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Breaking in Bryan by The Gup
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Badpuppy Model - Liam Alexander "Nobody likes a cock tease, Bryan. You've been shaking that cute little butt of yours around the dorm for the past six weeks and not letting anyone in."

It was 2 a.m. and Bryan and I are standing in the shower in our dorm pretending to wash up but both of us know that's not what's going down. I've soaped up and my cock is at full mast. The rosy head is peeking out from the velvety sheath and a pearly drop of pre-cum is oozing out of the puckered piss-slit. Before it can dribble down into the soapy water, I finger it off and bring it up to my lips. Bryan, who is fisting his 8-incher, watches me and opens his mouth almost as if he wishes I'd give that dewdrop of man-juice to him.

I'm a sophomore here at State College and have pretty much decided on being a phys-ed major -- partly because I've always been good at sports, but mainly because I want to stay within sight and sound and smell and touch and taste of hot young men. All my senses are tuned in and at full power when I'm in the showers or the locker rooms or working out in the gym and I'm surrounded by sweaty, manly bodies.

At nineteen, I stand six foot one and weigh in at a big-muscled one ninety. My dark hair and hazel eyes get a lot of attention, but my main attraction is the hefty piece of meat dangling from my crotch. That beauty hangs seven inches soft over a fine sack of nuts and rises to a full steel-hard eleven inches when it gets excited. And, here in the shower with Bryan, it is excited to the max.

"Do you think I'm a tease, Tommy?" The 18-year-old freshman spoke so softly that his words were almost drowned out by the sound of running water splashing over our hot naked bodies. "I don't mean to be a tease, it's just that I've never done anything with anyone."

A flush washed over Bryan's face and it was all I could do to keep from hugging him and planting a tongue-groping kiss on his pouting lips. To say Bryan is a beauty is putting it mildly. He's got blond hair and blue eyes and stands about five feet ten with the slim, solid body of the gymnast that he is. I find it hard to believe that someone hasn't sucked that long pulsing pole he's holding or plugged that round, high-pitched butt that has been tempting me ever since the semester began.

The warm water is running down that golden-boy's slick body and rinsing away all the soapy suds as I take the one step that separates us and press my raging cock under the slightly furry ball sack that is nestled at the base of Bryan's throbbing boner. Our arms go around each other's back and our hands grab rock-solid butt cheeks as we pull ourselves into a head-to-toe, man-to-man clench.

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Badpuppy Model - Liam Alexander Bryan's mouth is gaping as if in wonder that he is holding a real man for the first time. I lower my lips to his and what starts as a tender, questioning kiss turns quickly into a mouth-sucking, tongue-twirling, gasping-for-breath face fuck. I can feel a tremor running through me and I know by the pulsing throb of Bryan's cock against my rock-solid abs that he is feeling it too.

With my hands holding firmly to the freshman's butt cheeks, I flex my arm and shoulder and back muscles and slide Bryan's down-covered, slippery body up until I can take the head of his cut, rosy cock into my mouth. He tosses his blond head back and lets out a moan of pure joy. As I bend my knees slightly to give him a place for his feet to get some purchase, Bryan clutches the back of my head and leans far enough away so his raging cock is aligned with my sucking mouth. I take that beautiful tool to the base and Bryan starts to pump it in and out with ever-increasing speed. This may be his first blowjob, but Bryan seems to be following his natural instincts and fucking my face like a natural man.

I feel the freshman's cock heating up and swelling in the back of my throat, and I tighten my lips around the shaft and twirl my tongue over the fevered head every time Bryan pulls back. His moans turn to panting yelps of pleasure and I feel the first, then the second, then the third shot of creamy cum hitting the roof of my sucking mouth. I gulp the sweet ball juice down my gullet and clamp my lips firmly on the throbbing head of Bryan's cock so not one drop of his virgin blowjob gets away.

When he finally lets loose of my head and lets his arms drop limply beside his quivering body, I lower Bryan to the floor. For a moment, his knees seem too weak to hold him erect, but after I've given him a taste of his own cum by thrusting my tongue past his pretty lips, he stands firmly on two feet.

"Jeez, Tommy, that was great. I never imagined it would be so hot. I've been aching for someone to suck me off; and ever since I got here on campus and saw you in the gym, I've wanted you to be the first."

"What about you, Bryan? Do you want to wrap your lips around my big bone and pull it down your throat and drink my fiery cum?"

"Oh, yes, Tommy, let me do that. Tell me what to do."

"Let's do it then, Bryan. Get down on your knees and pull this monster into your mouth. Come on and suck it, baby."

Badpuppy Model - Liam Alexander To help him along, I took a step toward him. My rock-hard cock was in perfect line with Bryan's open mouth when he dropped to his knees on the shower floor. He took my cock in his hand and brought it to his lips and shyly began to nibble on the engorged head. There must have been another drop of pre-cum there because Bryan's tongue licked the slit and he hummed a sound of pure delight and ran his pink tongue around his puckered lips.

"Pull back the overhang, Bryan, and take the head in your mouth."

His hand slowly pulled down the fleshy fold of skin and the pulsing head of my cock was revealed in all its glory. Bryan took it in his warm gaping mouth then looked up at me with those baby-blue eyes as if he wanted to know what to do next.

"Keep your mouth open until you get the head past your teeth, Bryan, then press your lips around the shaft and take it all on your tongue. Yeah, that's the way. Easy does it, Bryan. Take it slow and easy."

I watched as he closed his eyes; then, inch-by-inch, I saw my throbbing cock disappear into Bryan's pretty face. When the first six inches had sunk into his mouth, I pressed my hands against the side of his head and held him in place. Bryan looked up at me as if to ask why I had made him stop.

"Hold on a minute, Bryan. Let your mouth get used to the feel of your first cock. Roll your tongue around it -- that's the way. Oh, yeah, that's the way. Now lick it like an all-day sucker, Bryan. Get your juices flowing, Bryan. Get it slicked up, Bryan. Yeah, like that."

Bryan followed my instructions and was soon taking my cock like a pro. The sweep of his pointy hot tongue round and round my pulsing cock and the suction he was throwing made me want to ram it home and blow a load right now. I made myself hold back -- with an inexperienced cocksucker like Bryan, it was better to show some restraint. Holding back now would make the final climax better for both of us.

"You're doing great, Bryan. I think you're a natural at this." He hummed a note as if to say "Thanks" and I knew he was ready for more.

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Badpuppy Model - Liam Alexander "Now, just pull your mouth back to the head of my boner, Bryan, and then go back down on it. Up and down, that's the way. Oh, baby, this is great! You've got the hang of it, boy! Up and down...yeah! Like that! Take in a little more every time you go down. That's it, Bryan. Oh, yeah, that's the way. Now speed it up a little, baby. Oh, yeah!"

I could feel the head of my cock punching the back of Bryan's throat even though there were a few inches still to go before he had taken it all in. My balls had drawn up tight against the base of my throbbing cock and the hot blood rushing in had caused the shaft to swell in the freshman's engulfing throat.

"I can't hold out any longer, Bryan. I'm going to shoot! Here it come, baby! Oh-h-h-h! Here it comes, boy! Don't stop what you're going, baby! Take it, Bryan, take it all, take it all!

Like a heat-seeking missile, my raging cock began shooting bolt after bolt of hot cum across Bryan's tongue and down his gulping gullet. Every pulsing beat released another load of sperm. My scream at the moment of release echoed off the tiled walls of the shower. I tightened my grip on Bryan's head so he wouldn't lose a drop of my fiery jizz. I could feel his throat muscles working to inhale my spunk, and I could tell by the mewling sounds he was making that he wanted it all.

After my knees stopped shaking, I looked down to see Bryan release his lip lock on my swollen, still-throbbing rod. Then he threw back his head and let out a whimpering scream as the 8-incher he had been pounding sent arc after arc of steaming cum through my legs and onto the shower wall.

Bryan sank back on his heels, exhausted after shooting his load. I reached down and raised him to his feet. He fell into my arms and I planted a kiss on his pouty lips that were still puffed from the blowjob he had given me. Our tongues intertwined and I could taste my ball-juice in every spot my probing tongue could reach.

"Did I do all right, Tommy?" The golden boy's blue eyes were sparkling and a grin was spread across his flushed face.

"You did great, Bryan. Every time will get better and better. I hugged the freshman tight against my naked torso. "A few more sessions like this and you'll be able to take all eleven inches."

"There'll be more sessions, then, Tommy?"

"Hey, Bryan, this was only lesson number one. I haven't even begun on that fine virgin ass of yours."

The model in these pictures is Liam Alexander

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