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Blood Brothers by Will
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Ronaldo Reyes grew up fascinated with the American Indian folklore. Throughout early childhood the walls of his room in the heart of Brooklyn, New York was filled with photos and drawings of the Native American scenario. His young mind was always lost in books detailing the legends of Crazy Horse, Tecumseh, Red Cloud, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, and the like.

When the young Latino youth turned 18, he was invited for a summer go come live with a distant cousin on a ranch in Arizona. The cousin, knowing of Ronnie’s fascination with Native American culture, thought the teenager would enjoy a summer on a dude ranch that was within a several mile radius of real Indian reservation. Ronnie’s parents were eager to let the kid go. They felt the open mountain ranges and good clean air would help their son to physically mature a bit more. Ronaldo Reyes, at 18-years of age, was only 5 foot five inches and looked more like a 14-year-old than and 18-year-old. So they hoped that a summer filled with horseback riding, cattle herding, fence mending, etc would accelerate his testosterone level – and were extremely grateful to the family member for getting their son out of the cramped, polluted, noisy, crime-filled, drug-infested streets of New York City for a few months.

When Ronnie Reyes arrived at the bus station in Bisbee, his cousin was there to drive him out to the ranch. The tall distinguished looking cousin warmly greeted his cute diminutive bundle of Latino energy call Ronnie. Ronnie shot one question after another at the man about the state of Arizona -- particularly about the Native American population.

Ronnie’s cousin said that the camp counselor, the guy that Ronnie would be working with at the ranch, was a Native American. Jesse Brown Bear was his name. He was about 29 or 30 years old and his parents still lived on a reservation. In fact his father was a tribal chief. Jesse Brown Bear had left the reservation for college ten years ago, but now lives in a house in Bisbee. During the summer months he works as a guide on Wilderness Survival trips for young boys visiting the ranch.

Ronnie Reyes was really chomping at the bit. He couldn’t wait to meet a real-honest-to-goodness Indian, who actually had a real-honest-to-goodness chief for a father. Wow!

The next morning, the young visitor from Brooklyn met the trim, handsome, six-foot Indian Wilderness Survival Scout, Jesse Brown Bear. They hit it off immediately, as Ronnie dove in with as many question as possible about the man’s Indian heritage.

In a week, Ronnie had mastered the riding of a horse adequately enough to join Jesse and a few other counselors on the first weeklong camping-out expedition with about fifteen boys from ages 6-to-12 years of age who were guests at the ranch.

The second day out, the campsite was a few hundred feet from the edge of a huge lake, with tall trees all around and lush shrub growth intermixed between. The serene isolation of that scenic location was breathtakingly beautiful. It was Arizona wilderness at its best.

Everyone got up at sunrise, and Ronnie began to bemoan the fact that he had to do K.P. duty again. After breakfast, he had to immediately begin preparing sandwiches for lunch, while the boys and the two other counselors took a long wilderness hike. Jesse stayed to supervise, as well as give the cute little Latino teen from Brooklyn a helping hand.

Prepping lunch was a snap. All the sandwiches were made by 10:00am, so Ronnie and Jesse broke off for a walk to the lake. As they came out from under the shade of trees, the sun was unrelenting, and the water was invitingly blue and cool. For whatever reason, Ronnie felt completely uninhibited about taking off all his clothes and nonchalantly wading into the water for a cooling swim.

Unselfconsciously, he splashed around in the water for about ten minutes and then decided to rejoin Jesse, who he sat on a huge boulder in the sun, lost in some sort of daydream.

In all his naked cuteness when Ronnie walked up beside the man and began dressing, Jesse Brown Bear said: “Your body is changing swiftly from boy to man. And since you say you worship our Indian culture, it’s a custom in our tribe for a young buck to go through manhood rites. Tomorrow, we’ll do an ancient ceremony so that the Manhood Spirits can enter you. You want to be my friend. I want to be your friend. We can do a ritual where I can make you my Indian brother”.

“Wow! Oh, wow!” exclaimed Ronnie, as he almost swung his arms around the Indian – but instead just reached for his tee shirt and pulled it on.

Jesse continued: “Tomorrow, the other counselors are taking the boys to Apache Kid’s Mountain, that’s a five-hour roundtrip hike. Me and you will take a trek into the Shzke-Ta forest until we find the right spot. Only Manitou can pick the place to be naked and to hold the ceremony!”

“Be naked?”

The next morning, after all the boys and the counselors had marched off toward Apache Kid’s Mountain, Jesse and Ronnie again traveled down to the banks of the lake. There, the Indian squinted up at the sun – then sniffed the air as he tossed a small handful of dirt skyward. They would walk in the direction of the wind. Along with his knife, Jesse carried a knapsack that was crafted Indian-style with sticks and laced leather. Ronnie wondered what it might contain.

Its was a slow, arduous trek as they stepped over small streams, climbed up over huge rocks and mammoth decaying logs, as well as walked around unbelievably dense networks of wooded thickets and groves. The Latino from Brooklyn immediately got disoriented; he was utterly lost of any sense of direction. He found himself being really super glad that he was in the trusted company of a real Indian guide.

They had walked a little over an hour when in the distance Ronnie heard the sound of rushing water. And sure enough just beyond a thicket of vegetation was an extremely secluded little waterfall that fell into stream that had a large sandy area surrounding the falls. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Jesse leaned into the teenager softly mentioning that the spirits had skillfully guided them there.

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Ronnie sat on a fallen log as he watched Jesse take a long stick and draw a large circle within the perimeter of the sandy stretch. He then added some occult Indian symbols within the circle. Stopping, he began unpacking his knapsack. It contained an Indian blanket, a string of prayer beads, a small tom-tom, a headband with a colorful feather, and a small can of bear grease. There were also decorated ceremonial anklets.

After unfurling the blanket and dropping it to the sand, Jesse began removing his clothes. When he was completely naked, he bent over and tied each ceremonial anklet in place. Ronnie found himself admiring the long, slim, perfectly symmetrical muscular body of Jesse Brown Bear and its smooth, radiant, light-brown skin; his manly butt was small, perfectly rounded with a very tight crack.

Following a brief, naked, ceremonial dance within the drawn circle, Jesse reverently gazed skyward, lifting up his outstretched arms to the heavens and praying loudly in an ancient Apache tongue.

Dropping to his knees on the blanket, he sat cross-legged, with eyes closed, while tapping a slow, intensely sexual, beat on his tom-tom. Suddenly stopping, his eyes opened wide and looked directly at Ronnie and motioned him into the circle where he sat.

“Manitou approves, little one. Remove your clothes.”

As Ronnie slowly undressed, he suddenly got very self-conscious. After having watched the tall, flawless, masculine body of Jesse, the Indian warrior -- he now imagined how inferior his short, almost hairless, 5’ 5” physique must look to him. His flaccid penis was tucked up amidst his two small balls. Ronnie Reyes mightily wished that his cock and balls were bigger so he could look manlier.

Nonetheless, as the naked Ronnie stepped within the circle, Jesse immediately stood and embraced him. It was more than a friendly embrace. He squeezed the Brooklyn kid tightly, with a slight caressing embrace, locking his hard, smooth, naked body against the warm smooth silky essence of his own. He tipped Ronnie’s head up and their lips met. Without the slightest bit of coaching, Ronnie readily opened his young mouth to receive the apache warrior’s attacking tongue. His warm forceful tongue pushed forward, probing deep and hungrily into the Latino kid’s throat.

Jesse’s hands traveled down Ronnie’s back, squeezing and deeply massaging his firm hairless butt. Instantly, the Latino lad grew completely limp and docile. He belonged totally to Jesse Brown Bear to do whatever he wanted to do to him.

Softly chanting, Jesse picked up Ronnie into his strong arms and then laid him gently on the blanket. He lifted Ronnie’s legs and bent his knees. Then, spreading the legs wide, he tenderly clutched the kid’s penis. He slowly stroked it very gently, while tantalizing the tip of the cock with his slippery fingers. Every pull of the Apache warrior’s fingers brought feelings of electrifying excitement to Ronnie Reyes. Soon his little dick was stiff and jerking as his young boy twisted and squirmed under the wonderful coaxing-power of Jesse Brown Bear. As if some mighty dizzying bewitching spirit had come over the kid, he was soon squealing, humping and groaning, as his cum, with lightening speed, flew thru his penis and spurted out into the world, landing everywhere.

Next Jesse Brown Bear laid Ronnie facedown with his little butt sticking up across the Apache warrior’s lap. Jesse then lifted a glob of the bear grease from the jar and placed it generously on the kid’s tight young asshole. Jesse quickly explained that the rare Bear grease was excellent for finger bonding.

“Finger bonding?”

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As Ronnie tried to grasp the concept of ‘finger bonding’, he was quickly halted when he felt one the huge digits on Jesse’s hand press hard against his clenching anus -- then force its way up into his anal canal. For a minute or two Jesse slowly massaged the inner walls of Ronnie’s holy place. The Brooklyn kid was out of his mind with a lust most rapturous; everything seemed joyously over-the-moon. He was gaily swimming through the womb-like multi-hued haze of the vast cosmos with expanding energies and shooting stars.

Still chanting softly, Jesse carefully withdrew his titillating finger. He re-greased the digit and then re-entered. This time the finger went deeper. Then after another re-greasing, two fingers were entered. Ronnie was deliciously adrift in a blissful state of wondrous self-transcendence, after he had ejaculated two more times without his penis even being touched. The finger bonding ritual went on and on. Ronnie lost track of the number of times he’d been entered; and had ejaculated.

Finally, laying Ronnie on his back on the blanket, Jesse said, “Now you will bond with the forest.” At which he stepped over to a nearby tree. Finding a round, springy, lower branch, without removing it from the tree, he stripped off about twelve inches of bark from the branch. Running his hand over the smooth wood beneath, he made sure there were no slivers. He then took his knife and carved a penis-shaped head on the limb’s end. Pulling the carved bough lower, he made several trial thrusts with it. He was making sure it would easily bend to enter its target. The target was Ronnie Reyes!

After beckoning to the kid, Ronnie moved closer to Jesse and got down on all fours, and looked skyward. He soon felt the Apache warrior inserting the large bough into his anus. Feeling the kid tense and tremble, Jesse began to chant softly again. The words of the chants instantly performed their soothing effect, as Ronnie relaxed when feeling the inserted bough widening his asshole to the max as it slowly, ever slowly, moved forward. The kid had no idea just how far in it was going to be shoved, nor, did he care.

When Jesse saw that the bough was all the way in, and was anchored, he left the scene. Ronnie was all alone.

Suddenly a breeze caused the tree branches to sway, slowly prompting the branch within him to gyrate back and forth. His muscles began to relax even more. He was suddenly struck with how extremely pleasant the motion of the tree branch was becoming. One very strong gust of wind slammed the branch way up tighter inside his bunghole. The intense pleasure/pain of the experience was almost rapturously quintessential. He suddenly felt whole and complete. And with that feeling came a new embracing sensation of inordinate calm.

Ronnie was sure it was his imagination, but at that moment it appeared the entirety of the tree had momentarily drooped, as though it were lifeless –then, just as quickly, it had regained its potency and recovered from its limpness.

Jesse returned and gently withdrew the bough out of Ronnie’s body. Instantly the tree branch sprang upwards, immediately taking its natural position in the low part of the tree. A few drops of white-sap fluid copiously dripped from its tip.

Placing his hands under the boy's arms, he lifted him up. Then, placing the kid’s head under his chin, the Apache warrior hugged him tightly, sliding his hands all over and up and down his smooth satiny back -- then letting those hot, searching hands travel down to those two velvety globes of flesh. One hand eased down between the shadowed area of those two globes to sooth the greasy-area where nature had just entered.

He then led the teenager for a cooling dip in the stream. There was a shallow pool about two feet deep. Jesse secured a hollow reed and stuck it up Ronnie’s butt. The Apache warrior then made the Brooklyn kid lie on his stomach. He pushed his little butt down deep so that the water readily flowed up through the hollow reed.

The water thing was too much. Ronnie couldn’t hold it any more. He quickly jumped from the stream. He ran behind a huge rock and relieved himself. Jesse went to get him and pushed him down for a second time … for a rinse.

Picking the kid up in his arms again, he brought him back to the blanket. There on the blanket, Ronnie began to really understand the reason for the enema. Those prayers beads that he had seen earlier were really butt beads. And soon, each well-greased bead was being pushed high up inside his tight little Latino asshole. One at a time until all fifteen had disappeared inside him, leaving only the little string hanging out.

Jesse Brown Bear, Apache warrior, chanted loudly while he slowly pulled the string. Ronnie couldn’t even begin to express the immensely incredible sensation of each slippery bead being slipped out of his hypersensitive butthole. He had no idea his asshole could make him feel so gaddam awesome. Up to that time, only a good shit after a big meal had been the only good thing about his asshole.

Ronnie had no idea there were a total of forty-five Butt Bead prayers; a prayer for each bead, and the string had to be stuffed up his butt another two times.

When Jesse was finished with the anal ritual, Ronnie’s was limp and rather tender. Jesse told him to rest, and to take deep breaths while he rested; and to also keep his legs spread wide.

With Jesse’s soft chanting and playing of the tom-tom, Ronnie had lay there with his eyes closed for about ten minutes. He suddenly felt little breezes blowing across his balls and cock. It was a wonderful sensation and seemed to cause a sexual stirring within his cock and balls. He seemed to be floating; drifting in some new and blissful world, a world where every experience was warm, safe and loving.

Opening his eyes, he soon realized that Jesse no longer quietly chanted and soft beat his tom-toms. He saw that the apache warrior was on the blanket between his wide spread leg softly blowing on his balls, cock and asshole. Noticing that Ronnie’s eyes were open, Jesse immediately set about sucking those young juicy Latino balls. His hard, muscular body trembled in feverish want as his tongue went out and grasped the entire length of Ronnie’s cock into his wet, devouring mouth.

“Holy shit!” groaned Ronnie as he saw that handsome Indian warrior worshipping his teenage manhood. Rapidly he lifted his crotch up into Jesse’s face, as he felt the man’s huge hands slide beneath him and vigorously clutch his two sweaty ass cheeks. The Brooklyn kid voraciously twisted, squirmed and wiggled as the Indian’s hot mouth was driving him out of his Indian-loving mind.

Every indication pointed to the fact that Ronnie was going to shoot his load. But he couldn’t shoot in the Jesse mouth; it just didn’t seem right. At which, the apache warrior eased up from his delicious meal of the tasty cock just long enough to say, “I want your man-juice in my mouth! Give it to me, please!” then slammed the boy’s stiff jerking dick back into his mouth.

Ronnie’s body immediately snapped into a spasmodic jerk as he began blurting out some nonsensical sentences while he uncontrollably ejaculated a lion’s share of his Latino sperm into the apache warrior’s gullet. Holding his little hot ass in his hands, Jesse crushed Ronnie’s body up tightly to his mouth as he drank-in the tasty flood of adolescent sperm.

When little Ronnie Reyes had finally recovered from the magical experience of exploding his biggest juice-load ever, into the mouth of the son of an Apache chief, no less, he saw Jesse jump to his feet and stand there over him.

He stood there in an at parade-rest stance; he legs planted apart, his hands behind his back. Ronnie slowly eased up on his knees. There right before him was a huge stiff Apache warrior cock; right there, twitching in his face, looking and smelling so damn good. This was Ronaldo Reyes’s first experience of having another male’s cock in his face, let alone, getting ready to fondle it. The intoxicating scent of the Indian’s stiff phallus encouraged Ronnie to reach out and touch those big balls – to gently roll them around in his hand – with the whole experience feeling as natural as breathing air. Those balls felt mighty good in his hands. He loved the sensation of them tightening as his hot hands joyously caressed them.

Jesse was uncut, and it was an exciting new adventure for Ronnie to sensuously ease the foreskin back and forth over the fat red-cherry head of Jesse’s uncircumcised shaft; he loved the exciting aroma of the meat, also. The scent instantly stiffened his own meat back into full rigid erection for about the 9th time.

The Brooklyn kid wasn’t sure about being brave enough to take the cock into his mouth. But he still wanted to. So, closing his eyes, Ronnie slipped it through his lips. In a flash the apache warrior’s shaft commenced to freely slide in and out of Ronnie’s salivating mouth; the teenager from Brooklyn was amazed about how exciting the new experience was. He could feel his young jaws relaxing as Jesse began to push his rigid cock further into his throat. Reaching up and grabbing those rock hard Indian ass cheeks, Ronnie encouraged Jesse to advance his cock further into in his throat. The Apache warrior cried out in some pagan war chant as he slammed his meat as far back into the Latino teen’s gullet as possible. Ronnie discovered his wanderlust fingers seeking out Jesse’s asshole. He wanted to feel it. He wanted to titillate it. He wanted to inspire in Jesse the same exhilarating anal pleasure he had given to him.

As Ronnie slowly withdrew the invading cock from his mouth to the point where only his lips loudly sucked and smacked on the red cockhead, his finger inched way up into the fiery furnace of the Apache warrior’s anus. The sex-savaged man released a thundering growl of primordial pleasure. His cock grew extra hard as he furiously slammed his rigid meat back into Ronnie’s mouth, rapidly lambasting the kid’s tongue, teeth and tonsils his warm, tasty cum. He stood there for several seconds wildly humping the boy’s face with his fat, hard, throbbing Native American cock.

Ronnie was so turned on, he almost fainted, literally. It was so exciting. He really, really liked it. His new erection was so rock-hard that it was actually hurting. Once again, Ronaldo Emmanuel Reyes was in the throes of a new and enriching feeling of fulfillment. His young eyes teared as he tongued the huge phallus in his mouth while he hungrily swallowed down the treasure of its release.

Jesse finally had to pull Ronnie up to his feet from his non-ending oral worshipping of his potent Native American truncheon. Again, he passionately embraced the Brooklyn kid. His tongue went out as he licked at the traces of his own sperm around Ronnie’s youthful mouth; Ronnie performed the same ritual on Jesse’s face.

“Never mind all that nonsense that you see in those old movies about ancient Native Americans opening a vein and letting blood flow. That a crock! ‘Cause blood doesn’t mix that way. Drinking the DNA in a sperm cocktail is the only way to become a real blood brother” said Jesse, as he reached down into his knapsack and brought up the feathered headband to place it on the Brooklyn kid’s head.

“You are now my blood brother and an honored member of my honorable tribe. Your tribal name is Golden Eagle”

“Golden Eagle?” asked Ronnie as he tightly hugged the hard muscular physique of his Apache brother, Jesse Brown Bear.


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