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Badpuppy Model - Gary "Now what?" Tommy shouted above the storm as we stood spread-legged over our bikes.

Drenched in the driving rain and hardly able to stand against the gusts of wind, we looked down the highway to the spot where the bridge was threatening to come apart. We needed to cross that bridge. A highway crew was already on the far side, setting up a barricade. We had sneaked past a similar barricade five miles back. I had convinced Tommy that as long as the bridge was still standing, we'd find a way to get across. But even with the bravado that comes naturally with being 18 years old, there was no way we'd tackle that battered concrete span.

When we set out early that morning for the 50-mile ride up the California coast, we knew the storm was coming in. But we were experienced long-distance riders, who had never given a thought to bad weather. We prided ourselves with being able to ride through anything nature could dish out. But this storm had hit the coast with a ferocity that was totally unexpected. And here we were, stranded less than two miles from our destination.

"We could climb," I shouted back with a down and up motion of my arm.

I knew it was a dumb idea as soon as I said it, but I also knew that Tommy was going to give me a ton of shit about dragging him past the barricade where we could have hitched a ride back.

"You first," was his quick retort.

"Bad idea, huh?"

"Worse than that," he responded leaning over and giving me a hard, but playful cuff to the side of my helmet. "Right up there with you getting us stuck out here."

* * * * *

It was the summer after our high school graduation. My best friend, Tommy, was heading off to Princeton in August. We had both been accepted at UCLA. I begged, threatened and cajoled him to join me there. However, he was determined to get as far away as he could from Sacramento. Now, he never actually came out and said that...even to me, his best bud. But I knew that behind his excitement at going to Princeton was the desperate need to escape from the most God-awful parents a kid could have: alcoholic, physically and verbally abusive and, get this, Bible-spouting fundies. It was a deadly combination to live with but somehow he'd made it. Their drunken rages drove him to sleep over so many times, my folks joked about him being "our second son". And, that's exactly how they treated him, which, I think, helped him a lot.

I was heart-broken by his decision to go back East to college. Yeah, 'heart-broken' is the right in 'I love the guy'. It was thirteen years since we first started playing with each other as little kids. We've always been quite the pair: he the tall, blond, All-American the wiry, dark-skinned son of Vietnamese immigrants. He gave me my American name (Nhac becoming Hank) and he pulled me into his world. We shared it all: Scouts, Pop Warner football, paper routes, varsity swim team all four years (yeah, we were that good), bicycle racing. We each kissed our first girl on the same double date. He was only a month ahead of me in scoring that all-important first fuck. I can't remember Tommy not being in my life.

When I was eleven I had my first orgasm while wrestling around with him on this mattress in the corner of his basement. My surprised, flushed face and jerking hips gave me away. Tommy got all excited. He told me that for almost 3 months he'd been 'ejaculating' (he had to tell me what that meant!). Anyway, for the next few months we spent a lot of time jerking off together. At first we watched each other. Then we started handling each other's hard dicks. One night when he was sleeping over, he climbed on top of me and we humped each other until we unloaded in our briefs.

But then it suddenly stopped.

One afternoon I wrestled him to my bedroom floor and started rubbing the already rock-hard bulge in my jeans against his crotch. I felt him rubbing back and getting hard himself, but then he suddenly and roughly pushed me off.

"No!" he yelled as he jumped up.

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Badpuppy Model - Gary I still remember how stunned I was by his outburst. Over the years we had gotten pissed off at each other many times, but in his voice I heard something I'd never heard before and it scared me. I looked up into his face. His expression scared me even more; it was one I'd seen only after his father had beat him. I dropped my eyes and found myself staring at his pants, at the pronounced outline of his still-erect dick.

"This is wrong," he said, as he covered his hard-on with his hands. "I'm no faggot...and neither are you."

Tommy then grabbed my basketball off the floor, turned and threw it hard, real hard, down at me.

"Shoot some hoops?" he asked, and before I could answer, he was out the door to the back yard. Confused and shaken, I followed him. I was the better player but that afternoon Tommy whooped my ass.

I was afraid to ask him what a 'faggot' was, so I later looked it up in the school library's 2-ton dictionary, and the reality of homosexuality entered my life. For a year or so after that, Tommy was quite the vocal Bible-thumper around anything even bordering on queer. He even taunted this boy because he decided the kid was a 'homo'. Later the kid's older brother cornered Tommy after school and beat the shit out of him. When I came on the scene, the brother was just running off. Seeing Tommy's bloodied face and quickly-swelling eye, I was ready to go after the brother to even the score, but Tommy stopped me.

"Thanks, Hank, but I deserved it," he said quietly. Then he laughed as he gingerly touched his face. "For's not my dad."

Tommy stopped putting down gays after that. I was sure his feelings hadn't changed; he just kept them to himself.

It wasn't until just after I turned 16 that I accepted that I was gay (brought out by the college intern our swimming coach had helping him, a story in itself I might write about someday)...and that I was in love with Tommy. Oh, I kept up a good front...having a girlfriend as foxy as Karla certainly helped. But in my heart, well... Enough to say that I kept my feelings closely guarded, afraid that if I let out any hint whatsoever, Tommy would leave me in disgust.

* * * * *

"What about that store?" I asked, returning Tommy's cuff with a jab to his ribs. He grabbed my hand and twisted it.

"Was it open?"

I broke free of his grip and gave a quick slap to his cheek.

"I saw a guy watching us from the window," I answered.

With a sudden lunge, Tommy butted my helmet with his...hard.

"Better than standing here freezing our wet asses off."

With that Tommy swung his bicycle around and was off up the road with me in hot pursuit. The sound of the bridge breaking apart reached our ears as we got to the top of the incline. We looked back and through the rain saw a gaping opening where the bridge once crossed.

Twenty minutes later we were two drowned rats seeking refuge at Cliff's Ocean View Emporium. As we rode up, a man came out on the covered porch of the store. Wearing jeans and an over-size sweatshirt, he was tall and lanky, probably early 30s, with a thick head of curly black hair.

"Thought I'd see you two back here," he called out. "Got a call on the CB from the road crew. Said the bridge washed out."

Badpuppy Model - Gary "Yeah, we heard it break up," Tommy responded as we pulled our bikes onto the porch. "God, it's cold."

"Hope you don't mind us resting here a bit," I said as I pulled off my helmet and hung it over the handlebar. When I turned back, I caught the man staring intently at Tommy. Tommy was moving around kind of strange and nervous like.

"I don't think you fellas are going anywhere for awhile. Landslide's taken out the road two miles the other way. Let's get inside."

The man quickly ushered us into the warmth of the store. Dripping wet, we followed him over to a wood stove.

"Thanks," Tommy said as he held his hands as close to the stove as he dared.

"Name's Joe," the man said.

"I'm Tommy."

"I'm Hank," I quickly added.

"Like the bleached hair," Joe said to me. "Looks good on an Asian guy."

Over the last six months or so Tommy had talked me into both an earring and a tattoo, the dragon on my chest above my left nipple. His earring was gold, mine silver. His tattoo, in the same place, was a soaring eagle. The bleached hair was my idea. All of this had my mother really upset, but dad intervened and calmed her down. Tommy didn't dare wear his earring or take off his shirt at home. His father had beat him for less.

"He could pass for my twin, don't ya think?" Tommy said with a grin, a line he'd used a lot recently.

Joe gave a hearty laugh at that, then said, "Great day for a bike ride, huh?"

"Don't get me started," Tommy barked out, giving me a fake jab to the ribs.

"My folks have a place just this side of Sea Ranch," I explained. "We're going to spend the week there. We dropped off all our stuff last weekend, so we could bike it light. That's why we don't have any gear. Fuckin' storm!"

"Your store?" Tommy asked, clearly wanting to change the subject.

"Yeah," Joe replied. "Been here two years now. Does OK and I like the slower pace out here. Well, before we do anything else, let's get you both into something dry."

"We don't want to put you out," I said.

"Hey, no problem. It'll be an adventure," he replied. "You both look like 30's, right?"

Joe headed down one of the aisles.

"Huh?" Tommy asked.

"Waist size," Joe called back.

"Yeah, we are," I answered.

Joe came back tearing open a package of white Hanes briefs. He tossed us each one, stared at the third pair a moment, gave Tommy a broad grin and a wink and tossed the extra pair to him.

Badpuppy Model - Gary "On the house. Now come along."

What was all that about, I wondered, as Joe led us to a large living area behind the store. Dominating the large room, right in the middle, was one of those huge redwood sculptures, this one a mother bear and two cubs. I'd often wondered who bought those I knew.

Around the statue were four distinct areas. In one corner was a couch and coffee table facing a stereo system. In the next, a small kitchen separated by a counter with two stools. In the third, free weights and an adjustable bench. And the last, a double bed, dresser and wardrobe. A TV and VCR sat on top of the dresser. Between the windows were large bookcases containing books, videotapes and CDs. Stacks of magazines were scattered here and there around the room.

"You can hang your wet things in there," Joe said, pointing at the open door to the bathroom. "I'll find something else for you to wear."

By the time we had gotten out of our shoes, Joe was standing in the doorway holding a dark blue robe and some gray sweats.

"Sorry, this is all I've got," he said. "You can fight over who gets what," he added with a broad smile.

As we pulled off our bicycle shirts, I noticed that Joe was eyeing Tommy intently...almost too intently. Immediately the thought that Joe might be gay flashed through my mind. That was followed by a rush of excitement through my groin. I glanced over at Tommy. He was listening as Joe talked about the storm, his hands hesitating at the waistband of his bicycle shorts. I noticed that the bulge between his legs seemed larger than usual (remember, I love the guy...I notice these things). I took a quick look at Joe. His eyes were clearly focused "down there" as he spoke. I wondered if Tommy noticed. I looked back at Tommy just as he turned his back to us and started to peel the nylon shorts down. Then I felt Joe's gaze on me. I looked at him, and he smiled. I watched as his eyes slowly and deliberately moved down my body. I felt my dick surge in the tight confines of my shorts. I knew I had to move fast. I turned away and quickly was out of my shorts and into the briefs. When I turned back, Tommy had claimed the sweats and was pulling them on. I took the robe and quickly pulled it around me, hoping neither of them saw the heaviness I felt between my legs. I fumbled for the belt, and to my chagrin discovered it had none. 'Shit,' I said to myself.

This series of events took just a few minutes, but it felt like slow-motion to me. It all felt so sexually charged. I was both excited and scared. My mind was reeling as I followed Joe and Tommy toward the kitchen area.

"...met before?"

It was Joe's voice.

"No," Tommy answered.

Something in his voice caught my attention. I looked at him. Normally one of the most self-assured people I knew, Tommy seemed anxious, bordering on freakin' out.

"You sure?" Joe pressed. "You look awfully familiar."

"No," Tommy insisted, a bit louder this time. "No way."

There was a moment or so of awkward silence, finally interrupted by the sound of Joe's CB radio.

"Help yourself to some Coke or beer or whatever," Joe said, pointing at the fridge as he headed back into the store to answer the CB. Tommy opened the fridge.

"What was that all about?" I asked as I reached past him for a Bud Light.

"Nothing," Tommy answered as he grabbed one, too.

The tone in his voice said 'leave it alone'. But I rarely did, which over the years had gained me a couple of black eyes.

"If it's nothing, why are you so upset?"

Tommy swung around and faced me with fire in his eyes.

"," he answered very slowly, daring me to push it any further.

"OK...OK...forget it...see, I've forgotten it...see."

There was a whine in my voice. God, I hated it when Tommy made me do that. Just like I hated it when he was clearly keeping something from me. Sulking, I went and dropped down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. Tommy sat with his back to me on one of the kitchen stools and started looking at a magazine on the counter. In the distance we could hear Joe's muffled voice as he talked on the CB.

"I think he's queer," Tommy suddenly whispered.

I looked at him. He was now turned facing me. His expression was very serious.

"Ah, come on..." I whispered back. With this confirmation of my own suspicions, I felt my heart skip a beat and a tingling in my balls.

"Didn't you see the way he watched us?" Tommy continued, dropping his voice even lower. "He was checking us out...big time."

"Don't get your hopes up," I fired back, regretting my words immediately. "He's just a friendly guy," I added quickly.

"Hey, cut that shit. The only hopes I got are that this friendly guy keeps his hands to himself. You better be hopin' that, too."

That last sentence cut through me, feeling like a challenge of some kind. Did Tommy suspect anything about me? My insides were suddenly raging in turmoil.

"Hey, come on," I said, getting up and moving over to him, careful to hold my robe closed...I still had a bit of an erection. "Relax. Please. OK? It's been a long day, and I'm sorry I got us stranded here."

"Yeah, you're one hellava asshole," Tommy responded, a wide grin spreading across his face. He gave me a quick jab at my ribs.

"Hey, watch who you're calling an asshole," I fired back as I grabbed his wrist before he could connect. I gave a sudden twist and he lost his balance and tumbled off the stool to the floor. I stood over him, as surprised as he seemed to be.

"Now, you're going to get it," he said as he jumped up.

"No, don't!" I cried out. I backed up against the couch, knowing full well what was about to happen. I held my arms out to block him. He lunged at me. I fell down onto the couch, my robe spread wide. Tommy was on top of me, going for my naked sides. One thing about me: my ticklishness knows no bounds. Tommy was laughing. I started howling.

"Say you're sorry!" he ordered.

I tried to break free, and as I struggled under his attack, I felt my dick go fully erect. I was freaking inside...but I was also excited, intensely excited. As I finally got a hold of both his arms, he dropped down on top of me. If he hadn't noticed my hard-on before, he certainly did then.

"I'm...sorry...," I cried out.

"I don't believe you," he answered with a laugh.

He started rubbing up against my hardness. Then I noticed it. His boner was pressing up against my thigh. I was so excited I'm surprised I didn't shoot off that very moment. To my surprise he shifted up a bit and our bulges touched. Then he started to hump me. I couldn't believe it. I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensations welling up between my legs. When I opened them again, I caught sight of Joe. He was standing just to the side of the redwood bears...and he was rubbing the crotch of his Levis. When he caught me looking, he quickly pulled his hand away. He pulled down the bottom of his sweatshirt to hide his aroused condition...but I still got an eyeful of the pronounced outline of his very hard, very thick cock. I wondered how long Joe had been standing there. But then the combination of Tommy's hard-on rubbing against mine and Joe's watching us brought me right to the verge of orgasm.

"It's Joe," I whispered urgently.

Tommy spun around and stared wide-eyed at Joe. That gave me the leverage I needed to push him off me. He tumbled to the floor on his back between the couch and the coffee table. Too late...I started to cum. I looked down in time to watch my throbbing penis flex a few times under the tight, white cotton...then start flooding my briefs in my warm juices. Still cumming, I looked up. Joe was staring down at me. Sudden embarrassment struck and I quickly pulled the robe back around me. Anxiously I glanced down at Tommy, but he was too busy hiding his own crotch to notice what had happened to me. Then Joe matter-of-factly it was if he saw nothing unusual in what he just witnessed.

"If you give me your home numbers, I'll get a buddy of mine to let your folks know you're OK."

With shaking voices we each gave him the numbers, and he headed back into the store. Tommy quickly got up and sat back down on the kitchen stool. I sat up and waited to see if he'd say something. I reached into the robe to adjust my finally relaxing dick in the now-cool dampness of my underpants.

"Tommy?" I asked tentatively.


"I don't know...what...came over me," he finally said.

"Hey, no big deal," I responded, trying to sound as light as I could.

He turned to face me. He looked like he was about to cry.

"It sure the fuck is!" he hissed. "And it better not happen again, you hear?"

He rushed for the bathroom. That's when I noticed the large, wet spot on his sweatpants. My penis stirred again at the sight. At that moment Joe returned. He grinned as he sat down beside me and handed me a clean pair of briefs.

"Thought you'd like another pair," he said.

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Badpuppy Model - Gary "Uh...thanks...I don't know what..."

"Hey, don't get all embarrassed on my account," Joe interrupted. "Lots of straight dudes get it off with a buddy now and then. It's no big deal."

"That's...what I told him," I said as I nodded toward the bathroom.

"He's upset?"

"Yeah. He'll be in there awhile."

"Well, here, change your underwear and then I'll talk to him," Joe said.

As I stood up, I was relieved that he figured I was a 'straight dude'. I turned away from him and quickly stripped down the cum-soaked Hanes. I heard him stand up...the sound of a zipper...then felt him move up behind me. I froze, the clean briefs in my hand. He reached around me. Then his fingers found and started lightly stroking my penis and balls.

"Like I said, lots of straight dudes get off with each other," he whispered.

He took my free hand and guided it into his unzipped Levis. He was wearing boxers. My fingertips easily found the fly and I was touching the hot skin of his hard meat.

"You gotta a nice, long dick, Hank," he whispered. "You fucked a girl?"

" girlfriend...a few...times," I answered, quickly becoming overwhelmed by what his fingers were doing between my legs. It wouldn't be long before I'd be letting loose with another load. 'Don't come out, Tommy,' I silently begged. 'Please don't come out.'

"The first time...where did it happen?" Joe asked.

"At her house...we were...studying...then...kissing..."

As Joe coaxed me, memories of that first time with Karla flooded my mind. How we finally agreed to lie on her bed as long as we kept our clothes on, which ended up meaning my briefs and her panties.

"...I was fuckin' her tits...grabbed my hips...pulled me forward...then...pulled me out...sucked on me...then...I heard...a rip...she...tore her panties...then...begged fuck her..."

In my mind I was easing my hardness deep into my first cunt. Joe started to slowly jerk me off. Stilled buried in Joe's pants, my hand was squeezing the shaft of his erection. Matching the memories of my pumping deeper and faster into Karla, Joe's hand moved faster around my six inches. Then I was shooting off, sending my cum all over the hardwood floor. I was breathing hard and was about to fall. I would have except that Joe was holding me up. In my hand I felt Joe's cock pulsing and throbbing and knew that he was close. I started to turn around, wanting to pull open his pants so I could see him cum. But the sound of the toilet flushing interrupted us.

"Shit!" I whispered loudly.

"Quick!" Joe said as he backed away from me, my hand roughly scraping against his zipper as I was forced to let go of his manhood. "Into the store."

As Joe stooped down to wipe up my orgasm with my soiled underpants, I managed somehow to maneuver around the redwood bears without falling. I was out of sight when Tommy emerged from the bathroom. I stopped, frozen to the spot, my heart beating so loudly I wondered if Joe and Tommy might hear it. I suddenly realized I was holding my breath. As I slowly exhaled, I looked down at my hand. I was still holding the clean pair of Hanes. I quickly pulled them on. Then I heard Joe's voice.

"Hank's checking out the magazines."

Deciding I'd better be doing just that in case Tommy came looking for me, I looked around and spotted the book and magazine racks at the far end of the store. Once down there I couldn't hear what Joe and Tommy were saying, which was frustrating...but it did give me a few minutes to reflect on what had just happened. To be jerked off by a guy while fantasizing about screwin' Karla was kind of confusing, now that I stopped to think about it. But then, for the first time it struck me how much Karla resembled Tommy. Blonde and athletic, Karla could pass as Tommy's sister. This other time we had sex, she told me she really got off on my dark skin and darker dick. I realized now how much I wanted to hear Tommy saying that to me. But I knew I never would, and as I had so many time before, I felt this deep, awful feeling in my gut.

I dropped down onto the floor, grabbed a skateboarding magazine and started thumbing through the pages. In the distance, I could hear the muffled sounds of Joe and Tommy talking...and even laughing. 'I guess he's calmed him down,' I thought. I came to a page with a skateboard ad. Two dudes standing with their boards, bare-chested with lots of boxer short showing, the one on the right, a seductive smirk on his face, grabbing at the fly of his low-slung jeans. As I began to imagine him pulling down those jeans, Tommy's voice called out.

"Hey, Hank, food's on!"

* * * * *

It turned out that Tommy and Joe had met before. At Folsom Lake the previous summer. When I questioned when that was, since I didn't remember him telling me anything about going there, he said it was the weekend my folks and I went up to Tahoe. I was about to remind him that was when he was stuck at home taking care of his mother, who had had her appendix taken out. I remembered it clearly because I was very disappointed that he couldn't join us and he moaned and groaned for weeks afterward about how awful it was being trapped in the house while his father spent the weekend golfing at Pebble Beach. Before I could, though, Joe began telling us about how he grew up in Placerville and used to drive down to Folsom Lake with his buddies to drink, smoke dope and put the make on any girls foolhardy enough to join them.

Suddenly '...or boys maybe' just popped into my mind. Then I remembered the college intern who seduced me telling me what cruising was and about this real active spot at Folsom Lake. I never had the guts to check it out for myself. But, I wondered, had Tommy heard about it? Had he...? From that moment on I couldn't shake the feeling that something sexual had happened between Tommy and Joe.

"Hank? Earth to Hank?"


"Where the hell were you?" Tommy asked.

"I dunno...tired I guess," I responded.

"As I was just saying," Joe said, "I've got some paperwork I need to take care of. You two are welcome to watch some TV or a video or whatever. Most of the tapes are over there. Some may be under the bed. I just got that Star Wars reissue. It's buried around here somewhere."

"Thanks," I responded. "We'll find something."

As Joe headed into the store, Tommy went to the john, and I...well, I made a quick check...under the bed. Sure enough...several gay porn videos...and two pair of brand new, cum-damp Hanes briefs. Two??? At the sound of the flushing toilet I jumped up and was looking through several videos on the dresser next to the TV when Tommy opened the bathroom door.

"How about 'Terminator 2'?" I called out.. "Or 'Independence Day'?"

"Either one," Tommy answered, as he headed for the fridge and pulled out two Bud Lights.

After loading 'Independence Day' into the VCR, I joined Tommy on the double bed and hit to play button on the remote.



"Joe's OK. Sorry I made such a big know...about his being queer...he isn't, you know."

There was silence between us for a minute or so as we kept our eyes focused on the trailers flashing on the screen.

"It wouldn't matter if he was, would it?" I asked somewhat nervously.

Another long pause.

"I guess it wouldn't," Tommy answered, taking a long hit on his beer, " long as he didn't try know..."

"Yeah, I know," I said.

The movie started.

"If he tries let me know," Tommy whispered a few minutes later. "...I'll bust his ass."

"You just said he wasn't queer."

"Yeah, I know...but even straight know..."


* * * * *

Tommy had trouble staying awake. We were barely 10 minutes into the movie when he'd start to doze off, then catch himself with a jerk from leaning either toward me or toward edge of the bed. Finally he couldn't fight it any longer, and I caught him before he tumbled off the bed. Careful not to wake him, I eased him over to me, placed his head against my side, and rested my arm over him. This wasn't the first time I'd held him like this. There were a couple of times, when he spent the night at my place, when something like this had happened. I lay there quietly, eyes on the TV, enjoying his weight against me and the warmth of his body soaking into mine. Then I fell asleep, too. I don't think I made to the alien attack on New York.

* * * * *

I came awake slightly as Joe was helping Tommy out of bed.

"Whatcha doin?" Tommy muttered groggily.

"You're going to sleep on the couch," Joe whispered. "Is that OK?"

"Sure...I guess...," Tommy answered.

Images on the TV screen caught my eyes. Will Smith was dragging the alien around in the desert. My eyes slowly closed...only to open again when Joe climbed into bed beside me, helped me out of the robe and pulled me up against him. Now I was being held...just as I had been holding Tommy. I turned a bit toward him, nuzzling my face into the side of his chest, resting my hand on his thigh. He had his boxers on. Part of me wanted to stay touch his dick again...but the stronger part pulled me back to sleep. The last thing I remember was the sound of explosions from the TV and Joe's stroking my head.

* * * * *

The next time I awoke it was dark and very quiet. It took me a few moments to remember where I was. I was alone on the bed and on my back. I heard piss splashing in the toilet. I looked over toward the bathroom. A nightlight cast its dim glow out the open door. Then Joe's silhouette filled the doorway.

Through half-closed eyes, I watched as he moved silently up to the bed. I was on the far side. Instead of getting right into bed, he just stood there, looking down at me. Long moments passed. Then he turned his head toward where Tommy slept. I became aware of my buddy's deep, rhythmic breathing. I, however, was suddenly very wide awake, wondering what Joe was going to do. It was hard but I managed to keep my breathing steady and deep...just like Tommy's. Joe looked back toward me...then slowly eased down his boxers. He stood there for a few more moments...I picked up the sounds of him fondling himself. As I imagined him getting hard, my own cock began to swell in my briefs, which fortunately was hidden by the blanket. Very slowly Joe lifted the covers from his side of the bed and laid them over on top of me. Then he climbed onto the bed beside me...with his head toward my feet.

For several long minutes he lay very still on his side facing me, his knees just touching my shoulder through the covers. Then I felt his hand under the covers touching my hip. Slowly...oh, so slowly...his fingers crept along the elastic leg opening of my underpants until they found my now fully-hard penis straining against its cotton prison. He must've figured I was awake because he quickly pushed the covers off me, pulled me onto my side and toward the foot of the bed and started chewing on my hard-on through my briefs.

Of course, this meant that his erection was in my face. In fact, his balls were against my chin and the full underside length of his smooth, hot pole stretched to my forehead. I moved my head back a bit, took his thick shaft in my hand and started licking all around his cockhead.

With a bit of a struggle Joe managed to get my cock and balls out past the leg-opening of my saliva-soaked Hanes. With one swift movement he took my erection into his mouth and down his throat. I gasped at how wonderful it felt, especially when he began using his tongue to stroke my engulfed penis. Eagerly I opened my mouth wide and managed to take half of Joe's length, reveling once again on another guy's joint. We both started to suck in earnest. I was still new at this and got him a few time with my teeth, which I knew had to hurt. He pushed a little and more of his cock moved into my mouth. I gagged a bit and pushed him back with my hand, took a deep breath and went at it again. Each time I handled his thickness and length a little better. Meanwhile Joe was moving his mouth slowly up and down my shaft, stopping each time to lick around my crown. I leak a lot of precum and remembered that intern telling me that's why he loved sucking my dick.

Somehow through our rising passion we both caught the sound of movement from the couch. We froze at the same moment...and waited silently. The sound of Tommy's steady breathing returned. Joe gave the all-clear by starting to suck slowly and more silently. I did the same. The sharp taste of Joe's precum filled my mouth. I tongued his piss-slit for more.

The feelings of orgasm began to rise in my loins. Joe must have sensed it because he eased up. 'Good' I thought, 'he wants it to last..' The next thing I knew, Joe's hand was massaging my ass, first on top of my underpants, then under them. His fingers played with my crack. One of them probed deep between my legs until it found and started pressing my hole. No one had ever touched me there before and the sensations were electric. As he licked around the head of my cock, he stroked and pushed his fingertip against my shitter.

This was just too much for me. My orgasm hit fast and ferocious. The spasms seemed to go on forever. I'd never cum like that before. For a moment I lost awareness of everything...Joe, the bed, myself. Then the hot juices from Joe's cock started flooding my mouth. I gulped several times in order to take it all. We held tightly to each other, trying to silently catch our breaths, our lips still wrapped around each other's hardness. I fell asleep with Joe's cock still in my mouth.

* * * * *

"You asshole!"

It was only a whisper, but I awoke with a start to Tommy's voice.


I was alone in the bed, on my side, facing the bathroom. Its door was slightly ajar, letting a tiny sliver of the nightlight's glow reach into the room. There was the sound of piss splashing into the toilet. My eyes wide open, I strained to listen. But their voices were now barely audible. I eased out of bed and crept to the door.

"You...used...him," Tommy hissed.

I peeked through the crack. Naked, Joe was standing over the toilet, shaking the last drops into the bowl. Tommy's back was to me.

Badpuppy Model - Gary "Like I used you?" Joe replied evenly.

"Yeah," Tommy shot back. Then more softly, "Like you used me."

" wanted it did Hank."

"You lie," Tommy said a little louder.

"About you...or Hank?"

"Fuck you," Tommy shot back.

"It's 'fuck me', isn't it?" Joe questioned as he stepped toward Tommy.

Tommy turned slightly and backed his butt against the sink. Joe's hand reached out for Tommy's crotch. His fingertips lightly stroked the noticeable bulge in Tommy's sweatpants.

"Don't do that," Tommy whispered.

"You mean this?"

Joe began seriously groping him. I reached down into my briefs, still damp from Joe's chewing, and started stroking my now hardening penis.


"Please what?"


Joe took Tommy by the shoulders and slowly turned him around facing the sink. In that brief moment Joe glanced toward the door and smiled.

"Lean over," he whispered into Tommy's ear.


Joe gave Tommy a gentle push on the neck, and Tommy leaned over and braced himself with his hand's on the sink. Joe reached around and untied the sweatpants. They dropped in a pool around Tommy's feet. The bulge in Tommy's briefs was huge. Joe reached both hands down past the elastic waistband and handled Tommy's aroused genitals. At the same time Joe's erection was pressed tightly against Tommy's ass. It was then that the realization hit me. I was actually going to see my best bud get screwed. That sent my dick fully erect. I pushed the front of my briefs down under my balls and wrapped my fist around my shaft and squeezed. I caught a pearl of precum on the index finger of my other hand and brought it to my mouth and licked it off.

"Remember the first time?" Joe asked.

I had to strain to hear...they were speaking very softly now.


"In your basement..." Joe continued.

Tommy giggled.

"...with your poor sick mother upstairs."

I was ready for almost anything but that. That weekend I was at Tahoe...Tommy had taken Joe to his basement! That old mattress...

"If she only knew..." Tommy murmured.

"...her blonde hunk of a son liked to get it up the ass," Joe finished.

Nothing more was said for a long minute or so. Joe continued to fondle Tommy's genitals and grind his erection into Tommy's butt.

"You want it?"



" ass."

Joe dropped to his knees and pulled down Tommy's underpants. He pulled Tommy's asscheeks apart and buried his face between them.

"Ohhhhh...," Tommy softly moaned as he pushed his ass further into Joe's face.

After about a minute or so, Joe got up and reached for the hand lotion bottle on he sink. He proceeded to spread the lotion all over his erection and between Tommy legs. Tommy leaned on one arm so he could masturbate while Joe prepped his hole.

Badpuppy Model - Gary "You're so tight," Joe said. "Relax...just relax."

"But Hank..." Tommy whispered.

"Don't worry," Joe replied. "I know he's asleep."

For a long time Joe finger-fucked him, loosening him up for the real fuck he was about to get.

"I can' it..." Tommy suddenly gasped as he unleashed a huge load into the sink below him.

Tommy was still recovering from his orgasm as Joe positioned his cock at Tommy's greased up hole. Joe grabbed a nearby washcloth and put it up to Tommy's mouth.

"So we don't wake up Hank," Joe whispered.

Tommy took the cloth in his teeth and bit down so hard I could see his neck muscles bulge. It was clear he knew what was coming. Joe took Tommy's hips in his hands and with one smooth movement eased the entire length of his erection deep into my buddy's ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Joe's cock was fuckin' huge and Tommy had the whole thing buried in him.

"How you doing?" Joe whispered.

Tommy nodded vigorously. And Joe began to fuck. Slowly at first. I watched in amazement as Tommy began to push back to meet Joe's thrusts. Joe slipped his hands under Tommy's sweatshirt, wrapping his arms around Tommy's chest and stomach. He held him tightly as he continued to fuck him with short, quick plunges. I started jerking off in earnest, holding the elastic waistband of my briefs out as far as it would stretch to catch what was coming. Then Joe froze, buried deep, and gasped. I started to shoot a moment later, biting hard on my lower lip to keep from making any noise and continuing to stare unblinking into the bathroom. Except for a few slight movements of Joe's hips, there was no movement or sound for a couple of minutes. Then Joe kissed Tommy gently on the shoulder.

"You OK?"

"Even better...than last...time..." Tommy whispered hoarsely.

Joe eased himself slowly out of Tommy and grabbed a towel. He gently wiped along Tommy's crack and then gave his own cock a once-over. He stooped down and pulled Tommy's briefs and sweatpants back up. He took Tommy by the shoulders and turned him around. They hugged. I took this as my cue to get quickly back into bed. I was just moving away from the doorway when Joe's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Now what about Hank?"

Tommy didn't answer.

"Look, Tommy, I know you're crazy about him."

" more," Tommy whispered.

"None of my business, I know," Joe replied. "Just one thing. OK?"


"You blow it with Hank, you'll regret it. Big time you'll regret it. Take it from someone who knows. OK, that's all. G'night...and thanks...great ass you got there."

"Th...thanks...too," Tommy whispered as he turned his back to the door.

Joe was out of the bathroom before I made it back to the bed. I stopped and watched as he closed the bathroom door firmly. He came up to me and gave a light pat on the cheek.

"I think he'll be in there awhile," he whispered.

Then Joe went over to the couch and lay down. I climbed into bed and started to shiver with emotion. Memories of all that Tommy and I had shared together flooded my mind. Tears welled up in my eyes. I fought them, knowing I'd start sobbing if I wasn't careful. Listening for the slightest sound from the bathroom, I tried to stay awake. But exhaustion finally overtook me.

I came awake when Tommy slipped into bed beside me. I was on my back. He moved up beside me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Hank?" he whispered.


"I've decided."



"Don't joke, shithead," I challenged, too afraid to trust what he just said.

"No joke, bud. Now, damn it, stop keeping me awake."

Tommy kissed me on the neck and slipped his hand down my chest and into my briefs. I fell asleep in his arms with his hand cupping my exhausted but satisfied sex. Bridge crossed.

Author's note: There is a "Hank" and "Tommy". (My lover and I met them at a skateboard competition, where Hank's nephew and my lover were competing.) And...they were brought together by a "Joe" the summer after their high school graduation. They did attend the same university (not fact, all locations have been changed to protect Free Willy...maybe a hint?!). Most of the details about them are fact, they proofed and reproofed the story until they said I got it right. But I've got to admit that they didn't get their tattoos until last year and Hank's nephew is the one with the bleached blonde hair and earring. They've been lovers 11 years now and get together with "Joe" a couple of times a year...yeah, he still has those redwood bears. When Joe read the story, he commented that he didn't remember quite as much sex that eventful night. Hank says every orgasm is true. Tommy says Joe's memory is going. I say it's a wonderful story. Hope you enjoyed it.

The model in these pictures is Gary

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