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Badpuppy Model - Conrad I washed my hands in the antiseptic hand soap that would leave them bio-clean as well as soft and then waited for my next client. He walked up, a little nervous and I could tell this was his first time, so I merely closed the curtain across the examination style room and then told him to remove his clothing, underwear included. A young, muscled body emerged from the loose t-shirt and jeans, slightly hairy on the lower legs but smooth elsewhere and, as his underwear came off, a healthy set of reproductive equipment appeared. He stood for a bit somewhat confused and I motioned to the small sign that showed the proper position to take and maintain during the process and he nodded, getting up on the heavily padded table on all fours, his legs spread a bit to allow his heavy testicles and slightly thickened uncut cock swing freely between them. I smiled as I set up the rest of the process and, snapping on a clean latex free glove, began applying lubricant to my rubberized fingers. Ah, I love my job, I thought as I approached the young man, and reached out to being the procedure…

…it was late in the year 2011 when, quite by accident, a bio-chemist discovered that male semen had compounds in it that could eradicate most of the world’s epidemic diseases. Sadly, the religious right’s stooges that had controlled the government all this time had managed to reduce or axe completely funding for AIDS and other disease research, claiming that the money was better spent on prevention of homosexuality in the first place. They just didn’t get that passing laws wouldn’t ‘make it go away,’ and thus, by the time the bio-chemist discovered that his jism had healing potentials, the world was rife with AIDS, Ebola and other new and potentially deadly diseases.

The bio-chemist, securing a grant from a wealthy closeted businessman, was able to identify the compounds that were produced by the male body for its ejaculate and found that the most viable source were males between the ages of nineteen and twenty five. A small study was created and extractions performed on willing donors and the distillate from the resulting ejaculates was use on thirty cases that had been written off as terminal. All thirty cases had marked improvement, over half showed possible remission and five cases showed complete cure of their maladies. A second study with stringent controls was funded again and produced identical results, and then the study was replicated in other parts of the world quietly by medical and scientific members. When the results showed over and over that young male ejaculate was the answer to the world’s ills, the governments gave up and federal funding sources set up the first mobile extraction facilities such as the one I worked in.

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Badpuppy Model - Conrad Modeled after the bloodmobiles of earlier decades, the ‘jizm busses’ were modified to allow for five extraction areas per bus, each area containing a specially designed examination table and curtains that provided some privacy to the donor during extraction. The tables were modified to allow for a solid tube with funnel end to be pulled up just below the donor’s cock head, the funnel wide enough so that any stray sprays would be caught and brought down into the tube. A light suction from the tube itself and the specialized material of the entire tube and funnel allowed the ejaculate to be sucked down into the main collection bay. It was found that light prostate stimulation as well as carefully stroking of the shaft and massage of the perineum seemed to give the best results, so extraction specialist such as myself trained in these skills. This is where the process had led and, as the young man quivering on the table beside me was about to find out, that the ejaculation was in itself a reward!

He moaned as my lubricated fingers entered his rectum, lightly stretching the anal ring as I checked for any residual fecal material. Most young men that came to the extraction center were pretty clean overall and only a few had to get extracted without the prostate massage as they were too full of shit to be stimulated that way. This young man was clean, so I slowly deepened my touch until I encountered the walnut of his prostate, getting a little ‘oof’ from him and a dribble of precum from his cock which was happily sucked up by the tube. “Relax, you’ll enjoy this a lot better.” I said as I stroked his chest and nipples a bit, and then stroked his belly lightly with my ungloved hand, something that was shown to calm skittish males during extraction. This did calm down the donor and his rosebud virtually popped open and his cock rising to meet my hand so that I could start the slow stroking of his shaft.

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Badpuppy Model - Conrad The grunts and moans of other young male donors worked well as auditory stimulators and they helped with this young man, whose silky feeling yet steel hard cock shaft jumped and wriggled with each grunt from a fellow donor. Everybody has a little gay in then, I’d maintained throughout my life, especially young males that are empathizing right now with the masculine moans heralding an orgasm. My donor began to groan and I felt his orgasm beginning so I prodded his prostate hard while switching my stroking to more of a real milking motion. With a yelp, he began emptying the fresh contents of his testicles into the waiting suction tube, the slick jism spurting from his cock just like milk from a cow’s teat. I continued the anal and milking stimulation until no more liquid appeared from the tip of the young man’s cock and then lightly stroked him while the special additive in the lubricant kept stimulating his prostate and cock head, shaft and balls until he was shooting again, the load a bit less this time yet still viable. Most young men had at least three shots in them, more virile ones could give up to five, but this young man had the normal three in him before he began shooting blanks and humping the air. I pulled out my fingers from his ass and inserted the special cock shaped insertion tool that applied a neutralizing compound that calmed the orgasmic impulse and soon the young donor’s hips stopped thrusting and his cock shrunk back to normal flaccidity. His balls were a bit drained looking, but a healthy young male like him would be back in no time, the limitation on extractions only a 24 hour cool off. He could be back on my table tomorrow if he wanted to and from the glazed look on his face, he’d be back. While he mentally recovered, I replaced the extraction tube with a fresh one, pushed it back down into the table and then helped the young man get dressed and settled down, stroking his back and shoulders while he trembled in post-orgasmic bliss. “Thank you for your donation,” I whispered as he tremulously grinned at me and then shakily walked out. I tossed the neutralizing tool into the sterilization tank, prepared a fresh one and then opened the curtain to signal I was ready for the next donor and welcomed my next young man…

The model in these pictures is Conrad

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