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Birthday Humper by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok In my last year at college I was courted, or rather pestered, by some lanky youth who everybody referred to as “Thumper” because of his rabbit-like smile, stick out ears and ungainly gait. Even though I did my very best to avoid him, he used to follow me around everywhere. It was hellishly embarrassing, I can tell you. Soon afterwards, I went to U.C.L.A. and forgot all about him. In fact, I didn’t see him again for over five years, and when I did I hardly recognized him. He’d obviously been working out or something because he’d filled out in all the right places, but he was still pretty nerdy looking. Unfortunately, he sure as hell recognized me and was overjoyed. I tried to summon up some enthusiasm and made a vague promise to have a beer with him some time, and that was it.

Until the following week that is. I was jogging along the river and became aware of some guy trying to catch up with me. Guess who? It was a scorcher of a day and we were both covered in sweat. He suggested a swim so we could cool off. I couldn’t exactly say no this time, and followed him to a secluded part of the river which had a kind of shingle beach and was enclosed by trees. He told me it was his favourite spot since nobody else ever seemed to find their way there, so it was pretty private.

He then stripped to the buff and dived into the river. I had just a split second to see the most perfect of forms cut the water like a golden javelin. I took a little more time deciding how far to undress, and then modesty made me decide to keep my Calvin’s, although when I came out of the water I was a sight to behold. Intimate garments sure can cling to you sometimes, especially when wet. The water was icy and made my pores tingle. At least I think it was the water, but I was getting such a great aquatic show from Thumper that I might have been tingling for all the wrong reasons. That nerd certainly had a helluva body, and all I was getting was glimpses. I couldn’t wait to study it at leisure. And to think I’d been avoiding him all this time.

I got out of the water feeling very conscious of my “transparency,” especially as I had half a hard on. I could feel his eyes on my dick, and that made it even harder. The only thing to do was strip off my soggy Calvin’s, and lie on my stomach waiting for Thumper to rise like Venus from the water, which he eventually did. This, of course, gave me a full blown hard on, and I nearly rubbed myself off against the pebbles, he was so beautiful. I noticed his dick was pretty hard, too, or maybe it was always that big. I thought how dumb I’d been. I should have known. Big ears, big teeth, big hands, big feet. He just had to have a big dick to almost complete the set. I say almost because now I wanted him to turn round so I could see his butt. He did. My dick reached epic proportions. It was the sort of butt I’d always dreamed of having or rather “having,” if you get my drift.

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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok He bent down to pick up his towe,l and I had an eyeful of his appetising anal passage. My dick felt as if it was going to explode. I wanted to fuck him then and there, and I’m sure I would have, except we heard the voices of some passing rafters. He quickly wrapped his towel around those two gorgeous globes, and I kept a low profile. The voices soon drifted by, and he proceeded to dry himself. I knew he knew the effect he was having on me from the way he used the towel. He rubbed it provocatively over his dick several times, and then let it fall open as he turned. This gave me another earth shattering view of his butt as he passed the towel under his balls. I watched the glistening drops of water drip down his back and had a sudden urge to drink each and every one of them, then lick his body dry. But I was afraid to get up. My dick was like a light pole.

To make matters worse, he threw the damp towel over to me when he’d finished. As I used it, I felt like I was making love to him. I rubbed it across my groin and between my legs and butt cheeks, very conscious of where it had been only moments ago and nearly came at the thought of it. Meanwhile, he was washing our sweaty track suits in the river and hanging them out to dry on the trees. I was able to worship his to die for body once more and noticed how his butt muscles clenched as he bent down. As he turned, I saw how perfectly they matched the full clock heads of his pecs. Also how his dick swung to and fro like a pendulum. He held his hand out for my Calvin’s and I thought what the hell, and threw them as well as the towel over to him so he could get a good look at my credentials.

I don’t have quite the sculptured body he does, but my dick is a unique model, so I let it shine in the sun in all its glory. I knew just what was coming by the gratified look on his face, and despite the fear that more rafters were likely to be passing any moment, I let him go down on me. The effect was instantaneous. Before I even had time to enjoy the feel of his soft lips on my dick, I came in overexcited floods all over his face. He didn’t flinch one inch but drank it all in, and then washed his face with my Calvin’s. It was a real turn on. As we lay side by side waiting for our clothes to dry, I passed my hands over his stunning body and guided his mouth watering dick into my mouth to suck the sweet juice out of him. Afterwards we fell asleep. More voices awakened us, but we were past caring. We got dressed, and as we walked back to my car, he kissed me and said rather breathlessly, “It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’d like to spend it with you. My parents are away. They’ve got a cabin up river.” Naturally I said yes. He duly arrived next morning with a large picnic basket, and we set off for the hills in my car. I was wearing a see through t-shirt and a cute pair of shorts with an elastic top. I think I must have put them on intentionally, as very soon his hand was working its stealthy way in there, and my dick was rising up to greet him. He started jerking me off slowly under the material. I loved it.

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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok It was a real heady sensation. I wanted to come all over his hand like I’d come over his face, but thought I’d better concentrate on the road, so I asked him to stop. He did. But after a while, he put his hand on my neck and started massaging that. Once again I nearly came in my pants, and once again had to ask him to stop. I was so hot for him. I’d dreamt of his body all night, and of all the positions I’d fuck him in. I still kicked myself for having given him the cold shoulder for so long just because of his big ears and goofy expression.

I switched on the radio, but that didn’t really help much as somebody was singing, “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you.” Or something like that. I turned it off, although that song was going to take on special significance later. We didn’t seem to have much to say to each other. What we really wanted was to let our bodies do the talking. The drive seemed endless, even though it actually was just a short trip to his folks’ place. We carried the picnic basket inside, and put it near the huge king sized bed. The cabin was comfortably furnished with lots of cushions on the floor. There was even a Jacuzzi. I couldn’t make up my mind where I wanted to fuck him first. In fact, that’s all I’d been thinking of ever since he arrived at my door, and I suddenly realized I hadn’t even wished him happy birthday. Even worse, I couldn’t even remember his name. I couldn’t very well say, “Happy birthday Thumper,” now could I? Anyway, I’d been thinking so much about myself and what I intended to do that I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened. He threw me on the bed, ripped off my shorts and fucked the living daylights out of me.

Now I have to tell you at this point that till then I had always prided myself on being ‘a top’ and loved to openly fuck girls and secretly fuck boys. I was the college stud, and there was never any question as to who would be calling the shots. I was always the predator, never the prey. So he took me completely by surprise and literally with my pants down. Of course I struggled, and initially it hurt like hell since he wasn’t using lube or anything, but I hadn’t bargained for his iron will and strength. It seems he had been waiting to fuck me for six years, and he just wasn’t going to let a chance like this pass him by. I groaned and put up quite a fight, but the more I resisted him, the further he plunged inside me until the unbearable, burning, tearing sensation turned into sheer heaven. What had previously felt like hard metal suddenly became molten lava. I had my face pressed up tight against the pillow with his dick deep in my ass and could hardly move, but my own iron was throbbing like an outboard motor. I was afraid I was going to spread my cum all over the nice bedspread. At the same time, I didn’t want him to stop and was in something of a dilemma. As if he was reading my mind, he gave me one last gigantic jab which sent me nearly through the ceiling. Then he withdrew his hypodermic and rolled me over till I was facing him, and we both came together.

It was fantastic. Our sperm merged in a stream of steaming cum, and he rubbed the residue all over my stomach. He licked his jizz filled hand and then French kissed me giving me a tangy taste of something I’d never savoured before. To my surprise I found I couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, I hardly recognized myself. The college stud foaming at the mouth like a bitch in heat. I pulled his silly ears and nearly sucked his tongue out of his head. He rolled me over again and licked my butt clean, inside and out, and I hissed in horny satisfaction. We spent time in the Jacuzzi , ate something from the picnic basket, washed our mouths out with champagne, had an hour’s shuteye and then started all over again.

Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok I awoke to find he was already inside me, and that I was more than half way to heaven. “Man, that’s great” I moaned, opening my ass for more. I rose to my knees and held on to the headboard so he could get further and further inside me. As he did so, I thought this was all I ever wanted for the rest of my life and would probably never go back to being a top again. I’d had a great time fucking cunt and ass but had never felt so utterly abandoned before, so utterly at one with another person’s body. He used his dick like a rudder and sent sensations through me that had me surfing on waves of sublime content. I tell you I literally purred, and then ground my teeth in glee as he whipped me around and, lifting my legs high into the air, brought me to one awesome orgasm. Now I was the one who had the goofy expression on my face as my eyes rolled back, my tongue lolled out, and my dick was an open faucet of creamy cum.

Then, more than ever before, I wanted to call out his name and declare my love to him for how he was making me feel, but all I could say was, “Happy birthday, happy birthday” which sounded pretty erotic even so. He kissed me again, and once more I felt like a complete shit for depriving myself of all this bliss for six precious years. We had a shower and some more champagne which, rather unoriginally, we drank from each other’s mouths, but it was great just the same. Then we ate the rest of the goodies in the basket and fell into an exhausted, but happy, sleep, our dicks almost entwined. It was dark when we woke up so we lit the candles on the cake. My happy humper went off to the kitchen to get some plates which gave me a chance to see what his name might be. “Happy Birthday, Henry” it said. This was no surprise to me. After all, he was bound to have a nerdy name like that. I pronounced it for the first time. Henry. My dick stirred at the very sound of it. I knew then I’d always be coming back to him for more, and that he’d never, ever be Thumper for me again, but Henry the Happy Humper. I smiled. My ass felt like potter’s clay, but I just couldn’t wait to get back on his wheel so to speak. I knew I’d been truly and veritably fucked and that however far or near I searched, I would never find a better birthday humper than he.

In fact, I’m looking forward to many happy returns.

The model in these pictures is Ivan Bartok

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