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Boot Camp Chapter 1 by Euan Donovahn
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor My name is Cpl Christian. I serve in the United States Marine Corps and thought you might be interested in a story.

A story that is one of many I could tell, since being in the elite fighting force of men.

This one of course takes place within the first few weeks of my military training. In fact, more like the first day of the rest of my life.

I am not sure how most people's ideas of a military boot camp go, but I would like to think that a lot of you would be wrong if asked to describe it. Even I had my misconceptions from the start and was proven wrong on many accounts.

Boot camp in the USMC is comprised of breaking down a person from the ways that they used to carry themselves prior to joining, along with a follow up process of building them to be the military figure they were looking for from the start.

This of course does not come easily and there are many useful including less wonderful ways this can be done.

As most stories I have read or come across, most usually involve a couple of fit gay guys and all the things they get up to. I think that this one is going to be slightly different then the norm.

It all takes place at the United States Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, Ca. I arrived there on June the 3rd along with loads of other new recruits, some of which flew out from the same city as I did. Of course no one knew who the others were on the flight as everyone looked the same. That was all about to change though.

We were greeted by a hard nosed drill instructor whose name I have decidedly chosen to forget, as he is someone to this day that I would prefer to steer clear of.

From that moment on it was nothing but screaming and hollering and the barking out of orders from the DI to us. This is where it all started … life as a civilian was officially over, and life in the military promptly took over.

Our first of many orders was to stand together in a single file line. Nut to butt they called it. Many didn't have time to think of the consequences they might have found themselves in if caught like this back home. Here it didn't matter and no one had time to think about much anyway. In the military boot camp you don't think. These drill instructors are paid to think for you.

So there we were 'nut to butt' with one another in the airport arrivals amidst every other person that was on our flight.

'My God', I thought to myself. Then realised this must be a common enough occurrence at the place that people should be used to it by now. Of course, it was like a bad accident on the highway that you just couldn't take your eyes off of. I was beginning to think people actually came here everyday simply and purely to see such a spectacle.

I felt defiled and embarrassed. Little did I know that this would not be the last time I felt this way.

'Move!' was the next thing I could hear. So we did. Very awkwardly we moved as was the case in any situation where the person's ass in front of you did not allow for a proper gait. I also know how difficult it can be to walk with an erection. Since my bulge was crammed so close to the (what seemed very tight) behind in front of me, I found it very difficult to think of anything else just then.

We looked a mess trying to walk so close to one another but soon caught on that we should all be moving the same leg forward at the same time. Lesson one learned.

The next lesson was moving without haste. The DI wanted us to keep up with him. This meant practically running. I could sense an apprehension from our solid line that this was going to be hard seeing as how we had only just learned to walk this way. Now we were expected to keep up as well. This was going to be hard but by the time we had seemed to have gotten the hang of it we were outside and ready to board a bus.

A very cramped bus at that, considering some of us were sitting on the floor down the isle. I managed to get in a chair though thanks to my position in the line. There were three to a seat where normally there would only be room for two. If you can imagine a school bus in the US then you know what I mean.

The next thing I heard was instruction to listen out for our names and 'sound off', once each individual heard their own. This took some getting used to as most of the guys weren't paying any attention as they seemed to have been distracted. Though I was trying to get my erection to subside I still was coherent. I had decided inside the airport that I was not going to give anyone any reason to focus upon myself.

Quickly the names were sounded and as expected a usually quite low but audible 'here' would follow. This was soon to be our next lesson. To sound off loud and clear so that you could be heard. Or as the DI said as a nice example... 'Reach down and grab a pair'. Which meant your balls? This brought a smile to my face as I had already determined who in our group I would love to do this to. In my mind there were enough pair of balls to keep my busy for hours.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor We were told that we would now be transported to the base and were given instruction to keep our heads down between our legs, so that we could not see the 'real world' any longer. Or at least for the duration of the trip to the base.

Again I thought about all of the guys in here that I would love to have put spread their legs and allow me to put my head there.

The ride seemed to take ages and at the same time near the end had felt like we were going through a series of continual left turns. Strange this seemed but of course I didn't dare look up for fear of having my head cut off. Even though I could not see anything but the floor of the bus, I could 'feel' the DI looking at us. Watching, waiting for that one individual to attempt to look up and it would be all over for them. I was not going to dare try, and for the duration of the journey, no one else did either.

Just then, the DI announced his wishes for us once we arrived at our destination. We were to file off the bus as fast as we could and place ourselves on a pair of the yellow footprints that were going to be on the ground just outside of the bus. I tried to imagine if the prints outside were going to be 'nut to butt' again or not. Hoping that they were not as my erection had only just subsided.

With that the bus stopped and the door flung open. Also the mouth of the DI flung open as well. But wait, what was that I could hear. It was more voices. More shouting orders but this time they were all from different directions. Some saying one thing, and some saying another, though all saying the same thing.

'Move you pussies!'. Let's fucking go ladies'! 'Hurry hurry hurry!'

Only after I had exited the bus and scrambled to find a suitable pair of footprints, could I make clear all the confusion.

There were about five, no, make that seven DI's shouting from all sides. Almost as if they were rounding up sheep and cattle for the slaughter. They wanted us to get on those prints and they wanted it done yesterday by the sound of it.

With my position established. I could see the real cause for alarm. They were here not to be our friends but to ensure that we understood that boot camp was not fun and games.

We were positioned on these yellow footprints like a checker board. Perfectly aligned we were. One in front of the other with about 2 feet in front and back as well as on the sides. Geometry at it's best. I could not have done a better job myself if I tried.

Suddenly just 2 guys up and 2 to my left someone coughed. I knew this cause I could see this guy, who was about six foot five and very much like a twig from a very long dead oak tree, raise his hand to his mouth. Just as his mother had taught him to do.

It was polite and showed you he had manners. The DI's saw this as well and with their positions to the group of us as a whole, they seemed to come from all sides. A stocky, short dark DI came from behind me almost knocking me over just so that he could be the first one to reach the cougher.

They all wanted to be there as quickly as they could and he was about to find out why. Within1.5 seconds they were on him like he was on fire and wanted to put him out before the fire spread. Of course this was not the case. They wanted all to be the first one there to completely tear him apart. Like savage lions on a fresh kill, they all wanted part of the action.

The prime position was directly in front with nose touching nose. This was what all the hurry was about, I now understood. To see who could get there first and dish out the worse insults imaginable. As I tried to understand what was being said by all 7 of the DI's, I could make out that they were not there to complain about the cough itself, but that there was no moving once in formation. None whatsoever, despite what our mothers had taught us. Manners or not, this was all about looking good and staying in a formation. They didn't care if 200 wasps covered your face as long as there was no movement.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor t was about having discipline and looking stern and being 'hard as nails'. This was the USMC. Lesson number two learned.

Following the scene of considerable and utter defile, we were lead into what looked like to me a large airport type hanger that stretched as far as the eye could see. Within it were stacks and stacks of boxes in colors of greens, browns and blacks. Colors that I would come to accept as being the only colors of the military.

We were lead inside in the same order as we were out on the footprints. About 10 across and 10 deep.

'Nut to butt!' was the next thing I heard and like some sort of accordion we all compressed together as hard as we could without actually becoming one solid mass of bodies. The funny thing about it was that there was no hesitation. NO resistance. It just… happened. Was this a sign of things to come? Were we already forming the mindset that was destined to become our lifestyle?

I was actually smiling inside at how we just did it. Just like that. I thought the DI's would be pleased as well that we had moved like we had. Of course to them it was not as quick and as tight as it should have been though, and they were urging us from behind and up front to move quicker and harder together. We were crunched even tighter then we were at the airport. My breathing had become labored and we were so close that I could feel the mouth of the guy behind me on my right ear. This immediately turned me on and I could feel my crotch stir with anticipation. More worried now then before that the recruit in front might feel this and cause further issues for me.

With that said and done we were told to sit. Sit right where we stood. Nut to butt. This meant that we would have to sit so close together that we would have to extend our legs along the legs of the person that was in front of us. This wasn't really a problem for me as I have never had any problem spreading my legs to accommodate anyone and this was not going to be real test of just how far I could spread them either. Quite flexible I was and considered this easy. For others it was not as we came in all shapes and sizes. Tall and short as well as slim and not so slim.

Fortunately I was between two quite fit individuals and we had no problems slotting ourselves together like a perfect jigsaw piece. It felt nice. The recruit behind me felt as if he was well equipped and I imagined what it might look like if I could see it in the flesh. Damn, did I have a good imagination.

I already knew what he looked like dressed and I was well pleased to have him behind me. Very tan with dark hair. Really sexy clean features that I was used to seeing in the porn mags and videos I had back home in my bedroom. From what I could tell he had a nice chest too. His pecs felt very firm on my back and gave resistance as I pretended to have to shift myself against him. His legs seemed nice and thick. Runner's legs or perhaps roller blades or cycle legs. Thick no matter what.

I wanted to just relax on his chest and have him wrap his arms around me and allow me to feel his whole body behind me. I had to be careful though as not to lean back too far and cause a domino effect of recruits behind me. Did I mention how close we were…?

I realised just then when I felt his lips pressing on my ear before. Trusting that he had nice full lips from what I remember. Oh how good those must feel pressed onto my own. Or better yet how smooth they must be as if they were to slide up and down the length of my erection. So soft and so very gentle.

I was in a state of oblivion now and focused all my attention on my creative mind. Dreaming in my head what it must be like to be completely naked together with him and do anything to him my heart desired. Just wanting him to do anything he wanted to me. Whatever pleased him as long as I was involved in it all.

By now, what had seemed like an eternity was only a few seconds. I was hearing our next course of action. That was to stand up and get completely undress so that we could be issued our uniforms that were going to be a permanent staple of the next three months together. I could not believe this. Here I was with this raging hard on and I was being asked, no told, I was going to have to get naked.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Quickly facing the fact that I was in no position to protest I began taking off my clothing. By now the room was in total chaos as everyone wanted to bend over at the same time to remove their shoes. What a sight this must have looking from any other angle. Soon enough though more and more skin was starting to show. All kinds of body shapes. I have to admit there were some damn sexy bodies here, including myself. I had always held my own body in high regard a far as how it looked. I was slim but well defined and toned, considering I had never stepped foot into a proper gym in my life. Well at least not to work out anyway. I was proud of my body and didn't mind showing it off either.

You could see some of the apprehension in some of the recruits once everyone was finished. Almost as if to see the complete nakedness all around and take it all in.

I was doing the same and thankfully my erection went down and I seemed to settle down a bit. The shrill voices are enough to cause anyone to lose interest. I realised that the guy behind me could only be standing there naked behind me and I questioned myself why I did not take the opportunity to look behind me when I had the chance. Given different circumstances I would have been on him like nobody's business but for some reason I completely failed to recognise he was still behind me. Only now he was exposed to the world.

As much as I wanted to turn around and gaze at his now fully revealed body I didn't dare do it. No way was I going to be acknowledged to others to be peering at the naked cock behind me. I so wanted to though and I am still shocked at how reserved I was about not looking at all.

We were told to bend over and pick up all off our belongings and file singly up to the front and deposited our gear into boxes that were going to stay in this hanger until our time here in boot camp was over. We were no longer civilians now and had no need for civilian clothing. That was all behind us now and there would be no sign of that for the next coming weeks.

I stood straight then as the first line of recruits started to file up to the front where they would shout out their name so that each box could be marked accordingly. This was my chance to get a good look at each one as they deposited their gear as well as collecting the fatigues and returning to the formation.

Many, many big boys. Some of them seemed to have appeared as if they had just stepped out of a pool in the dead of winter. I dismissed this and assumed it was fright more then lack of. Others, however, showed no sign of worry or fear and those cocks swung heavily and seemed to say, 'Look at me, I am huge.' And look I did. I couldn't but look. Never before had I seen such a display of uncovered meat in my life. It was right there in front of me, as if being displayed in some store window waiting to be purchased.

Again I imagined what it would have been like to be standing in front of each of them as they walked by. Thinking how heavenly it would be to suck them all off. One by one.

That thought was quickly abandoned when the guy behind me suddenly pushed me forward. Our line was now moving. It was our rows turn to show ourselves and be on display for all the others to see. I was now wishing I was in another line so that I could watch the guy behind file past in front of me. How was I ever going to see him. He will always be behind me.

Now I was wishing I had eyes in the back of my head. The same that my mother claimed to have all the years I was growing up. I had always wondered how she managed to find out some of the things I did when I was younger and her excuse was that she had eyes. Not just in front but in back. Forever I believed this before I understood she was only pretending but now I wish I had some too.

We moved quickly enough and close enough as well that a few times I could feel the cock behind me swing forward and touch my ass. This was awesome to me as I was getting and impression that this guy was hung. Considering what the rest of him had felt like I was not surprised but pleased to the core that everything matched as I had imagined.

I was hearing names…names of the guys in my line as they were shouting them to be recorded. I knew I must pay attention to hear the name that would be called from the recruit behind me but also making sure I got my own name right and didn't look an idiot.

'KENNEY!' sounded in my ear. That was it. I knew the last name of the fit hung boy behind me now. I also acknowledged that he had a sexy deep voice as well. Perfect in every way I thought. Body, cock and voice. How perfect was this?!?!

Now all I needed to do was confirm its size. I needed to see it for myself. I needed to focus on it and store the image in my head for future reference. This was now my objective.

We were on our way back to our place in the formation and quickly I thought about how I could steal a glance without making myself too obvious and draw attention to myself. I had to think quick as I knew once we were all back in formation we would need to get redressed again as quickly as humanly possible.

'Just look', I said to myself….'just fucking look!!' What is the worst that can happen. No one is going to see because all the attention is now at the front with the next row of guys. And with that I turned and laid my eyes on one of the most beautifully formed pieces of the male human anatomy I had ever seen.

It was perfectly formed and hung there like a heavy weight. Cut as well and very thick even as it swung there between his thighs. Not hard at all but definitely one that would grow to please masses everywhere. It pleased me that was for sure and for as quick as my glance was I knew I would have the image burned in the back of my mind to last me forever, even if I never had the pleasure of laying my eyes on it for the rest of my lifetime.

I had never seen such an amazingly formed penis. I like to think I have seen a lot in my time though I was only 19. But this was the one I would remember for years to come. It was only for a split second that I looked at him, and for as brief a time as it was, I was sure no one else caught me steal a peek. If I never did anything worth my while again, I knew that this was the most worth while thing ever. I was proud as well as amazed that I did and will never regret it. All around, he was a truly stunning piece of work. Better then even I had imagined him to be.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor All I wanted to do know was stare at it. Touch it. Taste it. Take it's vastness into my mouth and feel it grow. Completely take over the inside of my mouth till I couldn't breathe. I wanted to savour it for as long as I could. I wanted to spend hours just carefully caressing and loving his thick member.

I imagined what his moaning would sound like. Deep and long moans he would produce as he slowly pumped my mouth with his cock from the head to the base and back again. So far down the base that my nose would be buried in his neatly trimmed pubes. So far down as well that I would feel his heavy but smooth balls rest gently on my chin before retreating again.

I would not use my hands at all because I would want him to feel the full pleasure I could give him with just my mouth. I wanted to show him just how much I wanted to please him. I wanted to make sure that he would never put his dick in another mouth that would feel better then mine. He would not soon forget my mouth. I would make sure that every other blow job he got after that he would compare to the service I gave him. He had to know that he deserved to be worshipped and I was just the one that could do it for him.

Before I could even fully enjoy my own vision I was on the floor again searching for my underwear. I was amazed that after letting my imagination run away with me that I was still able to hear what our next order was. I knew that once our skivvies were back on again that I would not be able to see Kenney's superb cock again.

What were the chances of even seeing him again? I already knew that this was a big place and it would be slim that I would even come close to seeing him after today.

I was not worried though as I would remember that moment for a long time to come. It would be a good long while that my brain would deliver that image into the farthest reaches of my mind. I was glad about that. I would believe that it would be against one if not more then one religion to forget something as splendid as Kenny and his great cock.

Fully dressed now in camouflage and boots we were given our next directive to herd along out of the room into the small corridor that we had entered from. 'Nut to butt' of course and I didn't mind. Even though Kenney was dressed now I knew I would still be able to feel him behind me. There was no way any amount of clothing could fully conceal what he was carrying.

This pleased me because I knew that wherever we were to go from this point that he would always be behind me.

It was now time for haircuts. Soon everyone here would look as similar as possible to everyone else around them. Obviously there would be distinguishable differences between us but all in all we were losing our individuality.

So guys had very short hair already. Others had bleach or were wearing their hair down to their shoulders. There were many different types, colours and styles.

I was interested to see just how I was going to look as a skinhead. I was always used to wearing my hair short anyway so I was not too worried. I would be a shock but trusted I would get used to it.

Kenney on the other hand had longer hair. His was longer and kind of hung in one length around his head giving him a sexy 'curtain' look. Very boyish and very sexy. It was a nice colour somewhere between dark blond and brown. Quite like the colour of his pubic hair. I tried to envisage what he would look like after coming out of a swimming pool on a hot day. Seeing his wet hair clinging to his beautiful face before he would take his hand and run it though to the back of his head.

What would he look like? I was unsure as I could not picture him without his locks.

I was of course before him in line though and would hopefully get the pleasure of watching him quickly transform into a boot camp recruit.

We were swiftly moving to the doorway that housed the room where owe would receive our new looks. All I could hear coming from the room was the high pitch buzzing from the hair trimmers. It seemed like there were hundreds of them all cutting at the same time. Not stopping for anything until the last one of us was hairless.

I had just come to the doorway and was able to see others getting the haircut that would designate them as recruits. I was shocked at what I saw.

Each one was only in a chair for about 20 seconds and there were only two chairs in the room. We were moving so fast in the line that I would have guessed there were at least 10 barbers having a go all at once. In no time from the moment when one placed himself in a chair was his hair falling to the floor. It took most guys only four to five sweeps from front to back working right to left before they were completely bald.

These barbers obviously had to be somewhere soon as they were making very quick work of the line of guys that were there to be sheared. These men were on a mission. Maybe they were trying to break their record from the guys that came yesterday. Maybe they just wanted to have a get out of there as soon as they could. They were not stopping for anything either as the trimmers were cutting another head before the previous person even left the chair.

Soon I was to be taking my place on the crude stool to have my inaugural haircut. I was quite looking forward to it though. I had many magazines at home that were nothing but skinhead and butch guys in them. I loved the look of a guy with no hair. I liked the roughness of them and it was very horny to see a skinhead fucking the ass off of a young guy with a huge sweaty mop on his head. Very horny stuff I thought.

I was anticipating Kenney taking the stool next to me and getting to watch his alteration from sexy 'guy next door' to horny 'come fuck me hard' skinhead.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor 'Wait, wait, wait', I thought in my head as I was being removed from my stool and encouraged to move immediately out the opposite door to the one through which I had entered. I was not going to get to see Kenney receive his trim as I was now finished. I would have to see him once it was over. Before I had been back in the line for more then 10 seconds I could feel Kenney rush up behind me and stop knowing he could go no further. I knew that he was bald behind me and desperately wanted to look but was not going to this time.

This time the DI's were scanning our formation and making sure everyone's eyes were burning holes in the bald head in front of us. I was starting to be concerned that my head looked strange to Kenney behind me as I knew that my head was all he could see. Hope he liked it.

In no time we were all standing again together but this time only nothing but rough stubble was visible on all of our heads. We were being given orders that we would now be marched to our barracks quarters where we would be separated into our platoons and introduced to our permanent drill instructors that would remain with us for the duration of our 3 months there.

The one word that stuck out in my mind was 'separated'. I said a prayer right there asking not to be split from Kenney. I did not want to be in any other platoon then he was in as I knew I would have other opportunities to see more of him if we were placed together. Even though I had no idea of what was to be expected once placed in our individual sections I still trusted that seeing him all the time would be better then never seeing him again. Let's hope my prayer gets answered.

Luv: Euan xxx

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