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Blood and Cotton by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Jimmy The other day I was watching a bunch of school kids being interviewed on television. The guy wanted to know how they’d learned about ‘the birds and the bees.’ Whether they’d been taught it at school or discovered it by talking with other children or their parents, or read about it in books. Or what. One boy who couldn’t have been much more than ten said he’d got it from adult movies. Porno films.

My sex education wasn’t that much different. Or better. I learned about the impurities long before the purities. The tainted before the sainted, so to speak. Which is a pity. Loss of innocence is a terrible thing. Of course, I had my uncle to ‘thank’ for that. He lived on a cattle ranch deep in the heart of the Bible belt but my earliest memories are not of the Bible but of the belting. My parents died in a car accident when I was 3 years old. I survived the crash and my uncle and aunt raised me. My uncle seemed to resent the fact that his brother was dead and I was still alive and took it out on me from that day forth. In fact I wasn’t exactly brought up but more what you might call dragged up. I certainly don’t remember getting much care and attention let alone affection. Just the belt.

Even before I had a very clear concept of good and evil I knew that flagellation was anything but close to Godliness but everybody said my uncle was a God fearing man and a pillar of the church. The only ‘pillar’ I knew was the bulge in his pants when he beat me and the sight of it one night when he was fucking the ass off the Cherokee stable boy. He caught me staring and later, after giving me another good belting, justified himself by saying that the boy was a savage beast, ‘an untamed animal that had to be brought back into the fold.’ I wasn’t convinced. I sensed something was wrong. But I also sensed a growing excitement within me as I watched the boy being fucked.

I’d heard noises coming from one of the outhouses and had crept down to see what was happening. I must have been there at least five minutes before my uncle discovered me. I remember my first impression was the texture of the boy’s ass. It was so beautiful. Like smooth silk. What you might call unspoiled. Not after my uncle had finished with him of course. To my eyes the wild beast was my uncle as he lunged and plunged and plundered his naked prey until the stable floor was dotted with cum and blood. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was cum. It looked like white cotton to me. Cotton speckled with blood. And that was my introduction to sex. Anal sex at any rate.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy My uncle died soon afterwards. Under a cow. To me that seemed perfectly appropriate. They gave him a big religious funeral, which I didn’t attend. Of course everyone labelled me an ungrateful brat but they didn’t know the half of it. My aunt said she couldn’t afford to keep me and ‘rented me out’ to a neighbour. I found the whole thing strangely ironic as I was set to work doing things I could very well have done for my aunt. Like milking cows. But she was intent on seeing the back of me. It was almost as if she blamed me for my uncle’s death. Said I had the devil in me and things like that. Maybe she was right but I sure was glad I’d escaped having her buggering bigot of a husband inside me.

So those were my humble horrific beginnings. Fortunately life got better and I even got me a half decent sex education. Thanks to Kurt. He was one of the farmhands. I had to share a bed, or rather a hayloft, with him. He was big and broad and beautiful and tried to have his way with me the first night but I was still haunted by gory visions of my uncle and didn’t want to be covered in cotton and blood. However I changed my mind somewhat when, early one summer’s morning, we went down to the stream to wash. He stood buck naked before me and asked me to scrub his back. His ass was like two full milk churns and my hand shook as I reached out to wash him. I don’t know if it was the cold mountain stream water or the touch of his muscled skin that sent tingles through my juvenile body but I definitely know that I had my first genuine hard on and I didn’t know what to do with it. He helpfully showed me and soon I saw white cotton floating on the water. I also fainted. Possibly from the sun but most probably from the shock of my first ejaculation. I’d never felt such strange indefinable sensations. Later Kurt told me he nearly fainted too. From the size of my dick. He’d never seen anything quite so large on one so small and slender. It was a real museum piece.

Of course I thought my ten-incher was quite normal having grown up with it and all that. But there again I had no yardstick or benchmark, or whatever they call it, to go by. Just my uncle’s ‘pillar.’ But that was mostly stuck in the Indian boy’s ass so I didn’t get to see much of it. Thank God. Still I thought on reflection and retrospection that a super large dick might have been responsible for the blood on the cotton. I came to the happy conclusion I must take after my father and was proud to continue the family tradition. However I hadn’t quite decided how I was going to put my dick to good use. Here again Kurt was eager to help me out. He said he’d never taken it up the ass but was curious to know what such a long dong felt like. He was a strange guy. Told me once he was basically straight but couldn’t get it on with girls. Now here he was more or less asking me to fuck him. I told him about my uncle and the blood and all but he said not to worry. He had an ass like the Grand Canyon and was sure he could accommodate me. Of course we had to wait till the folks went off to church and the coast was clear. Then, armed with a bowl of butter fresh from the cow, we carved ourselves out a nest between the milk churns and lay on the floor to conduct our experiment.

First, however, we played a little game of you show me yours; I’ll show you mine. Kurt’s body was stupendous and I ran my hands all over it. Especially his powerful pecs and cast iron abs. His dick may not have been as long as mine but it was scrumptious. I know because he asked me to suck on it and I did. That’s when I discovered the difference between cotton and double-thick cream. Of course he couldn’t quite manage to get my generous proportions into his mouth but to make up for it, he gave my dick one hell of a licking. Talk about give a dog a bone. Or boner! I was piping hot by the time he’d finished with me and soon melted the butter in his ass and made his butt sizzle. As a preparatory measure he told me to stick my fingers in first and I got quite a kick stirring up the soft yielding ooze I found waiting for me there. The inside of his ass felt like the mushy marshmallows I used to steal from the pantry. It really turned me on.

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Badpuppy Model - Jimmy He let me linger in there a while then he basted my dick with the rest of the butter and told me to go right ahead. My heart was in my mouth. It was like we were launching a ship or something, which I suppose we were. Anyway we were both definitely on a maiden voyage. I eased my long streamlined fuselage down his well-greased runway and got so excited by the feel of it all that my dick doubled its size inside him and we took off simultaneously. Man, it felt so good in there and between yells and hoots and hollers Kurt was soon gulping and gasping and begging for more. I thought I was being more than generous and didn’t know what more to give him but then instinct stepped in. I revved up my engine, picked up speed and redoubled my efforts. I can’t begin to describe the buzz I got scraping the sides of his love passage and splintering his sphincter. Or the way his ass buckled and bulged under the onslaught. Or the grateful grunts that emanated from him.

“This is great man,” he kept saying, “Why didn’t we do this before? Fuck me man. Fuck me”

“I am,” I said although I wasn’t much more than a boy.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy Still my dick had given me extra credit points and I was able to send my big, beautiful friend to the moon and back again. I yanked at his dick as I felt myself coming and he exploded like a geyser erupting in Yellowstone Park. The place looked like a cotton field by the time we’d finished. There was cum everywhere. Stank to high heaven too. “How the hell are we going to clear all this up?” I said, as we heard the folks coming back from church but Kurt wasn’t fazed at all. He just got hold of the hosepipe and hosed us both down and then started on the floor and milk churns. It looked like we were cleaning up the dairy when inquisitive eyes finally caught up with us. Which indeed we were. Washing the sins of the flesh away together with a hell of a lot of hot curdled cumcream.

Later we were reprimanded for working on the day of the Lord. If they’d only known. Kurt was forever seeking me out after that. He couldn’t get enough of my dick. Wanted it in him day and night. I was happy to oblige but we had to be careful as the wrath of God was always lurking round the corner somewhere waiting to pounce on us. It ain’t easy being gay in a religious community.

We took to going for long walks in the woods or other isolated places but Kurt made such a noise when he was coming that he startled the wild life and threatened to give us away should anyone be passing by. It was all very frustrating. Once, in desperation, we rowed out to the middle of Keystone Lake and rocked the boat so to speak but even there I couldn’t keep him quiet. It was a pretty horny trip though and naturally we both ended up in the water.

We got to be pretty paranoid and wondered how we were ever going to lead a ‘normal’ life. Then one day we were doing it in the middle of a cornfield far from anywhere or anybody and were discovered by a pair of talent scouts. Literally. They were looking for horny locations for one of their porno movies and stumbled across Kurt and me going hell for leather. They said later that they couldn’t believe their eyes. Thought they were in the middle of one of their own films. Happening upon this wiry little guy with an enormous dick fucking this great muscular stud and tearing his ass to shreds.

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Badpuppy Model - Jimmy They signed us up immediately. It was too good an opportunity to miss. Of course at the time of my incredible but true story neither Kurt nor I had seen a porno film. We’d never even seen a television set or a movie house come to that and you can just imagine how many porno magazines were in circulation in our neck of the woods. So we were both surprised to learn that somebody wanted to pay us a lot of money to watch us doing what we liked doing best. And assuring us we could make all the noise we liked. In fact the louder the better. Now doesn’t that sound like heaven to you after all the fire and brimstone we’d been expecting to land on our heads.

Fortunately we were both of age. Kurt was going on twenty and I’d just turned eighteen. I knew this for a fact by the dates on my parents’ graves. Kurt already had some kind of work papers and I snuck home and found my birth certificate in a box in the kitchen. Then we both disappeared off the face of the earth, Kurt and me. Changed our names and everything. I became Rod Stone and he was Abner Parrish. Strange names but we got used to them.

I found out later that they only really wanted me and my big dick but I’d never made love to anybody except Kurt and we were a hot twosome for a while. We had ‘special chemistry’ and were natural in front of the cameras and all that. This was no surprise to me. After all I’d been fucking him for nigh on four months. Of course there were my ‘blood and cotton’ phobias and my fear of being fucked but they didn’t seem to pose much of a problem. They were happy to give full employment to my dick and assign my ass second billing. Anyway, when they finally weaned me off Kurt I was introduced to a whole host of hot little asses only too eager to be supporting players. That’s when I realized that my dick had potential. It was big business.

Kurt’s great body was put to good use too and he made a modest career but his heart wasn’t really in it. He just wanted to be fucked by me. We lived together for over a year and I was more or less faithful to him. At least at home. But of course I was getting all my jollies on the set. Eventually everything went to my head and I started treating him badly. Especially after I met Dirk. So we split. Isn’t it terrible, I don’t even know where he is now. Life sucks sometimes.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m sure you’re dying to know about my early experiences and how I performed in front of the camera and all that. So here’s just a taste of things to cum.

Well, first of all I had to learn what they called the tricks of the trade. They taught me to stroke my dick until it turned from a fairly docile sausage dog into a rabid Doberman. Also how to massage some guy’s butt as if I were kneading dough or making pizza or something. And to take everything long and slow. Milk the camera they said. Leave them with their tongues hanging out. So I went from milking cows to milking cameras. Got quite a kick out of it too. It reminded me of my uncle giving up the ghost under the cow and also love among the overflowing milk churns with Kurt. Every time I thought of one or both of those incidents my dick grew harder than the Rock of Ages.

Of course most of the time it was sufficient to look at some other guy’s dick and/or butt. One of the first guys they presented to me as a partner, after I left Kurt, had an ass smoother than an ice cream sundae and a dick almost worthy to match mine. I sucked on it long and slow like I’d been told and dug my fingers hard into his butt to make him appreciate more the softness of my mouth. Trouble is he came all over my face and we had to start all over again. That’s when I learned about editing.

The director told me not to worry as he could put that scene at the end. I was fascinated by the whole process. I could be fucking a guy one day then sucking off another ten days later and they’d put it all together and make it look as if I had the stamina of an ox. Actually that’s what I needed sometimes as the hours were long and even my hardy dick would occasionally turn listless and refuse to perform. At times like these they got some guy they called a ‘fluffer’ to suck me off. This was supposed to put new life in my dick but it didn’t always work. Mind you, I loved being sucked off. Unfortunately I found very few mouths up to the blowjob so to speak.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy I’m a great advocate of dick sucking. You can get a whole lot of pleasure out of it. Even beats fucking sometimes. I think adult movies have contributed a lot to the happiness of today’s couples. Married couples I mean. Some desperate housewives didn’t even know what a blow job was until guys like me enlightened them. Seems it was something you never did with your wife. Only a hooker. Like in the movie where Billy Crystal asks Robert De Niro why he never lets his wife go down on him. ‘No way,’ says the horrified De Niro. ‘She has to kiss the kids with the same mouth.’ That scene always cracks me up.

I love the taste of dick. Of course when I started off in the sucking and fucking trade there were no condoms. Then came aids and the eighties but by then I’d retired. As a performer at any rate. I put my experience to good use and moved behind the camera. But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

At first I liked Kurt’s cum the best. I mean it’s a bit like tea or coffee. You get used to the same flavour. Didn’t take me long to adjust my taste buds though. The first director I had complimented me on my malleable mouth and the effect I was having on the stream of guys I had to rim or ram. Of course he also complimented me on my dick. He laughed and said he couldn’t get enough of it. Said he liked its mushroom head and the way it popped in and out of lips and assholes.

I popped in and out of his asshole one night after work. I could tell he was asking for it and thought it might give him a few creative ideas. He was crawling up the bedroom wall, a bit like Spider Man, by the time I’d finished with him. Only he was all spread out and squelched. Gave me a bonus too only not so big as the one I gave him. I also got him to promise to re-unite me with Kurt. I knew exactly where I was with him and how to turn him on like a faucet in front of the camera.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy Kurt used to shoot geysers when I was doing it to him and that could be very effective. In fact many a studio technician has taken out his dick and jerked off at the sight of us ‘performing.’ One particular guy, reputed to be straight, gave himself away in front of the whole studio. He had a dick to be proud of too. Not quite as long as mine naturally but it was thick and uncut. Mine of course, wouldn’t you know, had been cut. For religious reasons. Still I kinda like it that way.

The guy’s name was Dirk. I’m usually not very good with names. Can’t even remember the name of my first director. And I certainly can’t remember the name of my uncle. But Dirk was easy. Like dick with a horny vowel sound in the middle. Anyway, the director who always had an eye peeled for unpeeled dick offered him a packet if he would display his packet in front of the camera. The handsome well-stacked hunk was a bit diffident at first but money talks. So of course does my dick.

Our scenes together were great. Really hot. Mind you I had to use all my powers of persuasion to get him to act natural so to speak. Problem was he wouldn’t let me fuck him and I wouldn’t let him fuck me so everybody went ape-shit wondering what the hell was going to happen. I gave him the full works. Sucked the juice out of his nipples, licked the fuck out of his armpits, took my tongue on a tour of his torso, gently (and then not so gently) gnawed at his balls with my lips and then, slowly (ever so slowly, as my excellent director had taught me) got the tip of my tongue in his crack. He bucked like an unbroken stallion but I persevered. You could have heard a pin drop in that studio.

His asshole was like a tightly closed rosebud and I was determined to unfurl his flower. I pushed his legs high in the air, to get my tongue round him so to speak, and the puckered mouth of his butt was in full view of the camera. Like Gloria Swanson waiting for her close-up. I jerked on his dick to distract him long enough to irrigate his desert terrain with a stream of hot spittle. He kept pushing my head away but that only seemed to make me drool all the more and served to make my tongue longer and stronger. I teased and titillated and tormented that pouting asshole of his until he started pulling my hair out by the roots instead of pushing me away. At the same time he let out a series of soft little moans that really turned me on. Turned them on in the studio too Especially when he gnashed his teeth. It sounded for all the world like the crackling on roast pork as you cut through it to get to the succulent meat inside. That tender pink flesh that tastes so good. Had everybody’s mouth watering. In fact they were fairly licking their horny chops.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy Suddenly his body gave a shudder like a high rise building that had been detonated to fall and to my supreme satisfaction the walls of Jericho finally came tumbling down. My tongue rammed his ramparts and claimed its prize. I slobbered and slurped and made a real bidet out of his adamant asshole, my hot wet tongue scouring his inner walls driving him out of his mind with pleasure. I tongue fucked him till he was blue in the face and his moans turned to groans and then into gruff growls and horny little yaps. Something told me that my frisky little puppy was ready for his big meaty bone.

I reached out for the lube tube. Cum rain or cum shine I was going to get my dick in that tight little asshole of his. Instinctively he knew what I was at and put up a struggle but my tongue was making him feel so good that his resistance was low. I finally had him exactly where I wanted him.

My hand was still round his dick and I felt it harden with desire. I knew he wanted me inside him but was scared shitless. Suddenly I felt a great bonding. We both had the same hang-ups. It wasn’t just a case of being afraid to withstand the pain but a deep down terror that we would enjoy it too much. Lose our virility. Turn into butt sluts. I’d seen the effect of my dick on Kurt only too well. Personally, I was a control freak. I couldn’t bear the thought of some guy ruling my ass with a rod of iron. I squeezed Dirk’s dick almost affectionately as if to tell him I understood. He responded by shoving his butt in my face.

I changed tactics. I took my tongue out of his ass and my hand off his dick and released his legs. He collapsed on the bed in a confused heap. I let him lie there a while as I ‘girded up my loins’ like they teach you in the Bible. Then I ordered him to turn over, doggie fashion, on his knees. Like an obedient puppy, he did as he was told. All of a sudden he seemed to know who his master was. Indeed wanted to be mastered. I had to control a deep-seated urge to beat the shit out of his butt. Instead I massaged his ass cheeks just like my director had taught me. Got him real hot. Wanted to make him miss the warmth of my tongue inside him. Drove him nuts sucking his nuts too.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy Meanwhile my dick was dripping and drooling only inches away from its target. The docile little dachshund was turning into a feisty doberman again. I made a quick double check on Dirk’s dick to see if it was still hard. It was. I jacked him off long and slow, rubbing my thirsty dick against his hot asshole. Long and slow just as my director had taught me. Milking Dirk’s dick and milking the camera. And leaving everybody with their tongues hanging out in the process. I was having a ball.

I brought him to a steady, heady climax until he was foaming at both ends Then in two shakes of a dick’s tail I lubed us both up and was inside the beautiful bastard before he could get a grip on things, so to speak.

He was just about to cum when I entered him so it couldn’t have been better timing. It kind of dulled his senses. Fazed him. In fact he hardly knew if he was coming or going.

“Holy shit,” he cried, as if he couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Then, “Wow! Fuck my butt! Holy cow!”

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy He spasmed and shot his load just as I was loading my ten-incher into his gorgeous ass. The director told me later that the whole studio almost burst into cheers. He had to shut them up. Didn’t want to break the magic that was unfolding in front of the camera as it zoomed in on Dirk’s ecstatic face.

I was pretty ecstatic myself too. Something phenomenal was happening between us. Dirk and I were kind of communicating telepathically. As if my dick was some kind of antenna tuning into the receiver that was his butt. A precursor of the computer age sending us surfing through sexual cyberspace. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Silk Stockings’ then you’ll understand when I tell you we made glorious Technicolor, breathtaking Cinemascope and stereophonic sound together. It really was awesome. Talk about fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars! We explored the entire planetary system of the senses. Discovered endless galaxies of horny delight along the Milky Way to sexual fulfilment. And at the momentous moment of coming it became crystal clear to me what they mean when they talk about becoming one flesh. Fate had edited us together. The rare and wonderful had occurred. We were an item.

We were also a mess. When we finally left the stars and landed on planet earth we were faced with life’s sordid realities. Between us we’d produced enough ‘cotton’ to rival a Mississippi plantation. There were wads of it everywhere. Somebody ought to harvest it I thought to myself. I noticed there was also a thick glob of something creamy white and liquid sliding down the camera lenses. Seems Dirk in his moment of coital raptus had literally milked the camera. We were so wrapped up in each other that it took us a little while to adapt to the fact that we were everyone’s favourite hero. Everyone complimented Dirk on his maiden voyage, and on coming on so long and strong, and congratulated me on achieving the impossible. On scoring with Mr. Straight. A wave of euphoria swept over me because I knew. I’d achieved more than that. Against all odds, I’d had one of the finest fucks of my young life. And it was for real. I wasn’t acting. What’s more I was more than ready to get rid of childhood ghosts.

After the session Dirk and I arranged to meet at a bar to celebrate the loss of his virginity. On the way there I experienced sensations I’d never felt before. Feelings of warmth and affection. Feelings of joy to know he was waiting for me. Feelings of innocence.

Badpuppy Model - Jimmy Of course my dick immediately responded to his smile as I walked in the bar but there was trust as well as lust in my eyes when I looked at him. Suddenly I realized I not only wanted him in my life but deep inside of me. I loved him. It was as clear to me as the difference between gel and jelly.

Gel is what you use when you’re screwing someone. Jelly is what your knees (and the rest of you) turn to when you’re in love. As his muscular arms enfolded me I felt soft white doves descend, exorcising my uncle and expelling all fears of blood and cotton. I was at once at home. At peace. Ready to open my heart and surrender my ass to him. Preferably in the privacy of our own bed.

But that’s another story.

The model in these pictures is Jimmy

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