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Blonde Adonis by Will
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Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato Joshua Randolph's eyes had devoured the handsome teenage guy next door everyday since Josh had arrived in Southern California for a visit with his aunt and uncle. During the three days he'd been there, Joshua would occasionally catch the young guy with the mesmerizing sky-blue eyes and radiant cornsilk hair, staring at him. But as soon as Joshua returned the glance, the guy would instantly avert his eyes and turn that gorgeous blonde head away.

Joshua Randolph was the star basketball player back east at Princeton High School in New Jersey. His six-foot-three body was masculine, Afrikan-American perfection. He had the grace of a panther, strength of a lion, courage of a tiger, tenacity of a Cheetah, yet, the heart of a kitten. Throughout his eighteen years, Josh had often sensed himself as being gay. But he had never found anyone interesting enough with whom to put those feelings to the test. His whole life, thus far, has been a single-minded dedication to education and sports. However, the handsome, aloof, and somewhat mysterious, nineteen year old blonde boy next door with the breathtaking eyes looked like someone he'd like to give it a try with. He swore that before his summer vacation was over, he was going to get the cool blonde dude next door into the sack.

Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato Monday morning Josh walked his aunt and uncle out to their car for their daily commute into Los Angeles to work. He stood there in the driveway waving as the car backed out onto the street and drove out of sight. His attention then segued over onto the adjoining lawn. His curiosity was drawn up into the neighboring garage. He heard what sounded like a toolbox being scrambled through; and soon heard what could have been a huge wrench hitting the ground. Josh stepped over to the hedge and peeked over. There, like an apparition, was the trim, muscular body of his Blonde Prince - slightly tanned and clad only in a pair of raggedy, old, cut off jeans. Josh's huge black cock immediately lengthened into steel-like stiffness. The blonde kid was about five-foot-eleven, broad shoulders, very harrow hips, his stomach had a slight definition of a six-pack, and he possessed the cutest little bubble butt any man, or woman, would ever want to grab.

Mutha Fuck! thought Joshua, this kid gets more gorgeous by the day. Sensing he was being watched, the blonde Adonis turned in Josh's direction. After making slight eye contact, the Adonis shyly turned back to working under the hood of his red vintage Thunderbird. 'Awh no! Awh no, Baby', thought the cunning, inner-city Black dude, '….you ain't gonna git away today. Today your very fine behind is gonna be mine.'

"Yo, dude! My name is Josh Randolph! I'm visiting my aunt and uncle for the summer!" loudly announced the Black boy, easing through a space in the hedge and stepping over a flower border of Irises and Daffodils.

"Hey, that's a1959 Thunderbird, ain't it? Cool stuff, man!" confidently growled Josh, as he moved up to the blonde boy, now facing him and wiping his hands on an old oily rag.

Josh couldn't help but softly moan with stiffening pain/pleasure as he approached this lusty, ethereal creature. Those large, innocent blue eyes were two separate universes beckoning him onward, guiding him home; those small, pink, bee-stung lips were a slightly smiling, slightly pouting paradise; those high cheekbones aptly accented those provocative eyes and beguiling lips; and that tousled, cornsilk hair glistened superbly in the early-summer morning light.

'Wow', mused the handsome Afrikan-American to himself, 'standing before me is the only reason that God placed me on this earth."

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Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato "Hi! I'm Josh Randolph! I'm visiting my aunt and uncle for the summer", said Josh, as the stoic white guy extended his hand.

"Hi. I'm Adam Hemmings. I'm visiting here with my grandmother for the summer, too; small world, huh?", replied the White boy.

Josh Randolph stood there swimming in the blinding blueness of Adam's eyes. 'Oh, yes, you will be mine,' thought the tall, athletic, high school basketball star, as Adam withdrew his hand and looked awkwardly at the ground. Joshua swiftly took this opportunity to scan the boy's almost naked body, up close. Those cut-off jeans were almost down to his pubic hair on his hips, and he wore no underwear. His lush, pink nipples were hard. And except for scattered sprigs of silken blonde hair about those nipples, his chest was hairless. But there was a slightly fuller growth of hair just below his navel that traveled in a faint, tantalizing column down his stomach into the lush, honey-hued haven of a bush that Josh swore he'd own before the day was over.

There ensued some small talk between the boys about vintage cars, college in the fall, and their summer vacations in California. Then at the right moment, Josh asked Adam if he could take him and his T-Bird for a spin. When the blonde Adonis shyly agreed, Josh told him to follow him over to his aunt and uncle's house while he got his wallet and license.

Josh had the entire third floor of the palatial colonial house for his vacation living quarters. The apartment was decorated with exotic low furniture, lots of colorful, overstuffed pillows, and a variety Afrikan and East Indian sculpture. The slightly self-conscious Adam dropped down onto a pile of oversized cushions as Josh disappeared thru a doorway shielded with a beaded curtain. When the Black boy returned, a joint hung from his full, sensuous lips. He gazed down at the enticing, peaches and cream body of Adam Hemmings stretching and straining atop the overstuffed pillows, sorting through the CD collection.

"Want a couple of hits before we hit the open road?" asked Josh, smiling down at the wide-eyed, flushed-faced boy. At first Adam protested saying that drugs weren't part of his life. But Josh threw himself down on the pillows beside him.

Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato "Just one puff won't hurt, right? Come on!" softly wooed Josh only a few inches from Adam's gorgeous face. Quizzically, Adam searched Josh's large, loving, sincere eyes. Slowly he slid back down on the pillows, his cute, boyish face sending a knowing, submissive smile back at the dominating ebony prince.

They sucked and inhaled at the joint until it was down to nothing but a roach. Josh placed the butt in a nearby ashtray as he watched the blond Adonis, visibly, relax. It was if the blonde guy had taken off three or four emotional overcoats. Tugging off his tee-shirt, Josh propped himself on a pillow, putting the "Coldplay" CD in the player. When the music began, the Black boy noticed Adam's beautiful blue eyes grow even more liquid, as he boldly scanned Josh's long, lean, muscular, warrior's body. His now curious and innocent blue eyes and restless demeanor shouted loudly at Josh that he wanted to be touched sexually by a masterful man for the very first time.

Josh's big, black cock was raging like an agitated cobra inside his shorts. Easing over, the fiercely aroused high school basketball star brought his full, burning lips down to cover the sweet, beautiful pink lips of Adam Hemmings. Those ample Nubian lips completely and wetly blanketed the boy's delicious Anglo mouth as his thick powerful tongue dove deeply into the Adam's throat.

The black boy's big dick beat mercilessly upon the naked blonde leg of the White teenager. Adam began to deliriously grind and squirm his velvety body against that rock-hard physique and rampaging cock. Josh's arms and large hands encircled the satiny peaches-and-cream upper body of his pink-hued Adonis. Uncontrollably, Joshua Randolph quaked and trembled from all the new feelings and exhilarating sensations that burgeoned and exploded within him. One hand began the journey down the smooth, firm back of Adam, into the well-worn cut-off jeans. That hand eased over the firm, smooth, bubble-butt ass, as one strong finger began to force its way through the silky array of damp hair, into the moist, sweaty, velvety asshole. "Oh, no!" moaned Adam, as his left leg flew up on Josh's thigh. Josh slowly inched the thick digit into the hot, moist orifice. The blonde boy writhed in his arms, trying to protest, trying to get away. But the hot, thick, salivating tongue in his throat, and the full, soft lips sucking on his pretty, pink face, kept the blonde boy pleasurably secured in the sweet, intoxicating throes of blissful, sexual pain.

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Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato Josh was stretching out on top of the boy now. His large, trembling phallus beat savage, rat-a-tat-tat rhythms on the White teenager's satiny leg. Easing up, he looked down at the glowing, flushed, angelic face of Adam Hemmings. That young visage now radiated a look of immense sexual hunger and lustful thirst for his handsome, sex-possessed Black boy master. Wildly, he twisted and thrashed his tender young body up against that hard muscular chest, taut stomach, and vibrating cock, as Josh gently finger-fucked his sweet, welcoming, virgin ass. Slowly, ever so slowly, the Black boy withdrew the digit from the kid's bunghole and brought it up to his nose. Sniffing deeply, Josh groaned with bestial throatiness. His eyes rolled up into his head, as his gigantic cock beat furiously within the confining restraints of his cargo shorts. Shoving that delicately-scented finger into his mouth, he sucked deliriously. Never having seen such a gesture before in his life, Adam went crazy with intense sexual want. His teenage lips hungrily slipped up onto the Black boy's satiny broad chest and attacked the large, erect nipples there, while his hands frantically dove for that big black snake that strained so fiercely to be set free. Simultaneously, Josh tugged off the kid's denim shorts. His sex-glazed eyes widened with astounded disbelief. The totally nude presence of Adam Hemmings was almost too majestically consummate to be endured. The beat of his athlete's heart increased wildly as his mind seemed to expand far beyond all ordinary consciousness. The White teenager's fat, rigid, six-inch prick strained out from his body just as powerfully as did Joshua's; it furiously jerked, twitched and sliced the air from its sumptuous, sweaty nestling of silken, honey-blonde pubes.

Suddenly Josh stood up and brought his slim, muscular, blonde lover up with him. He hungrily crushed the hot, pink body to him. Again he inserted that thick tongue deep inside the boy's delicious mouth, grunting and groaning like a savage beast. Adam's arms instinctively went up around the Negro's damp, sex-scented body. Josh's large hands excitedly caressed the boy's satiny smooth back. Sliding lower, those black hands rubbed, squeezed and kneaded those warm satiny globes of firm, tender flesh with unchecked greed.

Then, equally as sudden, the Black boy broke his wild embrace. With eyes closed, he almost incoherently commanded Adam to undress him. The White boy's sexual exhilaration escalated considerably. With almost slavish compliance, trembling furiously, Adam dropped to his knees. Throwing his arms around the Black boy's thighs, he hungrily rubbed his young face against that raging bulge within the cargo shorts.

"Cummon..cummon, man. The shorts!...the shorts! Git 'em off" huskily growled the feverishly aroused Black guy.

Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato Adam's hands shook frantically with adolescent anticipation. He could not wait to see, smell, lick, taste and suck that big, beefy, black monster. He forced the shorts down until they came to the mighty bush of damp, kinky pubic hair. Crazily, he deeply inhaled the intoxicating aroma as he pawed and tugged at the black guy's velvety, rock-hard ass cheeks. His entire body trembled and quaked for several seconds, as short, swift primordial grunts and groans gushed up out of him from a place deep within that had never before known such sexual ecstasy. Then as if some aberrant ritual, the blonde boy tightly closed his eyes, held his breath, then rapidly shoved the shorts down to the floor. With that swift movement, Josh's rigid ten-inch penis sprang out and slapped the blonde Adonis across the face. The huge truncheon repeatedly quivered and twitched and jerked against the boy's nose and cheeks, as pre-cum juice oozed profusely…..copiously painting the features of his pretty face with their juices.

"Oooooohhhhh! Oooooh Oh Oh!!", moaned Adam, reaching up and grabbing the thick, shiny, up-turned rod, and feverishly aiming it at his mouth.

"Awwhhhhh! Naaaaahhh! Naa..No! Not yet, man! Not Yeeeet!!" hoarsely exhorted Josh, almost blasting his load all over the blonde boy's waiting face.

Reaching down and gripping the boy under his damp armpits, Josh pulled Adam up to him. The angelic-faced Adonis protested against this action all the way up. He insanely hungered to taste that sweaty, musky, funky, black meat.

"You really want that big, black thing don't ya?! You savage, little, blue-eyed, devil! You really want it don't ya?!", loudly teased Josh, crushing the boy's animated body to his. Hungrily he ran his tongue and lips up and the length of Adam's neck; occasionally getting a mouthful of the kid's thick, silken, blonde hair. The White teenager was drunk and dizzy from the heated, intoxicative pressure of the Black boy's turgid, pounding, sticky, black meat on his tender stomach. It was driving him literally nuts. Reaching down, the White teenager furiously clutched the raging, sticky, black shaft.

"Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!", screamed Josh, as he deftly swept up the blonde boy into his arms. He carried him to a large, oval bed and threw him on it; then dove on the bed beside him. Immediately, Adam made his grab for the magnificent ebony cock. With unchecked greed, he tightly grasped the dick, and began to lick, suck, nibble at, and slobber on, those humongous hairy balls. Josh screamed out uncontrollably, in delicious pained pleasure, as he lustfully humped, writhed and squirmed there on the bed. With Dionysian thirst, Adam licked up the underside of the shiny black prick until he came to the fleshy, bulbous head. Wildly, he sank down on it. In response, Josh eagerly shoved his sweaty crotch up into the boy's sex-starved face.

Badpuppy Model - Denker and Renato From deep within his self-transcending passion, the blonde boy felt his body being dragged atop the black boy. Soon he felt his swollen, prancing six-inch dick being ravenously sucked between those fat, juicy lips. With single-minded gluttony, Adam had only, wetly and tightly, slipped his thirsty pink lips up and down five or six times on the gigantic ebony staff when he heard Josh scream and felt his tongue and throat being pumped and blasted full of delicious Joshua Randolph sperm. The Black boy didn't seem to be able to stop himself from exploding an endless river of studly, Afrikan-American cum into that sweet, white-boy mouth.

As Adam greedily struggled to swallow up every drop of ambrosia that Josh was hotly surrendering, he too was caught up in the momentum of giving. He soon began to squirm and groan while splattering Josh's throat and tongue with tasty, White boy spunk. For a while it seemed liked neither could stop blasting their loads into the other, as they writhed, groaned and sweated there on the bed.

Finally they both collapsed in that position. Breathing heavily, they lay there moaning in delight of supreme accomplishment. Adam lay on his side, his left leg still draped across Josh's shoulder; his ass still in Josh's face. A few seconds later, still breathless, the blonde boy returned to sucking on his Black master's still erect cock. And, too, Josh could not stay his hungry, wanderlust tongue from that little pinhole of a sphincter that belonged to his peaches and cream paragon.

And that's the way it went that summer day - and for the rest of that summer. Joshua Randolph never did get around to driving Adam's vintage T-Bird until the day before he returned back East.

The models in these pictures are Denker and Renato

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