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Body Center by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Wolf I work as a personal trainer at a body-building center downtown. Iím good looking and have a great body so Iím a good role model for some of the young guys that pass through my hands, so to speak. Most of the time I keep my distance but occasionally some cutie will catch my eye and Iíll make a point of taking a shower when I see him heading for the changing room. Thereís an open shower at our gym with twelve shower jets so itís not exactly a private affair but you get to see some great dick and other attributes too so itís always a good place to compare notes.

Youíd be surprised how many men use their dick as a measuring rod and what better place than a shower. Itís vastly superior to a sauna or a Turkish bath as you get to see them soap their dicks and run their hands through the crevice of their butts and that really turns me on. It seems to turn others on too because I make a point of soaping my dick real well and often see a young jock watching me out of the corner of his eye. I know he likes it because I see him get hard so, not to embarrass him, I turn round and wash my butt real well too. Iíve got a real neat trick of rubbing my hand between my butt and my balls and doing a little knee bend at the same time. That really gets them. Not that I can be too blatant about it as I donít want to lose my job. Still itís fun and Iím a real cock-teaser.

I just love the shower room. The combination of all that steam and hot bodies really does it for me. Sometimes, I canít help laughing when I think of the trouble I go to keeping my body clean while my thoughts get dirtier and dirtier all the time. Thatís life I suppose. Full of contradictions and crazy contrasts. Which reminds me of another of lifeís little ironies. You can build your body and your butt to perfection but you canít really do much about your dick. In fact, some of those really overdeveloped hunks have the smallest weenies and thatís a real turn off. I mean you need a really strong pole to hold on to when youíre humping somebody, donít you? At least, I know I do.

I often wonder why somebody doesnít do a social study of menís shower rooms and write a paper on it. It could be very revealing, so to speak. But I suppose the worldís not ready for that yet. People still have a lot of hang-ups. I remember one guy who used to come in two or three times a week with his wife. We have an adjoining gym where the women work out and other rooms where everybody does aerobics and all that stuff together but I prefer to stick to my neck of the woods. He had a nice face but was pretty weedy. He had a real nerdy name to go with it too: Dexter. I put him on a beginners program and personally supervised him. He didnít really attract me until I saw him in the shower. From that moment my heart took a quantum leap and my life went off in a whole new direction. It was late in the evening and there was nobody else there at the time. Which was just as well. His dick was phenomenal. I stood there open mouthed. The contrast of his skinny body and that awesome member was something to behold. I wanted to get right over there and ďsoapĒ him to death.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf Of course, he stood there demurely and avoided my gaze. I began to hope I hadnít made my interest too obvious and turned round before my own dick could give me away. In fact, I was so excited it began to get rock hard and grow out of all proportion so that at one point I thought it was going to rival his. No way. I mean, donít get me wrong, I have a great dick. More than average. And after all itís what you do with it that counts. At least thatís what I tried to convince myself. But all I could think of was his magnificent member making its way up my shaft and then ramming me hard. Him ramming me or me rimming him. Or both. My knees grew weak at the thought.

After a while, I heard him leave the shower room. I looked around furtively to see if anyone was coming. I was so hot and hard, I just had to risk it and jerk off under the shower. I tell you that was one of the greatest hand jobs I ever gave myself. The combination of that gorgeous dick in my mindís eye and the fear that somebody would come in and find their personal trainer jerking off under the shower made the whole experience super exciting and I can tell you I shot a really super load.

But that night I couldnít sleep. I lay there looking at the ceiling and fondling my dick. All I could think of was Dexter, or, more exactly, Dexter and his dick, or even more exactly, Dexterís dick. It was incredible. I didnít even know or like the guy but desperately wanted his dick. What was I, some kind of pervert? I tried to look at some really horny photos that I keep in my bedside table and then at a really hot video but all I could think of was that gigantic dick. Images came to my mind of him making love to his wife and her opening her legs (or mouth) wider and wider, all the time groaning with pleasure and begging for more. Why did all the best guys have to be straight!!

In the end, I reached for the gel and, lubricating my dick real good, jerked off slowly, trying to imagine what it could have been like with him under the shower. After all we were alone. It was late in the evening. Maybe I should have taken the bull by the horns --- or horn --- and made my intentions known. Maybe he was too shy to make the first move and had been waiting for me to do just that. Suddenly, I realised that he hadnít even been hard and yet his dick had been magnificent. I began to imagine it standing up tall and proud, in all its glory, and me worshipping at his feet. Thatís when I came and nearly shot to the ceiling this time. Yes, I was definitely sick. Sick for his dick.

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Badpuppy Model - Wolf Next time he came in I tried to act normal, as if nothing had happened. But something had happened. I was cooked. Then my calvary really began. I decided to put him on an accelerated program. He was a little surprised but didnít say anything. However, every time I had to do something quite natural such as straighten his shoulders, his body seemed to recoil at my touch. He was a good student and followed my instructions to the letter but hardly ever smiled and always averted his gaze. I was convinced that he didnít like me or I had set him on his guard. Still, he didnít mix much with the other men either so I put it down to shyness, all the time telling myself not to make mountains out of molehills.

But when I did that I couldnít help thinking of his mountain entering my molehill. Was I obsessed or what? And every night I went home to an empty bed to jerk off.

One day he didnít turn up at the usual time so I was a ball of jello by the time he eventually did arrive. I gave all my attention to some young guy who had just started training and only a casual nod to Mr. Dickhead. I was acting like a silly schoolgirl. In fact, I even started thinking of schoolgirl ploys such as making friends with his wife but I soon cast that insane idea out of my head.

This went on for two months and I was beginning to feel the brunt of too many sleepless nights and haunted days. I talked to a friend about it, without mentioning any names, and of course he told me to go out and get laid, so I did. I went to a torso night at our local gay bar and came back with a real hot trick. But it didnít help much.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf Meanwhile, the object of my attraction was making great progress and his body was developing in all the right directions, particularly his butt which was now a real gem. Every time he bent down to pick up some weights or some such thing, my mouth began to slather. Thatís all I need, I thought to myself, to go ape shit for his butt. While I was thinking just that, he looked in my direction and caught my eye. This time he didnít look away but came over to me. He thanked me for all my help and the great body Iíd given him and said that he wouldnít be coming any more. It seems he had ďachieved his goal.Ē Even the way he spoke was nerdy. I was beginning to hate him. He shook my hand, and of course, wouldnít you know it, I trembled. It was the first body contact Iíd had with him.

He had a really strong grip and held on to my hand as if he didnít want to let it go. Or maybe it only felt like that. There was a moment of embarrassed silence between us during which he actually looked straight into my eyes. His were beautiful. Like the rest of him, I thought. He finally broke the spell by saying thanks again and that he was going to have a shower and hit the sack. No mention of his wife. Come to think of it I hadnít seen her around recently. For quite some time in fact.

I watched him throw a towel over his shoulder and head for the shower. My mind was in turmoil. Heíd been so nice. So friendly. I hadnít expected that at all. I looked around me. There was hardly anyone left in the gym. I began to tremble again. I wanted to be there with him in that shower room. I wanted to see his dick just once more. Cast my eyes on his cast iron butt one last time.

Two guys came out of the shower and nodded to me. Soon it would be closing time. I hesitated for a moment and then some force greater than I drew me to that shower room. I saw the steam. I heard the water jet. It was music to my ears. I took off my sweatshirt and walked in feeling like Orpheus entering the underworld. And there he was in all his glory waiting for me. I knew he was waiting for me because he was soaping his dick and it was huge and hard. There was a glazed expression in his eyes which I recognized at once because Iíd had it myself for two months. Every time I thought of him, in fact. I went right up to him. I didnít even take off the rest of my track suit. Just took his dick in my hand and continued to soap it. Something Iíd been longing to do since the first day Iíd set eyes on it. Then he did the last thing I would have expected. He kissed me. Not a savage, lustful kiss but a gentle, searching kiss as if he was just getting to know me. At the same time he tried to get me out of my wet tracksuit. I bent down to help him and my lips came into contact with that dream dick. Only it wasnít a dream any more but hard reality. I didnít care about the soap. I sucked it and swallowed it. This made me foam somewhat at the mouth but Iíd been doing that mentally anyway. For weeks now.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf He began to make little moaning noises. Soft little moaning noises like the soft kiss heíd given me. All this softness and hardness together. I was anything but soft. In fact, he had quite a job disengaging my overexcited dick from the tight jock strap. It was behaving just like an enthusiastic puppy that couldnít wait for his master to take him out for a walk. He turned me round so that my butt came into contact with his mountain of flesh, then playfully twanged the elastic of my jockstrap. This made my ďpuppyĒ even more excited and anxious to be free. Then he put some soap on his fingers and burrowed under the elastic into my welcoming butt.

This time it was my turn to moan. Out loud. He put his free hand over my mouth, afraid someone would hear, but I was past caring. All I wanted, all I had ever wanted, was that dick. Nothing and nobody was going to stop me now. He seemed to get the message and snapped the thong of the jock strap. I cried out as the wet elastic stung like crazy but that was nothing compared with the hot searing pain as he literally burst my ass with his prong. The world went white and my ears rang.

For a moment, all I could feel was disappointment and discomfort. Then he went to work on my ass and pain turned to pleasure as he moved around inside me rather like his tongue had moved around inside my mouth but this time he was anything but gentle and invaded my anal regions like a predator laying siege to a castle. Then just when I was going to beg him to stop, he grabbed my dick and jerked me off.

This time our orgasmic cries brought the janitorís son hastening to the shower room to see what the hell was going on. By then we were under separate showers and I made a feeble excuse about the water being too hot but I could see he was in no way convinced. The smell of sex was in the air. You canít very well disguise that. He would probably report me in the morning. He took a quick, furtive look at Dexterís dick and left. The janitorís son was a cute Spanish boy taking over while his father was in hospital. Iíd forgotten to ask what for. He was wearing his dadís overalls which were far too big for him. Maybe I could give him a few bucks to keep him quiet. Or a few fucks. He really was cute but Iíd been so obsessed with Dexterís dick I hadnít noticed. Now my attention had shifted to the new butt Iíd helped form. There was something about the line that went down Dexterís back to the dimple between those two heavenly hillocks that made me want to get down there and investigate. See where it went, so to speak. I knelt down behind him and inserted my tongue into his velvet valley. Once again, he let out soft little moans. I was getting to love those moans. We havenít really had a proper conversation yet, I thought, and here we are communicating perfectly.

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Badpuppy Model - Wolf I drove my tongue deeper and deeper into his butt while my fingers made their stealthy way round his front. I enfolded his balls in the palm of my hand and squeezed gently. The moans turned into a full throated growl. I took my tongue out of his ass and went to work on his balls. At the same time, I kneaded his buns like dough. He loved it and held on to my hair for support. The more I kneaded, the more he pulled my hair until once more his dick was in my mouth and I was in seventh heaven. I wanted it to go on like this forever. I didnít care what happened as long as I was always this close to his dick. Suddenly I was aware that the janitorís son had come back. He was standing there drinking us in. I wondered how his dick was behaving under all that material. I was tempted to slip my hand inside those baggy overalls and find out.

ďI have to lock up,Ē he said.

I looked him straight in the eye and told him to go lock up and come straight back. ďIf you promise not to report me tomorrow, weíll let you watch.Ē I said.

I looked at Dexter and he nodded his assent. Neither of us had any intention of turning our first private moment into a threesome but even so there was something quite exciting about having someone watch us make love. Especially someone so good looking. He must have been about twenty-three or so but looked younger in those baggy overalls. They were the type garage mechanics have. The ones that open all the way down. Iíve always liked those. Iíve always liked armpits too and, by the time he came back, my tongue was giving Dexterís pits the works and I was holding his dick like a lever.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf I pulled his dick and licked his pits and he nearly pulled my hair out by the roots. I prayed I would never go bald. It was such exquisite pain having my hair pulled by this guy with the gorgeous dick. Then I heard a passionate sigh behind us. The janitorís son was leaning against the shower wall, jerking himself off underneath the overalls. The poor schmuck wanted to be part of the action.

ďWhy donít you have a shower and relax,Ē I said playfully.

ďI will if youíll undress me,Ē was his pert reply.

There didnít seem to be any harm in that. After all weíd had our fun. Now it was his turn. And I certainly didnít want to lose my job.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf Instinctively, we both began to undo the buttons of his overalls. Iíd never really looked at him closely before so hadnít really noticed that under those overalls he was in such good shape. I got really excited. It was like unwrapping a Xmas package you hadnít expected and being pleasantly surprised by the contents.

He had a trim but tight torso which was covered in a fine down of black silky hair and he had the most splendid nipples. They were sticking out like two juicy cherries just waiting to be picked. All that red among the black. It really turned me on.

I went down on his nipples. I couldnít resist them. They were so luscious. Ripe for the taking. And so it transpired was he. Dexter moved deftly behind him and continued to undo the buttons from the back as my mouth went to work on his washboard stomach. It was a very pleasant sensation as he was spotlessly clean under the dreary overalls and smelt of expensive body lotion.

Suddenly his body shuddered and he let out a long, slow groan. I wasnít sure whether it was out of the pleasure my tingling tongue was giving him or due to the fact that Dexter was now pushing his formidable member against his butt. Whatever. I was too busy burying my nose in a gorgeous bush of pubic hair which smelled as sweet as newly mown hay. Cum to think of it, everything about him smelt sweet. It was quite a surprise to me. All that sweet honey going to waste while Iíd been obsessed with Dexterís dick. Ah well, better late than never.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf Soon I was having a great time. Like a pig with truffles. There was something very erotic about having this delicious dish being served to me by my new friend. I knew he was just as turned on as me and wondered if heíd ever had a similar experience with his wife. I suddenly felt very close to him. Two months of avoiding each other and yet we both seemed to know what the other one needed. It was weird.

Dexter was now down to the last button and I was eager to get my mouth round the Spanish guyís delicious dick. I knew it was going to be delicious as everything about him had been delicious. I was also looking forward to drinking his cum. I donít usually do that any more especially nowadays but he was so clean and wholesome. It couldnít be bad. I could feel the heat of his dick under my chin. He started to moan some more and then to grind his hot butt against Dexterís groin almost driven wild by that pulsating prong. I knew exactly how he felt and couldnít wait to get it inside me again. Then things got a little out of hand, so to speak. Dexter penetrated his ass just as I was pulling down the rest of the overall. This sent the boyís dick right down my throat and made me gag for a moment as he thrust it in and out of my mouth with the same rhythm that Dexter was building up on his burgeoning ass. Now the moans were threefold and it seemed that Dexter and I were making love through the boy. Literally. Weíd hardly exchanged two words yet, here we were, fucking the janitorís son as one.

Then Dexter slowed down and I paused for a moment to see what was going on. In that moment the boy took me unawares, threw me rudely to the floor and drove that delicious dick up my butt. I let out a shriek of sheer pleasure. Once again it was like fucking as one. Dexter ramming him and he ramming me. It was glorious. He pulled at my hair as if he were breaking in a stallion or riding a bucking bronco at the rodeo. Heíd obviously got the idea from watching me with Dexter. Anyway, it sure felt good and he soon had me bucking for all I was worth. Another of lifeís little ironies I suppose. Somebody that I didnít really know and hadnít even noticed was fucking the stuffing out of me and I was just loving it because I knew that Dexterís dick was the reason it was all happening and that all my wildest fantasies were being amply fulfilled.

The harder Dexter fucked him, the harder he fucked me. And the harder he punished me for he tore at my hair, dug his nails into my back, and bit my ears and neck as if spurring me on towards some sex driven finishing line. At the same time he grabbed my dick and let it run up and down in the palm of his hand until I was screaming for mercy. We all three came in unison and to a choral climax and collapsed in a heap on the shower room floor. We lay there exhausted for a long time. Then we must have fallen asleep. How long for I donít know, except that my dick was hard again and I was ready for some more action. I heard Dexter starting the water jets. The janitorís son was finally going to get his shower.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf The first thing I did was wash out my mouth. I wanted to feel Dexterís tender tongue again. He kissed me just as heíd done the first time then soaped me up and washed me down. I did the same for him. The janitorís son stood there watching us, getting hot again, so we went over to him and soaped him up too. The only part of him I hadnít gotten to see was his butt, which had been too busy sending Dexter Ďfuck me messagesí, so I started on that. It was just like the rest of him. Small but perfectly formed. I gave it a really great soaping. Got my fingers in there and all. Wanted to get my own back for the beating heíd given me. Dexter was washing the front of him. I could see their dicks were hard too.

Mine was raring to go and I slipped it deftly into the Spanish boyís shaft. The horny little bastard sank down on it hungrily. How many weeks had he been longing for me to do that, I wondered. I tweaked his nipples and wreaked my revenge by fucking the living daylights out of him. Dexter worked his pretty dick and between us we made him whimper and groan and mutter obscenities in Spanish. I couldnít understand what the fuck he was saying but it sure as hell turned us both on. We changed places. Dexter fucked him and I sucked him. I was determined to get a taste of that Spanish candy. After all Iíd sampled the rest of his sweetness. I was just in time too, for as Dexter broke his butt, a fountain of foaming cum came steaming and streaming out of his hot dick and it tasted great. Just what I expected. Even better. Then of course we all had to shower again. Iíve never been so clean.

We waited for the cute little guy to get out of earshot and then laughed as one, just as we had fucked as one.

ďAnd to think we didnít even ask his name,Ē we said in happy unison.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf Then Dexter looked at me seriously and said, ďYour place or mine?Ē

ďWhat about you wife?Ē I couldnít help asking.

He kissed me and said, ďItís been over ever since I first set eyes on you.Ē

Then he told me that he had desired me from the moment he saw me but Iíd treated him so coldly. Even turned my back on him in the shower.

Badpuppy Model - Wolf ďI wonít do that again.Ē I promised, ďItís much too dangerous.Ē

Then I asked him why heíd recoiled when I first touched him in the gym.

ďBecause your touch sent me into a body quiver and I was afraid youíd find out how I felt. I didnít want to offend you. I thought you were straight.Ē

I smiled an ironic smile.

ďSame here.Ē I said, ďArenít we a pair of dickheads!Ē

And we kissed again.

I took him to my place and fixed him a steak and salad.

Later, we slipped contentedly into bed, all passion spent.

We didnít even bother to wash. Weíd washed so many times already.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a start but I neednít have worried. He was still there, curled up beside me, his hand cradling his dick.

Maybe he likes it too, I thought foolishly.

Life was good.

The model in these pictures is Wolf


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