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Body Language by Joncy
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Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

Why is it that when you see a guy that makes you absolutely cream your pants you have to be with your mother or something? We were driving home on a hotter than hot summer’s day and my mother was chattering on about all the chores she had to do before we left for the lake on Saturday. We overtook a truck that was probably on its way to a building site somewhere. There was this gorgeous guy splayed out at the back of it. If I’d been on my own I sure as hell would have followed him to his destination. Even now I wanted to make up some excuse for my mother to pull over so I could hop out in hot pursuit. Fat chance. Anyway what would I have used for wings?

He was stretched out on a pile of bricks on the back of the truck holding on to a piece of scaffolding. It was the way he was stretched that appealed to me. His safety helmet perched provocatively over one eye, one mouthwatering pectoral muscle overflowing his blue dungarees and his crotch pointing to the sky but somehow hitting me right in the eye. My dick all but sailed out the window in its excitement. He saw me too. I know because he smiled a sultry smile at me and rubbed his crotch as if to say hello. I knew at just one glance that he was a cock-teaser and that men, women and twinks like me probably flocked in droves round his honey-pot, or whatever the expression is, but I didn’t care. I wanted to meet him and suffer the awesome consequences.

My mother is the kind of woman who can have a conversation with herself or the windshield wipers without receiving any response so she hadn’t noticed that my mind was elsewhere. We stopped at the supermarket and picked up provisions for the weekend. She kept asking me if I wanted something special and I kept trying to pluck up the courage to tell her I wasn’t coming. I was a man, or at least a twink, with a mission. I like referring to myself as a twink because I think it describes me perfectly. I have a cheeky face, a firm trim body and a dick that surprises and impresses guys twice my size. Trouble is I’m a bit shy and it takes a lot to get me going. And one glance at my horny bricklayer had got me really going. In fact I was more than halfway there. I’d convinced myself that I was going to be firing bricks in his kiln or climbing his scaffolding this weekend. Mind you I like being fucked too but my dick gets ahead of me sometimes. He loves a hot piece of ass. And he especially loves straight guys who aren’t giving out. It’s a kind of challenge for him.

The problem is I’m still living at home and can’t always follow my flights of fancy. I got one lucky break though when my sister’s boyfriend came to stay. We had to share a bed. I tried to keep my distance but my dick was way ahead of me and kept trying to make a nest in his buttocks. He threatened to tell my sister, he threatened to sleep on the floor or make me sleep on the floor but the long and the short of it is we ended up doing it. My dick got the better of him.

Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

The horniest part of the whole affair was pulling his briefs down inch by stealthy inch praying he wouldn’t change his mind and tell me to stop. He had the most magnificent butt. Just touching it made me feel like a griddle hot and ready for its porterhouse. I had to suppress a strong urge to turn the light on and see it in all its naked splendour. He obviously worked out a lot. It was hard as a rock but soon became butter in my hands as I massaged it. His face was buried in the pillow and as I buried my face and my tongue in his ass I heard him give soft little moans of impure pleasure. I couldn’t wait to bury my thick dick in his butt and turn them into big bellowing groans but I knew full well we had to be quiet. Family walls have very big ears. I wet my fingers and gently moisturised the entrance to his lovehole. Its virgin lips opened and sucked up my spittle like a flower sucking up the dew. Then I started rubbing my cock gently against his ass-cheeks, the pre-cum mixing with my saliva. My heart was in my mouth. I felt I was walking a fine tightrope with no safety net. Any minute now he might push me away. But the message I got from massaging and tonguing his ass told me I was safely past the point of no return. In fact he made it potently clear he didn’t want gentle and his burgeoning butt rose aggressively to meet me as I laid the length of my pole in his crack, moving my oozing dick-head up and down but not yet in and out.

Having got this far, I was interested in investigating the rest of his body so while my dick was doing its own reconnoitring I slipped my hands up the inside of his t-shirt. It was an awesome experience. Like exploring some unknown land. I took the ab track to his perfect pecs and ran my fingertips over his nipples. He moaned deep and low. And this was the guy who was going to tell my sister. After tantalizing his nipples a bit, as only I know how, I worked my way down south to grasp hold of his dick. I always leave the best till last. And it was the best. Nine inches of prime man-meat.

I always use a little strategy too. Especially with so called straights. I jerked him off a bit to add some of his own pre-cum to the homemade lube I was gathering together in the palm of my hand and to take his mind off the fact that my own man-pole was honing in on him. I stroked his leaking organ like I was stroking a family pet. He moaned or rather mewled like a cat in heat. He ground his hot hungry ass into my groin and tore off his t-shirt as if he wanted to absorb more of me. Even my sweat. The horny little bastard. I couldn’t believe it. Lo and fucking behold, I had his whole beautiful appetising body spread out before me like butter on toast. Man I so wanted to put that fucking light on! Problem was my hands were otherwise engaged. And also a bit too sticky.

Undeterred I put all my lover’s art into my tongue and ran it up his muscular back. Then, at the strategic point, took a mammoth bite out of it and rammed home. As I dug my way into his accommodating ass, he dug his head further into the pillow to stifle the horny groans he was emitting. I nearly suffocated him in the process. I fucked him with long, slow strokes savouring every thrust. I knew he was enjoying it because his dick grew harder in my hand with each one. Soon I felt his prostate swelling against my dick-head so I speeded things up a bit and massaged his love button with short, sharp butt thrusts trying to give him maximum pleasure with every stroke. He responded by humping his back and coming down long and strong on me like he wanted to pole vault my dick or something. I wanted to ask him, “Are you sure you haven’t been fucked before.”

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Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

But before I could say anything he gave out a very peculiar sound which I can only describe as a mixture of happy agony and primal lust. Talk about let me hear your body talk. It came deep down from the bowels and rose to a base baritone bellow. I expected the door to burst open at any moment and see my entire family standing there witnessing our mutual and flagrant content. For as he filled my hand with wad after wad of his juicy jizz, it was my turn to get maximum pleasure. His pulsating ass refused to release its horny hold on my astonished dick and with each awesome flow of his mammoth orgasm he squeezed the frigging fuck out of it. It was like coming twenty-five times in a row. At least. I tell you man I let out a few primal groans myself. In fact by now my bedroom was beginning to sound like Old MacDonald’s farm. E,I,E,I,Oh!!! Strange to tell, no-one stirred. Either my family were sound sleepers or the walls were much sounder than I thought. Or maybe nobody dared enter the shameless land of Sodom and Gomorrah which by now was gloriously awash with cum and smelled potently of liquid lust.

Next day no mention was made of disturbed sleep. Still sad to say my sister’s boyfriend later broke off the engagement. I hope it wasn’t because I broke his butt. Pity. I could have done with a few more nights like that. I was hoping he might have returned the compliment but circumstances were not in our favour. C’est la vie I suppose. Or rather that’s how the cookie (or butt) crumbles.

Well sorry I waxed a little lyrical there. It really was a memorable night and definitely worth recording and just one of the many horny adventures I encountered with dick-o.

I’d like to tell you a few more but as usual he’s making me lose my focus and keeping you in suspense as to my encounter with Ladislav. What a name. It sounds like you’ve got a mouthful of something when you pronounce it. Which I usually did have every time I ‘encountered’ him. Lost count actually. As you can tell, I like playing with words and I also loved playing with Ladislav’s dick.

But on with the story.

Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

I managed to get out of going to the lake by faking a temperature. I put the thermometer in a glass of hot water. I’d have been in hot water too if my mom had found out. As it is she went reluctantly to the lake with my sister and baby brother. My father was already there fishing. I was left home alone with Miss Daisy our miniature bulldog. I took her out for a ride on my bike. I often take her with me when I go day-time cruising. She’s a great asset if you’ll excuse my French. She’s cute too. Sits in front and looks a bit like E.T.

I had no idea where to look for construction sights so the first day I was not a happy camper. Then I decided to go back where I’d first seen him. And wait. This time without Miss Daisy who was getting hot and bothered in the sun. Sure enough, after an hour or so I saw him gliding by, still sitting on a mass of bricks. My first thought was for his ass. It had to be taking a pounding with all those bricks. My second thought was whose ass would be taking the pounding when I finally caught up with him. I had a feeling it was going to be mine. I cycled madly after the truck but naturally couldn’t keep up. Still I knew I was going in the right direction.

The next day I had the bright idea of standing by my bike waiting for him. I deflated a tyre and hitched a ride when the vehicle eventually appeared on the horizon. He smiled as he grabbed me and my bicycle and hauled us both up. He still wasn’t wearing a shirt and I could see down the front of his dungarees as he bent over. Dick and I both became red with pleasure. Actually I was red with embarrassment as I didn’t know what I was going to say to him. Naturally my dick, never having to worry about words, was trying to poke the hell through my pants and get to know him. That’s when I discovered he didn’t speak English. The driver shouted over his shoulder and asked me where I was headed. I told him I was just out for a ride and needed to get my tyre fixed at a gas station or something. The driver said he’d see to it when we got to the site.

Fortunately, the site wasn’t far away. I say fortunately as I hoped to be within cycling distance of my new friend. I knew he was my new friend because he kept smiling at me and clutching his crotch while he did so. Not in a vulgar way but just to let me know that his lunch box was ready for me should I ever feel inclined to drop in for a bite to eat. It was amazing how easily we communicated right from the word go. Which I’m happy to say wasn’t too far away. However I was a little disappointed when we arrived at the site and I found he wasn’t quite as tall as I’d expected. In fact he was what my incorrigible mother would call knee high to a grasshopper. But I eventually discovered that what he lacked in height he made up in girth. His pecs and his prick were both firm and thick. After all the best gifts often come in small packages.

But like my dick I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

The driver was as good as his word and pumped up my tyre. Now the only thing left for me to do was to wave goodbye although I could have done with a little pumping up of my own. I was feeling so horny.

“I’m going to make some tea,” he said. “Would you like a cup?”

“Yes, please,” I said gratefully.

I seemed to be getting on much better with the driver than with Ladislav. Actually when the tea arrived it was in a huge tin mug. I sipped the hot liquid thinking of my hot thermometer and my even hotter dick. I’d achieved my goal. I’d pursued my prey and run him to earth but how was I going to get inside his pants or let him into mine. Our eyes met over the rims of our respective mugs. I felt my dick stir. He put the tea down to adjust one of the straps of his dungarees. This gave me one big fat look at one big fat nipple. My dick was beside itself. There was a pregnant silence.

“Ladislav doesn’t speak much English,” the driver said.

“Maybe you’d like to give him a few lessons. I haven’t got the patience.”

Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

“I wouldn’t mind,” I said, wondering if the guy was serious or just teasing me. My interest in Ladislav’s body must have been pretty obvious.

The driver said a few words to him in Polish.

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” he said to me smiling. “Follow him. He wants to show you his living quarters.”

I did as I was told and Ladislav led me to a kind of shack. It was pretty depressing but at least we were alone. There was a small bed in a corner and a big brown chair. The chair was horrible. My grandmother had thrown away one like it when I was a small boy. Maybe it was the same chair.

I sat on the bed and he sat on the chair. He opened the top of his dungarees and slipped slowly out of them. I sat transfixed. His body was so beautiful. First his torrid torso and then his Men’s Health abs came into view and finally his dazzling white underpants. They contrasted so hornily well with the brownness of his body. Somehow they gave me confidence. He may only have been a manual labourer but he had to be a really clean kind of guy to wear those whiter than white underpants. I knew I was going to have absolutely no qualms whatsoever eating out of his lunch box.

Looking me straight in the eye he put his hands down the front of his briefs and fondled his dick so I could watch it grow in size. It was a bit like watching a succulent sausage swell in the pan. Then he took the juicy morsel out and offered it to me. Who needs language I thought to myself. Here I was ostensibly supposed to be giving him English lessons and instead getting a crazy crash course in body language. My mouth opened involuntarily but it was soon voluntarily sucking his thick dick. His meaty sausage was as succulent as it looked. I let it sizzle a bit between my lips and then tried to douse it with a stream of spittle. I ended up steaming and frothing at the mouth. He gave me a horny head massage while I was busy blowing him and also rubbed the sole of his foot against my delirious dick. It was fucking great man. He all but jerked me off with his toes. I’ve never had it so good. Head and foot massage and a mammoth mouthwash all at once.

Badpuppy Model - Ladislav Gumak

After that he had to go and lay some bricks. He indicated this to me and also indicated the bed. I understood he wanted me to lie down and wait for him. As I told you I’m quite a cheeky little bastard and wanted to say “Off to lay some bricks before you come back and lay me, are you?” but it would have been lost on him. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was something hot and hard pressed against my butt and it didn’t wait long for an invitation either and was in me before I could open my ass lips and say no. Which I didn’t of course. I’d been brushing and combing my hormones for this momentous moment since the day I set eyes on him. I opened up and let him in. No spit. No lube. No preliminaries. Just pure prick. Red hot and hard. And oh did it feel good!! He fucked me till I was mindless and boneless. Whimpering like one demented.

In the middle of it all I recalled the words of a song from a Diana Krall album. It goes something like this: ‘He wants to rock me like my back ain’t got no bones and I want him to rock me like my backbone was his own.’ That’s the gist of it anyway. Three cheers for the guy or gal who wrote that song. Nothing could have expressed my sensual and sexual sentiments better. Course you have to substitute one four letter word with another but we all know what that song’s about. We smiled our goodbyes, me speaking in English and him in Polish. Both of us understanding each other very well.

I got home very red in the face and hot in the butt. My mom was fixing dinner. She took one look at my flushed face and ordered me to bed.

“What are you doing out and about when you still have a temperature?” she said.

If she only knew the half of it I thought to myself. I was already looking forward to my next bike ride to desire. And further instruction in Polish body language.

The model in these pictures is Ladislav Gumak


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