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Bobby by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Chip A good friend and the new Anime Club president, John, sat beside me in my car as we drove up to Anime Expo, the largest Anime convention in the US. We lived close enough to be able to drive there and, as my car was large enough for all the prop swords and costumes John was taking up with him, I was driving. What I didn’t know. until I dropped by John’s house to pick him up, was that I was also taking along this nineteen year old boy named Bobby, whom John had invited to go with us.

John was just a big Pacific Rim sized guy with a dark head of hair cut bowl style and a happy grin on his face while Bobby was actually somewhat attractive in an unfinished way. His body was a bit chunky, at least I thought so, in the loose t-shirt and jeans he wore, and like most teenagers seemed to have a very limited attention span, mostly listening to his iPod and munching on various snacks the two guys brought with them. He also brought a costume, one I didn’t know of from some console game I’d never played, but John was excited about it and they chatted about it during the few times Bobby had the earbuds from the iPod out of his ears. We arrived, got our stuff out of the car and went off to our rooms, Bobby and John sharing with a friend of John’s. I settled into my room with its large king-sized bed and then the three of us met downstairs to go register at the con.

John was looking pissed about something, but I had thought it was directed at the long line we had to wait in before we could finally up to get our badges. Bobby was very quiet, almost somehow embarrassed about something and as the two boys (since I was over 40, everybody was mostly boys to me) plodded along in line, I finally got tired of it and asked John what was wrong.

“That jerk Sam won’t let Bobby share the room!” he grunted, looking down at the floor as his anger simmered over. “Bobby’s not mooching, he’s got his share of the money, but Sam just said that it wasn’t cool to bring another guy along and now Bobby has nowhere to go.”

I nodded, thinking hard about the problem. “Yeah, I understand the three convention hotels are full up, and the closest place is actually quite far away.”

Bobby spoke up, saying it was cool and he’d go find someplace after we got our badges, and we grew silent, mostly, Johnny still simmering and Bobby trying to brush off the problem, yet I could tell he was bothered by it. I thought about it some and then offered space with me.

“Sorry I can’t offer a second bed,” I said at Bobby’s surprised look and John’s happy one, “but you’re welcome to part of a large King bed that if you don’t mind sharing it, we’ll do ok.”

“I don’t want to mess you up, man,” Bobby said, a little bit of animation now in his eyes and voice as he saw a solution to his problem, “but I do appreciate your offer.”

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Badpuppy Model - Chip “Long as you don’t snore we’ll do fine,” I said as Bobby accepted and as the mood lightened and now the two boys started getting excited again about the con, I thought about just what I’d done.

I’d been to the con three times before, all three times sharing a double room. I’d decided that no matter what, I wasn’t sharing a room, partly because I liked to be able to jack off when I wanted. Now here I was, sharing with a young man I didn’t even know. Oh well, perhaps something good would come of it.

We got the badges and then headed to John’s room to get Bobby’s stuff to bring to my room. I stopped by the front desk, got a second room key and then gave the key to Bobby. Soon we’d gotten his stuff to my, now our, room and sat looking at each other.

John was still pissed off at Sam. He came down to my room and said Sam was dragging him out to dinner. “Because of the room bullshit, I don’t think I can invite anybody else.”

“Don’t sweat it man,” I said, thinking this was a good opportunity to get to know Bobby without John around. “I saw a couple of restaurants within walking distance. We’ll just head to one of those and get ourselves some dinner.” We made arrangements to meet up later to organize our con plans and John left to go to dinner. Bobby and I were now officially alone and he looked somewhat embarrassed again.

“Gosh, Mr. Danvers,” he said as he sat uncertainly on the one chair in the room, “I don’t have a lot of money and I need to pay you for this room too.”

“First, Bobby, call me Mike, we’re roomies, ok?” He sheepishly grinned and nodded. “Second, don’t worry about the room, I’d have paid myself anyway and it wasn’t your fault that you had planned to pay a third rather than half of the room. Keep your money and we’ll work out something later.”

He nodded again, a little happier now that he had a bit more cash to work with at the con, especially in the dealer room where all the goodies were. “Lastly, I’m hungry and I don’t mind buying my new friend some dinner, so let’s see what’s out there, OK?”

“OK!” We headed down and found that the hotel restaurant was a bit pricy and didn’t feel ‘right’ right then, so we walked a few blocks away and found a more family style restaurant that Bobby liked. Settling into a booth, we ordered and, while we waited for our food to arrive, I encouraged conversation by talking a bit about myself.

“Guess I better fill in some details about myself since we’ll be sleeping a few feet apart each night,” I laughed, Bobby grinning at me at the joke. After the usual age and where I worked information, I filled in some of my likes in music, books and films, especially anime. I told the story of my first anime experience and Bobby grinned at that, then softly said he’d had the same experience his first time. This would be Bobby’s first Anime Expo and, being an old hand at this, I nodded and told him we could probably pick out a few shared events to check out and that I’d give him the tour of the convention center tomorrow to help him find his way around.

“Best idea is what I did on my first time, Bobby,” I said as I speared another morsel of food from my plate, “I spent the morning hanging with my club president. He took me on the tour and reminded me that in case I got ‘lost’ to head back to the room and we’d meet up.” I smiled at the memory of how well I’d done that first time. “Really, you just map out where you want to go each day and then figure out how to get there.”

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Badpuppy Model - Chip “That sounds cool, Mike,” Bobby said, finally some youthful excitement in his eyes as he kept wolfing down his megaburger and fries. We chatted a bit more and now that most of his worries were cleared up, he seemed a happy little boy. Returning to the room, we looked over the schedule and plotted out our weekend, Bobby planning to hang with me the first morning as we had two or three things we both thought we’d like doing, and then we split up on our interests for that evening. I had, since I’d discovered it, gone every time to the Yaoi workshop, which was the gay equivalent for anime. That first workshop three years ago, when the panel opened and one incredibly handsome and shirtless young man bounded up the aisle to take his place at the panel was all it took for me to be firmly interested in the subject. Never mind the battleaxe lesbian-type woman who chaired the show, my eyes were firmly affixed to that young man’s pecs and tight belly. I hoped this Yaoi workshop would be as delightful, finding that the last year’s one was a bit lacking in good looking young men. In some odd occurrence, the workshop which normally was on the last evening of the convention was now on the first evening, but this would still work out as Bobby had shown interest in the music event at that time. I figured I’d have a chance to get to the workshop, get my eyeful, get some good loot and then be back in time to stash it before Bobby returned. John arrived not much after that to our room and we made some plans here and there to do stuff, around Sam’s ‘grand plans’ and then called it a night, John returning to his room and Bobby and I now to see how well this bed sharing would work.

Without much ado Bobby peeled off his t-shirt and dropped his jeans, standing there in a pair of blue plaid cotton boxers. His body was much more muscled than I thought, for the t-shirt had hidden the pecs and tight abs he had and the jeans had kept me from seeing the thick smooth thighs and calves on his legs. Bobby turned to pick up his discarded clothing, showing me a muscled back with the boxers hinting at a full bubbled butt under that soft feeling cloth. He put his clothing into the hall closet by just simply tossing them in there, then stretched a bit and grabbed his ‘dopp’ kit, a small plastic storage back with toothpaste, toothbrush etc. “First in the bathroom, OK?” I nodded and watched him walk in and close the door, heard the sink water running and then the flush of the toilet before he returned to the bedroom. I had by this time peeled off my clothing and wore my sleep shorts, my hairy and muscular body now exposed from the waist up and from mid thigh down. Was it my imagination, or did that boy just cruise me? I thought as I headed past him to the bathroom with my own ‘dopp’ kit. When I returned to the bedroom myself, Bobby had slipped into the bed, correctly guessing that he should leave the side with the clock and phone beside my side. Man, did he look delicious now in that situation! I willed my cock down and turned off the lights, leaving the light beside the bed on as I got in and fluffed up my pillows. As I turned off the light, I heard him say, “I sure hope you don’t snore, Mike!”

“You’d better not be a sheet stealer, Bobby, or I’ll have to spank you!” He squealed at that and then laughed along with me, and then we settled down, that ‘safe’ foot and a half or so of space between us in the bed. I felt him adjust his body a few times, and then his rhythmic breathing told me he’d slipped into first stage sleep. It was hard to relax with another guy so very close, but I managed to finally get to sleep about an hour later, my thoughts not far from that young man beside me.

Early morning and I’d dozed more than slept, my cock fully aware of the healthy and well-built young male beside me, his testosterone almost a scent that wafted towards me as I struggled with keeping both my hands to myself and keeping my hands OFF myself. It didn’t help at all that in his sleep he had moved against me, his smoothly muscled chest pressed beside my arm and one arm and muscled leg thrown over me. What was blowing my mind was that his leg was across my lower half, the beginning of his thigh rubbing against my woody and his arm resting across my sensitized nipples and he was ever so slowly edging closer to me, his limbs moving close to me as his crotch got closer and closer to my cloth covered hip. In less than an hour he was pressed against me, his hard cock rubbing against my hip and waist, his thick pecs against my side as his free arm and leg kept rubbing my sensitive areas. With little warning he came, his little cry muffled against the pillow as his cum soaked the front of his boxers and wetted my side. Mission accomplished, it seemed, for not more than five minutes later he slowly moved away from me, rolling over and moving towards his half of the bed, until he settled down in almost the exact position as he’d gone to sleep that evening.

I’d spewed too, what with the extra rubbing, stroking and final cry he gave, but my cum only soaked my front and, before he could see what had happened, I carefully got out of bed, rinsed out my sleep shorts in the sink as quietly as possible, then wrung them out and dried them as best I could with the room’s hairdryer. True, it made a bit of noise, but I checked on Bobby occasionally and he didn’t seem to stir at all from his deep sleep, so I finished off my cleanup and, pulling on the slightly stiff shorts, got back into bed and pretended nothing happened.

A few hours earlier, when the room was flooded with bright sunlight, my little stud woke up and groggily looked at me, his mind trying to fit in this guy in bed beside him and what that might mean. I saw him remember why he was sharing this bed with me and his forehead cleared, I guess he was a bit worried for a few second with the idea of what might have happened. The little furrow between his brows returned as he felt his crusty shorts and then looked at the bed clothing to see if there were any pecker tracks along the way towards me. Finding none (I was most careful of that myself), he relaxed and, seeing me watch him, sheepishly pointed to his stained crotch.

Badpuppy Model - Chip “Man, I hate when that happens, seems to be more often since I turned 18. I hope I didn’t make any noise or movements that woke you.” Even as he spoke his cock in morning woody was pushing up against the crusted fabric, making it even more obvious that he was still nineteen and hard at the drop of a hat. I said as much, noting that when I was his age I woke up frequently to stained underwear and trying to figure out a way to explain it to my mom. He laughed at that and good naturedly got up, his woody threatening to bust out of his shorts as he grabbed fresh clothing and headed to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later he was showered, dressed and ready for the day, so I got myself ready and then we headed downstairs for breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out together, as we’d planned, at the first four or so panels. We had lunch, and then we had two other workshops together. About three or so we had divergent panels, and Bobby looked like he was confident he knew where to be next, so I left him and headed out to my next one. John, Bobby and I were going to meet at six for dinner, and then I had two last panels, the last one being the Yaoi one I always looked forward to. The panels were back to back in the same room, so when the previous panel was done and the carder came around, I showed my ID and they let me stay where I was near the front of the panel. The room filled up quickly when they opened up the place and the only places left were right up front. Sadly, no sexy young studs were on the panel, just a bunch of those fat white chicks screaming how good looking their skinny ‘bishies’ were so the empty seats were near the front, one right beside me. I had turned to look at something going on to my left, and when I turned back at the feeling of somebody beside me, I was as startled as he was to see Bobby sitting beside me! He didn’t say anything until the panel was over and we stood facing each other alone in our room.

“Mike, are you really gay?” he said, as he fidgeted while he waited for my answer.

“Yeah, I am,” I said.

He seemed to relax at that. “Good, ‘cause I’m gay too.” He sat on the end of the bed and continued, “I’m new to this gay thing, I’ve been wondering about my sexuality for some time until I was eighteen and stumbled upon a Yaoi site. I’d always been interested in men’s bodies since I was in my early teens, but didn’t dare even think about touching one until a year ago.”

He paused, kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. With a sinuous wiggle, he moved up the bed until he rested against the piled pillows there, and then picked up his story. “My boyfriend was, how do you say it…’in the closet’ like I was, so we hid it by pretending to be super good friends and being together with our mutual friends all the time. When the others were gone, though, we explored each other’s bodies a bit more freely but still didn’t do more than what we could do with our clothes on.”

He sighed and then sat up to remove his t-shirt, his nicely sculpted late teen upper body revealed to me. “Frankie, unfortunately, was discovered with some gay stuff in his trunk at home, and was made to go to military school in the hopes that his gayness would be ‘beaten’ out of him. I was still ‘safe’ but now had nobody to confide in or to hold me.” A fat little tear developed and moved down his cheek as he related some of the times a boyfriend would have made the last year and a half a better one for him. My heart went out to this stud and, taking off my own shoes, socks and t-shirt, sat beside him on the bed and pulled him to my chest. With a sob, he crumpled into my arms and cried for a little bit, then slowly recovered himself, although I did notice he didn’t pull away from our embrace.

“Oh, Mike, you don’t know how good this feels to have my cheek pressed against you!”, he mumbled into my pec as his arms slowly unwound and rested just above my waistline and stroked the hard abs there. “I’ve really wanted this ever since I saw you in the car, but I never thought I’d get this close to you. When the room arrangement fell out like it did, I was so happy but had to hide it in case you were straight.”

“I was a little concerned myself, Bobby,” I replied, his tension melting away with the rumble of my voice against his ear, “It’s not everyday I get a young stud like you in bed with me and I was worried you were straight too. Glad that’s ‘straightened’ out!”

He laughed with me and we just sat together until I felt a little poke against my leg. Looking down, I saw his rock hard cock trying like mad to escape his jeans, his hips stroking the denim covered rod against my legs like a dog trying to hump me. His hands which had stayed previously above the ‘meridian’ now wandered a bit more freely over my torso, fondling my pecs, nipples and abs as well as moving to stroke the answering bulge at my crotch.

“Bobby, I suggest we do something about these jeans, don’t you think?” I said as I put words to action and reached down to unbutton his jeans. His angry red cock burst forth as Bobby wasn’t wearing any underwear, and as soon as my hand wrapped around his balls and lower shaft, began pumping out boy spew!

Badpuppy Model - Chip “Unnnggghhh!” moaned Bobby as his teen body shot his load across my chest and side, my aiming of his cock helped keep the bedding clear of boy goo. When his orgasm subsided and he was actually flinching each time I stroked his still hard cock, I got up and peeled off my own jeans and underwear, letting them fall to the ground. His eyes were on my crotch the entire time, signaling to me acceptance as I grasped the legs of his jeans and pulled them off his body. I returned to the bed, along with my personal “dopp” kit that had what we’d need for the rest of the party and then pulled Bobby’s legs apart and got between them, pulling his rosy cock head into my mouth.

He hissed in pleasure as my mouth wrapped around his pole, his cock beginning to wriggle like a live fish in his excitement. Tasting precum and hearing his groans, I reached down to his plump balls and grasped them, pulling them down sharply and causing him to gasp in surprise. “This will keep you horny longer,” I said as I alternatively massaged and squeezed his balls while I worked on his still rock hard pole. “You’ll have a much richer and far more enjoyable orgasm by the time I’m done with you!” His groans of pleasure told me I was on the right track and, after his balls had been fully primed, I got out a squirt bottle of lubricant and placed the tip at his plump and quivering asshole.

“Oh, Ohhh, what are you doing to my butt hole?” he moaned as the tip entered his seemingly virgin ass and ejected a bit of liquid slick to it. I smiled and, adding a bit of lube to my fingertip pressed into him and let him get used to me before I pressed inside further. Not finding anything to be aware of inside him, I moved in deeper and from his reaction, found his prostate.

“Oh, FUCK that’s it!” he howled, his hips doing a fucking motion against my finger to force it against his love button.

“Easy, Trigger, let me handle this,” I said as I pushed down on his gyrating hips and belly to cease his motion. “I have something much more enjoyable coming right up. You do feel ready for it.”

Bobby’s eyes widened as I slicked up my cock and replaced my finger with it against his throbbing hole. I pushed inside ever so slightly, his sharp intake of breath telling me he was new to this as well, and so I waited until his eyes sought mine and he nodded once. Slowly, ever so slowly I entered his virgin ass, his lowing as his hole was stretched and his insides registered weight. “Mike, oh fuck that feels good! What are you doing to my ass, don’t stop, just do it!” I grinned and when my cockhead bumped into his prostate, I grinned wider when his eyes rolled up into his head from sheer pleasure. “Oh, fuck yeah! That’s what I wanted!”

“You like this, Bobby? You like having a man take your ass?”

“Fuck yeah, Mike, take my hole, take my cherry!”

He subsided to grunts and moans as I adjusted my rhythm so that by the time we were both ready to cum he had been well fucked and his cherry destroyed for good. His cock, unlike most men getting fucked, had stayed rock hard and oozed copious amounts of precum, every thrust of my cock getting another burst from his cockhead and puddling in his belly button nestled in his tight abs. He came first, his insides clutching my cock delightfully as he groaned loudly and his cock began jumping around on his belly like a freshly landed fish, gouts of white boy cum flying all over his meaty upper body. I kept pressing deep within him, his prostate thrumming against my cock and reached down to stroke his highly sensitive frenum, causing him to moan still louder and his cock to continue erupting until he reached up and grasped my hand, barely whispering to me, “Oh fuck, Mike, I’m drained, please man…”

Badpuppy Model - Chip I grinned and, with a few last pumps deep within him, pulled out and discarded the rubber, my cock still rock hard and throbbing with its own release. “Care to play with it, Bobby? I’m sure that you’ll get a nice reward if you do…” He grinned and reached out with both hands, clumsily at first but gaining experience with stroking another man’s cock as he pulled and rubbed my hard shaft and steely cock head while fondling my heavy hairy ball sack. With a grunt I came, coating his belly with my spew as well, his wondering eyes as he milked my cock almost expertly with the added benefits of stroking my perineum between my spread legs with his free hand. When I completed my orgasm I collapsed atop his youthful, muscled body and we fell asleep that way, waking up again a few hours later to shower (another delightful time with his body) and order room service because we were starving.

The rest of that convention was quite enjoyable; Bobby and I during the day hanging with John and some other friends Bobby knew there, with the late evenings and early mornings completely ours. Once, so that he’d have a reference point, I’d allowed him to fuck me and he did pretty well, but he admitted later he much preferred having me inside him. That was fine with me, for there’s nothing I like more than sinking into a well built young man’s butthole and feeling his body under mine while I fuck him. He did get some good experience (and training if you will) on how to control some of his trigger happy spewing so that by the last night he was able to actually prevent his own orgasm by a good hour, having what he said afterwards (when he’d caught his breath) that had been probably the strongest and best cum he’d ever had since he discovered how his cock worked. We were able to continue testing his endurance a few more times that night and then went to sleep; now normally sleeping cuddled up together in that big king sized bed.

Morning came as it did and we had one last fuck together before showering and getting ready to pick up John and head home. Bobby was so sweet, his mournful look at the end of his playtime with me that just before John arrived I whispered something in his ear that made him perk up and happily help with the packing and such. Without much ado we packed up the car and headed back home. John was a bit surprised when I volunteered to take Bobby to his place, but smiled at how happy Bobby looked at the idea. You see, as it turned out, Bobby lived in the same apartment complex as I, and what I’d whispered to him was my apartment number...

The model in these pictures is Chip

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