck...Mark baby...I'm so sorry...I'm so ashamed...they didn't tell me...Oh God, why did this have to happen to us ?" Justin leaned in between the two shocked siblings and pulled Mark's underwear gag from his mouth.

Slapping Mark's handsome face as it hung from the end of the bench, Jason taunted the bound jock, telling him,"Go ahead faggot...tell your wimpy brother how much you're turned-on...tell him how you shot a load looking at that picture of him serving us...tell him that you're a muscle-loving homo just like him...beg to suck his pussy cock down your own perverted dick-licker's throat." Jason released Brian's arms and reached around him to grab the kid's tool and slap it against his brother's face.

Mark groaned and licked his lips, as he gasped,"Oh God are such a hot looking young gorgeous baby brother is a total slut puppy...I didn't know it until tonight...but your big brother is just a muscle-loving pussy bitch fuck my damn cocksucking face with that huge dick of yours...let these handsome twin hunks humiliate both of us." Brian looked down at his bound brother and grabbed the sides of his head and roughly jammed his swollen cock deep down his throat.

"You fucking handsome bitch...I've wanted to rape your sweet mouth ever since we were little...fuck yea, if dad could only see his two jock-boy sons now...letting themselves perform for two horny butch blond we'll both be their total cocksucking slut slaves." panted Brian as he brutally pounded his cute brother's sweaty face with his dripping dick. Just as his nuts were ready to explode, Brian yanked his cock out and drowned his brother's face, neck, and chest with long bolts of creamy white cum. He had never shot so big a load in his young life.

After letting the two spent boys have a minute to recover, each of the twin blonds grabbed one of the brothers and went to work on them again. Justin dragged Brian over to a second weight bench and forced him to lay down on his stomach as he tied his arms to the weight supports with lengths of rope. Jason flipped Mark's body over and released his arms and legs, only to tie him into the same position as his baby brother. Both of their tight pink fuck-holes were left exposed as their firm muscular butts stuck-up into the air at the edge of each bench. The head of each bench faced the other, so both bound boys were looking directly into one another's eyes. The twins could be heard tearing open condom packets, and soon each of the brothers felt wet lube being rubbed into the deep crack between their tight buns.

The handsome twin blonds mounted each of their bottom boys and they shoved their rock-hard fuck-rods into a waiting hole. Mark screamed in agony until his virgin muscles began to get used to the anal invasion. With tears in his eyes, he looked over at his baby brother being fucked by Justin as Jason drove into his own bound body. Mark stared into his brother's eyes, and whimpered,"Oh jeez Brian...they're really doing it...these butch hunks are using our young bodies like the two-bit whores that we are...they're making us both into their cock-hungry bitch slaves...and making our humiliation complete by making us watch each other...damn Brian, you are such a hot-looking queer slut."

Jason yanked Mark's light-brown hair and forced his head to jerk back as he brutally fucked his muscular ass. Snarling into his ear, he told him,"Keep quiet, you pathetic're both useless queer gym-rat whores...and fucking thieves on top of that...we'll just have to take the only thing you have left...your sexual virginity." Justin suddenly yelped and pulled his erect cock from Brian's tight butt as he tore off the rubber. Soon he was fisting his huge spunk load all over the panting kid's round bubble-butt. Jason soon did the same, but instead leaned forward and fired his creamy sperm into the short golden-brown hair on Mark's head.

If Mark or Brian thought that their ordeal was over, they were sadly mistaken. Justin and Jason wiped their cummy dicks on the two boy's faces, then simply left them there as they walked out of the room. Jason turned and told them,"Oh by the way...I forgot to mention that our parents are away for the entire weekend...sleep tight, boys." Justin turned out the lights and double-locked the door to the room as the shocked slave boys moaned in frustration.

After about 15 minutes, young Brian managed to loosen the ropes binding his wrists, and was able to free himself. Moving over and kneeling next to his older brother's bound body, he could not help himself as he paused to fondle Mark's beefy round butt cheeks. The exhausted hunk moaned when he felt Brian's tender caress, then felt his brother's strong hands releasing his bound arms. Falling to the floor on his knees, Mark reached out and lightly brushed his fingers over his younger brother's handsome face. "Oh sweet gorgeous baby boy...I love you so much...I'm sorry for being such a stupid fucker." whimpered Mark as he leaned forward and kissed the cute kid full on the lips.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Brian went wild with lust and threw his body on top of his brother, and ground his suddenly rock-hard cock against his older brother's muscular groin. Resuming their passionate kiss, the young stud forced his tongue inside his hunky brother's warm wet mouth, as pre-cum leaked from his erect rod. When he finally broke-off the kiss, Brian looked into Mark's blue eyes with a puzzled gaze as he asked why the dude thought that he was stupid. Mark proceeded to explain that, like their father, he had not been able to spend enough time with the young teen as he would have liked. Mark felt stupid for not ever noticing that the horny cute stud was turned-on by guys and not girls. He had been so absorbed with his own problems that he never really thought about what Brian might be going through. As tears formed in his eyes, he asked his baby brother why he never told him.

Brian blinked-back tears from his own eyes as he told Mark,"Oh God've always been my're like a parent to me...with all the shit you've been always took care of me...I just could not have handled it if you had been ashamed of me...I would have died if I disappointed my handsome butch brother...Oh fuck, I love you so much." The poor young teen buried his face between his hunky brother's bulging pecs and started crying like a baby.

Mark wrapped his arms around his kid brother's body and hugged the weaping boy to his chest. "Fuck stupid jerk...I've always been so proud of never gave me or dad any trouble...I just never thought that much about sex myself...but from what I've experienced tonight...I think that I've been a latent faggot all along...and I never noticed what a cute hunky stud my brother had turned into." whispered Mark as he pushed his own throbbing hard-on up against his brother.

Brian raised himself up and placed his arms on either side of his big brother's smooth buff torso. Humping his totally hard boy-cock into Mark's sweaty groin, the young kid gasped,"Shit you really think that I'm a cute stud ?...Oh yea, my handsome hunky brother is a fucking you go, you cock-hungry muscle slut...I've just got to fuck that gorgeous face with my big teen dick again." The out-of-control young queer plunged his rigid pole into his brother's open mouth and he started fucking Mark's moaning face roughly. The older stud was totally aroused by his baby brother's dominant actions and started slapping the young fag's flexing butt cheeks hard with his hand.

"Oh shit, that's it man...spank your wimpy baby faggot-boy's ass hard...I've been a bad little cock-slut...raping my own macho-hunk brother's sweet pussy face...Oh fuck, drink my love-juice gorgeous cock-hungry queer." screamed the hot young stud as his nuts released an endless flow of teen spunk into his brother's sucking mouth. As he struggled to swallow his young brother's thick load, Mark's hips bucked and his big erect stud-rod began firing bolts of cream that landed all over Brian's firm tight butt and muscular thighs. The young boy collapsed on top of his panting brother, and Mark hugged him to his chest as he smeared the globs of spunk all over his pink teen butt cheeks.

As Brian nuzzled his face into his big brother's neck, Mark continued to stroke his sweaty young body and asked him,"So baby did you manage to hook-up with these two older dominant muscle-men ?...they were even a year ahead of me in long have you been their sex slave-boy ?" Brian kissed his brother again quickly on the lips, then explained that it had all started when he had joined the swim-team at school in his junior year. That first year on the team was when Brian had realized that he was a queer. Just the sight of his cute teammates in their skimpy tight speedo swim suits had caused his horny young cock to grow hard almost all of the time. He had his first gay sexual experience with one of his teammates in the showers after practice, but tried to be discrete about his emerging sexual desires.

This past year, as the 18-year-old became a senior star of the swim team, Jason had been hired by the school as an assistant coach and mentor to the team, because of his past swimming awards at the school. Brian soon began noticing that Jason paid him a lot of extra attention. The young swim jock was thrilled by the older stud's compliments about his efforts, since he was totally aroused by the blond jock's gorgeous well-defined body and masculine appearance. Of course, Brian had no way of knowing that this butch guy was queer for him also, and had spotted Brian's nearly constant boners filling his speedo. Finally one day, Jason invited the young swimmer over to his house for a little "extra practice".

Brian's teen cock was becoming hard again, and he humped his groin into his big brother's hip as he continued his story. After they both swam for an hour or so in Jason's pool, the handsome blond told Brian to join him and his brother Justin for some weight training in their basement gym. Still dressed in only their speedo's, they headed down to the gym, but the young swimmer was in total shock when he entered the room. Tightly bound to one of the benchs was Jason's twin brother Justin, totally naked with his own damp speedo jammed into his mouth.

Before Brian could react, Jason pushed him down onto his knees and grabbed his head by the hair, telling the startled boy,"I know that you're a horny little queer...look at your wimpy hard cock-shaft bulging through your speedo...I bet you love seeing my pussy-slut brother all bound and gagged like that...just like you want to be yourself...go ahead, admit it you fucking little faggot." Brian moaned and his mouth dropped open looking at the homo-erotic scene before him. Jason jammed his fingers into the panting young fag's mouth, and the poor kid lost control and filled his tight speedo with a soaking-wet load of spunk.

When Jason saw this, he growled and slapped Brian's pretty-boy face hard several times with his hand, and dragged him over to the other weight bench. Grabbing more cotton ropes, he roughly bound the whimpering boy's smooth swimmer's body to the bench, then removed his cum-soaked speedo and gagged his mouth with it. Well, to make a long story short, from that day on Brian became a total sex slave to both of the twin blond jocks. He willingly returned to their house many times, as he soon began craving their periodic abuse of his hungry young body.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Mark hugged his baby brother closely to his chest, as he confessed to him,"Oh God Brian...maybe it's in our blood...but I also really got aroused by their humiliating control over my mind and body...and I'm ashamed to admit that I loved watching you being fucked like a moaning handsome cock-loving slut-boy." Brian groaned and rolled off his brother's body onto his back and lifted his legs apart, and he screamed,"Please Mark...fuck me now...ram your gorgeous rod into my tight young fuck-hole...let me show you what a horny young slut I am."

Mark spit into his kid brother's open pink fuck-hole and shoved his rock-hard muscle-dick all at once into the panting boy's cute butt. Brian's eyes rolled back in his head as total lust and pleasure flooded his brain. The young queer's fuck-chute was still well-lubed from his earlier fucking, and Mark pounded the kid's body with total abandon. "You hot little faggot slut...take my hard brother-cock up your wimpy slave-boy humpy man-loving baby stud loves being fucked...Oh damn it dude...your queer muscle-jock brother loved having his pussy-bitch ass reamed by that gorgeous blond hunk even more." gasped Mark as he yanked his throbbing erection from his brother's butt and drowned the kid's abdomen with a huge shot of spunk. Brian whimpered and added his own creamy sperm to the pool on his chest.

The two trapped faggot boys stacked a few of the wrestling mats together to make a bed, and found a ratty old blanket to cover their bodies. The exhausted brothers huddled together for warmth and loving contact, and managed to fall asleep for the rest of the night. They were awakened Saturday morning by loud footsteps and shouting voices approaching the gym-room door. After they heard the door being unlocked, it flew open and Jason pushed his twin Justin into the room, and the naked blond stud fell to his knees on the floor. Mark noticed that Justin had a chrome chain and lock around his neck, just like the one that Brian still wore. The bulging veins on the hunky blond's rock-hard cock shaft stood out, as the poor jock's beefy dick and smooth ballsack were bound by a double-ringed leather harness and ball stretcher.

Jason walked into the room wearing a leather and chain harness around his smooth blond torso that attached at the bottom to a shiny chrome ring around his huge 9-inch monster rod. Justin cowered in front of his twin brother, and looked-up at him and pleaded,"Oh please Jason...don't make me do this...I'm not sure if I'm ready for this yet...not in front of this hunky muscle-boy's my darkest fantasy." Jason growled and slapped his brother so hard that he knocked the whimpering twin onto his back on the floor.

Jason grabbed his twin's blond hair and yanked his face up as he told him,"You fucking closet pussy-boy...I've watched your eyes whenever little slave-boy Brian was being put through his were jealous of how much pleasure the tough little fucker was getting out of his forced service...only you wanted to be the one being made to worship a macho man's body...admit it all, you gutless wimp." An angry Jason grabbed some rope and hung it over an exposed beam across the ceiling, then grabbed Justin's arms and tied them together above his head to the beam. With the struggling blond's rippled abs stretched out taut, Jason reared back and punched his twin brother's stomach hard several times.

Justin groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure, then whimpered softly,"Oh fuck...I don't know if I can handle it...shit Jason, you know I've always had a fetish for muscular wrestling jocks and body-builders...look at the gorgeous body on this cute muscle-slut Mark...and his fucking cock is as big as your monster rod, brother...I had a dream last night about him fucking my tight jock-boy ass...I should never had told you about it, you son-of-a-bitch." Jason turned and chuckled when he saw the looks of disbelief on Mark and Brian's faces.

Jason walked over to Mark and ordered him to stand, then tore open a condom and began stretching it over the aroused wrestler's thick cock shaft. Grabbing his golden-brown hair, the dominant blond dragged the horny sex-slave over behind his twin brother's glorious round butt, then applied some lube to his hard shaft and the deep crack between his brother's glutes. Jason then commanded Brian to come over and kneel in front of Justin's throbbing muscle-rod. "Alright you horny muscle-sluts...fuck this wimpy muscle-loving pretty-boy hard and rough...I want you to make him scream like the worthless bitch that he macho twin is just another cock-hungry bottom-boy...he wants the ultimate humiliation...being a sexual play-toy for my faggot slave-boys."

As Mark growled and started fucking the strung-up hunk's muscular butt deeply, young Brian used all of his cocksucking skills to time the thrusts of Justin's swinging pelvis to take his dripping shaft down his throat. Justin's smooth jock body shook as it was being ravaged from both sides, and he moaned,"You hunky athletic wrestling stud...pound my pathetic muscle-hungry swimmer's buns...make me submit to your gorgeous muscle-bound gym-slut body...I want to feel your thick monster-cock ripping my wimpy hole wide-open." Mark reached his strong arms around the screaming queer's chest and brutally pinched his erect nipples.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor None of them noticed Jason prepare his own erect rod with another condom and move right behind Mark's sweet firm butt cheeks. Suddenly Mark yelped as he felt Jason's strong hands holding his waist to drive his own monster rod into the fucking jock's tight pink anal passage. "Oh yes, do it...fuck my queer butt with that huge dick...rape me while I rape your handsome muscle-loving twin...shit Jason, make me your pussy-fag cunt...fill my damn wimpy ass with your whole cock...I want it all inside me...Oh man." begged the out-of-control athletic jock as his entire body shook with lust. Jason sensed that both Mark and Brian were about ready to shoot, and he ordered them to fire their loads only onto Justin's sweaty torso.

Jason quickly yanked his own pulsing prick from Mark's tight hole and aimed it at his brother's fucked butt cheeks. Both he and Mark ripped off the rubbers, then began shooting at the same moment and each covered one of Justin's round buns with bolts of creamy white sperm. Brian stood-up and chewed on one of Justin's erect nipples as he fired his slave-boy spunk all over the raped blond's rippled abs. Justin let out a strangled moan as his tortured cock spit a stream of steamy cum onto cute little Brian's smooth taut teenaged groin.

After that weekend, both Mark and Brian wore matching chrome chains around their necks all the time as a sign of their total submission to Jason's sexual service. They were not allowed to have sex with anyone else (except each other) unless it was arranged and watched by Jason. He was so pleased by the two brother's willing loyal service that he paid for both of their college expenses. He was, after all, filthy rich in his own right from the trust fund that he received at 21. Oh yea, of course they had to explain this windfall to their father, and he handled it pretty well. He even treated Jason like he was a third son and thanked him for keeping them out of serious trouble.

Poor Justin tried to build his own stable of sexual slaves, but soon found himself being dominated by a young muscle-builder who discovered his muscle-worshiping desires. He had targeted the guy as a bottom when they met at a gym, but as soon as he took him home, the beefy jock had him licking his sweaty arm pits. Adding to Justin's humiliation, the second time that the muscle-boy visited the house Jason walked in as the young hunk was fucking Justin's muscular butt. After about 5 minutes of raunchy verbal abuse, the hot hunk was sucking Jason's huge cock down his butch gym-jock throat. Jason left both of them in a cum-covered heap of muscular flesh.

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