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Birthday Sparring Partners Part 1 by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson My bank manager looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Or any place else for that matter. Also he’s got one of those smooth Republican faces which, together with his business suit, makes you imagine him with a Bible in his hands rather than a pair of boxing gloves. But people are always full of surprises, so I wasn’t too taken aback when I saw him in shorts and a t-shirt giving hell to a punch ball at our local gym. He wasn’t exactly a hunk of muscularity, but his body showed signs of promise even though his boxing attire seemed to have come from Wal Mart or somewhere. He seemed to recognize me, not that I have much occasion to visit his bank, being a penniless student and all that, and he gave me a pleasant smile.

That’s what did it. The fucking smile. I would have gone on my way and never said a word if it hadn’t been for that smile. There was something about it and that little glint in his eyes that somehow told me he wanted to fuck me. I mean one always knows, doesn’t one? Especially if you’re always on the alert for such things. As I am. Of course I get my fair share of offers, being of athletic build and Brad Pitt looks. I mean there’s no point being modest when you know you’ve got what it takes. Or more exactly, what a lot of other people would like to take. Trouble is I’m pretty picky and know exactly what I want. Or think I do most of the time.

I ambled over to him and said a banal thing or two, then went off to have my shower. Naturally he wasn’t far behind me. I was already soaping myself when he walked in, so I moved over politely to make room for him. Unfortunately we were not alone, but I got a good look at his dick, which I gave an eight out of ten, and his ass, which I gave a fifty plus. Man, I’d never seen an ass like it. Outside of a Greek statu, that is. It was absolutely hairless which normally would have been a big turn off for me, but it was so perfectly formed and so ‘reach out and touchable ‘ that I knew then and there that I wanted to make its acquaintance.

Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson Maybe he was reading my mind, because he brushed the beautiful thing against me as he turned round to reach for the soap. I was immediately as hard as a rock, and so excited that I thought my dick would touch my chin. If we’d been alone I’d have let him see it, or maybe asked politely if I could stick it up his awesome ass, but it was not to be. The gym was pretty busy that day, and more people came streaming in all the time. It reminded me of when I’d been in an overcrowded subway car, crotch to crotch with a drop dead gorgeous guy. We’d almost rubbed ourselves off together, but hadn’t been able to say what was on our minds. I waited for bubble butt to go first, then covered my give away dick with my towel and went into the changing rooms. He was still half dressed when I got there. I’d been waiting for my dick to go down. No way. Especially when I saw the revealing briefs he had on.

I took my time dressing, but when I finally got outside, he was there waiting for me. He offered me a ride home. I didn’t ask him whose. I already knew. He lived in a very conventional home with photos of his family all around and I noticed there was a swimming pool and boxing equipment outside. He said his wife was away for the weekend with the children. Some guys might have offered me a beer or asked if I’d like a few boxing lessons or something dumb like that, but he came straight to the point and told me his wife was away. I knew that meant “I want to fuck you,” but I wanted to fuck him too. How could I let all that lovely ass go to waste?

To my surprise I heard myself saying, “I want to fuck you.” Right out loud.

He said “Maybe we ought to introduce ourselves formally first before we fuck each other. You see, I want to fuck you, too.”

“I’m Barringer.” I said.

“I’m Dave,” he replied and led me downstairs to the recreation room. “Ok.” he said “May the best man win.”

We stood in front of each other like two boxers preparing for the fight, then both our tongues shot out simultaneously, and we tongue fucked like sparring partners. Neither of us would let the other go. Then we collided at the groin, and our dicks struggled for supremacy. At the same time I managed to work my way into the back of his pants and grab hold of his buttocks. The feel of them was indescribable, and I could hardly wait to get my tongue, and eventually my dick, wedged between them. However that seemed momentarily out of the question as both our tongues and dicks were interlocked, and there seemed to be no way to separate them. All the same, we still managed to separate ourselves from our clothes. Don’t ask me how. We were stark naked and sweating when Dave finally gave in and said he wanted to look at me. I said I wanted to look at him too. We’d calmed down by now and were smiling a bit at the ridiculousness of the situation.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson “Why don’t we just take it in turns?” he said. “You’re my guest, so you go first.”

“Do you mean that?” I asked, suddenly shy at the prospect.

“Of course,” he replied. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it.”

“Maybe we should shower first,” I parried. “We’re pretty gross.”

“We can clean each other,” he said. “Come here.”

I walked towards him, my dick going proudly before me. He kissed me again. Gently this time. Then he removed his tongue from my mouth and licked the drops of sweat from my face, from my chest, from under my arms, and so on and so forth. The best bit was when he licked the front of my legs from top to bottom. Nobody had ever done that to me before. My body was a bowl of jello by the time he’d finished with me. I shut my eyes waiting for him to make mouth contact with my dick, but he turned me round and started on the back of me and finished the trip at my ass. He inserted his tongue, although I was sure he wouldn’t find any drops of sweat in there. As he did so, he grabbed hold of my dick and used it as a lever so he could get further and further inside me until I wanted to explode at both ends at the same time. My butt opened like a flower. My dick dripped with anticipation. He replaced his tongue with a finger or two and started to lick my balls. I felt my knees buckle under me. Then he started on my dick. He licked the full length of it and I can tell you, man, it’s long and seemed to get even longer. He was supposed to be licking it dry, but I could feel the pre-cum dribbling down to meet his lips and it was then I decided to throw in the towel, so to speak, and said feebly, “I think you’d better go first.” He didn’t answer, but used his sweat and some of my pre-cum to lubricate his dick.

By the time he entered me, my body was boneless, my butt beating like a drum, and he’d made my ass so wet I didn’t feel a thing as he plunged his way in there like a submerging submarine. Then this missile began to grow bigger and harder inside me and felt more like a torpedo than a submarine. I opened further and relaxed. It was great. I knew I could take it. He dug into me like a pirate looking for gold. I was still on my feet so was able to reach behind me to grab hold of his butt. I felt I had the best of both worlds. His dick inside me and his beautiful butt in my hands behind me. Together we worked up a rhythm which ignited us both. The searing, soaring sensation in my butt was so stupendous that I almost began to hallucinate as he thoroughly explored my subterranean depths with his periscope until land met sea, and our two bodies merged and breathed as one.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Hanson As the waves of anal lust engulfed me, I held on to his butt like a drowning sailor. In my delirium, his butt cheeks were luscious life preservers, and we were riding a raging sea of churning sensations which turned my bowels to butter. I think I must have lost my senses for a moment, and just gave in to the rise and fall of this perpetual motion and the ebb and flow of his dick. I shuddered like an empty sail and became weightless. Then I sobbed his name and begged him never to stop. At this he bent down, and, supporting me behind my knees, picked me up like a feather and rammed his rudder into me with such force that it sent us both reeling over to the stair railing bars. I had to let go of him and hang on to the wooden rails as he crashed and crushed me against them like an infuriated captain whipping a mutineer tied to the mast. He seemed possessed by some inner demon as if he wanted to punish me for my impertinence in daring to think I was capable of fucking him, and he was determined to show me who was boss. But I was past caring. I was on an open ocean of endless bliss, being divinely fucked by my bank manager who was giving me the best deposit in town.

“Had enough,” he growled?

“Fuck you.” I said.

“Later,” he replied. “ If you’ve still got the energy.”

Then he gave me an even greater pummelling than before and I began to feel like his personal punch ball. Several times my head came into hard contact with the railing bars, but I didn’t feel a thing. All I felt was the thrill of him coming inside me, and the happy obscenities coming out of his mouth as he reached a full orgasm. I let myself go completely and surrendered to the sheer pleasure of it as my dick opened like a sluice gate and my cum whitewashed the wall.

“I forgot to tell you it’s my birthday.” he said. “Let’s open a bottle of champagne and celebrate.”

“Why not,” I wheezed. “Let’s drink to the greatest fuck ever.”

“Are you talking about now or later,” he asked?

“Let’s wait and see.” I said.

And we did. And I’m afraid so must you.


To Be Continued....

The model in these pictures is Eric Hanson

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