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Birthday Sparring Partners Part 2 by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson Well, I think Iíve recovered enough from the last session to tell you about the next. Still, this one isnít going to be so easy. Itís one thing to be able to describe your own sexual sensations as youíre being fucked rigid by a heavenly hunk, but itís quite another thing when the roles are reversed. You donít exactly know whatís going on in his head, although his body language certainly gives you a lot of clues.

As you know, Iíd set my heart on my bank managerís butt, and we almost came to blows over who was to fuck who first. We had a good first round during which my butt took quite a beating, and I was looking forward to getting my revenge. I only had one day to do it in, too, since his wife was conveniently away, and I didnít know whether Iíd ever get another chance. Although we fucked each other so good, Iím sure weíll find a way sooner or later.

Unbeknownst to me, it was his birthday, so we got to drink a lot of great champagne and also finish off the birthday cake. I say finish off because his kids ate half of it before they left him alone on his birthday. He didnít tell me why. Still, if I had a husband with a butt like his, Iíd certainly think twice before leaving him alone for some hot stud like me to scoop him up and fuck him. Anyway enough with the talk, letís get down to action.

We were under the shower, soaping each other, drinking champagne and getting hard for one another again. Fortunately weíre both in good shape, so even after such a gruelling sparring match we were soon back on the ball, so to speak. Iím sure a lot of what Iím going to tell you isnít new to you, and even if you havenít done it personally, youíve certainly read about it. But it was new to me. I may talk big, but Iím pretty naÔve really. I mean I have no experience at all with older men, and here I was about to bang my bank manager. The truth of the matter was that heíd never taken it up the ass before, but he was ashamed to tell me. Iíve got a pretty powerful dong which expands rather more than most peopleís when I get particularly excited. And Dave Hudsonís butt had me super excited. Hell, Iíve got a hard on now just thinking about it.

Anyway, we did the normal preliminary things like kiss and rub each other down after the shower, so I got to caress his butt to my heartís content, and suck his dick and try to return some of the exquisite pleasure heíd given me. He, in turn, got really intimate with my ďpride and joy,Ē and seemed to love licking my balls and running his tongue over all my erotic zones. Then we started some serious horsing around, and I soon found out what a tight little hole he had in the middle of all that magnificent alabaster. Strangely enough I loved him for it. Here was this great, self-possessed guy with a good paying job, a wife and family, acting like a nervous kid as I tried to get my dick up his ass. And of course, the more he did so, the more determined I was to get inside there.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson So once again, we turned into sparring partners, fighting for supremacy. We drank a lot of champagne, and he got very drunk, but it didnít seem to relax him much. I covered my dick with lube and did the same for him, but his safe deposit box seemed well and truly locked. Eventually I gave up trying, and he fell asleep. I was horny and I was pissed, so I went downstairs to help myself to what was left of the birthday cake. There wasnít much cake, but there was a whole lot of whipped cream in the refrigerator. Donít ask me why, but I got this crazy idea of covering his butt with cake and cream and making a meal of his ass. He was still fast asleep, so I pulled back the sheet and went to work. Of course I had to be drunk to have done such a thing, but I must say it was great fun, and after all, it WAS his birthday. By now my dick was like a huge birthday candle just waiting to be blown.

Nevertheless, I started gently with the tip of my tongue teasing his tight ass hole. Lo and behold, he stirred and opened up. I licked some cream off his butt and entered a little further with my tongue. I donít know how long I spent creaming him up, but it sure was working. I noticed his dick was getting hard so I knew he must be enjoying it, if only subconsciously. I persevered for what seemed like hours until I was running out of the whipped cream. I lubed up my dick again and drank some more champagne, then as he lifted his butt in his sleep, I spewed some into his ass. I slobbered and slathered and finally licked my way in there, then as he began to respond to my administrations, I slipped my dick in. Fortunately it had gone down a bit because I was scared shitless that he was going to wake at any moment and scuttle the ship so to speak.

Slowly but surely I moved on in there. By now he seemed to be receiving me loud and clear and was moving his butt rhythmically. I began to wonder how long the bastard had been awake and penetrated further to find out just how awake he was. He groaned in pleasure, and I eased and oozed my way in until my overlarge penis was scraping the sides of his asshole. He writhed and wriggled a bit as if he were a dog or cat settling down on my lap. ďSo, we want to do some lap dancing, do we?Ē I said to myself as I began to make the necessary motions that I knew were going to bring him to ecstasy. He moaned some more and said, ďThat feels so good.Ē Now I know those words have been spoken many times by hundreds of guys in similar situations, but for us it was the first time and it was wonderful. I smiled and said snidely, ďNow you know what a champagne cocktail really is. My cock in your tail.Ē He lifted his butt in reply and I plunged deeper. Soon we were rising and falling like the proverbial waves on the ocean and dancing a sexual samba together.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson Now I was able to stop worrying about any pain I might be inflicting and concentrate on his beautiful bouncing butt, all the while marvelling at the fact that I was actually in there at last. I watched my dick going in and out of his virginal orifice like a piston and felt his tight little butt clasp it firmly and suck me in further. I hit home, and he hit the ceiling screaming like a deranged banshee. Thatís some feeling, I can tell you. Hearing your lover cry out in unbridled passion and pleasure and knowing that youíve achieved your aim. To give and get a great fuck.

I was just on the point of coming when he stopped agitating his ass and begged me to stop for a moment. ďI want to kiss you.Ē he said. ďI want to look in your eyes. Turn me round.Ē His wish was my command and I withdrew my dick. A bit reluctantly I must admit, as I wasnít sure he was going to let me back in there. But he turned over on his back, wrapped his legs affectionately round my neck, and gave me that same smile heíd given me in the gym. Qnce more I saw that I wanna fuck you glint in his eyes. Only this time it was saying,ĒFuck me again,Ē and of course I obliged. My dick grew as hard as a steel cable as I grabbed hold of his legs and pulled him towards me while sliding happily into his welcoming furnace. I muffled his cries with my mouth, and we tongue fucked and ass fucked with the same intensity. When we finally came, it was like the roar of one lion and his fountain of cum sprayed my chest and face and mingled with the remnants of the whipped cream and chocolate birthday cake. We made a sumptuous feast of it together. Man, I wish I could find new words to tell you how great it felt to fuck the ass off him and give you some idea of just how much he relished my king sized dick. Or, more importantly, how unique the entire experience was to us as we hit the sexual heights in unison. But then how can you describe the indescribable unless youíve been there and done it. I definitely hope you have.

The model in these pictures is Eric Hanson

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