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Brian by Hrtofgld
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I was finally on my way to Seattle to see my friend, Brian, after three years of calls promising to come up for a visit. It had become kind of a joke, my promises to visit, but now armed with money and enough time off from work, I was on the plane and anxiously waiting to see Brian.

Brian and I had met through another friend, Randy, and the three of us partied many of the nights my last year in Seattle. It was like a second consciousness, one of us would pick up a case or two of beer, another would have some pizza sent in, and the other would keep the turntable busy with our favorite music. Brian had a lover at the time, Allyn, who wasn't ever home. I suppose that I should have paid more attention, but for that year I was oblivious to anything but my two buddies and partying.

I moved to California the next year and didn't see Brian for the three after that, although we called and wrote to each other every other week or so. Randy disappeared and reappeared as was his wont, so it was mostly Brian and I keeping information flowing. Through his letters I heard about how Allyn and he broke up, about his various jobs and subsequent great job he landed, how he found new love and lost it after two or three months, and finally a series of letters revolving around his new love, Brett.

In February I began to plan for my visit and called Brian to set the plans into motion. After the shock of me really coming out had worn off, he said that he'd be home then and he would love to have me stay with him. We talked a while later, and then I hung up, dialed the airline and ordered my tickets.

The flight was a smooth one, and when I arrived at Sea-Tac I scanned the area looking for Brian. Just as I was about to give up, a "Hey, Mike" sounded right in front of me. Turning towards the sound, I saw this handsome hunk in a three piece suit before me, hands out and a big smile on his face. Brian gave me a quick hug and we walked to luggage claim to get my bag and go to his car.

We drove to his place chattering about everything, trying to catch up on three years apart in less than an hour. I kept up the conversation with one part of my mind, while my eyes registered in another part how well Brian's slacks shaped against his legs, and the nice package that lay nestled just under the seat belt. We soon arrived at his place, parked the car, and went upstairs to his apartment.

He opened the door, and I walked into a charming, well-appointed living room. Along one wall was a high-tech stereo system, while a broad span of glass from ceiling to waist height formed the outer wall. The wall opposite the stereo system had a few art prints on it, a fireplace, and a television commanding the corner between the glass and the fireplace. Near the front door a hallway ran back to a bathroom and another door leading into the bedroom. Taking up most of the space in this room was a giant king-size waterbed, set low on the floor and allowing about a two foot runway on all three sides. One wall of the room was a giant closet, closed with mirrored doors that reflected the bed. Small, slit-like glazed glass windows were above the bed, allowing the last rays of sunshine into the room.

Brian indicated that I should put my bags here and then offered me a beer. We sat back in the living room in the only seats there, two overstuffed recliners that faced the television. Brian turned on the stereo and we talked a while about what plans I had for my vacation, etc., and drank quite a bit of beer before Brian told me that he and Brett had decided to split up for some "space." On that note, Brian asked if I'd ever been in a sauna before. I asked him why, and he replied that the building had one and would I like to join him for a quick steam? I agreed and, after changing into some loose shorts and grabbing a large towel, I was ready. Brian changed into a long, fluffy deep blue velour robe while I was changing, and we walked downstairs to the sauna.

"Mike," Brian said as we entered the dressing room to the sauna, "we take off our stuff here." He opened the sash of his robe and pulled off his robe, his hairy body displayed to me in all its glory. "I usually wear a swimsuit when I find other people here," he said as he turned to enter the sauna, "but if there isn't anyone, I strip."

I stood dumbfounded a few minutes, then stripped off my shorts and followed him inside the sauna. It was a small room, lit by a single bulb set above the doorway. Brian pulled himself up to the second level benches, while I sat on the first level and watched the play of muscles as he moved to get comfortable. The light, shining directly on Brian, showed me a tight and muscled body, furry legs and a V-shaped torso. Brian spread his legs and arms and lay back against the wall, exposing the meat between his legs and the furry orbs that hung on either side. I sat back, and we both allowed the steam to roast us alive for awhile, my eyes constantly roaming over Brian's body. As if sensing my view, he got up and moved to the pile of "rocks" that provided the heat. He bent over to get a ladle of water to put on the "rocks", and the cheeks of his hairy ass spread to display his rosebud asshole to me. With a grin, he poured the water on the "rocks" and immediately disappeared in a cloud of steam.

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Blinking, I felt movement next to me and a furry thigh pressed against mine, then moved an inch away from me. The steam was still filling the room, and I couldn't see very much. In a little while I felt the bench move and Brian said "I'm done, why don't we go back upstairs and smoke a joint?" I stood up and moved towards the door, and ran right into Brian.

Our bodies pressed against each other and, in the spellbound paralysis that occurred before we both stepped back, I FELT his body flow towards mine. The fur on his chest merged into my own, our nipples hardening against each other, our cocks hardening and lifting as swords to battle. The steam finally died down and, as I apologized, I could see that it wasn't so unpleasant for him either! His cock was about half-mast, standing away from his body and already a good six inches. His balls, although they had moved up closer to the root of his dick, still hung down sufficiently to get a good handful of them. My own cock had filled out the same way, and we were both looking at each other with little smiles tucked away behind the embarrassment of the moment.

"Hey, no problem, Mike," Brian said as he turned and walked to where our clothes were, "nothing was hurt, and it was too steamy to see anyway until we opened the door. It was mostly my fault for standing in the doorway." I pulled my shorts back on while he slipped into his robe, both of us quietly noticing the way my shorts and his robe tented forward. We walked back to his apartment and got fresh beers out, and then sat in the chairs to listen to music and get stoned.

Time moves at different speeds when you're stoned, and I can't say if minutes or hours passed before I noticed that Brian's robe had been parted by his hairy muscled legs and that his magnificent cock and balls were again displayed. My body seemed not my own as I moved closer to inspect this delight by getting up from my chair and moving to sit before Brian. He didn't seem to notice, although he started talking about how long it had been since he'd had any sex, and I foggily though that whatever time frame he'd mentioned was too long. Before I knew what was happening, I was on my knees between his legs and pushing the robe apart to bare his entire body.

Brian just smiled and spread his legs wider, and nodded as I looked at him before moving my hand to his cock. His skin felt so soft, even through his body hair, which also was surprisingly soft. I cupped his heavy, cum-filled balls in one hand, jiggling them softly while I stroked the rapidly thickening cock in my other. I enjoyed the play of muscles across Brian's chest and abs, and could feel the spasms in his thighs where my arms rested. His breath got a bit faster, and he moaned, and I saw the first crystal drop of pre-cum appear on the tip of his cock. I put out my tongue, and looked at him again, getting another nod and then a groan as my tongue touched the crystal drop and then lowered my mouth over the throbbing red crown of his cock.

He was so ready to pop that it was only a second longer when my mouth was filled with creamy cum. I held onto his jumping balls and throbbing shaft, feeling the orgasms as they shot the cream into my mouth. In a short while the spasms stopped and I swallowed, smiling at Brian and licking the underside of his cock until he shuddered and shook his head for me to stop.

He shrugged out of his robe and, standing up, moved forward while pushing me down onto the floor. He kissed me hard, laughing lightly as he caught a little dribble of his cum from the side of my mouth onto his tongue, and then slowly kissed my cheek, my neck and downward until he reached the waistband of my shorts. Noting the damp spot on the soft cotton, he sucked at it, pulling the fabric and my cockhead into his mouth. I moaned, and he pulled away, reaching to grasp the waistband and then pulling down until the shorts were around my ankles.

Pushing my legs wide, he bent down and began sucking and licking my cock and balls, moving slowly and erotically over my crotch area and causing my cock to become rock hard. Still smiling, he reached around to the pocket of his robe and pulled out a small object.

Ripping off a corner, he slowly slathered the viscose fluid over my cock head and down the shaft until my entire organ was slick and glistening. He then got down onto his back and then lifted his legs, showing me the hairy orifice of his ass, the hair so thick that I could barely see the pink rosebud within. He squirted more of the lubricant onto his finger and then inserted the finger into his asshole.

He moaned, and I saw his finger slowly disappear into his hole, and saw him move it around to get the lubricant all over. Pulling his finger out, he spread his upheld legs even wider and said, "Mike, I'd really like you to fuck me. I'm ready for you, stud."

I moved as if inside a dream and positioned myself before my muscular friend's greased asshole. Taking a bit of lubricant from my cock, I lubed my finger and then slipped it inside his asshole. Man, Brian was tight! I rubbed and stroked him, hitting his joy button from time to time and being rewarded by not only a groan but a slight loosening of the clenched muscle around my finger. After what seemed a long time I pulled my finger out and pressed the head of my stiffie into the slick hole.

Brian gasped a bit, and I eased back, leaving only a small portion of my cockhead against his hole. I followed Brian's lead, stopping and letting him get used to my eight wide inches and then easing another inch or two into him. Both of us felt it when my balls pressed against his asscheek hair, for he groaned in delight and reached around me to pull my butt closer to him. "Fuck me, Mike, good and hard! I want you to stretch my asshole tonight!"

I did as he asked, starting out in a slow, easy rhythm, in and out, barely moving and slowly adding another inch or two coming out then going in. When I had reached the point when my cockhead flair was almost visible on the outside of his ass, I pushed all the way inside in one thrust and then, pushing him back and angling his ass upwards, I got into a push up position and began pistoning into his ass.

He fucking loved it! He moaned and screamed in pleasure, and asked me to fuck him harder and deeper, and I obliged, ramming my cock into him as hard as I could. Before long I felt the tightening of his insides and felt the building orgasm in him, and that triggered my own ripping cum. He screamed as his cock erupted, and I felt his orgasm as my own cock shot deeply into his ass.

When we'd both finished emptying our balls, I slowly pulled out and fell on top of him, the two of us completely spent and worn out. We fell asleep right there in the living room, I atop him, and stayed that way with our arms around each other until the next morning.

I woke up just before Brian and snuggled into the furry mat of his body hair. I felt the steady beat of his heart against my chest, and the even breathing of his lungs. Our morning boners had grown side by side, and as I moved mine in a slow erotic stroke against the soft hairs of his pubes, I felt his mouth curve upwards in a smile below my cheek. "Good morning, baby," he said, catching my lips with his and reaching around to pull me tightly against him in a bear hug, "would you like to play some more?" I growled in sexual agreement, and Brian growled back, and we slowly humped each other until the gasping of our breath and the heavy thudding of our hearts drowned out everything else. With simultaneous cries of pleasure, we came together, the twin jets coating our middles and continuing from the extra stimulation of our bodies well into the next half hour.

I collapsed atop Brian again, and we dozed briefly to collect our strength before getting up and taking a shower together. This was one of the most erotic showers I'd ever taken with another man, for Brian's body hair when wet felt like pure silk and velvet. I knew how it felt everywhere, for Brian would interrupt the shower every so often to press against me either full body or with a muscular forearm, thigh or buttcheek. We both got so turned on that before long I was inside Brian again, he bent forward with his hands pressed against the wet tile as I pistoned in and out of his tight furry ass. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled away from me and turned around, grasping our cocks together and jerking us both into ecstatic orgasms. We quickly rinsed off the cum and remaining soap foam and stepped out, playing with each other as we dried each other off. We spent the rest of the day nibbling on food and each other, watching old sci-fi movies and jacking each other off, and coming a good six more times that day, finishing up with Brian sitting on my cock and fucking himself as I lay upon his waterbed, the wave action in time with his thrusts downward on my throbbing pole. That time there was no cum shot all over to clean up, as just before he came I sat up and thrust my mouth over his dripping cock, taking his load down my throat while he took mine up his butt. He pulled off me and, grasping a towel beside the bed, wiped both my cock and his ass off, tossed the towel to the floor and crawled back into bed beside me.

I had planned to stay the week, arriving on Saturday and leaving the following Sunday morning, and so Brian had to work through most of the week. Each evening, though, I prepared a nice dinner for us, having found a nice store within walking distance of the apartment and after he had eaten and relaxed a bit while I cleaned up after dinner, we would begin a three hour sexual event that always ended in multiple orgasms and the two of us collapsed into bed.

Saturday morning rolled around and I woke up, as I had when Brian got up to get ready for work the rest of the week. As he normally went in very early, it had been quite dark, and he was kind enough to not turn on lights as he got dressed so that I could go back to sleep if I wanted. Each morning before he left, smelling faintly of freshly washed skin and Aramis, he'd bend over the bed and kiss me goodbye before he walked out the door. This morning he didn't need to be in before nine, and it was light enough in the bedroom to see him clearly as he got up naked from the bed. He stood before his closet, picking out what he was going to wear that day, and I watched his body move as he pushed suits, shirts, etc., around in the closet. His morning hard on jutted from his body like the sword that it was, and an idea formed in my head as I watched this hairy, Greek god-sculpted man get showered and dressed for work. When he came by the bed to kiss me, I reached out and pulled him down briefly, slipping my tongue into his open, astonished mouth. "What brought that on?" Brian said as he straightened up and adjusted his tie, "you know I don't have time for anything right now."

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"I know," I said, letting the bedcovers slip from my body to reveal my naked form underneath, "I just was thinking here and I think you'll like your surprise tonight." He grinned and kissed me quickly on the lips (and grabbed my hard cock and gave it a quick, loving tug) before leaving. I puttered about the apartment, picking up clothing and stuff, being quite domestic. Dinner was planned and I did some other preparations on myself, then waited for Brian to come home.

Right on the dot he arrived, bearing a bouquet of red, white and yellow roses for me. "Just a little token of how I feel about you, Mike," he said as we hugged each other, "you've been a wonderful friend and lover this past week and made me feel so good. I wish you weren't leaving."

"I wish I wasn't leaving also, Brian," I said, kissing him and admiring the thoughtfulness of getting roses for me. "I have gotten really used to having a man around the house as well as our 'other' activities." We laughed and cuddled each other a bit longer, then we sat down to eat, the bouquet of roses the centerpiece at the table. I had purposely made something light for dinner and when we'd cleaned up afterwards I asked Brian if he was about ready for dessert.

"Sure, what is it?"

"My ass, if you want it."

Brian just stared at me and I walked up to him, loosened and removed his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. "It seemed to me that a proper relationship is two way, and I've been enjoying your muscular ass all week long in some way or another. This morning I watched you get up and stand before the closet mirror, and I fell in love with you, Brian, and wanted to feel you inside me."

By this time I had managed to divest Brian of his jacket, tie and shirt, and was proceeding to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants. "I've enjoyed your hard, long and wonderful cock on the outside far too long, and I think that it's time you found the proper home for it." Brian's hands became busy too, and before long we were both naked and sporting major hardons.

"Are you sure?" Brian said as he felt my body under his hands, enjoying a top role with me for the first time that week. "I love you too, but I've really liked your cock in my ass."

"I'm not saying that there won't be any more of me fucking you," I said, my breath coming a little faster as his hands found my cock, "but I think it's now your turn." I reluctantly pulled away from his hands and turned around, pressing my back side against his front and said, "Here, I'd like to introduce you to this side of my body. Ass, meet Brian's cock."

Brian giggled at that, and got the picture quickly as evidenced by his pressing his cock between my cheeks and stroking it up and down in the crevice. God, that felt good! I told him so, and felt him kissing my shoulders while his hands roamed over my chest and tweaked my nipples. "Let's go into the bedroom," he said, and we walked there, still pressed together, and Brian pushed me lightly upon the bed. "Turn over," he whispered, and I moved onto my back, Brian falling to his knees before me and pushing my legs apart. He pulled my dripping cock into his mouth, and slowly sucked me until I was almost crying from the pleasure, and then let me slip out of his mouth and sucked my balls awhile. That felt really good, too, but the best was yet to come.

He moved his hands down slowly to my knees and then reached behind them carefully, pushing my legs up slowly and spreading them slightly until my asshole came into view. He looked at me once, licked his lips, and then plunged forward, his lips and tongue working my rosebud like a trained specialist. I damn near came from the onslaught on my asshole, but Brian knew somehow just how close I was, and always pulled back enough so that the sensations were just enough to keep me on the edge.

He wet a finger and slipped it inside me, almost amazed at how tight I was and how good it felt against his finger. Before long I had three of his strong fingers deep inside me, a little of his lubricant now, and he was moving his fingers in and out with ease. Now the moment I had waited for was upon us, and with a little flourish he slicked up his cock with lubricant and slowly inserted it into me.

From what Brian had told me about his previous few lovers, he had always been bottom. I wish that those previous lovers could have seen him top me, for he was incredible. First, his almost nine inches of pure Grade-A meat fit inside me just like it was meant to be there, and secondly, he was a born fucker. He hit my joy button with every stroke, adjusting his pattern slightly to get the maximum pleasure for me out of it. Of course, just the sight of his hairy, muscular chest and upper body above me was enough to bring me to orgasm, but his cock was doing things to me that I'd never felt before. I tell you, if it was possible for me to have Brian's baby, I would have done it, for he was pounding me hard and still with love, which I think was the biggest turn on of all. I heard the preliminary groan he gave when he was ready to come, and my own orgasm happened at the same time. I coated my chest with jism, while he filled my insides with his. Even after he'd come, he continued pumping my ass, trying to get the most for both of us out of this fuck. When it was all over, he pulled out and cuddled next to me, both of us asleep and comfortable together.

The next day, after a deep kiss and some sexual activity in the shower, we got ready and Brian took me to the airport to catch my plane back home. We were both sad that the vacation ended, but we were also glad to know that we were very sexually compatible. I boarded my plane and saw Brian at the window of the terminal waiving to me before the plane began to taxi away from the terminal. The flight was uneventful, and I arrived home. A few days later a package came to me from Brian. Inside were three really good nude shots of him, a full length, one that showed his furry asshole, and one that was a closeup of his hardened cock. The note inside said, "I knew that you'd like these as a reminder of our week together. Brett and I have broken up, mutually deciding that it's for the better. Brett had taken these pictures a month or so ago, and they were going to be for him, but he doesn't seem to want them now. Hey, when are you free next? I might come see you next month if I can get a week or two off?"

I laughed and picked up the phone. "I just got your package, you sexy thing," I said, holding the cock shot as I spoke to Brian. "Anytime you can come down is fine with me. " We made plans, and after I'd hung up, I looked at my pictures again, happy that I'd found at last somebody that was not only a good friend, but an excellent lover.

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