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Boot Boy by Jerry A.
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Badpuppy Model - Braxton T Crrrrunch!!!! The heavy, highly polished boot slammed into my balls, viciously twisting and grinding. My roars of agony reverberated off the tiled walls of the Guardroom cell. It was useless to hope for intervention: the Orderly Sergeant was out on his rounds, the lads on guard and picket duties had dispersed. I was alone with my tormentor.

"Fuckin' bum boy!" Corporal Luss's hard, merciless voice cut through his victim's pain. "Cock sucker! Arsehole licker!" His heel twisted into my suffering bollocks with each word. Despite the torture, my cock was so hard I began to fear a blood vessel would burst. Long strands of sticky fluid streamed from my cock-slit, some finding its way onto the mirror-like toecaps of Corporal Luss's boots. "You filthy pig! Look what you've done to my boot!" roared the enraged NCO, giving his boot an extra twist. I screamed anew, doubling over, drawing my knees up as far as they would go, rolling onto my side, retching. Nausea swept through me and my hands desperately tried to shield myself from further abuse. Luss gazed down at my naked body writhing on the cold concrete floor. His foot thudded into my taut sweat-glazed buttocks. I cried out again as pain seared through me like an ice-cold flame.

"Get up, airman! I've not finished with you yet!" Naked, every nerve screaming, I could not, dared not move. "That's an order! Stand up!" Slowly, every move an agony, I struggled to my knees. Sweat, tears and cock-juice streamed from me. Yet another thud crashed into my backside, sending my ravaged testicles swinging and throbbing. "Come on! Move it!" Taking deep, sobbing breaths, I struggled to stand upright. "About turn!" I executed the corporal's order as best I could and faced him. A faint stirring of lust rippled through me as I saw him clearly for the first time that night. At the age of 23, he stood at six foot plus in his immaculate RAF Police uniform, with the build of a scrum half. He was deeply tanned after a two year posting in the Middle East, his blond hair bleached almost white by desert sun. Ice cold blue eyes glittered as they surveyed the nakedness of the wretch before him.

"So, you like licking arse, do you?" A pause as fear gripped me and I struggled to find breath. "Answer me!" "Yes, corporal" came my faint reply. It could not very well be denied, as earlier in the evening Corporal Luss had come upon me doing just that to another man in the shadows behind one of the barrack blocks. The corporal had let the other man go, but had frog-marched me back to the Guardroom, making me strip off before locking me in a cell. He explained to the Orderly Sergeant he was going to decide what to charge me with later - that would depend on my behaviour during the night, or else he would teach me a lesson I would not forget in a hurry. The Orderly Sergeant decided it would be less troublesome to leave Luss to it, so he went off on his rounds - that is to say, he could grab a couple of rounds in the Sergeants' Mess before having to lock up.

"OK, scum, I'm going to find out just how good you are at arsehole eating." Luss paused to let his words sink in. As he slowly began to remove his uniform, his meaning filtered through the mist of shame into my brain. First, the corporal removed his jacket, then his tie and shirt. In spite of the fear and pain, I stared in awe at the perfection of the hairless torso revealed to me. "But first, you're going to lick those boots clean. Aren't you?" " Yes, corporal!" My voice was firmer now. Putting his booted foot on the edge of the bed where I had recently been lying, the corporal ordered me to squat. My face was inches away from the boot. "Now lick it, like the mangy cur you are!" My slavering tongue began lapping at the sticky produce of my own body. The saltiness of the sex juice mingled with a faint taste of Kiwi boot polish. Warming to the task, my eagerness was becoming very apparent to my tormentor. Roughly, Luss pulled his foot away. "Enough! Stand up!" I obeyed. As I straightened up, I noticed a bulge in the crotch of Luss's uniform trousers, a small dark damp patch appearing just where I could sense the corporal's cockhead straining against the blue material.

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"Come here!" I moved in towards the corporal. "Closer!" Obediently, I shuffled forward. Luss's hard, strong hands flashed forward, thumbs and forefingers grasping my nipples in a vicious pinching movement. They squeezed, hard, twisting in opposing directions. My cock, which had been losing some of its hardness, sprang back into life as pain scorched through my body once more. "Right, airman, now let's see how you like the taste of corporal arsehole!" Luss quickly undid his belt and unzipped his fly, pushing his trousers down as far as they would go. He was not wearing any underpants. I gazed at the rigid eight-inch cock thrusting and jerking in its new-found freedom. The light filtering from the corridor outside caught the pre-cum glistening on the cock-slit. I was seized with lust: I must have that man-meat! Luss turned his back on me, leaning forward. "Come on, airman, lick and suck this corporal pussy!"

I needed no further encouragement. All pain, all fear forgotten at the sight of the hard round arse cheeks before me, I grasped Luss's buttocks and spread them wide, thrusting my face hard between them. Like heat-seeking missiles, my lips locked on to the tight pink hole. Gently at first, but soon stepping up the action, I sent my tongue fluttering and dancing around the rim of the corporal's man-cunt. Luss moaned softly, moving his head from side to side, eyes half-closed in ecstasy. "Shit! That's good!" At intervals, my tongue made a guerrilla raid across his hole. With each sortie, Luss's body arched, animal noises escaping from his throat. After some minutes of this teasing game, I launched a full attack, ripping into Luss's love tube with my tongue, as deep as I could get it. "FUCK! FUCK!!" His arse cheeks clenched ever tighter around my face; I was now beyond caring: corporal pussy was just fine with me!

As I penetrated ever deeper, I reached round with one hand, grasping the big hairy ball sac swinging between the corporal's legs. I pulled, rolled, squeezed until hoarse moans from the man in front of me reached maximum decibel levels. Suddenly, Luss was trying to pull away. "Stop! Stop now! I'm not ready yet, airman, I'm going to fill your arse with my cum. STOP!" Reluctantly, with a final suck, I pulled away from the arse before me, but not before I gently blew across the pulsing hole, sending a wave of lust through the corporal's sweating body. With a soft moan, Luss turned to face me. "Stand up and turn round," he ordered, "then bend over and grasp your ankles!" Eagerly, I obeyed. As I waited, breathlessly, lustfully, for my arse to be ripped apart by Luss's rigid manhood, I could feel the corporal's hot breath against my ear, his arms taking up position either side of my shoulders. Burning lips pressed against my neck, nuzzling my right ear and cheek. "OK, lover boy," whispered Luss, "don't fight it." Panting with anticipatory lust, I felt the hard pressure of the swollen man-meat between my arse cheeks, leaking pre-cum into the small of my back. I felt strong hands stroking along my flanks and up to my shoulders. The rampant cock pressed ever more urgently against me, searching for my fuckhole, animal heat against quivering flesh. I could not wait any longer. Driving my hips backwards against my tormentor, I manoeuvred his pulsating rod against my hole. I pushed against it, hard, and felt it break through into my aching love-chute. I let out a squeal, like a mouse caught by a cat, arching upwards to meet the pleasure pain of Luss's throbbing cock. The thick, heavy manhood thrust deep into my guts as he gave a long, fierce, soul-shattering stroke. Luss's dick knew what it wanted and was going to take it, by force and right of conquest.

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Badpuppy Model - Braxton T Big, muscular hands wrapped themselves around my ravaged body, fondling, squeezing, stroking tits, balls, tugging at my pubic hair, encircling my cock base, as Luss humped my ass and raped me. He drove on, faster, thrusting his cock deeper in to my airman's body with every stroke. That meat ramming into me made me even randier, made me gasp harder for rasping, shuddering intakes of breath. I twisted and moaned, impaled on that dick, every smack of the corporal's hips against my tailpiece forcing a whimpering moan from my dry lips. Luss was getting really busy now, slamming all he had down my chute. His sweaty chest glided along my sweaty back; I could hear my own muffled sobs and yelps echoing off the tiled walls. I twisted, torqued, grunted, moaned, all to no purpose. The corporal was too horny to stop now; he was screwing my arse like he could go on fucking my hot arsehole for eternity. Suddenly, with long, shuddering thrusts, he let out a roar like the Bull of Bashan. I could feel the walls of my shit tube being bombarded with pellets of hot white cum. I could feel Luss's cock pulsing and jetting its discharge, my hole involuntarily tightening around the invading dick. My own cannon fired off its heavy load, on and on and on, my thick white male juice spattering the tiled walls of the cell. The cum slowly slid down the tiles under its own weight and the force of gravity to the floor, where a pool of cooling seminal fluid was forming on the floor between my feet. As he pulled out of me, he cracked his hand across my arse. "Great! Clean up this fucking place!" and wiped his cockhead clean on my buttocks.

Luss told me he would not be preferring charges against me but would make it all right with the CO. I felt grateful to him and watched as he slowly, sensuously put his uniform back on. "You OK?" he asked. "Yes, corporal," I replied, "but I think I'm going to be shitting white for a week!" He laughed. "You'll be shitting white far longer than that, airman. You're going to be my Boot Boy - right?" He was right; we were together for two years, two years of lusting after each other, lusting after each other's cocks, each other's arses - and two years for me of licking clean his cum-stained parade boots!

The model in these pictures is Braxton T

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