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Bro by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker “Hey, Bro!” I smiled and waved at Austin as he sat on his patio with his roommate Brian, both young men shirtless and glistening with sun block. “C’mon down and have a beer with us!” I nodded, went up to my apartment to change into a pair of cutoffs, tank top and flips and then headed down with a six pack of Austin’s favorite brand of beer, knowing that it and at least two more like it would be consumed by the three of us. This had become a regular event most weekends and even some exceptionally warm weeknights and I’d had to add a bit more to my workouts to compensate for the extra alcohol so it wouldn’t settle around my waist, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. You see, often after a night spent this way, I usually would wind up with one or both young men in my bed…

…I first met Austin and Brian as they moved into the apartment that sat across from my carport parking spot. My apartment complex, while pleasant and upscale, cut a lot of corners when it came to the facilities and the carport was no exception, being of just support pillars and a tin roof construction. There was low cut shrubbery that separated the carport area from the sidewalk and this meant that when I drove up to park I was looking directly onto the patio of the apartment in front of my parking place. When I had moved in, there was an old guy that lived there, overweight and unhealthy, sitting outside in a ratty old chair, chain smoking and calling out to anybody that passed by to chat or to ask if they had any more cigarettes. The few folks that lived around us that did smoke would stop and share, and then they’d talk for a bit before heading off to their various lives. This was the case until I saw that the apartment was being empty and, about a week later, saw the new tenants.

Two young men, shirtless and sweating in the warm afternoon sun, were hauling in furniture from a truck parked about two spots away from mine. As usual, all the ‘free’ uncovered parking spots were full with the second and third cars of the apartment dwellers, so the only parking for the guys was their assigned covered spot. I watched them struggle with lifting furniture out of the truck and then trek around the covered parking to the area reserved for garbage trucks to pick up the trash which was the only area open enough to maneuver the furniture around the shrubbery, three times the travel just to unload their truck. I made a quick decision and, when they’d set down their burden for a quick break, I offered to let them back into my spot.

“Hey guys, use my spot for now,” I said as I enjoyed watched their hard torsos moving with their heavy breathing from the exertion. “I’ll switch with you for right now so you can move in easier, and then we can switch back after you are done.” Both of them grinned, shoved the furniture back onto the truck and pulled out a few minutes later to let me put my car in their spot. They backed into my spot and, as I had thought, their truck was high enough to allow them to back over the low shrubbery almost right to the sidewalk.

Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker They got out of their truck and came around to where I was getting out of my car. “Hey, bro, thanks a lot! It was looking grim there for awhile,” said one guy introducing himself as Austin, while the other guy smiled and introduced himself as Brian. After they had finished off loading their stuff over the rest of that afternoon, we switched parking places again and they invited me to their place later on for a thank you drink.

“Bro, thanks again for helping us out there,” Austin said as he handed me a cold can of premium beer before popping one for himself. Brian was busily setting up the kitchen to make some snacks, unboxing kitchen gear and unbagging groceries, while Austin was entertaining the guest. Both young men had taken a bit of time to shower after their exertions, yet neither of them wore more than shorts and flips, allowing me to not only smell their masculine scents but also to ogle their great chests, abs and legs.

Brian was built like a gymnast or swimmer, long lean muscles with a full set of pecs and the expected narrow tight abs. His ass filled out his shorts well, although I figured it would be a hard muscled ass and not a bubbled one. A thick bulge at his crotch confirmed he was well endowed but I didn’t really know how well. Austin, however, was pure muscle, wide shoulders narrowing down in a V shape to a tight waist and muscled all over, thick thighs and calves lightly dusted with bleached brown hair like the mop on his head. His upper body was smooth except for the light brown tufts of hair under his arms and a little happy trail that went from his tight ‘innie’ navel to disappear inside the band of his shorts. His butt was more my type, full and bubbly, filling the seat of his tight shorts perfectly and his bulge at his crotch was even bigger than what Brian was sporting. I was musing on these thoughts as Brian came out of the kitchen with some munchies and another six pack.

“Looks good, Bro!” said Austin as he helped Brian settle the food in front of us and we started scarfing it down, drinking more beer and getting more as needed until I was quite happy along with my new buddies. I soon discovered that Austin called every guy he came in contact with ‘Bro’ and Brian just softly nodded at people, but that was ok with me, especially after almost a six pack of beer by myself. Somehow we started chatting about muscles and local gyms and I shed my tank top to reveal my own gym-hardened body, a bit more furry than my two ‘bros’ and a bit more mature. Austin just smiled and commented on my physique, saying that I must work out a lot to get those kinds of guns and pecs, while Brian just stared at my nipples and abs, smiling all the time.

We sat admiring each other for the rest of that night, drinking beer and eating the never-ending munchies out of Brian’s kitchen, until I realized it was almost morning! “Guys, I hate to break up a great party, but I do need my beauty sleep.” Austin guffawed at that and Brian quietly chuckled and so I made my way back to my apartment. I’d say about a week, perhaps two, of this went on although on weeknights I would only stick around until midnight as I did have work. I had found that both of the young men were students at my university; however neither were in my classes and also were only taking one weight training class together that term. This accounted for their lack of clothing at home, mostly, for they’d go to their class, come home and shower, then lounge about for the rest of the day. Not a bad life I’d say.

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Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker One exceptionally hard week finally ended and we’d somehow not had a weeknight ‘party,’ so I invited the guys up to my place for ‘a grown up drink and dinner.’ Austin as usual guffawed in his big hearty laugh and said that they’d be right up and arrived shortly after that, dressed in their usual tight board shorts and flips, however they continued with my joke about being grown up by wearing t-shirts with preprinted tuxedo jackets and ruffled shirts on them. As both young men were wearing that t-shirt so tight as if being a second skin, I had to laugh to myself that I’d never seen tuxedos sporting twin nipple buttons on the jacket before.

The boys also had not had a mixed drink before, so after some of my special vodka martinis which ‘after my taste buds were removed by the first sip,’ noted Austin, that they were ‘quite good.’ I fed them some steaks and root veggies, all grilled and seared perfectly, with crusty garlic bread and even a chocolate dessert that made their eyes widen. I didn’t realize it then, but as both young men had left to use the bathroom a few times in between all the food and drink, they’d also discovered something else about me based on the reading material in the bathroom. Lazily I’d just picked up the house and did a bit of spot cleaning, but had not put away from anyplace my gay magazines or, as in the case of the bathroom, the porn that was in there. Austin had gone in first and came out, then whispered something to Brian and soon he’d gone to the bathroom as well. By this point we’d all had enough alcohol to be loose enough for anything and, when it happened, I was better prepared than I thought.

“So, Bro,” said Austin in one of the most casual manners I’d ever heard from him, “which of us has the better looking body?” Brian nodded and looked at me as if he wanted to know as well.

I thought about it and decided to go the easy way as to not hurt either guy’s feelings. “You both have great looking bodies and keep them in great shape…it would be hard to really decide without more detailed study.” I smiled at both of them and hoped that would get me off the hook, however Austin had other ideas.

“I’m OK with that, Bro,” Austin said as he stood up and walked around the table to where I sat. He held his arms up and turned around slowly, then said, “So, study away.” I smiled, thinking he was joking and pretended to look at the slab of prime meat next to me as if evaluating it. “Hmm, maybe a closer look?” Austin said as he reached down as if to pull off the tuxedo t-shirt. This however was so tight that it literally got ‘stuck’ at his pecs and he finally turned to me and pleaded, “Bro, can you help me with this?”

Now, the only way I could see to get the t-shirt off was to put my hands under the fabric against those mounds of boy tits and pull upwards, so I did that and caught the little flash of ‘aha’ on Austin’s face before his t-shirt came off over his head. “There you go, Austin,” I said, handing the young man his t-shirt without once taking my eyes off his pecs. He just grinned again and then repeated his offer to check him out.

Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker “Go ahead and touch if you want,” he said, holding his arms in the best possible position to pump up his pecs. “I know the gym teacher tends to squeeze our muscles to get an idea of how hard they are so I think you should do that too.” I just nodded and reached out, my hands somehow contacting those splendid pecs and almost clutching them in my excitement. “Hehe, not too hard, please,” requested Austin as he stood there with my fingers all but dug into his pec flesh, “I don’t look good in bruises.”

While I mauled Austin’s pecs, Brian had quietly removed his shirt and walked over to where Austin stood, his eyes on both of us as he rubbed the thickening bulge at his crotch. “I guess I better evaluate you too, Brian,” I said, removing my left hand from Austin’s left pec and clamping it onto Brian’s right pec. He moaned and Austin grinned.

“Be careful with Brian’s tits, they’re one of his favorite toys.” Hmm I thought as I continued a little less forcefully to knead the firm muscles under my hands. I moved my hands down to the two men’s bellies, stroking the hard ab muscles there and lightly pulling on Austin’s happy trail. Grasping both men’s waistbands I pulled the men a bit closer and then reached around to slip my hands inside their shorts and grasped a handful of ass cheek.

“That’s nice,” Austin murmured as I kneaded his bubbled cheek in my hand. I was right about Brian’s ass too, it was hard muscled and almost non pliable, although when he relaxed it filled my palm nicely. Austin’s was almost a bit fat, oozing to fill my palm and I suspected a great cushioning effect during fucking. I moved a little to reach into their cracks, and as I brushed a fingertip against both men’s rosebuds, they both groaned and pushed against my finger as if to suck it inside. Interesting, I thought and slowly pulled my hands back so that I was at their waistbands again.

“I guess I better check everything out,” I said and, at the two men’s silent nods, moved my arms down so that the guys’ shorts moved down as well, slowly revealing their tight lower abs, the first hint of pubic hair and then, as the shorts dropped around their ankles, revealing their slightly thickened cocks and heavy balls. Now my hands reached out to Austin’s equipment, one hand cupping and fondling the hairy and heavy ball sack while the other one stroked and pulled on his uncut tube. This was a nice one, not a lot of overhang but enough to just cover the tip. Brian reached down to start fondling himself and I lightly slapped his hand away. “Wait your turn buddy,” I said as Austin moaned in delight, “I’ll be with you shortly.” He nodded and contented himself with his ‘toys,’ rubbing and tweaking his nipples and moaning the whole time.

Austin’s cock, by this time, had reached its full length and girth, which looked to be about eight inches long and slender like mine, perhaps an inch and a half in diameter. His balls were quite large, meaty and heavy in their sack and every little squeeze I gave them made Austin moan and his cock to jump with excitement. I gave him a few more minutes of fondling until I saw the first dewdrop of precum at his cock tip and then made him stand at ease with his hands behind his back. “OK, Brian, your turn.”

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Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker I reached out as Brian almost eagerly put his crotch into my hand. His balls were not as large and beefy as Austin’s, but they were still firm and sensitive, Brian’s moans filling the room as I fondled them. His cock, now thickened out to its full length of nine inches, which matched mine, was a bit fatter than both Austin’s and mine, perhaps just under two inches in diameter. He was cut, but his frenum had a little metal surprise, pierced with a small hoop with a little crystal bead holding it closed. “Pull on it lightly,” whispered Brian, “You can lick it also, it’s healed.” I did so and was rewarded with a little belch of precum from Brian’s cock.

Both young men were primed in front and, after fondling their ball sacks a bit more, told them to turn around and put their hands on their heads. “You’ll like what I will do, so just keep your hands off yourselves.” I pushed their legs a bit more apart and then moved behind Austin, grasping his full bubbled butt with both hands and squeezing. He groaned and then I pulled his cheeks apart, revealing the hairy crack between them and his little pucker hole nestled deep within. I ran a finger over his pucker and he shivered with delight. Pushing his back so that it was almost perpendicular to the floor, I told him to stay that way and then moved behind Brian. Soon Brian was bent forward next to Austin, both men’s legs spread and awaiting instructions. I left the room briefly and returned with a bottle of lube, some cum rags and a box of rubbers.

“Well, boys, there are only two more things I need to check before I can tell you who’s the champion of this contest. I’ll start with Austin.” I put lubricant on my index finger and, with my other hand, widened his ass crack so that I had a clear shot at his asshole. “Loosen up, Austin; you’ll recognize this from going to the doctor.” With that, I lubricated the entry with the tip of my finger and then slowly pushed inside him.

“Unngh…” groaned the boy as his butt was invaded by my finger. I went slowly and, after I was inside enough, used my now free hand to reach between his legs and lightly stroke his bobbing cock and fondle his balls. This seemed to relax him and soon I was able to poke against his prostate as well as get a feel for his tightness.

“Very good, Austin.” I removed my finger and patted his full bubbled rump. “You may return to at ease position.” As Austin straightened up, I moved to where Brian stood, bent over and ready. I cleaned off my finger with a little of that quick cleaning stuff, let it dry a bit and then lubricated both my finger and Brian’s pink pucker. I slowly entered Brian and fondled his cock and balls as I had Austin, and felt Brian’s tightness while I found his prostate in good working order.

“Exellent, both of you may now turn around.” I cleaned off my finger again as the two men turned to face me, their hard rods sticking straight up towards their bellies and the tips of their cocks glistening with precum. “I believe we’re now ready for the last test.” I lubricated my thumbs with a special bottle of lubricant and, as the two men looked puzzled at me, reached out and grasped their cocks so that my lubricated thumb rested against their frenums. Both men instantly understood what the special lubricant was, for immediately their frenums began to warm up and sensitize while I slowly stroked the small area in little circular motions, all the while holding their stiff cocks straight up and pointing towards their chests. The pressure built and built and, as I’d thought, Austin was the first to orgasm.

Badpuppy Model - Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker “Oh, fuck!” he howled as his spew began shooting from his cock, the jets rising to hit the bottom of his pecs and coat his tight abs. His moans continued as both the sensitizing lubricant and his worked up body squeezed more and more cum from his wriggling balls. With a moan Brian started his orgasm, his jets not quite as high as Austin’s but still managing to coat his tight abs with boy juice and his cock throbbing in my hand as it shot rope after rope of cum onto his belly. I think both boys were shocked that they could have such intense and long lasting orgasms, for I’d glanced at the clock when Austin started and timed it to when they both stopped, a good ten minutes of jetting cum from both young men. When they were literally shooting blanks I stopped my circles and rubbed my thumbs across their perineums, that place between their balls and asshole so that the warming lubricant would keep them a bit excited but not orgasming. The two men fell to their needs before me, sexually spent and worn out by the intensity of their orgasm, just as I’d intended.

“Good work, both of you,” I said as I bent forward to rub the boy’s cum into their fine chests and abs. “I think we’ll clean up and then have a little bit to eat before I announce the winner in each category.” The two boys just nodded a bit dumbly and then followed me to the bathroom where I undressed as well and helped them shower. Fortunately my shower was accommodating enough to fit three muscled specimens of men and tired as they were, they responded to the gentle washing of their bodies and touch of each other with half hard cocks. I dried them off myself and the two men dried me off, itself a nice feeling and we headed to the kitchen to get some food, ate and then settled back in the living room where our discarded clothing lay.

“Well, guys, I’ve decided the winner of each category.” They both sat forward in anticipation. “Austin has the best chest and overall muscularity and the heaviest shooter.” Austin smiled at that and I continued. “Brian, however wins for having the hardest yet fullest butt and tightest entry I’ve seen yet, plus his little body secrets win him the kink award.” Austin laughed along with me at Brian’s sudden redness. “Hey, buddy, many folks find that a turn on.” He nodded and I finished up. “I guess I can’t pick a winner, for both of you are even in category wins.”

Brian, the quiet one, piped up, “How about best two out of three?” I looked at him and, a split second later, Austin nodded and agreed. “I think it’s only fair, Mike. We’ll need to do this often. Maybe you’ll need to add more categories, like the best in catching and best in receiving.” I stared dumbfounded at the two boys, who had big shit-eating grins on their faces, and then the penny dropped as I realized that they had me figured out.

“OK, when did you guys guess I was gay?”

Austin smiled and reached across to pull me to where the two boys sat on the couch, settling me between the two of them and then resting one hand on my thigh while the other went around my shoulders. Brian copied him and then said, “Well, Mike, it wasn’t hard to guess when we both went to the bathroom and found ‘Hard Fucks’ as the reading material.”

Austin laughed at my expression. “Yeah, I was only shocked for a little bit before I realized I was getting really turned on by the idea of you being gay.” He looked at Brian, who nodded agreement before continuing, “Bro, you are also one sexy guy and we wondered what it would take to get into your pants. Too bad it took so long!” I laughed at that and then the two men nodded again, saying that it was only fair that they ‘evaluate’ me now and as one, they began fondling my pecs and stroking my thickened tube as I just stood and moaned in delight…

…that weekend finished with me winning what they called the All Around Award for an ‘old’ guy after multiple ‘evaluations’ between the three of us. After that we dropped the pretense and just went for the sex and companionship, which I must say is fine by itself. Occasionally one of the young men will comment on a body part of the other guy and we’ll go back to ‘evaluating’ if it is any better than before. I still hold the All Around Award after many attempts to wrest it away from me, but as the two boys pant in exhaustion I reign supreme in stamina, which is the name of the game when fucking young ‘Bros.’

The models in these pictures are Libor Kenda and Aaron Tucker

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