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Blood Brothers by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Nikola The Salernos were a father and son act in a summer circus that was touring the States. They hired me, as I was an accomplished gymnast. At school at any rate. So I was kept busy shinning up and down ropes and tying important knots in them. It was quite a responsibility as some of the acts were potentially dangerous and needed care and precision from all concerned. This was particularly true for the Salernos. They did death-defying acrobatics in the air and without a safety net. You’ve probably seen acrobats or dancers forming a human wheel together on the stage. Well these two did it in mid air on the rung of a trapeze. It was mind-boggling. They were in tremendous physical shape and looked great in their cling-wrap shorts and halter neck tops. There was a huge heart cut out of each top so you could see the lower part of their prominent pectoral muscles. The v-part exposed their rock ribbed abdomens and navels. When they were performing, the tense muscles looked like the panels of a cocktail cabinet. They also had arms and legs of iron to support each other as they swung through the air doing fast somersaults and back flips. Naturally they were the main attraction of the circus. They left everyone, including me, breathless.

Now just to put your mind at rest before you start thinking there’s going to be some terrible tragedy, let me tell you what happened. I was asked to be part of the act. Gino and Pierluigi approached me between shows one day and said they’d been watching me carefully for some time and thought I had potential. Gino would be hitting fifty soon and it was time for him to call it a day as a trapeze artist. He joked and said that he was coming to a point where there was more ‘trap’ and less ‘ease’ and he wanted to retire gracefully. He thought he could train me and see if I had what it takes. If so he would drop out of the act and Pierluigi and I would then be known as the Salerno Brothers.

Of course I couldn’t believe my ears. I accepted at once. Rehearsals were gruelling and we used a safety net. Physically I was very much in trim but it’s one thing working solo and quite another being part of a team. It was difficult for Pierluigi too. He’d always been supported by his father. Now he had to support me. They were both great guys and taught me the tricks of the trade. Naturally I didn’t want to let them down. Most of all literally. And I worked very hard. After only a few weeks, Gino had a costume made for me and, although he never said a word, I knew I’d passed the test. Still, it was two months before he let me appear in public one sweltering Sunday when the tent was half full. Everybody else had gone to the beach. As I swung through the air with not quite the greatest of ease I wished the other half had gone too.

Gino and Pierluigi did most of the dangerous stints and then I took turns strutting my stuff with each of them. Mostly with Pierluigi. Of course now we’re getting to the nitty gritty and I’m going to tell you of all the thrills I got. Cheap and otherwise. I had to slither down his leg several times and also grab him round the waist or butt, as we swung overhead. Especially during rehearsals when I was still getting a grip on things so to speak. I didn’t know yet which way he swung sexually as he was always highly professional. Literally. I knew eventually we were going to have to do that human cartwheel together and that was going to entail a lot of body contact.

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Badpuppy Model - Nikola Several times I’d had my nose pressed into his groin and felt the heat of his dick through the jock strap. It felt like a soft slithery snake. I was determined one day soon to turn it into a dragon spitting fire.I was also very susceptible to his smell. Sweaty or otherwise. And his natural body perfume made me swoon. Unfortunately I never got to see him naked as we all had showers in our trailers. That was a real downer. I had to make do with the washboard ripples on his stone-like heart and watch the sweat run down in rivulets where my tongue could not yet enter. Apart from rehearsals we didn’t see much of each other either. He was always with his father. Or maybe he had some girl tucked away somewhere. He might even have a ‘fidanzata’ waiting back in Sicily for all I knew.

He was not very tall so I was sure he haled from those parts. I hoped so. I’d been told that the guys down there are always well endowed. Must be the soil, it produces sturdy stems. Doesn’t matter whether they’re tall or small, they always have great dicks. I wondered what kind of sex life he had. Surely he wouldn’t say no to a good hand or blowjob. Or maybe it sapped his strength. I was determined to find out. My chance came after a particularly gruelling rehearsal. I’d received very positive feedback on my afternoon debut and given more complicated things to do. The weather was hot and sticky and so were we. Gino was resting in their trailer so Pierluigi asked if he might grab a shower with me. My heart nearly missed a beat. “Sure,” I said.

We peeled off our practice costumes and got straight to it. No “you first” or “after you” but under the shower together. We were both sweating like the pigs we eventually became although at first we behaved like perfect brothers. He scrubbed my back and I scrubbed his and we horsed around a bit. Then we started complimenting each other on our body structures and, inevitably, our dicks. Of course, one thing led naturally to another. Our dicks bristled with pride at all the attention they were getting and before we knew it we were sucking and fucking like old friends. Those trailer showers are not very big so we had a bit of a slithery time at first. But I was so happy to finally cum to grips with his sexuality and find out that he’d had similar feelings about me.

He told me that he did indeed have a fiancée but loved to romp in the hay with cute little boys like me. This made me feel about fifteen and I told him so. I also told him that I didn’t have a fiancée, or even a boy friend, and that this was quite a big deal for me. He teased me and warned me not to read too much into our relationship. Fortunately, Sicilians are notoriously jealous so he did everything to keep me happy from that time forth. And of course some of our greatest sexual skirmishes were after we’d had a heated row over some guy who’d come round to see me after the show or somebody he said he’d caught me looking at. Most of the time it wasn’t true but I became a terrible cock teaser and drove him wild.

Badpuppy Model - Nikola His fiancée came over on a short visit once. He wouldn’t tell me if he fucked her or not. Sicilian tradition has it that a wife has to be a virgin but I’m not sure this is still true. Anyway he was definitely super hot after she left and gave my ass a real roasting. I told him it was just as well I wasn’t doing an office job, as I couldn’t sit down for quite some time. Not comfortably anyway. I felt his hot rod up there for days after. Which brings us back to the nitty gritty again. I was dead right when I spoke about sturdy stems. His dick wasn’t exactly your ten-inch special but it was thick and it was strong. Just like the rest of him. In fact it was a perfect representation of him for besides muscle it had great staying power. Sometimes he would fuck me for what seemed like forever. My butt seemed to hover in endless purgatory before he finally came and sent it to paradise.

At first it was a bit difficult to take because I was a virgin in that department when I first met him. A point in my favour I discovered later. So I suppose, to all intents and purposes, I was unofficially his wife. Not that anyone knew about it. We had to keep it a big secret, especially from his father. Life wasn’t easy because when he took a risk and crept into my bed in the middle of the night he almost had to gag me. I couldn’t help crying out when he fucked me, whether it was in agony or in ecstasy. Eventually, we had to meet in motels and such. That was even worse sometimes as the walls were so thin. Also it was sordid and a bit risky. We were never in a place for more than two weeks at a time so we couldn’t even rent an apartment. In the summer it wasn’t too bad as we were able to go for long walks and fuck in the forest or on a beach. But he battered my butt so god damn hard I always wanted to holler and scream which wasn’t always wise because besides scaring the seagulls it also attracted too much attention. When winter came and I was still a part of the act I had to stuff a sheet in my mouth. Bite the pillow. Whatever. But I wouldn’t have given it up for the world. And the strange thing was the more co-ordinated we became in the sack the better our performance in the Big Top.

I took to calling him my Big Top, as his dick was quite a mouthful. He used to joke and say it was a pity he didn’t have two dicks. He could gag me with one and butt plug me with the other. Then we wouldn’t have to worry so much. Once I made the grave mistake of saying we should find somebody else to form a threesome. He didn’t fuck me for a fortnight.

As the months went by, I got stronger and stronger. I also had a birthday and grew a few inches too. Physically I mean. Although my dick wasn’t doing too bad either. I’d mastered most of the routines and Gino said I was ready for the big rollout. The human wheel. I practised for hours with both him and Pierluigi. I felt a little more confident with Gino but that was only natural. Anyway now we had an official excuse to roll around and feel each other’s bodies. We looked great together too. I’d developed cocktail cabinet abs and my pectoral muscles were a delight even if my nipples did stand out a little too much. Especially when I was excited. Pierluigi teased me and said he was going to bite one off as we flew through the air. Of course that also gave him ideas and he soon began to tantalize my nipples with his tongue and with his teeth when he was fucking me. This only made me scream all the louder.

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Badpuppy Model - Nikola The big day came and I excelled myself. I could even have done it without the safety net. Gino told Pierluigi to take me out and celebrate my debut as a Salerno Brother. We were in Boston so he took me to a hotel where sailors went to fuck whores. Or each other. He told me I could raise the roof. Make as much noise as I liked. He bought some champagne and some candles as well as a few balloons. He decorated the room and then lay on the bed.

“Tonight you became a man,” he said. “I want you to make love to me.” My heart nearly stopped. I understood the full import of his words. Until now he’d been Mr. Macho fucking the ass off me because I was both his partner and his bum boy. But he’d never thought of us as a gay couple. Now he was about to let me be on top. He was actually going to let me fuck him. It was almost a proposal of marriage. I knew then that he loved me. Trouble is my dick took a nosedive. What if I didn’t satisfy him? What if things were altogether different between us afterwards? He held out his hand to me and I lay down beside him. As soon as I did so I realized that he’d thought of everything except lube. I whispered this information into his ear. He laughed and said not to worry. We could ring down to reception for some. Or, better still, order salmon with an extra supply of butter. Then we could butter each other’s butts.

As we lay waiting for the food to come, I undressed him at his own request. He said he wanted to be completely passive, leave everything to me. My dick shrivelled at the thought. What if I blew it. Tentatively, I opened his shirt, button by sexy button. I kissed his torso and licked between his pecs. His rib cage hollowed. I buried my nose deep in his navel. I inhaled the very essence of him. I could feel his dick moving about inside his pants, seeking a way out. I helped it to freedom and pulled his shirt off his shoulders unsheathing his full muscular beauty. Then I climbed on top of him and pinned his arms down behind his head so I could watch his biceps and cock slowly engorge. Suddenly I felt completely in charge. I studied the delicately flared flange of his inflamed penis and sent down a spray of spittle to cool it. It fairly sizzled. I was just about to wrap my lips around it when there was a knock on the door. I grabbed the tray and almost shut the door in the waiter’s face.

I jumped back on the bed and picked up where I’d left off. He hadn’t moved. I licked his dick for an instant and then had an idea. I opened the bottle of champagne and took a mouthful; I spewed some on his nipples and the rest on his cock. Then I sucked both. I took another swig and lubricated his mouth with it. He drank it, together with half my tongue, as if he’d just spent a month in the desert. I anointed him with champagne everywhere I could think of. His armpits, his love-nest, his scrotum, his toes. Then I dutifully drank every single drop.

Badpuppy Model - Nikola He complained that I was gorging all the champagne so I gave him another mouth to mouthful. He said he was hungry so we ate the salmon but I warned him to leave enough butter. I removed what clothes were still on his body and rolled him over. His ass was high and tight. It was the best bubble butt I’d seen in my life and I wanted to make it burst with joy. When he fucked me it had usually been out of sight if not always out of reach. I’d grabbed it several times to pull him further inside of me but had never been able to behold its full beauty. The sight of it gave me quite a boner. I thought I’d better strike while the iron was hot so to speak.

I basted my dick with butter and then put my slithery fingers up his butt. I thought he would moan or groan or something but all I heard was the sexy sound of suction as his ass worked its way thirstily up and down my fingers and then the hissing of his breath between his teeth when, much encouraged, I let my dick follow the path forged by my fingers. This turned to a contented sigh as he seemed to kiss my dick with his butt cheeks and suck me in further. ‘Benvenuto amore,’ is all he said which later he translated as meaning ‘Welcome my love.’ It was beautiful. My first fuck and it came so naturally. I didn’t have to worry anymore about my diminished dick. It scaled the heights and we leaped to ecstasy and swung giddily on the high trapeze of love. Without a safety net.

Soon he did begin to moan and groan and thank me for making him feel this way. And swore to me he’d never let another man in his ass but reserve it all for me. And young and inexperienced as I was I somehow knew it wasn’t just love talk. The husky tone of his voice and the shivers that went through his well-toned body assured me of this. Afterwards he picked up a knife and cut a small slit in the palm of both our hands and rubbed them together proclaiming we were now blood brothers which in Sicily meant we had a life long commitment. And he proved this was so for, even when I was best man at his wedding, and saw him kiss his wife; I knew he had never left me.

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