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Breakdown by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - JD David, my new roommate, had been working on his Blazer ever since I could remember. Before he moved in, he asked if he could use my garage while I was at work, and our agreement stayed the same afterwards. Over the past two weeks he'd been chasing down a problem that was causing his engine to stall out when he applied the gas pedal.

He and I had a strange relationship. While we were at different ends of the Kinsey scales, he always got off when my eyes would follow him around the apartment. Of course, his being naked, or nearly so, and being a buffed out 22-year old might have something to do with my interest in him. David was very athletically minded, and kept his youthful body in muscular perfection. His natural state was being in his "natural" state, so after showers or awakening, he'd pad about the apartment stark naked, his prodigious equipment softly slapping against his hard thighs.

He told me that he and a friend were going up to CSU Chico for a few days to check out the girls and dorms (in that order), and that he'd call if there were any problems. His friend, Mike, was another straight guy, not as good looking or muscular as David, but was cute enough for the girls. Throwing a couple of sleeping bags, jugs of water and a cooler of "provisions" into the back of the Blazer, the two randy young men took off for Chico.

Two days went by and David hadn't called, but I knew that he could be having a great time up in Chico, so I didn't worry about him. They carried supplies and even if they broke down somewhere they could live on the supplies for a day or two, and by that time a patrolman would be able to help them out. So it was a surprise to come home one day from work and get a message from David that he needed me to come help him.

He gave good directions on the phone, and told me that his supplies were gone. "Please bring some warm food and drink," he said, "the nights are really cold up here." It was already five o'clock by this time, and was nearly six by the time I assembled everything he asked for and was on the road. I came across his Blazer three hours later, the two young men morosely beside the road, shivering in the night air. Being rather young, they didn't think that they would need warm clothing, so both were kitted out in shorts and lightweight t-shirts. I had brought some warmer clothing for David and both men sat in the warmth of my car while they ate and drank. After replenishing their own energy, they told me their story.

They had made it to Chico, and spent the two days having a great time (as I'd thought) with two really cute girls. Both nights they "camped out" in the woods around Chico with the girls, using up their supplies on the second night and sleeping under the stars in the bags. The first night was such a great experience they repeated it the second night, but it rained, soaking both the people and the sleeping bags, causing the girls to demand to be taken back to their dorm. The girls were returned to their dorm, and after attempting to squeeze out the water from the sleeping bags, the guys decided to return home. For some crazy reason, David wanted to take some off-road ways back, and Mike agreed, and it was during this ride back that they broke down, the engine refusing to turn over and no parts or anything for miles. I guess David walked back to the closest phone and called me, then trudged back to wait.

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Badpuppy Model - JD By this time, Mike had gotten pissed off at David and wanted to go home. David didn't want to leave his Blazer unattended, so he said he'd stay while I took Mike back. When I returned, David was huddled in the clothing and blankets I'd left, shivering and happy to see me. It was really late now, and I was really tired, so David suggested that we just spend the night in the Blazer. I couldn't focus my eyes, I was so tired, so I agreed and helped David clear out the back of the Blazer. With the blankets and almost dry sleeping bags below us, it was almost cozy. I locked up my car and, after removing my shoes and jeans, crawled into the makeshift bed. A few minutes later, David returned from taking a piss in the woods and crawled in beside me. My night vision isn't too good, but I immediately registered by touch that David had stripped naked to get into bed. I was too tired to do much about it, and went to sleep.

I don't know what first woke me, but when I awoke, I felt three things at once. First, David's body was "spooned" against my body; second, his cock and balls were nestled in the crack of my ass as he lay beside me, and third, one of his hands had slipped into my underwear and was cupping my own equipment. David's head was resting on my shoulder, his right pec pressed against my bicep and his arm trailing down my chest. As we breathed, this moved our bodies in such a way that our cocks were being stroked by each other. David's cock felt almost painfully hard, his shaft throbbing and his balls jumping in the rhythm of his breathing. My own cock, now hardening with David's manipulation, strained against the confines of my underwear. With my left hand I carefully pulled down my underwear and felt David's cock slip against my bare butt. It was getting warmer inside that pile of blankets, and my furry asshole started to sweat. I sweat pretty heavily, and this time was no exception, so soon David's cock was slicked up nice and ready. I guess David thought so as well, for a couple of minutes later the head of his cock found my asshole and started sliding inside.

I gritted my teeth, thinking that David was on "auto-pilot" and entering what he thought in his dreams was a nice, warm pussy. Well, in a sense it was, but it was MY man's pussy, and soon I was filled with David's throbbing meat. His breathing was a bit more ragged, but still rhythmic enough to be naturally asleep, and so I snuggled up against his cock and relaxed my asshole. David's body began moving, slowly at first and then at a medium tempo, fucking me in his sleep with a strange difference. My cock, rock hard and oozing pre-cum, was nice and slick, and David's rhythm strangely included moving his hand up and down the shaft as his own cock fucked me. I thought at the time that he was dreaming and jacking himself off, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Soon, the internal and external sensations were too much, and my asshole contracted in time with the jets of my cum as I shot, David's hand not missing a beat as I emptied my balls of man juice. My orgasm set of David's and soon my ass was filled to the rim with his own cum. I figured that he'd probably roll over and ignore me, at least that's what his last girlfriend told me what happened when they made love, but his arm tightened around me and his cock, although getting softer, stayed inside me. I drifted off to sleep with David's slow breathing and warm furry body lulling me with serenity.

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Badpuppy Model - JD Daylight broke and I awoke first, a little groggy and wondering who was pressed up against me. Turning my head, I saw David, still asleep, still naked, and with his morning hard on buried in my ass. I flexed my ass a little, and his slow fucking rhythm started again, his cock throbbing in my ass as it punched my prostate. His hand, now resting on my thigh, stroked up and down my leg, his fucking speeding up as he got hotter and hotter. A hot guy with a killer body, his 8 inch throbber stuffed up my ass pounding my love nut and rubbing my leg was enoughfor me to shoot again, and that brought him off again. This time, however, as he finished cumming, he woke up.

"Wha..." he said, being harder to wake up than I, so he was still fuddled. He looked down his body and saw his cock starting to slip out of my ass, and then looked at me. Not saying a word, he just pulled away, my ass making a sad little sucking "pop" sound as his head cleared my asshole. Other than a teeny smear of shit and lots of cum, his cock was pretty clean, and he wiped away the mess with his t-shirt. He sat up and, with his knees up and legs spread to allow his balls to hang comfortably, stretched carefully. Suddenly, he smiled and said, "So...was I a good fuck?"

I smiled back and said, "Uh huh, one of the best one's I've had, especially for somebody who was asleep at the time!"

"Well, I have to admit," he said, looking sheepish at me and scratching his head, "part of the time I wasn't asleep. I woke up at some point and felt my cock inside you and, to be honest, my first reaction was to pull out. But," he pulled his cock a little bit, "then I realized how good it felt, so I decided to not say anything and just pretend I was asleep." He reached over and patted my ass. "I'd never fucked a guy before, never wanted to, but that sure was a fantastic tight hole!"

As he talked, his cock started getting hard again, so I reached over and grabbed it. He was about to say something, but I just shushed him and smeared a little of the cum from my asshole on the now steely pole. "Why waste a good hard-on?" I said, snuggling up to his cock and letting it slip inside me. "There's plenty of time before either of us needs to be anywhere, and who knows if we'll do this anytime again."

He nodded and this time pushed me face down on the sleeping bags, his cock starting to thrust faster and harder into me. I pushed my hips up and quickly slipped a bundle of clothes under me and let him pump away on my ass. Sure felt good, and before anybody asks, we didn't get back to "civilization" anytime soon.

The model in these pictures is JD

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